The Serin Mystique, Volume 2, Issue 3

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 2 Issue 3! We are proud to
announce the introduction of several new regular features. Firstly, I shall
now be penning an Editorial where I present a different prospective on
current happenings. Secondly due to popular demand, the Serin Mystique now
contains a Duel section where we bring you brief tales of the numerous duels
and battles that have taken place in Serin. Finally, in response to the
on-going Strythoween contest, an Arts and Entertainment column is added
containing a sampling of the best entries yet received. And as always we
inform you dear reader of all important events, rumors and deaths that
abound in Serin. Finally Istina returns to solve more of your problems in
Ask the Drow.

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Editorial (see Editorial)
2) Events (see Events, Events2)
3) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
4) Battles (see Battles)
5) Ask the Drow (see Ask)
6) Legends (see Legends)
7) Features (see Misfortunes, Skirmish)
8) Arts and Entertainment (see Strythoween , Strythoween2 )
9) Obituaries (see Obituaries, Obituaries2)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Editorial



The almighty and all powerful are imposing recruitment quotas upon
their lowly cabal leaders. How does this lowly and humble Herald
dare to guess what his betters are doing? Treasured readers,
consider this:

Item: Long weeks passed in wanton and willful chaos upon the
streets of Serin's great cities without the slightest sighting of a
Justice daring to uphold the laws.

Item: Within a period of days (yes days, astute reader) no less than
three newly appointed Justices are strutting around the bloody and
stained streets of the once great city of Seringale.

Item: One of these Justices, Qort, was observed SITTING and
RELAXING at ease in his guildhall, while Krok (who is a friend to all
Heralds, as you intelligent reader know) was MERICLESSLY and
BRUTTALLY assaulted in the so-called protected city of Timaran.
Even more ssssscanaldess is this 'Justice' reply once he was
informed of the incident - 'It could be worse'

Item: Jeradans Just-about-anybody-for Justice (JJJ) recruits cannot
not open a door! Yes, even after being informed of the criminals
whereabouts (by the criminals no less), the Justices could not
apprehend two lowly ranked pranksters. The reason? The stunned
readers, could not open the door to the hideout.

Item: Another of the JJJ's , one previously unnoteworthy shaman
Justice called Maegara, saw fit to assault Krok in a protected area
near the Dragon sea. A conspiracy of catastrophic scale some
outraged readers may cry! One justice stands by and allows Krok to
be assaulted while another attacked him without cause on supposedly
protected soil! Maegara was swallowed by the heavens
and never seen again.

Item: Krok, Lankar and Blonk, three well-known, honest and
respectable merchants where provoked to fight by non other than the
despicably corruptible Qort! Having no other recourse, the three
merchants valiantly fought and slayed the slippery slithous Qort.
Seizing the moment for true Justice, Krok allowed Qort to gather
supplies and armor before applying justifiable just justice against
Qort in the form of a dagger in his back. In vain Qort swore to
viscously devour our little Krok alive before his lack of discipline
caused him to strike an innocent passerby in the 'lawful' city of
Seringale. Qort, ever the coward, ended his own life rather than face
the consequences of his actions.

Item: Poirin, the last of the JJJ's, died permanently in mysterious
circumstances. The one person who might know more, refused to
speak to us, refused to wield even to our irresistible charm , driven by
some unknown fear to say nothing. Fortunately after some flurry
flirtatious talking on out part, we prized the follow titillating clue from
her lips 'It was because of his cabal and what was happening inside
its walls'.

Item: A new generation of JJJ's (Jeradans Just-about-anybody-for
Justice )have been ushered quietly in to fill the not-yet-cold shoes of
the previous failures. Gromovink, a storm healer Uguchak the
shaman, and Riaklin the invoker. (Three suspicious readers! Three
dies and THREE are recruited from jeradan-only-knows where).

Conclusion: Draw your own conclusions educated readers. Far be it
for me to insinuate corruption and incompetence within the halls of the
Justice or worse yet - games being played in the heavens.

2) Events



Welcome to a roundup of recent events that have occurred within

The immortal ranks saw much change recently as new people were
entered into the immortal plane and others were raised higher. The
first person to be affected by this change was Sethronu, the Warlord,
who was raised to Hero status . The next to be affected was
Zrakalon, who we heard about earlier for his rampages against
Seringale. He was promoted to Hero status and continues to serve
the people of Serin in that position. Finally, Taleroth, our own Herald
leader, was raised to Hero status as well, leaving our halls in order to
assist others outside of our halls as a guide. Torkalen was promoted,
becoming an Avenger, and gaining power so that he might have
more time to play with his kittens and goats in the North Square. One
must wonder now what will the immortals govern us poor mortals like

I have been asked by Occanim to announce to you all that Brakis has
achieved the rank of Blademaster of the Warlords after an arduous
trial against many opponents, the latest of which have been the duo
of Warlords, Jyzren and Chalktala.

The latter, a great fire giant warrior, spoke with me of the gruelling
battle. Staged in the grassy fields and rolling hills of the Ford, they
began with dirt and disarm tactics that soon caused Chalktala to
withdraw. Though Jyzren attempted to diverge Brakis' attention from
the wounded giant, the intrepid Brakis continued his onslaught until
the fiery warrior lay stunned upon the field.

Without ceasing, Brakis then turned his gaze to Jyzren, who put up a
valiant combat. The battle continued for quite a bit of time, until
Brakis was finally able to subdue Jyzren. At the end, he was heard to
admit, it was a close fight.

Chalktala commented, "It was an excellent lesson in the battle arts
that I look forward to doing many times."

Congratulations, Brakis.

Addendum: Shortly after his appointment to Blademaster, Brakis
ended his own life. Details shall follow in the next Serin Mystique.

Darkhaven is often forgotten as a place that no one goes anymore,
unless it be to take part in some vice. It is a town that is across the
Dragon Sea, far from civilization. Up until recently, there were still
those who went there to practice their skills, learning from the guild
masters that were present in that city. Many also went there for the
brothels, though that is definitely not the reason that I go there and I
can't say as I recommend it. (It has been rumored that the brothels
contain diseases that will kill, though this has not been verified as of
yet.) Now, however, the guildmasters have opened their doors and
left their guildhalls.

Guildmasters no longer reside in their guildhalls, but can be found at
the Dead Legionnaire Tavern. Those of the Light are not allowed into
the tavern and therefore can't train in Darkhaven anymore.

Furthermore, outcasts are allowed to train in the tavern as darkness
and, with a place to train, we may also see a rise in outlaws and
outcasts in Serin.

(Continued in events2)


EVENTS (continued)

Intrepid explorers about to venture into Winter were dismayed
recently to find the portal into that dangerous realm sealed. We at the
THERAN MYSTIQUE have reason to believe the Immortal fizzling
gnome, Denadlyr was behind the sealing. Blocked, even to our
omnipotent eyes, we can only imagine what this eccentric gnome has
in store.


Michealei and I stood in our guildhall speaking when I tricked
Torkalen into coming to speak with us. Willing as he was, he came in
thinking there were treats. Once inside with the two of us, he soon
found out Michealei did not like his odor, she told him it was time for a
bath. Torkalen's reaction was to start screaming and whining to no
avail. Once that was taken care of he calmed down and removed his
boots, that sickening sour smell was a little overpowering. We
managed to recover from that, and get him tied to the post for his
bath. Michealei grabbed the bleach and poured it over his head, I
watched in horror as Torkalen burst into tears. Michealei scrubbed for
all she was worth, she dug into his feathers with a might that was to
be reckoned. Shock soon came across her face, the scrubbing,
plucking and tears did no good, Torkalen stood and I am sad to say,
he smells as bad as when she started.

3) Cabal Affairs




The ranks of Legion appear to weaken each month. The Illusionist
Zrakalon who at least attempted to strike fear in the heart of Serins
has been reborn in the guise of a kind and gentle heavenly Guide
from the heavens (surely someone up there has a sense of humor).
Leaving aside our reservations concerning a Guide who once
mercilessly slew peaceful Heralds, the Legion were further dealt
another blow by the recent death of Nourrin. However this reporter
has it on good authority that one or two new bodies have been
recruited. Perhaps the leader Legion so desperately need is amoung
them. Or perhaps they shall be cast aside and left to rot like others
who have failed the Legion.


A remarkable event occured a few short weeks ago. This scribe was
taking a leisurely stroll to the marketplace in Seringale. Upon entering
the square he was astounded to observe all the knights had
SIMULATIOUSLY decided to leave the warmth of their Castle to
pottering aimlessly about Seringale. This after not setting eyes on a
single knight in weeks!

In the absence of an Immortal willing to listen to Knightly whines over
shinny armor, the duty of testing and accepting new recruits falls to
the Executor Linenthel. Unfortunately Linenthel seems to prefer
spending time washing her hair and discussing the latest trends in
silken under garments in the castle than doing her Knightly duty.
Unsurprisingly therefore only two squires were appointed recently -
Dioraem and Lenetheal. Bar the new squires, the current Knight
roaster is Linenthel, Gurion, Melene, Liatran, Michealei,and Iystindyl
with the well respected Knight Chayla ending her life recently.


Having already spoken at length about Justices recruitment policy in
our Editorial, I shall keep this brief. Drengar, Uguchak, Gromovink,
Riaklin, Glarnox, and occasionally Verikoz can be seen relaxing on a
comfy sofa around Seringale while dunking a chocolate donut into a
cup of warm coffee. With the decent of Darkhaven into lawlessness,
now would seem a good time to open a donut shop in Seringale for
under worked bored Justices.

Following the recent acceptance of Volitia and Kothar, the Justice is
now closed to new applicants.


The Warlords are lord less no longer. The three headed slith
Sethanan has ascended into the heavens to rule over the Fortress of
War. Unfortunately the numbers for him to rule over has dropped in
recent weeks. First the popular warlord Brakis ended his life, over a
rumored personal grudge. Next the veteran Blademaster Targuth
turned his back on both the Fortress and Serin citing old age as his
reason. Finally, Jyzren threw himself upon in own blade in shame
after losing a battle to the thief Nourrin. Worse yet doubts remain as
to the whereabout of Pralegan and Kaolin. Even more troubling are
the rumors of Occanim, the Warmaster herself, is considering retiring
from her position. The much depleted roster of Warlords now bare
the names of Chalktala , Ferdinos and Dumuzi. In responce to this
crisis, Tekova the avian warrior, Talgyr the minotaur berserker and
Iangretor the halfling warrior have recently been drafted in. Time will
reveal their competence.


Our Halls has not been spared the recent recruitment by the Heavens
and Taleroth, our veteran and much respected High Herald has cast
off his mortal coil to ascend into the heavens as a guide. With great
sadness, I must announce Sebryn, a personal friend and once leader
of our Halls decided to end his own life. Although he retired from his
position some time before, the news still comes as great sadness to
us all. I must bear yet more bad news as I reveal that Ellyise left our
Halls following a minor argument concerning a scroll she penned.
However to end on a positive note, both Raduryn and Kailya have
gained acceptance and both have contributed heavily to the
information contained in this Mystique.

4) Battles



Here we have a roundup of some of the duels that have recently
taken place in Serin. The duels below were observed and recorded
by the heralds Kailya and Raduryn.

Participants: Ordath vs. Urthos
Victor: Ordath won and looted
Details: Duel to the death in the arena.
Ordath used a water cube and dispel for his primary attacks but
magic was his ultimate weapon, not powerful physical attacks.
Urthos' corpse was looted after the justice, Riaklin, left the realms.

Participants: Viggs vs. Chalktala
Victor: Chalktala
Details: Challenge
Chalktala took the victory using brute strength. Viggs put up a
wonderful fight, using tripwires and everything else possible, but the
strength of Chalktala eventually wore him down and he submitted.

Participants: Chayla vs. Lankar
Victor: Lankar
They battled throughout Serin until Chayla trapped him in the sewers
but he was rescued by Salith. Chayla died three times and then
ended her life forever.

Participants: Meralict vs. Chalktala
Victor: Meralict
The duel was to the death after Meralict invaded the Warlord Cabal.
Hysteria, dysentery, and blindness were cast upon Chalktala, he had
no means to cure himself. Their fight went from Seringale to Timaran
and back again, when Meralict finally hit his dysentery spell on the
thin trail west of town. Blinded, Chalktala ran to the Elven Valley to
find that he had a case of hysteria. He found it impossible to fight and
gave his life. Meralict claimed most wears of Chalktala for himself.

Participants: Brakis vs. Meralict
Victor: Brakis
Details: Meralict in a fit of rage found and attacked Brakis in a bar in
Darkhaven. Being a halfling, not many spells actually hit Brakis. The
battle was short and painful for Meralict. Brakis fought a strong battle
and took Meralict's life that day, showing honor he left Meralict's
armor intact for him.

Participants: Antinus vs. Juthas
Victor: Juthas
Details: The battle took place at North Square. Fatally Antinus let his
protective shield fall. That was when Juthas bashed him senseless.
Antinus managed to run and put his shield back up, but was still no
match. The fight was to be to the flee, but ended with death for

Participants: Urthaelm vs. Meralict.
Victor: Meralict
Details: In the Battlezone Meralict came upon the realms. Urthaelm
came right for Meralict, and tried to bash him. Now Meralict decided it
was time to blind the Knight and cause his stomach to twist in pain.
The Knight then fled into a demon then fled back to the Shaman who
then continued to assault him. Thus he lost his life, and finally took
his blade to his own throat.

5) Ask the Drow



Well it seems that Damir's problem solved itself... But for every
problem solved there is myriad of problems that await fine subtle
words of wisdom to untie the knots and set things right.

The quest of the drow continues as the desperate seek the words of
the sage. We have a trifle more serious matter this time round. We
have a question by a fire giant Immortal that wishes to stay
anonymous. 'How do I get legion of Darkness to listen to me?' he
pleads in his crude simpleton's writing.

Well there is more to this problem then meets the eye. For one thing
Groq (Oh wanted to stay unnamed, well tough!), you are of lesser
race. Giants, puny peons of more intelligent creatures. It is in your
blood to obey, although rumors say you didn't do that too well when
you were in the army either. But that is no obstacle that can't be
prevailed with right help.

Look at Clesa, first thing you need to learn is to infuse your
underlings with fear. It might be starting to dawn on you that fairy
pinky glittery coat IS NOT the way to go when aiming for that
mysterious, dangerous, world domination look. Smite is there for a
reason (not just for whapping insolent Heralds, and this goes for all of
you up there!). But we are getting ahead of ourselves, dark army you
scribe? We'll it is popular opinion that an army consists of more then
one or two soldiers. So if you really wish someone to listen to you,
why not try inducting someone into your halls? That could help. And
oh, I will not go into your kissing affair with Kailya, sitting like
mooncalf giggling in the middle of the infirmary really does up your
image in the eyes of Serin's most cruel.

Since I am well aware of your inferiorness I shall summarize for you:

->Stop dressing like a queen.
->Get some underlings.
->Punishment, punishment and some more punishment (no one ever
said you need a reason).
->Frown and change moods violently.
->At least hide your teddybear after you wake up, leaving it on the
->Get a goat.
->Breed an army of storm birds! (I cannot stress this point enough to
any wannabe tyrant.)
Actually, just get someone else to do it...


6) Legends


Gi'astu, Spirit of Unsiliel Wood.

The spirit that inhabits Unsiliel Wood is a swift, ethereal shadow that
flits along the moss-covered paths with eerie silence. Its paws seem
to hover above the grass as it runs through the woods, tireless,
leaving no prints in the soft loam, nor broken branches in its wake.
Even at first glance, one could not mistake it for one of the mottled
wolves that inhabit the forest its fur shimmers with an otherworldly
brightness and its translucent contours fade in and out of focus
beneath the shade of its beloved trees.

Legends of Gi'astu are varied according to culture. Storm-giant
folklore has it that Gi'astu was once the King of the Wolves, born
larger, stronger, and more cunning than the others, to lead his pack
under the benevolent gaze of the full Moon. Werebeasts of the
wolven clan speak of him with reverence, he was, apparently, one of
their own who loved the wild so much that he abandoned his human
form and joined the true wolves, defending the forests with his animal
brethren. Human hunters bandy tales of mere sightings of the
mythical beast about their campfires and taverns, his noble form the
dream-target of their arrows. Other folktales are variations of the
abovementioned themes.

Yet all agree that no matter what form he might have held in life, he
was blessed after death for his valiant efforts to protect his forest and
the wild creatures that heeded his call. A final battle against an
unknown army led to his demise, though he breathed his last only
after his failing eyes perceived that his enemies were completely
destroyed. The Goddess of the Forests lifted Gi'astu's soul from his
broken body, granting him his request to become the eternal
guardian of Unsiliel.

Scribed by,

Ellora, Master Scribe.

7) Features



Today was not a very good day for the little halfling Krok, despite the
copious sunshine and bright fluffy white clouds drifting overhead.
Surely no one would have expected such a malicious turn in fate.
And so it was that the pair of us set out for Winter, unknowing of what
was awaiting him ahead.

It began with a mild exploration of the frosty landscape. Easily
fending off the poor hungry creatures that roamed the plains, we
searched the snows for the master huntsman, and following that just
wandered around in the pure delight of exploration.

Imagine our surprise at meeting face to googly-eyes with a hideous
spider named Ursula, who lurked in a hidden pit beneath the
crackling ice! The odd little discovery merely heightened our curiosity.
Unfortunately this may not have been so beneficial. Krok led me
along the walls in search of hidden doors and other unknown
interests, but once we ascertained that there was no other uncovered
goodie, he turned to traversing the central plains.

This proved to be our undoing. The fairly uneventful trek around the
wintry perimeters had deceived us into lowering our guard. First we
blundered into a bodak and Formorian duo just when sanctuary fell
though we survived through the luck of fleeing, the instance
happened a second time, and then a third. This last time brought us
into a deathtrap of bloodthirsty beasts, triplets abounding in each
direction. Fleeing only brought more beatings raining on us from
either side. In But this was not all that was to befall the poor thief.
Nay, it so happened that Blonk and Lhurgroth had decided to venture
into Winter in our wake. Blonk told me that the pair had split up, and
sometime during their separation Lhurgroth happened upon Krok's
yet-warm corpse and stole most of his wares, leaving but two sacks
and a pair of boots.

Upon notification of this, Krok attempted to retrieve his items as only
he could, with the use of his blackjack. Here, Lady Luck deserted him
again not only did his brave attempt fail, Qort the young Justice just
happened to be standing in the next room. Krok was warranted, and
without wares, he had little to no chance of defending himself. As the
recipient of the blackjack blow, Lhurgroth joined in the apprehending
of the hapless halfling. A final lucky blackjack outside North Square
caught the drow shaman, but Qort was already upon him. Again Krok
fell, this time to the merciless blows of the Justice guard. It was not
surprising that Krok departed the realm soon after.

I have not the words to express my sorrow and guilt on this matter.
Through these unfortunate circumstances, and from no fault of his
own, Krok lost two of his lives. Hopefully Chance will give him less
pain in the remainder of his existence in Serin.

Scribed by Ellora.

(Read about a Skirmish)



Recently, in a splendid show of bravado, Zrakalon appeared in
Seringale only to find (to his surprise and minor annoyance) a newly
risen Justice waiting with his pet guard at the ready.

Throwing all caution to the winds, he swept in upon Krok, who sat
boldly at South Square with the Justice. The battle seemed destined
to end with the death of the little thief, as Krok limped around the
battlements with Zrakalon on his heels, the justice following behind
with his guard in a valiant attempt to dissuade Zrakalon from his
murderous intent. Apparently the Justice proved able - he managed
to keep the illithid's attention long enough for Krok to make his (albeit
narrow) escape, aided by a brief but painful run-in with Dagnir.

Zrakalon spent much time dodging the guard nuisance via sewers
and gate, departing frequently to recuperate and renew his illusions.
Chayla, who had been observing the battle with a keen eye, caught
up the chase as soon as the illithid exited the city walls, but was
unable to deal with him as he lost his mind while the pair neared the
gates of the Legion Fortress.

Is Justice regaining its strength? Certainly not it's popularity,
especially since Deiminos' reign. It seems like it will be up to the the
newcomers to prove their mettle and regain the trust of the general
populace in the Justice cabal.

Scribed by Ellora

8) Arts and Entertainment



The long awaited Stryth'oween holiday is among us - a day full of
suspense, ghouls, goblins, and of course, a celebration and thanks to
Lord Stryth for such blessings. Today I announce a creative contest,
in which you may express the spirit of Stryth'oween in your own
words and thoughts."

Such were the words penned by Lord Jeradan as he announced the
Stryth'oween creative contest. We at the THERAN MYSTIQUE are
proud to publish some of the contenders for the grand prize.

Today is a day for cackles and terror. Where a few foul words is
never and error. Flying through the air the three witches are seen.
And walking the earth gremlin eyes gleam. The day where the bunny
of eggs hides in his den. Where the great claus of stryth hides behind
men. A time for evil to pronounce its great name. An era of light being
butchered and made lame. Stryth'oween is a day among sweets.
Calls made for wine, beer, and very fine meats. A calling for ghouls
and a shade to the light. A day for all of evil to always take flight.


A tale of horror is soon to unfurl
all youthful in spirit draw neigh
Sit at the feet of the Serin elite,
what you'll hear they beheld with their eyes!
There were days when the town of Timaran was known
as New Thalos, I guess you might know
and a Ghastly beast did appear in the land
and did claim the quiet town as its own
The beast did confuse all the parts of the town
like a labyrinth, which solved left you dead
for the strength of the beast could tear any man down
with one swipe could he lop off a head

Now the town of New Thalos was then and is now
Protected by Justice from man or beast foul
So the lawkeepers gathered and gave it their all
And together they fought and together did fall
But the bravery of men was noticed that day
by the Gods of us all who the beast mortal made
Came together as one on that dark Stryth-o-ween
From every race and from every guild
all paths then united and took to the field

The battle was long and with each person slain
the beast's strength waxed and the hope of men waned
for days the war waged on the chaotic beast
and the corpses were countless that littered the streets
but Justice' resolve, though tired would not dwindle
and the banner was raised and the vigor rekindled
and a group of eighteen of the masters of guilds
Fought with honor and prowess... and they the beast killed

and though peace was restored to New Thalos that day
it was stained red with blood and was never the same
and the ghost of the beast once a year does return
Not in flesh, but in spirit and you now may learn
That the wailing of wind as it whips through the trees
Is the cry of the beast of the dark Stryth-o-ween


This day of merriment, this day of delight,
is often filled with unholy fright.
The darkest of evils, the purest of light,
come out in droves for celebration and fight.
The young, the old, the wicked, and the meek,
all lust after creatures for just this one night.
Feasting and drinking by all that partake,
coffins are filled by those that are weak.
Today our fears are buried in pleasure,
while beings of mischief plunder our treasure.
As the moon wanes, the wonderment begins to fade,
most have bedded down, or are asleep in the grave.
An Immortal reveals himself and grins from ear to ear,
a mountain goat now bares a tattoo, "Stryth was here".
The essence of His being, the content of tales and myths,
now returns home, back to the Dark Lord Stryth.

(Continued in strythoween2)



Stryth o' ween is a joyess and fun time for all, even we Gnomes
celebrate this day. This was the year that myself and my coven
mates were planning to present a gift to the Mighty Stryth, but alas I
am the only remaining member with the strength of a goblin wielding
a daisy. We had planned to perform a play for Stryth, I would still
perform it but there are not seven of me! I will tell you about the play
we had planned and rehearsed.

Overall the play was about why demons, ghouls and ghosts are icons
of Stryth o' ween, we Owl's have the hidden story and we decided to
put it into a script and perform it! In Stryth's younger days like many
others he sought love and to share his own special type of love with
them, one of the oldest gnomes from inside my family knew Stryth
and was even in love with him, I read her diary that my mother kept in
her drawer! She wrote of their secret love and how they would've
done almost anything for each other, but she also wrote on why they
broke up... She asked Stryth what his fantasy was and what made
him get a bit jolly, he replied with I want you to dress up as a ghost...
Stunned as she was, she asked if he was serious and it turns out he
was! She refused and he said, if you can't dress up as a ghost I don't
want you. It seems he has a fetish of ghosts, no wonder they are a
Serin icon for Stryth o' ween!

Demons are another story all together, after my relative had a fling
with the mighty Stryth he sought one who could fulfill his sexual lust.
He could not find a demon that tickled his fancy anywhere, so he
decided to create one from the most beautiful mortal of them all,
surely this would create a demon to fulfill his desires. He lured the
female into his immortal chambers and asked her to quaff a simple
love potion that he had brewed and it would make this the best she
has ever had. Upon quaffing Stryth's potion she began to change, her
skin faded into a thick hide of rough scales, two horns appeared from
either side of her head and she lost all human resemblance, the
report stops there so Stryth is the only one who knows what went on
that night.

Ghouls are a short story, the Owl goddess searched through Stryth's
chambers and found hoards of ghoulish pictures doing devilish acts
bto other ghouls. She sent me a whisper telling me any mortal who
saw what those ghouls were doing would die of shock!

And it comes to a finish, Stryth has a demon, ghoul and ghost fetish
and that's why he tells everyone to dress up as either one of them on
Stryth o' ween! Our play was going to be very detailed and we all had
costumes too, I would've been playing the gnome women who had a
fling with Stryth, if only my friends were still around we would've
performed it! BUT, this is the next best thing!


Traversing through the forest depths
On stealthy, hairy feet I crept
Unseen eyes did follow me
On the eve of Stryth'oween

Something in the woods was wrong
A fleeting feeling come and gone
My humble halfling ranger's eyes
were showing me unholy lies

Beings of death walked nigh unseen
Gross, twisted, deformed, obscene
Returning from beyond their graves
Looking for some Serin slaves

The normally bright and cheery trees
Held no love for such as these
Ancient woods would not be cowed
They rumbled and they groaned aloud

I came to help them in their need
Together with my panther steed
We spotted many druids and rangers
Some were friends, others strangers

Brought together for this cause
Sharp of weapon, teeth and claws
Protecting the forests with our lives
Keeping Serin safe at night

Celebrating in the towns
Laughing at the jests of clowns
Most Serins did not appreciate
What could easily have been their fate

Many we lost this time last year
Keeping the forest pathways clear
Of ghouls, zombies and things most foul
but we can not throw in the towel

So tip a mug of ale for us
In our alertness you can trust
We who live more wild and free
and watch your backs on Stryth'oween

9) Obituaries



From time to time, rarely indeed, we witness a remarkable individual
whose actions will change Serin and define time leaving vivid
burning image of valour, terror or power in our minds. We do have a
few that inspired such in our beloved death section. But
unfortunately this minotaur is not one of them. This at best mediocre
Warlord cowardly taking his own life. Some rumors claim that quite
wild orgy took place within Fortress when news of his death reached
it, but it seems no one of Warlords can remember what they did that
evening. Truth be told he is gone and YES no one will miss him, but I
did need some sort of introduction for this section...

Valour (Chayla)

I've seen champions of light come and go, their laughable rhetoric
and pathos saturated world views ablaze with boredom. Lost in
intricate mazes of thought for a cause so simple they spent most of
their time seeking excuses and explanations for acts often un-noble.
None of this was to be found within this simple dwarf. I will be first to
admit I had no much love or kind words for her. But I gave her more
then to many those close to me. My understanding and utter respect.
Chayla was true essence of Knight. Ferocious, just and unyielding.
There was no foe to fear, no battle to be declined no matter the odds.
Bravery she had ample, foolishness some might call it, well I call you
cowards. Farewell midgety lady, castle may pray to find your equal.

Terror (Targyth)
Final day has come to a forsaken creature. This extraordinary
evildoer led a truly full life. His path brought him power through ranks
of Legion (it used to be something formidable then), he learned
secretive ways of assassins (we don't poke fun at these guys). He
wreaked terror upon Serin in such fashion that not even Covenant
could overlook him. Soon he was elevated into its high council.
Elders turned him undead, cursing him to plague the lands as a
prophet of doom. Many of you with puzzled looks follow these lines
wondering who?! Tis true, he is part of past now forgotten, glorious
Serin that roiled like vengeful sea of blood and passion. But as the
sea calms so did Targyth fade with passing of time... from creature of
power to a vague image in memories of old ones. His final death
would have been a cause for a public celebration... long long ago.
Now you could barely find enough emotion to raise an eyebrow at the
notion. Relict that lived long past his time? Perhaps, but I will keep
vthe image of this abominable creature close to hearth waiting for
Serin to boil again roaring with cries of true heroes and fearsome

Power (Taurth)

The halls of Warlords took another blow (you may chuckle at fact that
I called loosing Feyiren a blow). One of bellowed and respected
heroes parts with us. Stone giant of volatile temper has left us
vforever. His name is renown throughout the realm, his acts will be
topic of many firepit conversations. Such a kind and brave soul that
Taurth was... yeah right! Do not speak ill of the dead? How bout
speaking the truth? He was a bastard, brash, his manners left A LOT
to be desired for. He thought his comments clever, well here and now
I tell it to his grave THEY WERE NOT!!! I am guessing he was made
Warmaster for one simple reason, Hrash was bigger bastard then
him. He did make a hobby of pummeling and pushing around your
dearest herald, but far from me being bitter. Excuse me while I

We shall miss you craggy face.

Incompetence (Qort, Maegra, Poirin)
JJJ's batch comes together. Why one might ask... well I ask myself
why do we pay heed to them at all. I guess we all need a good laugh
now and then. Two out of three were dumb enough to break the laws
they were enforcing, the third perished because of some mysterious
reason we don't give a damn about. Bottom line, they are gone,
vbetter luck with next three J. Scribed by, Istina.

(Continued in Obituaries2)


OBITUARIES (continued)

Tears of the past shredded to wash off this sadness and the thought
of losing one friend. Was he only mere a friend to all, I doubt so. A
pretender he never was, his place within our hearts are more than a
friend, a buddy, a pal or more. Through his life, he sought no more
than a peaceful life. Making merry and mischief were the days when
he is around. He had achieved much and many things that none can
be compared to him in our halls. Indeed, a leader title is truly worthy
and fitting for him. Changes he brings and closer than the ties
between siblings, he follows the principles and expects the same
vfrom his fellow members In time of hardships, he stood by us. And
never will he leave us in lurch to face all ordeals. Just as his life is
going to his peak, mental load came at the wrong time. Weighted
down by his affairs of the world, he had to leave. Before we know or
even hear about his wellness, he chose to return his body and mind
to the ashes forever.

We know you will not be able to read this, Sebryn. Yet deep in our
hearts, we know you will return some day....

Scribed by,
Taleroth Ylkrin
Keeper of Serin Memories
High Herald of Serin

It grieves me to say that my dear companion, the little thief Krok, has
made his way into the next world.

A well-known and prosperous merchant of the Thieves' Guild, Krok
braved many adventures and led a long life, observing the rise of
Deiminos, Katriena's reign, and the ascension of the latest three
Heroes into the ranks of the Immortals - Sethronu, Zrakalon, and our
very own Taleroth. I spent much time with the little proprietor, growing
to love his trickster ways and devious little pranks.

Just yestereve we traipsed the lands, planning on setting up a shop
for which he would become the proud manager. His sudden loss in
the interest of Life shocked me, a catharsis I admit I am trapped in
still. After Istina attempted to defend Krok's slaying of my kitten,
Fluffers, through a hex and an arsenal of diseases, the halfling's will
seemed to deteriorate with his body. At the end he refused both food
and drink, and threw himself in the path of Chalktala, who in his
innocence, denied Krok even that honor of dying to the blade of a
noble opponent.

And so I watched, we all watched, as Krok took the dagger from his
sheath, searched out his vein, and made the cut.
And now the Temple bells do toll.
My old friend, I shall miss you.



Vanthis, another halfling thief, has departed these realms for the final
time. A friendly, talkative girl, she spent much time acquainting
herself with others who frequented Seringale. Never one to pass up a
Winter trip or a battle, the intrepid little scamp was known and loved
by many.