The Serin Mystique, Volume 2, Issue 1

Here it is, Issue 1, hot off the Serin presses. This issue begins with an
explanation behind the origins of the recent Justice-Knight war which points
the finger of blame solely towards the Knights of Valour. If that truth has
ruffled a few Knightly feathers, then our Rumor section detailing the Corruption
within the heart of the so-called Knights of Valour will do little to soothe
them. Legion also falls under our gaze, as the Heralds exposes their crumbling
chain of command.

Tales of the now-infamous Deiminos (He was such a kind old soul) are a frequent
request made to Heralds, so we gladly oblige with releasing an interview in our
People section, penned just before his death. His death is described in our Obituaries.
We also speak to the newly appointed executer of the Knights, Linenthel, about
his background and future hopes for the Knights. In our events section, we
describe the return of the feared thief Nourrin.

We present a historical and sadly outdated secret Treaty between Legion and
Heralds signed during the rein of Katriena Schade. Finally, for entertainment
we present a series of riddles for you to mull over during long hours of training
and an disturbing account of the romantic meeting between the Guides, Meriando
and Galhea!

1) Origins of the Justice Knight War (see Truth)
2) Rumors (see Decline, Corruption)
3) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
4) Herald-Legion Treaty (see Treaty)
5) People (see Interview, Linenthel)
6) Entertainment (see Riddles, Loveinterest)
7) Events (see Nourrin)
8) Obituaries (see Deiminos, Knights, Rnaelia)

Induct is ultimately at the discretion of the cabal leader.

1) Origins of the Justice Knight War


The words of truth.

This is something I am in dire need to scribe, and everyone is in need of
seeing. The truth MUST be told and heard, not forgotten nor shunned. The
matter of the untidily warbetween the Knights and the Justice was started
from a mere surge of anger from Ssrthak! I spoke to Deiminos about such
things in great detail and obtained the whole story from his mouth directly,
his words rang the bells of truth. This is why I am scribing such an article
because I believe the Knights of Corruption should not be able to stand
strong within the Serin communities any longer. I give you the Heralds and
all of Serin the truth about the Knights!

The war was started over a simple matter of a petty criminal Ssrthak. One
night Ssrthak and Sosolito assaulted Drengar under the cover of the night,
slew him and took all of his items, armor and weapons. He was then issued
a flag for breaking the law. Three justices hunted the coward who endlessly
hid within Serin. They found the criminal and attacked him, before they
could land the killing blow Ssrthak ate a spotted purple pill and teleported
to Winter. Deiminos felt that he did this as a last resort to suicide and
retrieve his items from the pit. Ssrthak then continued to ask Drengar to
watch the pit for his items so nothing was taken from bystanders.
Jezikapine, Drengar, and Deiminos sat at the pit with special guards, ready
to loot the criminal's corpse. Ssrthak was beyond determined to keep his
things, he did not stop trying to obtain all his things from the pit. Deiminos
made a valid point and figured that a criminal should not be able to just
teleport, die, and then ask Justices to protect all their things.

Deiminos went to outside south gate, closed it and summoned Ssrthak away
from his pit. Deiminos would not let Ssrthak through the gate, and kept
it shut with a firm grip. Ssrthak was no match for Deiminos and was forced
to take the river back into town to hopefully get back to the pit, soon
as he entered town Deiminos summoned him again hindering all progression
towards the pit.

Finally Ssrthak began to cry a chorus of anguish with such words such as...

'Deiminos, stop.'

'Deiminos they are breaking the law.' 'Stop, stop!'

During the rant his equipment returned to the pits and Drengar took
everything in retribution. Ssrthak was a common criminal so nothing was

After an Immortal review, it was determined that this particular time, it was
going to be left to stand. However summoning was changed to be a fineable
offence in town. Deiminos sends this warning with his words For the
future, criminals who teleport just to save their things will now be in the
hands of the gods, pit guarding is a service that we provide, not a free ticket
for criminals. This is a serious issue Deiminos would like to see rectified
with swift and harsh consequences.

Ssrthak began slandering the Justice, making claims of their inferiority along
with their corruption used to protect themselves. This was the first step
of his anger and was followed with a note to his fellow Knights, Justice and
the other cabals. His note was not well worded and portrayed a sense of
hastiness. Deiminos wished this to be settled between him and the knight,
but the knight would not listen and sent his note declaring war regardless.
Deiminos wished the Knights cabal to crumble, Ssrthak has allowed this to
happen and let the Knights be slaughtered. Deiminos is not the cause of this
war Ssrthak is, I call everyone to raise your weapons and magic against the
Knights of Corruption! Do not fall for their lies and deception anymore! They
are far from righteous! Anger began this war and Ssrthak allows everyone
in Serin to suffer from the war and bloodshed, do not aid these fiends
of who hide behind the curtain of the light!

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Scribed by, Umea Tristoc

2) Rumors


The Decline of Legion

The numbers of the Legion have dwindled as of late. Within mere days of each
other, both the Forsaken and one of the two Dreadlords of this mighty hall
vanished from these lands, never to be seen again. Katriena Schade, the Queen
Bitch of the Legion, and Quexis, the Holy Shaman, were the names of these two
prominent Legion members, and their departures from these lands could not have
been more different.

Katriena Schade was anointed to the position of the Forsaken mortal leader of
Legion after the departure of the deadly fire giant Groq. Under the reign of
Katriena's leadership, the lands saw the final death of Deiminos, perhaps the
most hated Justice of recent times, and an increased disdain for the laws that
these hated Justices upheld. In life, Katriena left her mark upon many a foe,
earning herself a reputation for having "balls of steel" for her willingness to
strike at any and all. It was this daring nature that ended up costing her the
life that she loved so much. She died just like she lived, insolent of the law
and those who upheld it. Her final death came at the hands of a Justice, which
is no surprise to those who knew her hatred of them. Her reign was not overly
long, but it was one in which she led her underlings into battle bravely,
fighting for the power which she strived so hard to attain.

Quexis was a drow who seemed to surface out of nowhere and rise quickly within
the inner ranks of the Legion. She was a ruthless shaman, striking down
whomever she pleased, making him the perfect target for the Knights of Valour.
Many times she was outnumbered by the Knights, sometimes as badly as 7 to 1.
She fought with passion, and a sincere hatred for those who smiled and did good
deeds for others. She had no remorse about using any resources available to
strike down these do-gooders, and this is what led to her departure from Serin.
In a note penned to his Legionnaires, Lord Davarius stressed that he wished to
see more fighting done 1 to 1, instead of great groups of Legionnaires ganging
up together to strike down their enemies. This change in tactics disturbed
Quexis greatly. So great in fact that it caused her to get in a loud argument
with her immortal lord that could be heard by all her fellow Legionnaires.

Not all approved of this new policy, but no other Legion spoke out with as much
passion and forcefulness about his or her dislike of this new policy as Quexis.
Once she realized that her pleas were falling on deaf ears, she decided that
the life of a Legionnaire was not for her anymore. Instead of being cast out
of the lot, she chose bravely to walk to the unsteady rope bridge north of the
town of Darkhaven near the Outerlimits, and cast herself off, plunging into the
inky black of the Underdark, never to return.

This was a week in which two great fighters and leaders were lost, and the

Legion were struck a mighty blow. It will be hard to replace such great powers
as Katriena and Quexis, but the Legion always seem to have a knack of
discovering the greatest talents among all the dark guilds of Serin. Farewell
Katriena and Quexis! May your afterlives bring you the powers which you sought
so passionately for during your times in these lands.

Penned by,

Alistor, the Novice Storyteller


Corruption of the Knighthood,

I have stumbled across some disturbing news that I believe must be told and not
hidden no kept from Serin. I spent many days as well as moons asking questions
of several high-profile adventurers some were willing, some were not which
answered kindly with threats which made them quite willing to divulge information
and answer my questions. I have come to the conclusion after many hours
of pondering and examination of the answers.

Two knights Chayla and Linenthal both spoke to me of the Justice being in league
with the Legion and having a untold alliance which they planned to keep a secret. I
asked questions which they thought deeply about and their stories coincided with
each other, which firstly lead me to believe they might be telling the truth about
the untold alliance. I could not draw my full conclusion until I had spoke with a
Justice. I could not find or see of any Justice that I could get in contact with at the
time, so I decided to find the truth by sneaking into the Knights Castle.

I managed to gain entrance inside undetected I crept down the halls and overheard
voices, I knew the voices it was those of the Knighthood discussing the current
turmoil they face. There was no lead voice all equal. They spoke in a timid sense,
the subject they talked of was the war and they all seemed to agree they are
fighting a losing battle. Something struck Sersul over the next few moments that
has given me the facts and the proof that they are far from knightly, their words
reached my ears of a plan that has already been put into play.

We are equal with the Justice in strength but with the Warlords on their side the
balance of power has been shifted a stern voice said in a disgruntled manner This is
why we must continue with the rumors of the Justices silent alliance with the
Legions, word has been spread to a few and our honor gives them the trust we
need for this to succeed said a dimmed female voice Once the people hear the
rumors, word will eventually spread to the Warlords and this will hopefully make
them keep from aiding the Justice and then we have a fair run to beat those
scoundrels! a deep booming voice said with excitement. After hearing this I
remember something Chayla had told me while I was talking to her she said
Even if the gods grant our enemies more power than they do us, we have faith in
the tools we have and in each other."

She speaks of tools and from what I overheard at that meeting she was talking
about the tools of deception.

I approached Deiminos he was reluctant to divulge information at first, but after a
few measly threats he was more than willing to talk. We talked about the current
state of the war and he said that it was between him and Ssrthak and did not wish
a war to come of the hate between them. Deiminos said Ssrthak started this war
and I shall finish it Deiminos would've been happy to settle the score one on one,
but Ssrthak got the Knights involved.

Are the Knights really that Knightly are they upholding everything that they claim
to be, I think not. I believe everyone should hear of this because it is a quite serious
matter. Writing this article might cause tension between me and the Knights
but that is a small price to pay for the truth.

' Some guard these traitors to the block of death, Treason's true bed and yielder
up of breath '

Scribed by, Umea Tristoc.

3) Cabal Affairs


Cabal Affairs



The fortunes of Legion have declined of late following the deaths of their leader,
Katriena and prominent solider, Quexis. However this Herald has witnessed many
Cabals wither only to rise anew under the strength and leadership of a single
individual. With the Knights apparently growing increasingly complacent, a leader
worthy of the Legion may yet emerge from the shadows.


With the decline of Legion, the Knights appear somewhat bored preferring to
emerge from their Castle in groups of two or three ,no doubt to keep each other
company. Under the leadership of the newly appointed Executor, Linenthel, their
ranks have swelled to include Gurion, Urthaelm, Tiberias, Miechaelei, Chayla
and Ledrick. Their most recent recruit is Merlene from the Guild of Warriors.


With the end of the recent war fought against the Knights and the demise of
the infamous Deiminos, Justice appears to be having a vacation this weather.
Only Abriymace and Molvinolitov can be seen patrolling the towns regularly with
Argoris, occasionally stumbling from the nearest inn to appear for duty.
Jezikapine on the other hand seems more interested in rubbing herself against
any passing comely paladins than in protecting her citizens!


Warlord recruits have been growing steadily under the leadership of Occanim. Grull,
Sethronu, Memnon, Pralegan, Brakis, Laernav, Jarepth and Feyrien were all
deemed worthy enough to enter the Fortress where they will continue training
under the veteran Warlord Taurth. However all is not as well as it appears within
the Fortress. For Occanim is approaching her final death and in her old age, seems
to have lost some of her lust for battle. The Warlords could well be seeking a new
Battlemaster before the year is out.


The Heralds have been flourishing under the influences of Sebryn and Taleroth.
Every Herald has been taking an active part in writing the Mystique, and I am
sure we all thank them for their contributions. With the inductions of Alistor
and Kazshi into their ranks, few events occur without word traveling to a Herald's

4) Herald-Legion Treaty


Treaty of the Stars signed: 29th of the Month of the Dark Shades.

The Parties to this treaty agree not to harm or disturb members of the Herald halls.
In the event of a violent attack against a group of adventurers that contain
Herald(s), Parties also agree the Herald(s) shall stand aside and not interfere or be
interfered with either direct or indirectly.

The Heralds agree not to openly use their skills to slander any participants of this
treaty and to remain neutral in all matters, merely reporting events with no bias.

Furthermore, the parties undertake to settle any disputes between the Heralds and
themselves by reporting the matter to their superiors such that the neutrality and
recording of history by the Heralds is not endangered and to refrain in their
relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the
purposes of this Treaty.

This Treaty shall be in force until the Heralds release the next Mystique .At any time
thereafter, the Parties shall, if any of them so requests, consult together for the
purpose of reviewing the Treaty, having regard for the factors outlined above.

Original Treaty witnessed by:

Queen Cassiopeia.

Signed by:

Torkalen the Observer of Low Folk, representing Herald.

Katriena Schade the Breathtaking Nightmare, representing Legion.

5) People


Interview with Deiminos.

I scribe this is inform you all of an interview I had with Deiminos. He is quite a
strange Avian, but has a certain degree of charm about him. I find him interesting to
be around, because he is so different and always manages to make me laugh.

It seems Deiminos believes was not born like all of us, he tells me he was created by
the immortals of the underworld Agony and Tragedy. They are myths to us mortals,
but Deiminos insists they are real and reside as well as rule the underworld. I asked
Deiminos about his birthplace in the underworld, he said he was created to spread
beauty. He tells Sersul, contrary to belief, it is well populated with the living, as well
as the undead. But theliving are mostly slaves or pets. Deiminos is definitely one of
the living, Deiminos was created to spread beauty. I asked what exactly he meant by
beauty and he said 'Oh,nsexually delicious things. Such as murder.. He is sought on
death and writhes off suffering, nothing pleases him more than a slow kill. I
asked him about his family he said since he was created, he has no immediate

I asked him how, or what drove him to become a necromancer, he claims when he
was created he was one, he had no choice in the matter. He tells me he has never
delved into healing or illusionary magic he then gave a long stifled laugh.

I asked him what his ultimate goal, he told me a story of him and his undead army
are on a journey to the lands of Soluminus and Lydana and then their ultimate
destination is the Nexus of Zafrin. His army cannot progress any further because
they do not know the way to their destination. In the midst of not knowing the way
Deiminos decided to join Justice.

He sought the halls of Justice because he believes with order and ordained rule lies
the power to achieve his goals. I asked if his ultimate goal was to launch an assault
upon the heavens he said 'Deiminos loves the Immortals however, Immortals bring
the world together.' and he does not wish to invoke the wrath of the immortals.
However, he tells Sersul although they cannot be attacked directly, their sources of
power can be attacked and that is the path to hurting them. He gave me an
example, he believes that the lands of Solminus are in Valour. He leads the
entourage of destruction against the knights and therefore, the lands of Soluminus.
His next goal is to bring destruction to Nexus of Chaos.

I sought to know more about Deiminos, someone with so much anger and chaos
within him, must hold a softer side. I asked him about if there was a side of him that
wants a lover, he tells me that he does not have a side for a lover. However he tells me of his helpers who are a part of the Deiminos Club. I ask him what if one of
his helpers become of utmost importance to him. He claims that he offered the
wings of the black succubus to the Knight Linenthal because it would make her look
delicious. She could not hold the wings as she felt corrupt by them Deiminos was
extremely disappointed. He says he has yet to find someone that will wear the
wings of the black succubus and become his accomplice.

He is a very strange avian, but still fun to talk to and seems to have some sort of
tolerance. Watch out girls you never know when he might try spring the wings of
the black succubus on you!

Death cancels everything but truth.

Scribed by, Umea Tristoc.


The history of Linenthel

The great and powerful Linenthel, executor of Valour, came from very humble
beginnings. She lived her young life as nothing more than a common valley elf. She,
as a servant of the elders of the valley, followed a routine of boring chores and
monotonous daily tasks. She soon departed the valley for Seringale. The reason
for this being that she would rather hunt evil than continue to be hunted in the
valley by raiders. She joined the invokers guild, and studied the arcane arts for a
bit, then applied to be a knight.

Before joining the Knights, she had done little worthy of recognition, but
fortunately, the Knights took her under their wing. They forged her into a fierce
invoker who would leave no stone unturned in her quest to purge evil from Serin.
She climbed the ranks of Knights until she as granted the title of Archon. The
Knights went through a time of no leadership until it was decided she was worthy
to become the High Executor.

I recently spoke with her concerning her new position. We spoke on several
subjects. She told me of the desire of many Knights to see Valour rebuilt. She said,
though, that there would be no efforts put into the rebuilding of Valour until Serin
was cleansed of all evil. She also said of the Justices, that she was pleased to see
more lightwalkers enforcing the laws, and that it appeared that the Justice cabal
was coming out of the era of darkness that had ruled it for far to long. Finally, she
and I spoke of the legion of darkness. According to Linenthel herself, 'Our primary
aim is their end.' Also, when asked of their chances of standing against the Knights,
she said that they had no such chance. Concerning their fortress, she said, 'Their
stinking hole of a fortress should be stopped up with a boulder, as a matter of public

Linenthel is praised by the gods for her ability to mercilessly purify evil, and aptly
punish those lightwalkers whose behavior does not exemplify the light. And finally,
to all you young Knight hopefuls, she says there is room for more at Castle Valour.

Thank you all very much for your time.

In the humble service of the winds,

Kazshi, Chronicler of Heralds

6) Entertainment


Riddles and Puzzles

Back fresh from a long journey to the deep reaches of Serin, I am pleased and
honored to be entertaining you with a few riddles! Some of them I am quite sure
will be brain busters, and others will be quite simple. However, if nay of you
wish to truly test your wit, scribe to me a note, and if you have answered all
the riddles correctly, your great intelligence shall be rewarded! Have fun,
and good luck.

A metal neither red nor black.
Heavier than mans golden greed.
What you must do to stay ahead
Of friend, arrow and steed!

A man approaches you and says, 'Tell me the Truth and I shall slay you
with a Sword. Tell me a Lie and I shall slay you with a spell'. What
Must you say to stay alive?

Eternal flame renewed
Dust to dust, Ashses to ashes
Arise from fire flashes
Beauty un-seen and not matched
Ugly when first hatched.
Flowing power, colored of Night
Stalking prey as if Divine Right
Rippling across a liquid death
Claws that draw breath.
Never ending, truly always beginning
Watches the young grow fat, and the old thinning
From the first day to the Last
Future, Present, Always, Past.

Starlight beauty, hellfire scorn
Turns hardened warriors forlorn
Never truly leaves, always a part
Stays in the deepest of hearts.

This is in memory of the Late Umea Tristoc, who taught me so
many riddles of life.

Scribed by Lallyan Dresnor
Novice of Herald.


Immortal Love Interests!

It seems not only mortals can feel love for one another even up in the
heavens as we speak a romance of great magnitude is taking place! Though it
is not the normal love between and man and women, it is between two men. I
spoke with Jeradan about his love within the heavens he replied with 'The
only female immortals are Clesa and Lydana. Though I do hear a few things
about Galhea and Meriando that I would not care to repeat.' This piqued my
interest and I wished to learn more about such events.

I enquired about their actions towards each other and asked if they are a
couple Jeradan told me 'I am not certain, but their recent banter has been no
less than flirtatious.' So from Lord Jeradan's words there might be a secret
love interest between Meriando and Galhea, Perhaps a secreted romance
kept to themselves and the luscious bedrooms of the heavens. Many innocent
bystanders have witnessed them playing together and even trading posies
in the Seringale Communal Garden. I saw them together at north
square and they seemed quite content with each other, they frolicked
southwards. I was determined to find out if the truth I followed closely behind
without being seen.

They pranced through the park and sat closely together in each other's arms
in the garden. They spoke to each other. "Your hair is sooo soft and silky"
Galhea said as he stroked Meriandos hair gently Not as smooth as your silky
serene touch to my skin my love Meriando replied, a girlish laugh followed,
and then left immediately.

It seems Lord Jeradan was right, Galhea and Meriando are in fact in love and
even in a relationship from what my eyes viewed in the gardens. One can only
shudder at the horror of what the rooms in the heavens have to view during
one of their late night intimate sessions!

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Scribed by, Umea Tristoc.

7) Events


The return of Nourrin

Serin, it is with dark news that I greet you.

Nourrin, a threat to any un-suspecting, suspecting, or any Serin has
returned. Indeed, he has returned with vengeance, slaying the red dragon in
scant if any clothes, then proceeding to slay Herald's own Kazshi, taking her
wares and embarking upon his path of terror yet again.

Afterwards while Sethronu the Warlord and I were conversing, he saw fit to
interrupt our talk and attack him. This battle was harrowing and from what I
was privy to see, it appeared like Sethronu had the upper hand on Nourrin,
but always the slippery thief managed to come out of it alive, if a bit worse for
wear and thirsting for more blood.

Perhaps in a surprising and daring move even for him, he attacked the
Battlemaster of the Fortress of Warlords, Occanim, and managed to slay her
not once, but twice, adding her weapons and armor to his growing arsenal. In
between such he even saw fit to stop by and give yours truly a small gift in
the form of a lead sack via his infamous black jack. After that Occanim seemed
in deep thought over a matter that was weighing heavy on her mind so
her and I parted ways. so with a cautionary quill I end this scroll, saying only
to beware of all Shadows and what lurks within them!

Scribed by Lallyan Dresnor the Holy Father

Chronicler of Herald.

8) Obituaries



The fall of Deiminos

It was a dark and abysmal day in the generally fair realm of Serin. Sadly,
Serin's skies had been darkened since a few years back, when the winged
lunatic was first branded with the mark of [JUSTICE].

All pinnacled have encountered him, and all seeking to pinnacle have done
the same. Only once did the skies break clear when the winged lunatic probed
the realms, that was when the Pure of Heart attempted to break the Chains
of Taint in the War of Virtue, only to be clamped tighter than before. Yet,
today, the Day of the Sun (apparently life is not without irony), 20th of the
month of Dark Shades, the Sun shone brightly through the skies of Serin.

It was at the Small Bridge of Serin where He died His final death. The roots of
His demise lay in the War of Virtue. Azaran, still hunted by law after
encounters during the War of Virtue, strolls about Serin. He engaged, flees,
leaves His guard. Lothilakon proceeds to fight the guard with His pets. A chain
of events occur where Katriena, Nourrin, Azaran, and Lothilakon are all branded
fugitives. He had already fallen once that day, to Nourrin as He attempted
to warn Nourrin that He was apprehending west of town. So it was,
a high noon spellout, so to speak. Three Justices were about including Him,
Cromin, and Argoris with the aforementioned few. Ah, the beauty of irony:
the taint attempting to bring down the tainted. In a skirmish that lasted no
more than a couple of hours, Azaran's corpse lay on the bridge, birdblood coloring
the river red. Argoris tired from all the bashing and Deiminos limping away
with His wounds. Yet, the now-uncharmed Triton sought more fight, as did
Nourrin in the Shadows. A few swift swipes with His daggers and Deiminos'
corpse lay first at the bridge and then at the Temple of Darkness, never
to rise again.

Oddly enough, even as Deiminos parted the mortal world, He managed to
bring 'sexually delicious murder' upon Azaran. Thus, the skies parted as the
Golden Sun once again rose with the Calming winds of Zephyr while the
Darkened Skies and the Deranged Justice remained only a memoir of the past.

Aquernous Ariet the Elf, Herlad novice.



Lamant for Sosolito and Ssrthak, Knights of Valour

Recently Serins who walk the Light have lost two very dear fighters for
their cause. I speak of Sosolito Komiko, and Ssrthak. Both were Knights of
Valour, and one a good friend to me. So it is with a sad sense of loss, yet
pride in knowing their lives can serve as reminders to all of Serin, of Virtue
and Knightly Conduct, that I write these poems.
First, a lay for Ssrthak, Archon of Valour and one of the bravest Knights I
ever knew :

Where is the horse and Knight rider?
Where is the blade that was shining?
They have faded from us and our Land.
Gone like so many drops of rain in a stream.
The days have come down to none on this brave Knight.
He has passed like a shadow into the Night.
Never again a Light to shine so Bright.
Alas for Ssrthak, Master of War, Archon of Valour.

A second memorial, for a friend I had much esteem, Sosolito Komiko. On
many accounts this brave Knight has saved my life and the lives of my friends,
and in this small way I honor his memory:

Of a virtuous spirt and healing hand.
No more could be found in this land.
Broad smile and deadly mace.
He lived life as if a Race.
Living truely and as a Knight.
Until falling unto one of Darkest Night.
Now a tortured soul and lost faith.
We mourn, Sosolito Komiko, Guardian of Valour.

Scribed by Lallyan Dresnor the Holy Father

Novice of Herald



The Remembrance of Rnaelia, a Great Friend and Warrior Alike

My friends, it is indeed a sad day in the lands of Serin. Just a short while
ago, Rnaelia, the grand slith Warlord, breathed her last breath within the
halls of the Conservatory. I have been afforded the great honor of
remembering her life, and I do that not with a sad tone but one of joy.

In life, Rnaelia spent a great deal of her early years alone, becoming a master
at hitting with her weapons and blocking others strikes at her. She made it
clear from the beginning that the use of magic to aid her in battle would not
be needed. Instead, Rnaelia chose to pour all of her mind and body into
learning the ancient ways of the purest warriors of past.

Rnaelia compiled an impressive record in battle, each time fighting with honor
and courage. Her success did not go unnoticed by the Warlord fortress, as she
was soon honored by being chosen to join their ancient halls. Rnaelia then
dedicated her life to restoring honor to these lands that have been plagued by
chaos and deceit for much too long. Standing in the way of her pursuit of
honor were the members of the Legion of Darkness and the pesky thieves
who plague Serin with their swiftness of hand. She was not dismayed
however as she fought against those who used underhanded tactics to prey
on the weak. In doing so, Rnaelia knew that she was sentencing herself to a
lifetime of being a prime target for those whom she battled against. She
accepted this burden readily, as her cause was more important to her than
her very life.

Rnaelia's end came in a manner which was most unfortunate. Her final days
were plagued with multiple thieves sneaking around behind her tail,
surprising her and stealing the items off of her very body. Despite her great
skill in battle, Rnaelia was unable to do much to combat these thieves due to
their skilled ability to hide from their victims. Realizing this, Rnaelia's spirits
dropped and she felt that she had failed her cause. Despite the pleas of
Taleroth and me, she wished to ascend to the stars to join her long lost
mother whom was lost on the day of her induction into the Fortress of the
Warlords. Twas fitting that before Rnaelia's eyes closed for the final time, she
saw both friend and foe in her view. Present for her final breath were
Chanice, Taleroth, myself, and Krok (the thief who bothered her so). We were
all gathered at the harp in the Conservatory, the meeting place of our halls.

Before she withdrew her dagger and plunged it deep into her heart, Taleroth
bestowed a final gift from the Heralds upon Rnaelia. She was granted the
reputation of one who lived an honorable life, striving to make these lands a
better place. Smiling weakly at this gift, she spoke her last words as she
plunged her dagger deep into her chest. Her words were not words of anger
or malice towards those who drove her to this place, but of joy at the soon to
come reunion with her mother.

At this time, Rnaelia resides among the stars, finally reunited with her long
lost mother. She neither grieves nor cries, so we shall not do so either.
Instead we will celebrate the achievements of this great slith and the
causenfor which she fought so hard. You shall be remembered with honor
Rnaelia, and your cause shall live on in the hearts of those who were proud to
call you friend.

Alistor, Witness of the Last Breath of Rnaelia