The Serin Mystique, Volume 2, Issue 7

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 2, Issue 7! This issue brings you
the latest news, noise, and knowledge from the far (and not-so-far) corners
of the realm. Strange happenings, grumblings, PiratesPiratesPirates, and
Shady Immortal Sightings are covered in headlines. Three more notable
Serins perished, read about them in Obituaries. If you are bored you can
read quotes about Midget Pox. Spalino recounts the tale of Ug Zul, and this
time you're about to be flooded with a plethora of poems! Run for the
hills! That and plenty more in this Mystique. Enjoy!

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Serin Mystique Headlines (see headlines, headlines2, headlines3)
2) Obituaries (see Obituaries)
3) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
4) Battles (see battles, battles2)
5) The Serin Guide to Cleaning House (see Cleaning)
6) Opinions (see Opinions)
7) Poems! Run for the hills! (see Poems)
8) Talks with Serins (see Liraleyn, Dioraem)
9) Serins talk back (see talkback, talkback2)
10) Ramblings of a reluctant scribe (see Ramblings)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Serin Mystique Headlines



The death of Dioraem by Zanderic
It was just outside the castle where a great battle between good
and evil brewed. A group of consisting of three followers of
darkness raided the castle. They were Hauser, Kida and Kolok.
These three were on a mission and nothing was going to stand in
their way. A brave Knight named Perigo would not let them pass.
Soon the mighty blows from the dark troupe mangled Perigo. The
battle wasn't fair in any way. Then, just moments too late,
Dioraem came to stop Hauser, Kida and Kolok. Emela, a Squire
to the Knights, could only watch in horror as her honorable
mentor took on the three mighty forces of evil.

The three of them were still too powerful, even for the Executor of
Knights. Their bashing and mighty weapons were too much for
Dioraem to handle. Emela said, "Before the final blow was
landed, I swear I saw him smile my direction.

Then Kolok placed the final blow to the brave Dioraem. It was
only after they failed to offer his corpse to their Lord that they
realized what they had done. Dioraem was never to return. This
was his last defeat. The forces of darkness had triumphed over
the greatest the Knights had to offer. Are we all doomed to a new
wave of darkness that will swoop over our land and devour all of
us? What will the Knights do now that Dioraem the Executor has
fallen? Emela said, ''Loanir has just been promoted to Guardian. I
believe if he keeps fighting the way he fights now, he has a huge
chance of being the next Executor.''

Will Loanir be able to fill Dioraem's shoes? Only the future can
tell. Even though Dioraem has fallen and his mortal strength
faded, he still lives in all of the Knights whom he had command
over. It is his wisdom and great honor that he passes on to them.

Object Shrouded in Darkness Mystifies Serin by Liraleyn
Some of you may have heard of some strange occurrences,
creatures acting out of the ordinary, getting mortals to do favors
for them. One such occurrence happened when Senaro, the
recently pinnacled Drow Dark-Knight, came upon a mysterious
beggar, who asked for her help. 'A test of her darkness,' he said
to her, as she accepted an object shrouded in Darkness.
Apparently she was to hold on to it for a time until the man was
ready to take it back and escape. During this time, another new
one to the high ranks, Inoalican, a Duergar berserker, was asked
by a strange and reticent thug to retrieve the object for him.
Inoalican, with an unquenchable thirst for excitement, blindly took
on the thug's assignment and immediately went looking for
Senaro, but to no avail.

The old man asked Senaro to meet him in Thalos, the time had
come. Unfortunately for her, the thug had one last card to play.
With the beggar's position out in the open, the thug quickly cried
his location and ordered Inoalican to intercept them. Inoalican
rushed through the void and the two were soon engaged in
combat. The fight was close, but Inoalican prevailed, and
sacrificed the mysterious object from her corpse. For his blind
courage, Inoalican was awarded the reputation of Daring. Now
everyone can admire his balls of steel!

Cribbus Ends his Life by Liraleyn
The rarely seen Slith Warlord, Cribbus, ended his life after a sour
duel with the Duergar shaman Mojuin. Cribbus fought him to the
best of his abilities in the town of Liberty, though he was
ill-equipped to take on such an opponent. After Mojuin claimed
his easy victory, he slew the stunned Warlord, who was in turn,
quite befuddled, and decided it was time to leave Serin for good
this time.

(Continued in headlines2)



Pirates Invade Seringale by Alehem
As Lord Ronus began his mission to recover his treasure map, I
encountered them on the Eastern Road to Timaran. At the
excited urgings of my old friend Kento, I joined them so that both
sides of this conflict would be properly represented by the
Scribes, while Zanderic criticized my decision to 'not defend my
home'. But, as we later discussed, I was playing the part of the
Historian we are all supposed to be.

After joining, we ran into Timaran seeking Tir, and found
Justiciers aplenty, eventually slaying them all and running into Tir
himself. That battle was short, and we found that Dagnir was
turning tail to Seringale where re-enforcements of both citizens
and Justiciers waited. Quickly we flew to Seringale, and
encountered Justiciers yet again, slaying most all of them, then in
a fit of anger over his lost gold (I suppose it was anyway) Ronus
attacked Mirari the Banker. That fight was long, and hard, but we
prevailed and it was on to fight Dagnir. During the course of these
actions, a beloved friend, as you all may now know, fell for his
last time. Here I would like to commend his spirit unto the Winds
of the Seas, that he gave his last to. This foolish resistance
against a wronged person has caused such friends as Rilea and
Kento to turn to madness and slay one another.

The defeat of Dagnir was slow and arduous, but it was achieved.
Many of the Pirates, including myself, were nearly slain, and it
came down to Lord Ronus asking us to let him finish the feud. He
finished the feud, in spectacular anchor-swinging action even,
and retrieved his box from the corpse of Dagnir. When he opened
it, sadly, it revealed only ripped fragments of the map. As
encrypted as they are, he gave out the fragments in the hope that
his faithful Pirates could decipher them. No known success has
happened yet that has been brought to my ears.

In closing, I would like to tell all those 'Defenders' of Seringale
that we aim not to disturb their peace, or destroy their town. Why
would we decimate one of our favorite ports? I've certainly no
desire to be an Outlaw, and most of us in the Pirates help only
because we feel Dagnir has wronged Ronus. Whenever the Gold
is returned, we will speak of parley with those who hindered us.
But until then, sharpen blades, tighten girdles, and grab a deck
rope, the maelstrom is upon ye Serin!

Odoacer, an Immortal of the old ages by Zanderic
Today I had quite the treat. I spoke with Odoacer himself. For
those who don't know Odoacer, you may find mention of him in
the histories dating as far back as the Alliances. I took this
opportunity to speak with him, for the little time he had to stay,
about the Dark Ages, when only Odoacer and Zandar were left to
rule Serin. Odoacer spoke poorly of Zandar. Supposedly Zandar
tried to take over because he believed that he would make a
more efficient ruler than Odoacer.

Shortly after Odoacer told me of this story, he had to depart.
Odoacer said that he hasn't been around regularly in quite some
time, so do speak with this great immortal if you get the chance.

Zanderic meets his maker! by Zanderic
I thought that my luck reached its peak when I spoke personally
with Odoacer. But it seems that my luck still runs strong. I spoke
personally with Denadlyr himself. That is right the Creator of
Gnomes. My face boiled with the sense of power that came from
him. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have spoken to the great
Denadlyr. If any of you get a chance to speak with him, there is
much you can learn from him. It seems as though now the great
immortals from the past are coming out, they appear now more
often then I have ever seen before.

(Continued in headlines3)



The Return of Jhol the Enforcer of Order by Alehem
Today I had the gift to speak to Jhol, the Enforcer for Justice and
a feared Lawkeeper. He was not talkative though. All I could get
from him was that he has returned permanently, and that he asks
us all to pity the criminal, for he sees through their eyes. Let us all
step on our toes lighter, for the Law has returned, and looks like it
shall be cracking down upon us!

A Knight Leaves Castle for Own Cause by Zanderic
Fellow Serins: The great Tethesis has been removed from his
place as leader of the Knights. According to Meriando the
Executor of the Knights, Tethesis schemed to attack the Justice
cabal, planning to take out Argoris so that he might enter safely
and take their item. His corpse was later found just north of town
mutilated and mangled. Argoris is a follower of neutrality and
because he was slain without instigation, Tethesis was removed
from his duties as the leader of the Knights. Meriando was later
quoted as saying: ''He did something that was unknightly so he
was stripped of leadership. Then he wished leave the Castle for
good.'' He also said that Tethesis was "trying to get rid of Argoris
so he would not have to be worried when he attacked Istina.'' I
talked to Istina himself and he replied that Meriando's accusations
are completely ridiculous in the way that he never intended to
attack Istina. However, even though he was allowed to maintain
his title as a Knight, he retired from knighthood.

I asked Tethesis himself why he left the Knighthood. He replied,
''Because Meriando does not have the heart, the determination,
and the faith required to do what I do. '' It seems as though
Tethesis feels that what he did was right, and that Meriando was
not leading the Knights in the right direction. Sure Meriando was
helping Serin by cleansing evil, but from what Tethesis claimed,
''Argoris protected evil,'' and Tethesis felt that any man who helps
and protects evil is just as evil as the thing he protects. I asked
Tethesis what he plans to do now that he has retired from his
knighthood. He replied, ''To carry out my own war alone, against
evil, and if that means everyone who protects evil, so be it.'' So
people of Serin, did Tethesis do the right thing? Or was he
rightfully removed from his leadership? It is for you to decide.
Either way, I believe that we will see both Tethesis and The
Knights fulfilling what they believe is the cleansing of Serin, in
their own way.

2) Obituaries


Dioraem Nierphtan

Ahh, the little fellow with the greatest of hearts. Once a playful
hopping chicken-fanatic, he grew and flourished into a slightly-
bigger chicken- fanatic, and on the way learned to be a rather
formidable fighter too, at least once he got on his horse... Yay for
ropes. At any rate he was a fine friend and well-liked by many.
Unfortunate for us all that he had to go the time he did, being new
Executor and all. Thanks to a bunch of evil people, we'll never
know whether the Castle would've turned into one great big
chicken coop. Drat.

Kento Tokichiro

From the moment I first laid eyes on him I knew he was a wacko.
(By way of explanation, Torkalen told me Kento had been hit in
the face with a shovel many times in his boyhood. Hmm.) He was
ALWAYS looking for fights! And he never backed down, even
when it was almost obvious he'd be losing...Crazy, but endearing.
He was the ninja-master for several aspiring young dagger-
twirlers, and had very liberal views on the world. A great man,
even if he did chase me all over the place crooning in a very
alarming manner... Kento met his end at the hands of his own
friend, Rilea, who had to make that split-second decision between
saving Seringale from invading "Harr-harr"ers or slapping on an
eyepatch herself. So here's a lesson for you, children: Pirates get

One of our very own, and Torkalen's playmate! (We'll leave the
meaning of the word up to your twisted interpretations. Hah) She
spent much of her time sitting in North Square and in her guild
and feeding Torky sugar. She was also a horrendous cook. One
whiff of those darn mushrooms she'd always be churning out, and
even the most stalwart, staunch and smelly dwarf would turn
green and stagger away. They smelled like feet. Actually, the
earliest memory I have of her is her piddling in one of those
fountains that're always lying around...and tush-shroom armor...
And whatever happened to that midget horror "baby belf" that just
popped out of nowhere? Anyway. The fountains've been cleaned,
the mushrooms uprooted themselves and wandered off to haunt
some poor halfling villagers, the belf has been as of yet nowhere
to be seen...and that splat mark she made on her demise has
been washed away carefully by a slave goat. Kailya left behind a
legacy of bright young righteous lighties and green walls on the
Conservatory. She'll be missed!

Scribed by Vanisse, Chronicler of Heralds.

3) Cabal Affairs



Recently the two famous (infamous) Knights, Dioraem and
Tethesis, have perished, one to a group of evils, and the other
slain by his own hand. Remaining Knights are continuing in a
slightly less fanatic venue than he set the example for. We'll have
to see how the new Knightlings bring in, and watch for Loanir to
lead them.

Current Knights: Loanir, Nattjfod, Perigo, Emela, Kol, Rori.

Notoriously useless JJJs are gone, leaving them with two active
and two where-did-they-go-hide-in-a-hole law enforcers: Jhol has
returned after a long almost-retirement, and Vhrael is very busy,
but Argoris only comes once in a very blue moon and Verikoz
who? There is little sign of new Justice recruits, if any exist.
Current Justices: Vhrael, Jhol, Verikoz, Argoris.

It is my sad duty to announce the death of Kailya, a lifelong
Herald of the Lore Keeper ranking. I first met Kailya she was but
a little girl wanting to grow up to become a stone giant ninja. I
promptly flashed her and plonked her upon my knee. It was no
wonder then, she grew up to become slightly unstable. She gave
nice sugar, horrible mushrooms!

Thankfully, our elderly heralds Istina and Spalino still manage to
cling to life. Liraleyn, Vanisse, Alehem, and little Zanderic can be
seen pottering cheerfully about town. Adwerraron however seems
to have wandered off. Probably in search of chickens again.

With the death of Kailya, the Heralds Halls are now seeking one
more scribe of worth.

Current scribes: Istina, Spalino, Liraleyn, Vanisse, Zanderic,
Adwerrenan, Alehem.

The battle for the honor of being named Blademaster took place
recently within the Warlords' Fortress. Strangely enough, the
grunting, swearing and general comparing of male private parts
never materialized. Rather it was a test of intelligence and
penmanship. The eventual winner was Tolmir, much to Aerandir's
dismay. You can read their contests and judge for yourself the
better in our Serins Talk Back section. In other news, Cribbus
and Phelanyo have ended their lives, Iangretor still remains

Current Warlords: Uguzu, Zharek, Araneth, Gneumal, Aerandir,
Tolmir, Dumuzi.

Legion Halls have expanded to include people from the 20th rank
up, and so there are little legionnaires worming out of the
shadows. They have yet to make the impact they did in the past,
but then their generation may have been traumatized by Tethesis'
rampage and the revived vehemence of the Knights, so it may
take awhile...With the exception of Hauser, who has perished, it
seems as though the majority of Legions have to rely on mass
murders (mass being on the side of the attackers not the victims).
Pity, we'll see if something or someone more striking comes
along soon.

4) Battles


BATTLES (Part One)

Kento v. Endeniss
A friendly duel beginning at North Square, Kento initiates with a
missed strangle. Endeniss takes forever to land a faerie fire,
losing much health--and much patience!--to Kento's injures. It
looks like the ninja's about to win when she turns the tables on
him with a nice dispel. Kento, lacking potions, gets chased all
around town.
Endeniss wins!

Uguzu vs. Rilea
Starting with a successful blackjack and a PAINFUL backstab,
Uguzu ran about Old Thalos until the halfling tripped him. Rilea's
Frostbrand and icy blue dagger were quick to finish him off.
Rilea wins!

Bramalnabuis vs Araneth
The battle between these two was a little less than a scheduled
duel if you know what I mean. The fight was pretty much one-
sided the entire time. Araneth was obviously the greater warrior.
However, the battle was still an honorable one.
Araneth wins.

Uguzu vs Tethesis
They fought fiercely all over Serin, each looking for an advantage
over the other. After almost a full day of fighting the battle was
finally over. It seems as though Tethesis was finally taken by this
defeat, and took his own life after this battle.
Uguzu wins

Bramalnabuis vs Araneth
Araneth fled from Bramalnabuis's shocking monk style fighting.
Then Bramalnabuis fled Araneth and managed to blind him
quickly for a short comeback. Araneth's slices hurt a lot with his
notched axe and whip of torture. In the end the greater damage
Araneth wins!

Hielria vs Jyinth
This was audited by Thamivon himself. It seems as though the
battle ended almost as fast as it had started. I know Hielria
personally and if you do not fear her yet, she will make a point to
make it so in the future.
Hielria wins.

(Continued in battles2)


BATTLES (Part Two)

Zanderic vs Kashdar
It seems as though a little gnome invoker such as Zanderic can
still pull off a decent fight. Kashdar struck the first blow, but
Zanderic retaliated with intense lightning spells. If it weren't for
Zanderic's sanctuary spell he probably would have lost. It was
one small step for Zanderic and a giant leap for Gnomish kind.
Zanderic wins!

Zanderic vs Kashdar
A rematch. This time it seems as though Kashdar prepared more
heavily against magic, so he was slightly more confident that he
could possibly beat Zanderic this time. Zanderic realized this and
planned ahead with a stone skin potion. So again his spells held
up against Kashdar's attack and in the end Zanderic prevailed.
Zanderic wins.

Uguzu vs. Loanir
Uguzu and Loanir waved their gauntlets and shouted about in
Seringale (half of which consisted of "Um! Huh! Ugga!") before
getting on to business. Unfortunately Argoris who had been
taking a vacation or frolicking with some goblins in the forest
popped in and flagged Uguzu because he hadn't heard the call.
He removed it soon, but told both to leave town: "No fighting in
my city!" Thereafter the dueling duo wandered off to Liberty, only
to have Uguzu run off down the mountain trail (perhaps in search
of goats?) Uguzu made appearances in the Kitchen, Loanir
snored lightly in a puddle in the sewers... And finally after a bit
Argoris allowed them to fight in Seringale again. Whew.

Uguzu won, after all that. And now he has Loanir's head on a

Kida vs Zanderic
Mere moments after the little gnome Zanderic came through
Seringale, Kida took advantage and caught Zanderic nearly
unprotected and unaware. Zanderic attempted to flee, but the
plan came with no success. He was quickly slain and chased
back into his hiding hole after Kida threatened to take his life once
again if he did not hand over his precious items.
Kida wins.

Erdessa vs Istina
Erdessa the Holy Matriarch of Healing and Istina the Holy
Shaman battled on the day of freedom and the Month of the Dark
Shades. The battle was mostly held at the Northern Square in
Seringale. Erdessa was forced to flee and Istina pursued fiercely.
Eventually Erdessa fell to Istina's blows.
Istina is victorious.

Gneumal Vs Zanderic
It was a cold breezy day, when Zanderic came out of his hiding
spot to seek some danger and excitement. He decided to call out
Gneumal the Warlord. Gneumal saw no threat in Zanderic and
allowed the duel to end through stun. Zanderic lost a key
advantage in the middle of the battle when his sanctuary fell.
Once that did, the battle was soon over. Gneumal complimented
Zanderic on his skill in magic use, even though it wasn't enough
this time.
Gneumal WINS!

5) The Serin Guide to Cleaning House


The Serin Guide to Cleaning House
I do believe Serin has turned into a bunch of busily cleaning
housewives. Not pointing any fingers, mind you: it's been an
endless "Ooh! Let's eradicate you... And you, and yes of course
the gnomes, we can't forget the gnomes!" kind of deal since as far
back as I can remember, and yes, it goes one side to the other,
blah blah, so forth and so on. However.

Do you remember in the last Mystique when Torkalen described
me as entering a "furious cleaning frenzy"? According to him,
(and I swear I didn't!) in my blissful rearranging, I chucked out the
good things as well as the bad--apparently, I threw away two
Heralds whom I'd never met. I suppose of course I can't say
whether they were good or bad Heralds, from my ignorance, but I
prefer to consider others good until they do something absolutely
ridiculous that allows me the delight of laughing at them. That's
how to go at things: let them make fools of themselves, and then
point and giggle to all your friends.

I don't think anyone could compare me, a bumbling bard, to those
glorious Knights in Shining Armor (particularly since they don't do
much tidying about the house--er, Castle), but my goodness. In a
way, they are exactly like me, sweeping every evil out the
doorstep of Life without giving them a chance to speak! Without
getting to know them! I know those steely Crusaders like to sit
around and talk nonstop for hours and hours, I don't think
ANYONE's not seen em pottering about at North Square at least
once or twice in their lives. But why won't they talk to an entire
third of Serin's populace? Is it because they've found that their
group of friends is so witty! that no one else! in Serin! could
possibly best them, and therefore it's "Look! A mouse!" and all
them cats go flying after this one, or that one, merely based on
his or her INHERITED alignment? Or is it that there's just
something Wrong about evils, something they can't quite place
their fingers on but don't like (or something they CAN put their
fingers on but just don't like) that gives them the perfect right to
pounce on them any time of day? Since when did Knights turn
into the Lightwalker version of Legion? (Or what Legion used to
be?) More importantly, why are they treating evils like I treat
Kailya's mushrooms??

Yes, perhaps they do go about things a little different from the
rest of us...yes, perhaps they have an innate morbidity that is
kinda nasty at times, and yes, a lot of the time they do go around
killing people and posing a danger to Serin. It's all true! But look
at the rest of us. Look at Warlords. Disemboweling their enemies,
making necklaces out of fingers? Tell me that's not morbid. Look
at Justice. They have poles up their backsides, poles that they
whip out occasionally (ouch!) to whap wrongdoers with. (almost-
as-ouch!) Tell me that's not being different. Hell, look at
Legion....never mind, where are they? (Hello? Yoohoo?) Now
look at the Knights. They're going around killing people and
posing a danger to all the evils. And all the neutrals that get in
their way. And maybe even other Lightwalkers, only they won't
actually fight them, oh no, they'll just toss em out of their halls like
yesterday's trash.

Well, I doff my cap to you all, Serin. Stryth bless ya.

Scribed by
Vanisse, Chronicler of Heralds.

6) Opinions



Your opinion on Tethesis's departure from Knights:
Dioraem: His personal ideals were given priority over our Code.
This led to actions that got him demoted for it. Then he left on his
Erdessa: *shakes head in dismay* "I knew it...And I told the
Knights this would happen.
Kento: I approve of it full-heartedly.
Vhrael: A solution way past its prime.
Wilibald: I feel his removal was ridiculous, because his honor was
in the right place.
Zrakalon: He was a fool to stand against the might of Legion, and
thus died a fool's death.
Soldoor: He used to be high on life, but he apparently worked up
a resistance.
Zanderic: His intentions were pure of heart. However, his will
obviously faltered for he took his own life.
Liraleyn: Towards the end, I think he was rightfully removed for
killing Argoris.

Your opinion of the Legion:
Dioraem: A House of Flying Cowards
Bramalnabuis: Legion is nothing in these realms.
Perigo: They are just pathetic. Never a threat to me.

Your opinion of Midget Pox:

Emela: Someone who needs to visit me for a healing...
Shashakumazi: Halflings with spots
Aerdas: A noble halfling communing sickness on innocents
Domjac: Help the poor soul!
Nattfjod: Gnome and a huge stone club?
Rori: Disease...halfling disease...
Galadrin: Midgets with chicken pox!
Liesan: They're deranged...
Senaro: Err...Diseased dwarf!
Ghalleg: Very Tiny Pox
Gneumal: A plague of midgets?
Drexlyr: Rancid Dwarf Monsterling
Nyoboe: nothing...
Laraken: some kind of plague carried by halflings
Opusse: Dwarf plague
Falandoryn: Two little angry men in tight gloves punching each
Damon: An infliction of midgets?
Oralath: A thieving halfling
Virindri: Die eh, die rat? ...Mmm, a bit nuts?
Xabuz: A halfling covered with pox
Vanisse: Istina yelling "Fie upon midgets!" and hexing

7) Poems! Run for the hills!



Dioraem's Poem of Remembrance by Alehem
Fierce loyalty in a warrior's frame
Deft in wood, dale and every glen
Humble Knight, seeking no fame
With the Light he feared no Dark Den

A coffee cup, a rope about the waist
Strange indeed was this little one
He acted calm, and rarely in haste
Narry a bone to pick with anyone

Consumed at last by an unfair foe
This halfling is lost, to Serin and Valour's woe.

A Poem to A Love by Zanderic
As a star that glimmers deep in black curiosity so is the light that
is you. Something, somehow, escapes words to paint the picture
that is you. Even with pure incredible persistence you fend off the
words I choose. Beautiful, special, my moon, my heaven, are all
understatements. The portal called my world cracked and
shattered while traveling at the speed of life. My reach, my sight,
grasped the new world that has come. Like an angel from above
you descended to me. With your gentle hands covered by the
glimmer of a clear night sky, I gasped for a definition of the
feelings I had as I was embraced by your arms. Your hair danced
wild in a vacuum frozen in time and space. Your bosom soft and
supple projected a steady beat of drums. Your lips. Oh my God
your lips. The addiction that I crave. A fiend, a beast in search for
bloody meat, I hunt for your kiss. I feel your voice echoing in my
soul yet unheard by my ears. Words that define need not be
spoken for feelings are too great for that. Your eyes, that gleam in
pure infinite wonder, will never lack for my attention. I travel the
galaxy without a map of stars, lost in your eyes.

In the Wild by Alehem
When winter first begins to bite
And stones crack in the frosty night,
When pools are black and trees are bare,
'Tis evil in the wild to fare.
when cold winds in sky do blow
And the darkening of the Sun heralds woe,
When storms fret night with care
'Tis evil in the wild to fare.
When after the darkness gives way
And coming of Sun heralds Day
Warmth caresses all without a care
'Tis good then, in the wild to fare.

8) Talks with Serins


An interview with Liraleyn
You all know of Liraleyn or of her I would have to guess, but how
many know her better than just a Lore Keeper? I took some time
the other eve to sit down and talk with her about her past, present
and future and this is what she had to say.

She grew up in Darkhaven, yes, Darkhaven the crime capitol of
the world. And if that wasn't enough, a crime lord raised her. She
said that even though he was a crime lord he was kind enough to
her and when she was old enough he started teaching her
everything she knows now. Things like, well to put them in her
own words, 'spying, espionage.. Spying especially, to make sure
there were no coup attempts.' I mean what better business to get
into for spying and espionage and the likes when there are so
many stories you can find from spying! She still enjoys playing
crime lord from time to time. Upon asking her what she meant by
that she said in reply, 'like getting permission to kill Hielria.' She
has never been a cold blooded killer though nor wanted to be that
is one of the reasons she opted to join the Heralds. She very
much enjoys being a Herald although she says that Torkalen
doesn't give her as much cloak and dagger tasks as she would

The thing she liked best about being with us Heralds is the loving
family she has and being able to dig up juicy stories, especially
the ones on other Cabals. I asked her what she felt about all the
other Cabals and of course she liked the Warlords the best,
couldn't guess that she's always fighting them. They get the most
respect from her, Knights and Legion can both be brutal at times
and that the Justice is too cold. The best fight she has had with all
the Warlords would have to be the ones with Dumuzi in
Darkhaven. From my understanding she only beat him once out
of three but they were all good fights.

I'm not sure if all of you know, but she is married to Vollins, I
asked her why Vollins out of everyone else she could marry. It is
because they've known each other a very long time and he's
always been there for her. She remembers one of the first times
meeting him as a thief was attacking her guild hall and she asked
him for help and together they chased the thief off. Romantic isn't
it? Beating up a thief together, I can't imagine what the
honeymoon was like.

She doesn't really have much planned for the future: to have kids
one day, and perhaps if she writes good enough and is around
long enough she can one day be a High Herald, but we'll have to
see what fate brings her. I for one look forward to being a part of
her family and helping her along whatever path life takes her. I
hope you all feel the same and in ages to come people still talk
about all of us in stories of their own. Well, my friends, that is all I
have for now. May your stories be grand and your songs bring

Scribed by,
Adwerraron, the Funky Chicken.

(Read a talk with Dioraem)


Dioraem's Final Interview
Dioraem has passed away. Indeed a great tragedy, not just for
the Knights, but for much of Serin. I had the benefit of taking up a
little bit of Dioraem's time before he passed to ask him a few
questions on being the Executor. The responsibility of Executor is
to not only be the mortal leader of the Knights, but also the
greatest model of what is to be called a Knight. tag 2. didnt know
Dioraem personally, so I pondered his qualifications. It seems as
though Dioraem would have made a mighty great Executor. His
hands are neither too iron fisted nor too limber. Dioraem has
been a great loyal member of the Knights for over 30 years now.
He has gone through many obstacles. He has made it through all
the promotions and demotions, and has never given up. Dioraem
passed on fighting the Legion. It was only fitting that since he
lived his life as a great Knight, that he die fighting the Knights'
greatest enemy. Before he passed away, I asked him, "What is
your greatest accomplishment at this point?"

Dioraem told me that it is his squires and all the other knights that
he has held under his command. It is how they have grown and
shown great strength, that gave him the most pride. These
Knights are Jannus, Edynarius, Dinveli, Ellian, Loanir, and now
Emela. It is this pride in his loyal subjects that brings a tear to my
eye. Dioraem told me that through his perseverance he has
pushed forward at all times, never giving up, even when his luck
lay dead. It is this perseverance that Dioraem wishes to bring into
others. So do I think Dioraem was a good Executor? Definitely! I
think he was a great Executor then and even now that he has
passed. Knights will look upon what he has done and hope that
they can follow his example. It gives me great comfort to know
that such a one existed to protect us from the greatest of evils.

Dioraem, I salute you with pride. May your memory live through
those whom you have influenced.

Scribed by Zanderic.

9) Serins talk back



If you wish to have your comments or annoucements displayed
here, please send your scroll to HERALD.

A Ninja's Death by Dalton
Blackness covers all I see and all I touch.
No feeling of pain,
Just sorrow.
My hand loses its grip of the sword I held,
and I turn to become a true shadow.

Loving You by Dalton
If the sun refused to shine,
I would still be loving you.
When mountains crumble to the sea,
there will still be you and me.
Little drops of rain
whisper of the pain,
tears of loves lost
in the days gone by.

My love is strong.
With you there is no wrong.
I would still be loving you.
And so today,
my world it smiles,
your hand in mine,
we walk the miles.
Thanks to you it will be done,
for you are the only one.
If the sun refused to
shine, I would still be loving you.

Blademaster Challenge Essay by Aerandir
A good aligned warlord and an evil are fighting. The good warlord
stuns the evil. A Knight comes in and cheap-shots the evil
warlord. The good- aligned warlord deathmarks the Knight and
they battle. The Knights rally back and begin stomping on the
good-aligned warlord. The good-aligned warlord cries foul, but the
Knights maintain that the good-aligned warlord was the first to go
against the light, and therefore should be outcasted, and their
righteous crusade should be on his head as well as the evil
warlord. Everyone in Warlords including neutrals are in heat,
calling for open war. As Blademaster, what would you say, do,
repel, reject, or embrace the situation? How would you handle the
inter-cabal politics?

The first Knight has shown that he has a lack of honor, abusing
the trust put into him by both Warlords as he slew a crippled foe.
Obviously the deathmark was warranted. Promptly, I would
deathmark the lot of them, and expect my brethren to take up
arms against any of the Knights that stood in my way. As
Warlords, we have a supreme sense of honor, and should that
honor be violated in any way we must resolve the situation, until
honor is restored. Should the situation arise that honor could not
be resolved, then one or the other must be slain till their final
death. After the deaths of the knights that have violated the
Warlords' honor, the situation would be resolved. Should they
persist, I would advise the current Warmaster that war is a
requirement of this situation. Finally when we stomp the life out of
the Knights, they will realize that they were in error, and
apologize, and life can continue.

(Continued in talkback2)



Blademaster Challenge Essay by Tolmir
This one day the Sethronu called me to themselves and gave me
the challenge to become a Blademaster in our halls. And for that
he arranged a test of wisdom and leadership. I am to answer this
question in the current scroll: What would I do if I were a
Blademaster and if all this, what I am about to tell you,

There is a battle, a battle between a warlord that follows the path
of darkness and one that prefers the gods of light. It is not a battle
that easily is won by one, it is a battle of even strengths and an
even wish to win. Dust is in the air, shields are broken and
swords are blunted into maces. And then it happens, the powers
of the lightwalker overcome the strengths of the follower of
darkness. The battle is over. It was tough. One was stunned and
the other roughly breathing. Then out of nowhere, pops out this
destroyer of all evil in Serin, a Knight. He raises his mace,
studded with diamonds, and smashes in the evil warlord's head,
not even glancing at the good friend next to him. The warlord that
is still alive, at once threatens the Knight, accuses him of slaying
his brother in the Fortress of War and finally deathmarks. So the
knight and the warlord battle, through the lands with not much to
call a result and the Knight runs to his castle in Valour. He tells
stories of the warlord, walking in light, betraying their god and
protecting an evil creature that poisons the lands and so the
Knights number up. They attack the one warlord that they had
lost faith in, and also they launch assaults onto the warlords that
follow the footsteps of darkness. They fight the warlord, usually
two on one, they pound hard. Now everyone is craving war, even
the warlords that walk between light and darkness, and do not
really prefer either.

The Sethronu told me this story in short and asked: What would I
do if I were a blademaster?

And I must say... First come the companions that you have in the
Fortress of War. We stick together, we are the followers of that
who currently has been said to be the mightiest warrior of the
lands. We stand behind the same purpose... the enjoyment of
battles, the rightful honour in battles and spreading the idea of
shunning magic. As the warlord of light saw what had happened,
his own brother of war was slain in a battle of honour. He was
outraged that the Knight had not cared enough of his ways and
respected them, he deathmarked and he was right to do so. As
for the war that was brought into picture right after has to be
taken like it looks like - The knights offend the way of the
warlords. If they wish war, they will get War. When before have
the Warlords stepped down from a fight? The Warlords will battle,
they surely will battle. They shall still follow their ways but not
back down. A reason must be shown for every deathmark. As a
blademaster of the Fortress I would give out knowledge if
someone younger was in trouble and I would battle side by side
with those who defend The Fortress. I don't think that I would be
left out of this war, so I would fight side by side with my brothers,
if so, and then fall side by side with them, but I would never step
down from a battle that has been started. Never would I let the
Knights offend my ways and even not care about the lifestyle life
we lead. I would battle the Knights with my strength and my battle

10) Ramblings of a reluctant scribe



Gather round kiddies, for I have one hell o' a story ta tell ye this
time. Seems I have been diggin' in ma records and found an oldie
but a goodie none de less. This time we are travelling back to the
second age of Serin, back when the Mystics were more than just
legend, but a thriving cabal with power unknown to mortals these
days. This man was a Mystic leader, a shaman, and a drow. He
went by the simple name of Ug Zol. Known for his hot temper and
aggressive ways, he took the Mystics to a new level of fame. Not
much is known about him before he joined Mystics, most of it is
shrouded in rumor. Some say he is not from Serin at all, but a
wanderer from another plane of existence. Others say he was
born of pure magic. Others still say he was nothing but a lucky
drow. Either way he was one mean drow. Sporting wares rivaling
that of the gods he slayed countless warriors using his unholy
magics. He supported the idea of breaking the Mystics into
factions which made him a bit of an enemy to the gods for his
ideas. He was also one of the ones that heralded the coming of
the Fells into Serin by delving into magic no mortal, not even he,
could understand. For his ignorance and power-hungry ways he
was the forerunner to the Mystics' demise. Regarded as a hero to
some, and a nightmare to others, he was feared by everyone. It
doesn't get much meaner then Ug Zol kiddies. Forget not the past
for if we do we are doomed to repeat it.

Till next time,
Spalino Palzini Master Scribe of Serin