The Serin Mystique, Volume 2, Issue 4

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 2 Issue 4! In response to a
growing interest among the population in the art of literacy, we have
included two new sections for your viewing pleasure. The first is entitled
'Talks with Serins' and features writings and comments you have sent to us
over the last few weeks. The second is our new Classifieds section where
you can buy and sell your weapons or services or even find that special
someone! To have your work displayed in the Serin Mystique, send your
scroll to HERALD.

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Headlines (see Headlines, Headlines2, Headlines3)
2) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
3) Battles (see Battles, Battles2)
4) Gossip from the Drunken Scribe (see Gossip, Gossip2)
5) Drow's guide to Cabals (see Guide)
6) Talks with Serins (see Talks)
7) Serins talk back (see Talkback, Talkback2)
8) Arts and Entertainment (see Rhythmus, Winners)
9) Obituaries (see Obituaries)
10) Classifieds (see Classifieds)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Headlines



In times of great peril there comes a person whom all look up to and
respect. This person seems to be Michealei, for through her hard work
and good graces she has now been promoted to the rank of Executor of
the Knights of Valour. As we all know, the Knights have been
undermined of late and their honor stricken, but Michealei has ambitions
to change this. She plans to root out all of the members that no one has
seen in many moons and also plans policies to change the soft
heartedness upon these measures. So, in my opinion, Michealei shall
restore these halls to their former glory and as I can see already,the
Darkness shall be smited.


I scribe to you this day of the reasons behind Tekovas fall from Warlords.
Wonder how Tekova got such wonderful wares, well I did. I now know
the answer. It seems that he was in league with a thief that shall remain
nameless. Tekova would attack his victum and the thief would steel them
for the former Warlord. And another rule he seemed to have broken was
the one of a deathmark . For we all know that in a duel with a Warlord it
is to the stun - there is no death. Well, not in Tekova's case. In a duel
with a Shaman that shall also remain nameless, Tekova did not seem to
like how the duel went so while the young Shaman was stunned, Tekova
took his life. And what I have heard from the Warlords, that is a huge
disgrace. So my friends, I ask you is this the way of a Warlord - no it
isn't! And the gods thought the same as I do so therefore they stripped
him of his title and his newly found skills. And a few certain people now
wish his head so I tell you all, once you have pledged your life to a cause
that has strict morals and codes, I urge you to follow them to the best of
your abilites. Or the same shall happen to you.


At the very beginning of this adventure I, with Aranoth and another
whose name I cannot remember (sorry!) , were gathering provisions for
a hunting trip out to Braem Wood. I was waiting at the North Square for
Aranoth to arrive when suddenly I was greeted by the Justice shaman,
Uguchak. As my other group members arrived, Uguchak surmised that
we were going hunting. He immediately warned us that we should have
protection from the evil out there.

This is when he surprised me. "Raduryn," he says, "I will sell you
protection for 10,000 gold coins." I was outraged when I understood
what he meant and I flatly told him that he was asking the wrong person
and that I would be fine without his protection. Then, finding my group
prepared, I left town and headed for the holy grove and Braem Wood.
No sooner had we gotten to the gates of Braem than we were attacked
by Uguchak. Aranoth fled (wisely) and I recalled our third. That left me
with my spell casting ability used for the minute confronting Uguchak. I
put up small resistance, I am ashamed to admit, and Uguchak hit me
three times and cast blindness on me .

Then suddenly he stopped hitting me and cast dysentary on me.
Dropping to my knees with sudden weakness and fatigue, I slowly
starved to death while Uguchak watched. After dying and returning to my
corpse, I found that some of my items were gone including my beloved
Ring of Fire, which he couldn't even use I bought it from him using some
of my savings and went to town to recuperate.

About this time, Ronus and Uguchak as well as some others, went down
into the sewer for a meeting. Dioraem watched them from afar, keeping
track of where they were at all times. Aranoth also came back to town
and learned the details of the battle from me. Outraged at the tale of
dysentary death and the buying back of my own items, Aranoth
disappeared into the sewers. Seconds later, I heard Uguchak shout out
that he was being killed. Moments after that, Aranoth appeared once
again in the South Square with barely a scratch on him and a total
victory to his name. He managed to kill Uguchak and sacrifice many of
his items before any of the other people in the sewers even knew what
was going on. Uguchak and Ronus threatened to kill Aranoth and I for
our "stubborness to see the right path." Also, I just recently heard that
Uguchak was disbarred and kicked out of the Justice system for his
corrupt behaviour.

(Continued in headlines2)



It is with much happiness I bring you news that the Lord Aberdour
has come to grace us with his presence once again. For those who
are not familiar with Aberdour, I would like to take the time to tell you
of him. Aberdour watched his mother's life come to an abrupt end at
the hands of Legion as a child in Valour. Seeing this he swore at a
young age that he would rid the lands of all evil. Soon he joined the
Knights and soon proved himself worthy, moving quickly through their
ranks. Eventually he was granted Immortality to oversee the Knights
struggle against evil from the heavens.

Although Aberdour left Serin for a time, the Knights remained his
great passion. Watching from afar he witnessed the destruction of
Valour and general decline of discipline and talent among their ranks.
Unable to endure the sight any longer he decided it was time to
return and restore the balance of honor, valour and harmony to his
knights, and to finally purge Serin of evil. The new reign of Aberdour
and the dominance of the light has begun!


On behalf of the Heralds, I would like to welcome Odoacer back to
Serin it seems many have missed his presence within the realms.
Odoacer was born a very long time ago within the First Age of Serin,
when masses of adventurers plagued the lands and fighting and
bloodshed was all they knew. He became an enlisted fighter within
the Warriors guild, within only just a short time he had proved his
intelligence along with an omnipotence of physical force. Around this
time Lord Stryth decided to forge a faction of law intent on bringing
order to the corruption of the realms, Stryth saw Odoacer's potential
and decided he would deem acceptable to become one of the first
enforcers of Serin. As More and more adventurers became notorious
two other cabals known as the Legion and the Knights were
spawned. Along with them came more unbalance in the realms and
plenty more who were intent on causing disruption within the
sanctums of law. One called Zafrin a thief who was entangled deep
within the lust for chaos appeared and tormented Odoacer whenever
possible. A fight of immense power was waged between Zafrin's
band and the Justice. Odoacer's heart was plagued with a stake of
darkness each time he fell, with each time he found it harder to wake.
Fortunately Odoacer unlocked something within himself and reached
an utmost peak of supremacy along with the power of fellow Justice
lead a final attack and destroyed Zafrin, Justice had prevailed. Lord
Stryth appeared once more to glance upon Odoacer, pleased with his
efforts he promoted him to the leader of Justice and blessed him with

Three cheers for Odoacer!

A mighty battle waged between two well known Warlords by the
names of Chalktala and Dumuzi. This battle happened in the Arena
and they fought for promotion in their wondrous halls. This mighty
battle waged on for many, many hours. They both battled many times
each getting the best of one another. Chalktala could not seem to aim
his the dirt kicks just where he wanted it. Dumuzi reigned havoc upon
Chalktala with his mighty water cubes, and Chalktala devastated him
in return with the weapon lion's paw. Within every battle each one
fled many times until finally Dumuzi bested Chalktala. Many blows
were thrown and many forms used, but in the end raw skill and
determination triumphed. A battle like the one I speak of is why the
Warlords are praised for such prowess.

(Continued in headlines3)



The incident I am about to scribe of involves a lack of common sense
from one Justice called Kothar, Ordath a Legion and Ronus the

This tale took place within southern Timaran, Ronus was within the
southern gate while Kothar and Ordath were just outside Timaran
several paces to the south. Ordath was a drow and with his sneaky
steps he went north and attacked Ronus while Kothar sat oblivious to
the south awaiting with his axe ready to cleave Ronus if he were to
come closer. Kothar repeatedly scanned the southern gate and saw
them fighting but did not make any attempt to enter Timaran and
decided he would sit where he was and await Ronus to flee from
Ordath into his grasp. Whispers reach me that Ordath attacked many
times and continually fled back south with Kothar.

Ultimately the Justice sat outside town, while Ordath continually
attacked a few paces north and the Justice did not seem to act upon
the battle. Unfortunately for Ordath and Kothar they disappeared in a
puff of smoke shortly after the incident and followed was the bells
ringing of their final deaths.

If this was planned by Kothar and Ordath I know not, I would've
spoken to them directly but alas they are no longer with us. As
another Justice falls due to either stupidity or conspiracy, we can only
speculate but perhaps the Justice will soon follow the steps of the
Heralds and disallow any evil to join their halls to prevent this
happening again.

2) Cabal Affairs



The respected Immortal Aberdour has returned to restore the balance
of honor and valor to the Knights. This apparently involves removing
the long absent Executor Linenthel and replacing her with the
annoyingly ever present Michealei. It also apparently involves luring
our Lady Clesa to assist the Knights cause. I hear Clesa was last
seen attempting to mount her bulk onto a panic stricken Stallion.

A recent squire himself, Dioraem has advanced rapidly and can now
be seen riding about Seringale on his Stallion, proud look on his face
and a trusty rope ladder about his shoulder to aid his mounting and
dismounting. Since our last issue Jannus, Daelric, Eluch and
Tethesis has answered Aberdour's call to arms. Room within is
Castle is now limited and as of the time of writing, the Kights are
seeking only strong warriors and berserkers.

Current Knights: Michealei,Dioraem, Liatran, Jannus, Daelric, Eluch,
Iystindyl and Tethesis.


We at the Serin Mystique dearly love Justices. Not only do they
protect us in the cities, they even provide us with material to write
about. Uguchak was proven to be corrupt and is no longer a Justice.
Gromovink rather kindly took it upon himself to improve his Halls by
slitting his own throat right in front of our little Kailya. Riaklin and
Glarnox have not been seen in some time and are presumed dead.
Drengar has announced his immediate leave of absence.

But the Halls of Justice are nothing if not resilient.Sadlbro, Lorath and
Thamivon have all been drafted in to replace the recent batch of

Current Justices: Sadlbro, Lorath, Thamivon, Jezikapine, Verikoz and


Interesting times indeed at the Fortress of War. The long serving
WarMistress Occanim herself has left the Warlords and been
replaced by Chalktala. Unfortunately this occurred only moments ago
so details are still scare. It had been rumored that Occanim was close
to both retirement and death. However recently she could be seen
yelling her challenges in Seringale with new found lust for battle. Rest
assured, we will reveal the full story next issue.

The recent recruits, Talygr and Iangretor have proven their honor and
battle prowess. However Tekova, another recent recruit, has been
removed from the fortress in shame over slaying a duel opponent as
he lay stunned upon the ground. The newest warlord recruits are
Xyrone and Cribbus. Let us hope they prove more honorable than
this Tekova.

Warlord roster: Chalktala,Occanim, Cribbus, Xyrone, Talgyr,
Iangretor, Dumuzi and Ferdinos.


As is evident by the quality of this Mystique, the Herald Halls are in
good shape.Once novice scribes, both Ranqisk and Kailya have
proved their worth and talent to our cause. Of our senior Heralds,
Istina still breaths (abet barely some may say) and is as grumpy as
ever. Unfortunately Ellora has left our Halls for some time resume her
solitarily traveling of Serin.But as the Winds take, they give.
Unexpectedly a messager arrived at our Halls bearing a scroll from
the young Kazshi, a herald we all feared dead. Although no reason
we given for her absence, we are glad to have her back. Of fresh
blood, Myojin has gained acceptance and has contributed heavily to
this issue.

Current scribes: Istina, Kailya, Ranqisk, Raduryn, Myojin, Kazshi.


This scribe has an agreement with the Legion - I do not reveal their
identies and they do not force me to watch my intestines being eaten
by a rapid rat. Fortunately for me, nowadays I am in more danger of
dying from paper cuts than an army of darkness bent on revenge. A
case in point is the former Legionnaire Dark knight called Juthas who
ended his life in shame after failing to charm an inn keeper to his will.
Yes! I kid you not. With the Knights mobilization gathering momentum
and the lack of a mortal powerful enough to lead them, the future
looks uncertain for the Legion.

3) Battles


BATTLES (Part one)

Here we have a roundup of notable battles that have recently taken
place in Serin. The fighting below were observed and recorded by
the heralds Ranqisk and Myojin.

Sasou faught Occanim to the stun-

The dark-knight had gained mabs trust for this fight at the Gnome
village as Mab and Sasou endured the onslaught from the Warlord.
He chowed down on nymphs hearts to sustain his life essence but
could not out damage Lady Occanims strength as they exchanged a
handfull of bashes Sasou became stunned. Occanim was in some
mild wounds at the end. Occanim was victorious.

second attempt-
Sasou realized Mab was not pulling her weight and decided to try the
Overseer Mechanus which proved the right thing to do. The fight
began and it was quite even till Occanim turned up the heat and
demolished Sasou.
Occanim was victorious.

Lankar fought Kalest-
Last drops of torrent haven't touched the ground as Kalist merrily ran
to Ayliera... Little did he know that Lankar was already with her
waiting for some lightwalker to claim her flashy ring. You can imagine
how Kalest's smile faded as Lankar revealed his beaky grin...
Easy win for Lankar, quick lesson for Kalest.

Dioraem fought Drengar to the death-
Within the confines of the arena, they both fought well but Drengar
and the Overseer were a hefty combo for Dioraem and overpowered
him, crushing him into oblivion. Drengar was victorious.

Michealei fought Occanim to the stun-
Once again the fight took place within the arena. The healer
Michealei was not as well equipped as the Duergar Warlord and
despite all her prayers ,she ended up a stain on the arena floor as
she lay stunned bleeding from all over. Occanim barely had a scratch
on her body.
Occanim was victorious.

The second attempt-
Shorter than the first but still the same result except Occanim got hit
maybe twice or thrice instead of once. Occanim was victorious.

Zebesa faught Wysren-
A short fight between Zebesa the halfling druid and Wysren the avian
necromancer. It started in town and then Zebesa waited within the
elven valley hole for Wysren. Wysren fell into the hole and dispelled
Zebesa removing her blessing from Myria and then his minions
devoured her whole. Wysren was victorious.

Jhol against Nyemes thrice-
The first time, they fought within town. Jhols iron will failed him and
he was slaughtered within the confines on the town without Nyemes
breaking a sweat, hoards of vultures circled the corpse and looted as
an outbreak of flags became visible. The second time, same story
except Jhol had managed to apprehend a few of the looters
in-between and had regained his equipment, alas still no match for
this vampire. Finally Jhol saw Nyemes flee from town along the
eastern road down into the Gnome village tunnels, he went down
there and caught him in his coffin and got his revenge!

Jhol was victorious once.
Nyemes was victorious twice.

(Continued in battles2)


BATTLES (Part two)

Juthas faught Jhol-
Juthas attacked Jhol within the limits of town. Jhol was no match for
Mab and Juthas and when he fell just inside east gate, Juthas
managed to score some loot from his corpse. With Juthas wanted
Jhol went in pursuit almost naked and managed to ensnared Juthas
within battlezone and was crushed by Jhol and his trustworthy guard.
Juthas and Jhol were victorious.

Dioraem fought Sasou to the death-
They fought within the confides of the arena, Dioraem had his trusty
forest animals with him and Sasou chose the Overseer. The bear
dished out a lot of damage. Even with the Overseer Sasou still fell to
the stream of lightning that Dioraem called from the sky.
Dioraem was victorious.

Myojin faught Occanim to the stun-
It took place within the arena, Myojin created a spring before the fight
to sizzle this duergars appetite for victory to no avail. Occanim beat
Myojin into shock with only a few hits.
Occanim was Victorious.

Juthas faught Tethesis to the death-
They fought within the arena with the Justice watching the fight.
Juthas had chosen the Warlock to be his companion for the fight, he
proved a worthy opponent though when he turned on Juthas gave him a pounding, the fight came to a close finish with Tethesis falling
and Juthas was a mere sneeze away from death. During the fight
Juthas hunger wounded him and as the fight finished in order to
survive he stole a slab of beef from Tethesis corpse, resulted in him
being flagged but the Justice gave leniency and ordered Juthas to
return a slab to Tethesis and the flag would be removed.
Juthas was victorious in the fight and evading the law!

Occanim faught Harpor to the stun-
The fight took place within the Sreyb, Harpor landed his first strangle
followed by his dusts then failed the assassinate. Harpor felt the
Duergars bash constantly and Occanim ended up winning the fight
with only a few wounds upon her body,
Occanim was victorious.

Bazthis fought Korgitser-
The duel of Bazthis and Korgitser did not last long, for this duel to the
submission was overkill upon the small Druid. Even with his spells
and animals he was no match for the great fire giant. They chased
each other all over Seringale but in the end the Druid submitted.
Korgitser was barely harmed.
Korgitser was victorious.

Shador dueled Occanim-
The duel between Shador and occanim was well fought. Without her
weapon, Occanim was almost defenceless against the Dwarf. Many
forms were used, and many blows taken between the both of them.
Shador fought honourably, and bravely, nearly destroyed his foe but
in the end he was no match for Warlord prowess.
Occanim was the victor.

Meralict attacked Aranoth-
While Aranoth and Dioraem drank a few at the drunken scribe
Meralict attacked Aranoth, unfortunately for Meralict he was killed in a
few rounds of combat without the aide from Dioraem.
Aranoth was victorious.

Xyrone fought Elyk to the stun-
They fought in the Seringale arena and it was over really before it
started as the Drow Warlord tore Elyk into oblivion. Nothing exciting
overall but a win none the less. Xyrone was victorious.

Urzelny fought Juthas-
A long fight between Urzelny and Juthas. It was looking rather glum
for Urzelny as she hobbled through seringale bleeding from wounds
all over. The battle swayed quickly with her entering a rage and
bodyslamming Juthas into the floor ,killing him just south of Moria.
Overall a very intense and close fight.
Urzelny was victorious.

4) Gossip from the Drunken Scribe



We bring you the latest gossip from the Drunken Scribe patrons.
As usual I stood with Torkalen exchanging insults, when a young
traveler needed some help. Torkalen then asked if I wanted to take a
walk with him to the Temple of Balance. Because we all know I like to
make his life miserable, I said yes. We stood there speaking with the
young one when Clesa came to chat as well. I was telling her how
much Torkalen missed her and how he loved his life sized doll of her.
She was in utter shock to see the doll! Suddenly with a large flash
appeared Eldorian. He started drooling over himself at the sight of
this wondrous doll of Clesa. Within seconds he had created a doll of
his own. He huffed and puffed and blew the doll up!... Clesa was not
sure of what to think when he started to get a little too excited about
his new toy. At that time I felt a need to go for a stroll and see what
was going on in town...Eldorian groping a life sized doll of Clesa and
drooling was bad enough. But to see him and Torkalen playing with
dolls was more than my eyes could take for one day. I heard Eldorian
grew tired of holding his new doll and decided to have it float by his


It has come to my attention, that the mortal leader of the
Justice cabal may be removed from their halls! I jest you not, for as I
travel Seringale the last eve, I overheard a conversation that was at
hand and it seems, he has been a very naughty peacekeeper. I
overheard two young Justices speaking of Dregnar and his
corruption, and it seems that not only has be gained wonderful wares
from false flags, it seems he has also become quite rich from these
events as well. The two Justices I speak of shall remain nameless for
I do not wish their lives taking because of my quill. However, it seems
that the Gods have had enough of this foolishness. They say that if
he does not do his lawful duty that not only will he be stripped of his
titles, and skills but will also have a permanent flag placed upon
himself. Now, mind you I do not know if these words ring of the truth,
but I personally have seen Dregnar in action of these types of things
and honestly do not doubt these words. So be wary friends for we all
know the Gods are an unmatchable force to be reckoned with, and
foolishness such as what I speak of will not be tolerated.


As you may have heard (or witnessed), today I was bested in a
staring contest by none other than a KITTEN.

Yes, you heard it right: one particular Kitten of feisty demeanor and
ambitious goals not only formed its own Feline Herald Army,
inducting Taleroth, Torkalen, Judarex, a chicken, Purringer, and
myself, but also ruled over its subjects with a fearless paw.

To my attempts at escaping its totalitarian ways, it responded with a
challenge first at a physical duel (which was quickly changed when I
sat on it), followed by an intrepid call to a contest of concentration
nand focus. This, I thought would be an easy task, as all Healers
must train years in concentrating in order to perform their clerical
duties. But I had not accounted for the incessant attempts by
Torkalen and my most devious opponent to divert me from my task.

First off, the contest seemed to be going as planned. The kitten, and
Purringer, attempted several swipes in my direction which I was able
to fend off without trouble. Torkalen too (conniving wretch) tried his
hand at attracting my attention, but all failed until the dishonorable
Kitten turned me into none other than Torkalen's favorite goat!

To my horror, Torkalen started sidling up to me in the most alarming
manner, and I was forced to run around the room as his attempts at
getting the goat (as it were) increased in frequency. At the very last
moment I attempted to summon myself a fuzzy bunny for
defense...but alas! in doing so I closed my eyes and lost the battle....

I fear there's no chance Torkalen will ever stop laughing at me. Or
anyone else present, for that matter.

Ah well, it was worth a try.

(Continued in gossip2)



As I walked through North Square a few eves ago, I could note help
overhearing a small little conversation that happened to be going on.
Seems that a young man by the name of Shanlai seeks to take over
the Knights cabal. This struck me as odd, for I know the young one
and he is of the light himself, so I thought nothing of it. Well out of
curiosity, I stayed to listen to the rest and it seems he has it all
planned out. He spoke of applying to the cabal and gaining
promotions, until one day becoming the mortal leader. Then he said
he would turn them all evil and make a stab at taking over Serin.
Well, seems he as already turned a few heads to his plan.


It seems on this very day an Elven paladin named Werloni has
decided to challenge the master of the arena the Juggernaut.
Originally she challenged Sethronu to a fight, but suddenly she
assaulted the Juggernaut at the steps to the arena.

To much surprise he survived the initial onslaught from the
Juggernaut, seems the Juggernaut does not hit as hard as many had
thought. Werloni will not fall as she flees and cures herself faster than
the Juggernaut does, almost a week has passed and Werloni still
attacks the Juggernaut, as the days pass by the Juggernauts health
slowly dwittles.

I asked Werloni why she was attempting to slay such a powerful icon
of Seringale, she replied swiftly with for revenge. It seems this
vendetta has started because of a shaman who slew her and took the
grey plates which Werloni claims her father gave them to her and that
it was held for a reminder of him. Werloni believes the shaman
passed the plates along to the Juggernaut and this is how her
crusade to slay him was started. Werloni might have been able to kill
the Juggernaut eventually, but Ronus the Duergar shaman appeared
and interrupted, halting her current crusade as she fled from town.

Werloni claims her mother's ring was passed along to the Queen of
darkness, Xymeria. With her next spare moments she will attempt to
smite the Queen of darkness and return his mothers ring. Will Ronus
appear once more and halt her crusades... We cannot know, but she
swore to me that she will claim the juggernauts life at all costs.

5) Drow's guide to Cabals



Well, after your petty whimpery pleas and Torkalen's incessant
whining I submit. What lies before you is essential, concise and up to
date scroll on Serin's "elite".

The "we hate magic but please locate this for me while I gobble down
some magic mushrooms and lap up some crystal clear, refreshing
water out of this magical spring" cabal.

This band of brutes roam the realm in search of battle excellence,
rare and far between are those that achieve it even remotely. Most of
their days are spent plundering Winter or running Seringale's
battlements to no end. Although their guidelines and perception of
honor are clearly stated in cabal scrolls they tend to start their
excuses with "My understanding of honor is...". Good for: Leaving in
middle of Winter ("Word out everyone! Oh, darn eh?").


With great power comes great responsibility... Sadly rarely do in this
equation come great men. This cabal in last few years seems to have
only one perquisite. To get a shiny badge you have to... be lawful.
Tracking skills, knowledge of cabal guidelines and common sense
are not all that high on the list nowadays. All this results in Justice's
lifespan being shorter then most of Lord Burzuk's inspired speeches.
Their main purpose is getting in the way of young ones having fun,
being corrupt and making our beloved J blush like a maiden.

Good for: Breaking down their ranking by constantly reporting attacks
in protected areas. They do decent at filling Mystique's obituaries


Would that I could tell you anything on this bunch, rare as they are.
But since I have no lustful desire to find my name on Vinnie's
permanent black list we will conclude by saying they kill folk for gold.
Good for: Killing folk for gold.


They are supposed to be elite evil force of Serin, hungering power
and infusing fear in common folk ..... maybe once, long, long ago.
Today they are no more then motley bunch of wish-to-bes and
think-to-bes giving endless grief to their Lords. You can be pretty sure
that fellow is a legion if: They are auctioning bunch of low-end rares,
bashing healer six ranks under, not coming to legion cabal when you
invade it.
Good for: Oh, hell you tell me..,


Bunch of orphans whose parents were slayed by this or that evildoer
come knocking at the Castle's gate in quest for revenge, becoming a
pillar of light and a gaining fancy horse to ride upon. Upon being
embraced into the light they become a target for usually cheap
ego-lift of every evil. Their trademarks are clich drawn out dialogues
before they attack opened with such retarded questions as "Are thou
up to no good Sire?", no us drow shamans are into charity work...
Good for: "I wish to convert" jests if near death due to boredom.


Save the best for last. Rrright. This bunch of frustrated wimpy folk like
as not tried all or any of afore mentioned cabals and were laughed at
or booted out on the shortest possible notice. So now they try to hide
their weakness behind empty lines such as "Pen is stronger then the
questionable valuable services they provide for Serin. Don't get me
wrong, I am not saying that nothing of worth ever came from the
Scribes, just that it was VERY little of it.
Good for: Venting your frustration. Quick way of getting set of worn
steel and adamantite mace (if lucky).

That would be cabals in nutshell if you haven't recognized yourself in
any of them, good for you.


6) Talks with Serins


A talk with the fiery Warlord Chalktala.

Warlords come and go as the battles take their tolls upon the mortal
bodies, each loss brings them one step closer to being in the
heavens with their brothers and sisters alike. Chalktala is one current
Warlord who has plenty of kick left in him.

Chalktala the Fire Giant Warlord has strived for excellence in combat
from the start of his days as a youngling. He told me that he had no
other reason for joining the Warlords other than too seek perfection in
the art of war and to become more knowledgeable of Serin on a
whole. He claims that his physical skills have gone beyond what he
thought was possible of himself and claims he is more educated ever

I sought his best memory and he told me a brave tale of his fellow
Warlords and a few others combined with himself on their trip within
the faction of magic. The attendees to his best recollection were
Jyzren, Brakis, Dumuzi, and Istina. They trampled the faction of
magic with more ease than any others until an Illusionist appeared
and caused some trouble, easily fended off they continued to wade a
stifling laugh trembled through the air, this was no other than an
immortals laughter. The immortal decided it was playtime and
summoned countless beasts within their path including the turtle
dragon and many many others. They triumphed at everything the
immortal could throw at them and defeated his hoard of minions as
they appeared. Eventually they became victorious and had overcome
some of the hardest situations that had towered over them, in
Chalktalas words he has never been so proud of his brothers.

I queried on his goals to become the new blademaster now that
Brakis has disappeared. He told me that if he was found worthy
enough for such a spot he would accept with the highest honor. Only
time will tell if he is strong enough to overcome such a trial of
strength of wit, I warn everyone to keep an eye out for this brute of a
warlord who is bound to make his impression soon enough.

penned by, Myojin Xorion the arch-sage of the Owl faction. *A sketch
of a small owl wearing a blue wizards hat is below*

Note: Since this scroll was written, Chalktala has not only achieved
the rank of Blademaster but the rank of Warmaster also.

7) Serins talk back



If you wish to have your comments or annoucements displayed here,
please send your scroll to HERALD.
As the non-believer Torkalen has so kindly opened the pages of the
Mystique to submissions from non-heralds, I would like to take the
opportunity to say a few words. First of all, I'm afraid that I must
condemn Torkalen, and all who follow him, to an eternity of pain and
misery locked inside a box of pink fire. This horrific future can only be
avoided if Torkalen himself will publicaly apologize for the wonton
slaying of fuzzy pink bunnies, and promise to do all in his power to
spread the word of fuzzy salvation. As I personally believe there is
little or no chance that he will see the error of his ways before it is too
late, I would encourage all good mortals to put a fair amount of
distance between themselves and Torkalen before the coming
Bunnypocolypse wipes that silly grin off of his face. Moving on to less
severe matters, I would like to extend an open invitation to all
Lightwalking citizens of Serin to join the new order. SOLBA, or the
Society Of Lightwalking Bunny Appreciators, will be truly instrumental
in the salvation of Serin, as it is our job to make sure every citizen is
given the opportunity to repent and accept the divine goodly might of
Serins greatest creatures. Just send a note to Nephit if you're
interested. Rank fourty and up lightwalkers need only apply.


This day is much like the rest that one may experience in Serin. A
person who walks the Light echoing their tainted beliefs to those who
do not follow their path. Erdessa, a healer who hails from the
Dwarven colonies, failed in her miserable attempt to purify me.
However, they were successful in taking my life, which as a result,
reinforced my resolve to spread hate among the land. I shall explain
the irony of her ways, her words.

I confronted this Dwarf, asking if they enjoyed the look on my face as
my soul was released from it's shell. Her reply was short, claiming
purification was administered. "Silly Dwarf", I replied. The very
meaning of purifying escapes this lovely maiden, as it does so many
others who choose the virtues of Light. To purify is to cleanse ones
soul of sin, of hatred. How is this accomplished by murder? It is not.
Only oneself can choose to be purified. To accept that you have led a
life of sin, of hate. It is our souls that are embued with this essence.
Not our mortal shells, our bodies. How can these lightwalkers truly
purify those who stand against them? By offering words of
encouragement, of understanding. Serin has seen true purveryors of
the light, but there have not been many. So what of those who walk
Serin as I speak? They live the life of Light's hypocrisy.

Is it not a shame that one of Corruptness, of the Dark, can better
understand the virtues of walking in the Light? Indeed it is. It is this
that brings my sword to strike you down. It is my lust, my impurity, the
pollution of sin in my soul that causes this. For creatures like myself,
we are incapable of change, unable to digress. You cannot purify us
by your petty words. Only the final blow that sends our soul to the
Abyss will cleanse our bodies of this Chaos.
I await you.


I have created a new clan Seeker. It is focused upon mages for their
arcane abilities which none are judged unfairly so it is open to all.
They sell their spells and talents to better further both their
knowledge of their own abilities and Serin. To make sure the
applicants are not corrupt they will have standard cabal questions as
well as several multipule questions to test their intentions. All
applicants must have at least 5 self enhancing spells mastered and 3
offensive. The more spells and skills mastered the more qualified you
may become to enter. Seekers will only do what benefits themselves
and not attack directly but let others do it for them unless to defend

(Continued in talkback2)



This Week:

Broiled Elf in a Honey Glaze
Boneless Skinless Gnome Appetizer

Ingredients Needed:
elf carcass
gnome carcass
large baking pot
medium baking sheet
2 cups honey
2 cups mushroom sauce
4 large potatoes
1 clove garlic
1 cup water
1 cutting board
1 surgeon's knife
1 cup sweet sauce of your choice

Cooking Method

Elf Corpse:

First, the corpse must be properly gutted and cleaned. This is most
easily done in an outdoor area on a clean block of wood. Be sure to
remove the head and limbs. Save the ears (of course) for dessert and
a few cups of blood to drink with the meal. Make sure the roast that
you carve from the corpse is big enough to feed your guests.
Sometimes you have to pick and choose the elf you cook. So make
sure you get a big one.

Baste the roast with mushroom sauce generously. After you liquefy
the honey, pour onto the roast, covering it from head to toe. Place in
the middle of a pot, on top of the cup of water. Dice the clove of garlic
and place it inside the elf in little holes you make with your knife.

Place the diced potato around the perimeter of the roast. When the
roast is done, the potatoes will be done. They will be infused with the
elf juices! Bake at a high heat for half a day. The roast is done when
you stab it and it bleeds profusely.

Gnome Corpse:

All you need from this corpse is the haunch. Make sure that it is
completely deboned and skinned. Slice the gnome into strips, sizes
to be your choice. Place on a baking sheet, making sure to separate
the pieces so they do not fuse together. Gently brush on whatever
sauce you have chosen on the gnome. Make sure it is thick enough
to not run off onto the baking sheet. Bake at a medium heat until

Make sure that when you place the gnome onto a plate, it is well
placed. Use several different colors of garnish to make sure the
artistic impression of the dish sticks with your guests.

The gnome will be done very quickly, so put it in when the elf nears
completion. It is to be eaten while the elf is being carved.

The rest of the side dishes are the decision of the cook! This recipe is
relatively easy with few ingredients, but can be a hassle because of
trying to find a fat elf.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send a scroll to me!

Wysren Honeydew

8) Arts and Entertainment


RHYTHMUS by Ellora

watch the pendulum and listen:
the silver bells are tolling
for whom? the recipient is unknown
someone chants outside in the street
uttering the words of a foreign language

what is happening
the sky darkens
some sound rumbling high above
and sudden patters of the feathery rain
drip drip dripping down
against the cool white stone walls
dark red, almost black

is it a death?
the bell tolls
is it a birth?
the bell tolls
is it a death?
dark red, almost black
against the cool white stone walls
drip drip dripping down
and sudden patters of the feathery rain
some sound rumbling high above
the sky darkens
what is happening

watch the pendulum and listen
for the silence behind the sound
in the mustiness of the damp dark cathedral
searching for something
washed away by rain
searching for something
in the mustiness of the damp dark cathedral
for the silence behind the sound
watch the pendulum and listen

what is happening
the sky darkens
some sound rumbling high above

and far below
an angel falls by the window
heaven follows in its wake
smoking trajectories searing the sky
hold up your arms and cry
for peace
for peace

smoking trajectories sear the sky
heaven follows in its wake
an angel falls by the window
and far below:

uttering the words of a foreign language
someone chants outside in the street
for whom? the recipient is unknown
the silver bells are tolling
watch the pendulum and listen...



Istina and Myojin track down the winners of the Stryth'oween creative
writing contest to discover how their newly acquired fame is affecting

Winner - Delsa.

Delsa, shy of manners, gentle of spirit and quite well behaved halfer
modestly stated that she really didn't expect to win (oh, I never heard
that one before) and that she only wanted her story heard. She has
no plans to cash in her newfound fame, nor has she any aspirations
for world domination (one less rival I guess) but at least when she
was informed of her triumph she indulged in drunken revelry, we
scribed by,

Runner up - Volitia

I sought to find the aspiration of her poem and she told me it was
based off facts, I was surprised yet intrigued and asked her to
elaborate on the story behind the poem. She tells me of a time where
Timaran was known as New Thalos, one day the streets changed
from gravel paths into corridors, the houses transformed into walls.
By some dark magical energies the beautiful town had been woven
into the darkest dankest labyrinth Serin has ever seen. After the
town had been altered a beast of immense power was conjured into
the centre of the labyrinth which took every Serins strength to send
the demon back into the darkest hell it was stolen from. Countless
Serins gave their lives to destroy the beast and Volitia wrote this so
that those who gave their lives to rid the town should never be lost
through time and that was the inspiration for her poem.

On behalf of the Heralds Volitia I salute you for your wondrous poem
and congratulate you once again on second place.

penned by,
Myojin Xorion the arch-sage of the Owl faction.

*A sketch of a small owl wearing a blue wizards hat is below*

9) Obituaries



Before we start with this issues handful of corpses I would like to
express my deepest gratitude to one special little cabal. Dear J and
the protectors you make this part of our small newspaper live and
kicking, keep up the good work! This issue brings some good laughs
so straight to work:

Kothar and Ordath

This two idiots were so dumb that their combined brainpower wasn't
enough to keep them out of trouble, small wonder some would say. It
is rumored that unfortunate dark knight Kothar now holds all time
record in breaking cabal guidelines within limited time period. Their
short queer adventure resulted in Kothar being booted out of Justice
and Ordath out of Legion. At least they had enough shame to take
their own lives promptly. The realm is grateful.


This healer proved another huge success in long line of recent
Justices. Spending most of his time gambling and not apprehending
criminals witless but likeable coathanger decided that life wasn't fair.
Well buhuhu and good riddance to him. In short after small verbal
skirmish with one of heavens he decided to go to heaven. (get it?
heh, I kill myself). What to say... Keep them coming J!!!


This noble merchant of Legion cabal... you know him, need a
surgeon's knife? He's your guy. Well not anymore! After slaying a few
hapless fools he met his match. Overseer Mechanus WINS!!! Who
said death isn't funny?

This brave halfer in this scribe's eyes stood for everything a warlord
should be. Fearless in battle, knowledgeable of realm, valiant of
nature, above all honorable and by gods could this guy strip plains of
Winter naked or what!? Strong individual that kept cabal of Warlords
afloat in harsh times (Occanim is still Warmaster...), raising to
blademaster rank, departed realm in circumstances yet unclear. It is
whispered that there whereever short hairy midgets go.

Well, you see I am always happy when someone dies, but I was
REALLY glad when a little birdy told me that this mean birdy croaked.
Nourrin, small wonder of a thief, served halls of Legion under such
grand Forsakens as ummm Katriena... but unlike her people actually
feared him. His rampages were terrible and bizarre pleasure to
watch. This fiendish Dreadlord gave you the glimpse of what the
Army should stand for, may you never see the full picture.

Istina Seeogra the Holy Shaman, Master Scribe.

10) Classifieds



HELP WANTED - Several skilled people interested in world
domination. Experience required. Contact Groq for more details.

SITUATION VACANT - for a suitable person looking to enter the law
keeping business. No prior experience or aptitude required. Would
suit people with a life expectancy shorter than a week and an
attention span shorter than the time it takes to read this advert.
Contact Jeradan.

Buy and Sell
FOR SALE - Herald books on travel and warfare. Contact any Herald
for details.

FOR SALE - Lessons on how to charm. Contact Juathas.

FOR SALE - Life sized dolls of Clesa! Unlimited stock. Contact

REWARD OFFERED - for any information relating to the capture of a
live black goat. Rumored to live in a mountain cave. Contact either
Torkalen or Rilea with information.

WANTED - stout rope ladder. Must be suitable for mounting and
dismounting stallions. Contact Dioraem.


VETERAN GRUMPY HERALD with all his own teeth seeking a
wench for companionship. Must be capable of making good
mushrooms. All interested send your scrolls along with a sample
mushroom to Istina.

Myojin's Owl Faction Enchantments!
Don't you want your weapon to be at max potential? Don't you feel
the need to be shiny and glowing? If you find yourself thinking, yes...
then contact Myojin! If anything blows up or evaporates, you receive
no charges. Also show this copy of the mystique to get your next
enchant free!

Words from my customers!

Juthas 'You managed to enchant layer after layer without blowing up
a high ranked weapon, very impressed little Gnome.'

Lorath is the one who I have enchanted the most for, we are friends
and it's a pleasure to push the limits of enchantment to a new level of
excellence with him. I've enchanted the spear of devastation to five
layers, Nightfall to six layers, whipping tail of the manticore to six
layers, mace of disruption to five layers, ivy swords to seven layers,
water cubes to seven layers, wicked short sword to six layers.