The Serin Mystique, Volume 2, Issue 2

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 2 Issue 2! In this issue we
introduce several new sections such as Ask the Drow where our very own
Istina Seeogra attempts to solve your problems. Another new addition is
Nostalgia where we take a look back at some notable figures that have graced
Serin in the past. And as always we inform you dear reader of all important
events, rumors and deaths that abound in Serin. Finally Heralds reveal
their secret Agenda to the whole of Serin.

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Agenda (see Agenda)
2) Nostalgia (see Nostalgia)
3) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
4) Ask the Drow (see Drow)
5) Interviews (see Lankar, Tristen)
6) Events (see Troubled, Bet)
7) Rumors (see Rumors, Bunny)
8) Obituaries (see Obituary)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Agenda


The Heralds' Agenda: All Revealed!

Since there was a sudden interest from the Knights into the affairs
of the mighty Herald cabal, we were forced to confer in the depths of our
decrepit halls. Linenthel's divine perception saw right through our now obviously
inept cover. Surely even you had some doubts and fears of things to
come. Masks have fallen, but wheels are already in motion. Hence, without
fear we divulge the secret agenda of the Herald cabal!

1. Introduce poetry warfare to the present cabals of Serin. (Imagine a haiku
showdown between Knights and Legions! Nourrin stepping up with his little book,
a wicked gleam in his eye... humm maybe not)

2. Construct storm-birds (Ellora and Torkalen spearhead this project, ask
no details... for the love of gods!).

3. Make fun of all applicants with different and original applications.
We ONLY accept those whose parents were killed by someone evil.

4. Make plans of overtaking Serin with the current Herald force (while I weep over
them, pathetic people)

5. Dress up like Zaikkra for Strythmas.

6. Hug trees to better prepare for the coming of the ents.

7. Get really really rich by simply...!! Too bad you don't know.

8. Hoard all and everything only to sit ever-so-idly at North Square
(For details see Spalino).

9. Goats, goats. And did I mention? Goats!!

10. Sail the high seas searching for plunder with yours truly at the prow.

(Deckhands wanted! Swimming skill optional) Harrrrrrrr!

And now you know...


2) Nostalgia


Hail common folk!

The maws of fiends, essences of horror, abodes of gods are places where I
begin seeking stories worthy of your simple minds... and this time we go a
step further, one in those "seven mile boots": The basement of the Castle of
Valour. Usually rumors spread fast over mugs of ale at Market Square...
(that's not happening anymore eh!). The little people going about their
meaningless tasks often spread the word. Well unlike those, this piece
of gossip came through a quivering fearful voice from a source who wished
to stay anonymous under any circumstances. So... Kragon of the Shaman
guildhall, minion of Legion claims the presence of horrendous, devious devices
in the Castle of the valiant Knights, such that chill even his bones. Bah. Castle,
bizarre devices, those are hardly news...But wait till you hear this! They all
belong to none but Eleanor herself. Chains, cuffs, leathers, some more bondage
wares, various small gadgets and ones not so small, and a formidable array of
whips and spikes make up partial inventory of this funhouse. Intriguing.

Next, Rhadoranth was approached on this topic. When asked, the brave knight
turned pale as... well, really white, and muttered in a pleading voice that
some things are better let alone. Slowly the pieces fit, images of
Eleanor strolling snowy Seringale in shining spiked steel and a silky lace
gown came to my mind. Her haughty stance. The well known saying that even
finest stallions of Castle collapsed under her gained a whole new
dimension. All things considered, it is no wonder that Aldlen, Forsaken of
Legion, had trouble getting his underlings to raid the castle. Even less
surprising is the zeal with which Knights spring to battle, as if death on
the battlefield is a prize as compared to returning to Castle defeated.
Local peasants fearfully lock and bolt their doors praying for rare nights
of rest from the agonized moans and screams breaking through the thick
walls surrounding the Castle.

Think what you wish of this ferocious succubus of light, but as ink dries
on this scroll I pack my stuff in the Conservatory and head for Valour...
After all, why should I pay in Darkhaven that which I can get in the Castle
for free?


3) Cabal Affairs


Kicked! Booted! Removed! UNINDUCTED! Beware to you cabal
members and cabal hopefuls! Although we are seeing many new faces
in the ranks of various cabals, they are also loosing members at a rapid
rate! Why? Inactivity! Why is it that someone trains so very very
hard in order to become accepted into an organization, but when
they are accepted, they are not seen again for ages and ages?!?!
That seems pretty stupid to me! So beware to you all! The gods do
not take kindly on such people! You will be removed on the spot!


Your trusty and sly reporter has heard that there are many new members
of Legion, including Veshii, Iendu, Saerm, Zyangshi, Nadoshi, Zertaith,
Zados, and Xithalax. Solexpre was removed from the Legion.
As is typical of the Legion, it is rumored they seek to raise even more
blood shrines over the corpses of those they have slain. They also are
rumored to have had a bit of a quarrel with Mystics, especially Zerai for
what reason I do not know. A mighty group of legion pulled together in
the depths of Winter to slay the fabled Order and retrieve his priceless
wares. It has been questioned by many whether or not the Legion would
align themselves with the Demons. In recent days Nadoshi managed to
slay the demon Decarni, so I would assume that means there is no alliance
present. Legion is obviously very active! Although it may be bad for
you Lightwalkers, it is good for your reporter because they give me
something to report!


I have heard or seen little of the Knights, except that they seem to be
running around with only their underpants on. They have also had
some sort of trouble with the Demons stealing their Cross as some
sort of game.


I have heard little from the Mystics as of yet (what a surprise). They
have a new member by the name of Dhunpiel. It seems they are slowly
regaining their numbers in efforts to become a mighty force in Serin.
Whether that will happen or not is yet to be seen. There have been many
odd mushrooms around lately.


The Justice, ever vigilant in their work, have recently inducted Gasire into
their number. They are rumored to have felled many of the Legion in
recent days. I would suspect that Legion may be building a bit of a
grudge against them, but we shall have to see what happens, and be sure
to duck and hide (except when it comes to grabbing the wares from
corpses) when it does.


I have also heard that there are many freshly recruited Assassins
throughout Serin, waiting for you all to save your money to contract
your most hated enemies! Hey! who are you there behind me? What are
you doing with that dagger??? Ack! I thought everybody loved me...


In the most spectacular news, the halls of the Herald cabal echo with
joyous cries as the first hint of real interest in the study of history and
the chance for satire of public figures presents itself! It seems that all that
was needed was a touch of humor in an otherwise dour bunch, although
beer helps a bit. Keep in mind, the conservatory is almost full, if ye wish
to take a punch at the well-known of the realm, send a scroll today!
Recent devotees to the cause of knowledge include, Shruian, Salvan,
Keeb, Kalerin, Tinolyen Vissith, and Somona. A most odd bunch indeed.
They are each guaranteed to pester you for good rumors! Er, truth!

If you are unsatisfied with the report on your cabal, send a scroll to
Herald and tell us more!

4) Ask the Drow


Ask the Drow

This new, old section we are opening with a single question. Has our
common folk lost their thirst for knowledge?! We expect more questions
for next issue or hexes for everyone! Well, let us get to work.

Dear Istina,

Mees writes you for help! Mees heart yearns for Chayla! Mees think she
likes me, was kind. But nows she frowns and shrugs at purest of all
loves!!! Help halfer!

Dear simpleton, this question and answers section is to be place of
serious and meaningful topics, a sheath of paper to broaden the vision
and brighten your puny existences. Not some pathetic column "helping"
helpless fools. But... since you are the only one that actually sent a
question it will simply have to do.

Firstly, if we ignore the fact she is bearded, plain and broadchested,
look past her lack of manners, haughtiness, extremist views...Hmm,
there is nothing much left, is there? Anyhow, we are getting sidetracked
here. Perhaps the seed of the problem lies in the fact that she has
absolutely no interest in you, finds you repulsive and views your
lifestyle as unthinkable. And let us not forget, you are even shorter
than she. All the vertically challenged, including Chayla, have severe
height complexes. So don't go weeping when you see her in the loving
embrace of some giant. And if stars aligned, someone chopped off her
legs, she went blind and the vomit-invoking union of the two of you
occurred, think further. How many dwafling or halwarfs have you seen

On that matter, how many half-drows, human-lings or any other
mongrels aside filthy half-elves have you seen about? None? Exactly. Gods
are hard at work there. Rumors are that Lord Davairus and Burzuk fly
around clubbing newborn mongrels to death. According to Torkalen,
numbers wise Davairus is in slight lead. So why sign yourself up for
tragedy? Do yourself a favor: Find a cold waterfall. And if that doesn't
help, it is well known that members of the Shaman guild often possess
cadavers. I am sure they will find you something less stiff then the


5) Interviews


Interview with Lankar Freestone

Many have reached the pinnacle of ranking. Some people
take longer than others. For what reasons? We could only
speculate until I saw that a prime example, the one called
Lankar Freestone, had reached pinnacle. He is one that sat
at the rank of thirty five and slew countless adventurers
for longer than anyone should. I endeavored to find out his
reasoning and why he committed such acts upon the people
of Serin.

At first he was reluctant but I persuaded him with manners
of my own. I asked him of his past. It seems that he was loved
as a child but grew tired of being smothered by his family.
He left so that he would gain some time to himself. In his
own words: 'The way of a thief is that, lonely', followed by:
'I enjoy the peace though.' He has become one of Serin's
most known thieves and not for his skill in killing or stealing,
but more of how he chooses his victims. People who walk the
streets fear the fact that they hold nothing of value for that,
Lankar will defiantly strike them down. I queried where he
believes he stands today. He said, 'I know I have enemies
out there. That is undeniable. More than any should possibly
even need.' This is quite ironic, he whined to me about his
lack of allies yet he brought this upon himself for continually
slaying those who cannot defend themselves. For those who wish
to avoid this blood-lusting thief I suggest wearing something
of value or knowing how to defend yourself, as those seem
the only reasons why he won't initiate a fight.

He awaits for allies, ones that he can trust. Well, Lankar, if
you're reading this, you are going to have to wait a long, long
time. He spoke to me of his reasons for waiting at the rank
of thirty five for countless months. He claims he was waiting
for entrance to Legions but was not worthy enough, and so
decided to move on. When people like Lankar stride across
the lands it becomes a worse place and this is the reason I
scribe this to all of you.

I leave you all with these final words, Lankar is not one
to be feared because he is by no means Nourrin.

Scribed by,

Ellyise Vortamur the Whisper of the Moon Glades.


Interview with Tristen

I caught a glimpse of Tristen the Elven Paladin earlier
this day. I asked him if he would answer some questions
and he accepted with grace. The information I gleaned is as

Firstly I asked to briefly sum his life up for me. Not an
easy task for someone who is labeled as thirty five years
old! He could not remember much of his time before he
was a Knight. Upon gaining entrance to the castle he was
pitted against the best of the legions that plagued the land
with their mere presence. He was outnumbered as well as
outranked, but he learned how to overcome the greatest odds.

Once he reached pinnacle a Ranger Knight called Tinth
bestowed him with Excalibur as a gift, claiming Tristen would
use it for the correct purposes. From the day he obtained
Excalibur he powered through the Knightly ranks and was
finally allotted their leader. He informs me that he held
Excalibur almost every hour except for a few from when he
received it till the day he entered a deep sleep within the castle
and lost the leadership of Knights. Upon waking from his deep
sleep he found himself removed as leader due to his absence
as well as discovering the loss of his trusted gift Excalibur.
His complete departure from the Knights is due to
disagreements with his lord - he felt the way of Knights was
lost to more... practical purposes.

I questioned why he was an outlaw even after the war had
finished. His reply was swift and rang truthful. A long time ago
a challenge was issued that if he could not be slain within a
week by the Justice, that the Justice would lose their
Lightwalkers. I was unsure what exactly this meant. Nonetheless,
the challenge led to an eternity of hatred between Tristen
and the Justices. To this day he remains an enemy to the Justice
and swears he will be one until his final breath.

Now that he has returned, he says he has no use for goals
anymore because living is much more important to him than
anything else right now. According to him, his brash days are over!

Scribed by, Ellyise Vortamur

6) Events


A Troubled Night in Serin

Recently, much tragedy befell Serin. Nourrin returned in a fury of rare
magnitude, slaughtering all who stood in his path. Our own Alistor took his
life. I shall scribe now of Nourrin's wrath, with information gleaned from
the healers Kailya and Sith, who both witnessed the event firsthand.

The night began when Nourrin and Ethoenn decided to tackle Surga, the healer
guardian of Seringale, in hopes of attacking Sith. Kailya, who was with him,
watched as Sith valiantly sailed into battle to protect Surga. To her
astonishment, Alistor joined Sith's side in combat against the thieves. The
battle traversed half of Serin, from Seringale to the Legionnaires' Keep,
with Alistor and Sith giving Nourrin a difficult chase. Ethoenn split from
Nourrin's side to hound Kailya, who was able to elude his efforts despite
his blinding tactics.

Meanwhile, Alistor and Sith managed to venture into the Keep, where, after
a tedious and grueling battle, Alistor fell to Nourrin's blade. Sith
attempted to retain Nourrin's attention in order to allow Alistor the freedom
to return to his corpse. However, Nourrin was unfazed by Alistor's
reappearance and slew him a second time. Sith fled to Solace to recuperate,
where he lost his mind and faded from the scene. Alistor, in despair over his
rapid deaths, bowed his head and returned himself to his Creator. Kailya
feared Sith had fallen a third time during his mind's absence (he had been
killed by Drayon and Ronus previously that day, and had endured humiliation
from the dark monk) but he had escaped Nourrin's wrath for the time. As yet
Sith still takes the blame upon himself for his mind's lack of action when
Alistor needed him most.

Let us mourn Alistor's passing with a wary eye, for Nourrin remains a force
against us all.

Scribed by,

Ellora the Gnome's Ghost-Perch


A Simple Bet

Ah, winter trips gone wrong... Those nice heartwarming stories told in
the flickering light of campfires, infusing you with that warm fuzzy feeling...
especially if you did not take part in it...

In this one, the brave Warlord Taurth decided to brave the perils of Evermore
with only two trusty companions: the ex-justice Nikola and Ledrick of Knights.
We all know that treading through Evermore is done ever so carefully,
even with parties bigger than this one. Seeing this party marching towards
the elder thief Yorick, an idle immortal offered a bet to Taurth. He and his
comrades must come out of Evermore alive. The stake: ten thousand gold.

The adventurers managed to reach Yorick and slay him in fierce battle, but
there was little time for celebration. They had to make their way back
through the heavily guarded paths of Evermore. As they slowly hewed their
way through throngs of thieves, someone uttered that classic line: "Let us do
one more before we rest!" The outcome? Ledrick woke up at the Temple of Light
only to find Nikola a hair's breadth from final death at his side. Yes, the
simple math tells us that this left the Warlord alone within Evermore. They
quickly formed a rescue party with Urthaelm and hastened towards the Wintery
plains. They reached Evermore's entrance just in time to hear the Warlord's
death scream. Needless to say they were but mere few steps away from
exiting Yorick's domain before the fatal battle. That's one bet you would
hate losing.


7) Rumors


Some Random Juicy Gossip

In this part of the Mystique, we bring you bits of information on Serins of
both lesser and greater stature. If you have any dirt on your fellows or
enemies feel free to let us know, we will print it with joy!


While divining for those essential wares of dire need... I saw that
the ferocious shaman Meralict holds a pair of pink panties. Naturally I
questioned the motives for owning such an exotic luxury. Meralict
brazenly claimed that those panties were not for his use, but rather a
trophy after a night of fiery pleasures with Sisera. The voluptuous
invoker energetically declined any such possibility, denying that said
garments were at any point in her possession and that that no such night

So there you have it. Womanizer?! Cross dresser?! Believe who you wish but
if I were you, ladies, I would dry my "delicate" underwear in safer fashion
lest Meralict passes by.


This Warlord brought some flavor into stale Warlord duels. Knights, my
little self, and likely some of you who dueled the said warlord might have
perceived that he has a peculiar way of disappearing from the dueling area. I
was later told that yes, Warlords may leave the dueling area, even
enter their own cabal for short time in the midst of a duel (you can wait till
they finish their shopping, or if a tad more eager, go earn yourself a
deathmark). With this new feature of warlord duels discovered they will
be a great opportunity for you to hone your tracking skills, or be clever
and remember to include place of fight within duel terms.


Yet another Warlord, but entirely different story. The stubby legs of
this brave halfer are taking him in giant strides towards Blademaster
rank within his Cabal. Winning all major fights of late bringing him
always sought credibility (beating all warlords, even Taurth). But a
shocking occurrence just might shatter all this hard work. Brakis uttered
a word "give" with other meaning than "Give me!" or "give beating"...even
worse he constructed ominous "give away"! I heard it with my own ears.
This hearty shorty, after long walk plundering the realm, has given away
valuable wares to common folk of the realm. Upon witnessing this I ran to
Warlord fortress and it has not as of yet crumbled. Doubtlessly, as you
read this, inner circle of Serin's warrior elite is seeking solution to
this crisis.


Nephit's Secret to World Domination

I was sitting in North Square quietly one day when Nephit snuck up and
whispered in my ear some very, very odd words. "Hey, buddy ol' pal," he
murmured, "I know just the thing to get rid of every evil in Serin!" And
thus he proceeded to impart to me his Master Plan for the Domination of
Light. That's right, you walkers of the shadows, he has a plan to wreck you
all! Haha! Ahaha! Ahahaha...

And what is this new weapon of mass dark-destruction, you ask? What is his
absolute secret of secrets?

I watched with amazement and wonder as his lips slowly and clearly formed
these oh-so-hallowed words: THE FUZZY PINK BUNNY.

Yes indeedy, you heard it correctly. Nephit has announced to me proudly
that he is the new Crusader of the Fuzzy Pink Light. "Constant exposure
to these creatures will eventually break down the mental barriers any
villain may have," he proclaimed as he frolicked in his field full of
bunnies. "It will either drive them insane..." he paused to fling a bunny
in the air gleefully, "or convert them entirely! ...Remember that. It
could come in useful someday." Yes indeed, Nephit, we lightwalkers shall
henceforth never leave home without our trusty bunny sidekicks!

But wait! There's more! "A new world order [will arise]," Nephit continued
with the red haze of Aruncus' cigars lighting his eyes in a zealous frenzy.
With the sign of the pink bunny as the symbol uniting all good peoples
of Serin. We all need to work together for this to be successful!" With a
happy cavorting dance, he went on, "Did you know, this is one of the very
few pink creatures in Serin! Know why? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?" I could only manage
to shake my head in response. "Davairus hates the color pink!" Nephit
chortled mischievously. "So did Deiminos! These bunnies are going to free
us all!! And THAT'S why Istina kills them when he sees em!" (Oh, Istina...
he's discovered your secret phobia! But don't worry! You can slay all the
yummy pink bunnies you want. And y'know what? He can't stop you!)

With these last words of wisdom, Nephit disappeared in a nimbus of light.
Spread the word, his voice echoed in my head as he departed. "And I'm
not nuts, so don't say I am."

Scribed by,

Ellora, the Gnome's Ghost-Perch

Disclaimer: Information in this article in no way represents the views of
the writer, Heralds, or any of their affiliates. It is pure, 100% Nephitism
hand-selected for your personal enjoyment.

8) Obituaries



Aye. It is one of those popular sections where you sure wouldn't want to
read your name. If you do... our bad... die already.

We will first address you with one certain problem this part of the Mystique
has run into. You see, there are not many notable persons in this realm. It
is equally if not more rare that they perish. So support our section!

Become famous then die!

To business, who croaked?


Alcoholic, gambler and part-time Justice. Allegedly he owed few measly
millions to a certain Lord Eldorian before Zrakalon mopped the floor with
him for the last time. Who will miss him? Nobody, one would figure, but it is
said that Keldynn shed a tear or two after the death of the most lucrative
customer he ever had. The fact that this dwarf had risen to the post of High
Inquisitor is key evidence that everyone can make it in life if they really
tried. That or Lord Jeradan's judge of character is bizarrely impaired.


This drow shaman decided to give up on his quest for power and become one
of us scribes. Pity. In the end it seems he had not much talent for either.
Broke the cabal code, got Nourrin really pissed at Heralds, then committed
suicide. Let us all applaud his valiant and brave performance within the
Herald cabal. If we choose to ignore these minor slips, we can thank him on
the few works he published while a scribe. The moral of the story is: If you
are thinking "Gee I could be a Herald just like Alistor!"... Don't.


This one will actually be missed...well, somewhat...Okay, who are we
kidding? Better him than me, maybe better you than him, but it's already
too late isn't it? I hate to say it but this elf was slowly growing into a
decent Herald. Come to think of it... Good thing he is gone. Who needs more
competition for a swift rise in ranks anyway? One day one of the Gods got
quite hungry and ate him. Why? He did something. And gods have to eat,
after all.


Selfish, thoughtless idiot midget! For one reason or another he served
himself to the Gods for dinner. Who will enchant weapons for me now?!
Unfathomably rude. Anyhow, this piece of sturdy gnome meat became part of
the divine buffet. It is rumored that Lord Resatimm has a peculiar taste for
this humble delicacy. We say goodbye to one of the last wise men. Goodbye!


Another deceased midget. This brave little halfer ended his own life
after a lovers' quarrel with his Lord. His strong sense of honor led him
down the short path to the abyss. All fun aside, his death had catastrophic
consequences for the Warlord cabal - it installed Occanim as the new
Warmistress of Warlords. Rarely was one so mourned within his halls. He
will not be forgotten for weeks to come.

Sith (scribed by Ellora)

The death bells have sounded their final knells for Sith Sirulios, a
valiant healer, loving companion, and courageous defender of the Light, who
breathed his last two days ago. It is said that his life was ended upon the
harsh point of Nourrin's blade, as he skirmished with the notorious thief on
that last fateful day. There had never been love lost between the two.
memory recalls Sith's attempts with our departed Alistor to defeat the
fearsome Legionnaire. As Nourrin's weapon sought Sith's heart, the soul of
the avian healer spread its wings and ascended to the unearthly planes of
the next world, robbed of even his last farewell. Apart from his enmity
with Nourrin, Sith was well-loved and respected by many. He will be sorely