The Serin Mystique, Volume 3, Issue 4

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 3, Issue 4!
This issue brings you the latest news, noise, and knowledge from the
far and wandering corners of the realm: We have a new section
called Who are They? This new section is intended to allow the
reader to know the writer and their inner most workings. We have
more battles and duels for the Blood and Guts section than before,
and the opinions from a cabal member from each cabal on the other
cabals. Find out what they think in the Serin Opinions section!

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Serin Mystique Headlines (see headlines, headlines2)
2) Obituaries (see obituaries, obituaries2)
3) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
4) Blood and Guts (see blood, blood2)
5) Serin opinions (see opinions, opinions2, opinions3, opinions4)
6) Serins talk back (see talkback, talkback2)
7) Who are they? (see Who)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Serin Mystique Headlines



Winter Takes Xazappith
The Knights have led a party into Winter, to face the danger there.
The team was :
Prastin, taking blows
Runath, guiding
Zanderic, sanctifying
Xazappith, songs and auxiliary curing
Iueroxlin, providing his eyes and uncanny attacks
Hodierna, dirt kicks

I asked everyone to stay by my side at all times, and flee on absolutely no
accounts at all. There was trouble keeping people to this rule which
brought us into trouble numerous times throughout the mission.

On the way to Nemhhael, Iueroxlin mistakenly walked into a room by
himself though not much harm was done. We got over that problem and
continued through to Nemhhael with no further slip-ups, and the vorpal
was claimed from Winter for the world of Serin.

Evermore proved difficult, Prastin died just a few rooms within the
entrance, after fleeing, though he had made the mistake of trying a
windmill cleave. After rest we tried to get through it again. This time
around we got through to the Iron Maiden and passed by successfully. We
then approached Yorick, and were less than three rooms from his hideout.

Prastin walked into a room with five hidden foes. When we entered,
another attacked Xazappith. More thugs walked into this room, and also
attacked members of our group. I had tried to cure four different people at
once, but it was too much. Xazappith fled, rather than ask for recall, and
after five or six yells I am sorry to say she will sing no more. Gone, for good.

Zanderic also decided to flee Evermore now and worded himself. Prastin
fled and was saved when I managed to summon him back. He had three
different creatures chasing him by that point.

With four of us left, we were close to Yorick, and thought we'd try to finish
for Xazappith. Sadly Hodierna walked off without us into a room of six
thugs, and after hearing some fifteen yells I noticed a ray of light shining as
she escaped.

Three left and we were one room from Yorick. Iueroxlin reported four
thugs guarded his hideout. We tried them, but three more thugs wandered
in, leading us to fight seven different things. I watched the remaining
members of this party flee and die. Finally, left alone to fend three
remaining thugs out of the seven, and having fumbled my recall, our Winter
fun was brought to a bloody end inches from glory.

Evermore slaughtered a diverse group of six with many talents There are
many new creatures in that place.

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Zanderic's story on the Adve
nture through Winter.
It all started only a few hours before the surge came. A thirst came over
me for adventure and excitement. No greater fulfillment of this craving has
ever satisfied me more than a sense of danger. I knew Runath for a long
time and have even ventured with him once before into the lands of
Winter. He has made many trips successfully and with little help. Runath
and I could not go alone, we needed a warrior. No sooner did those words
come out of my mouth than the great Prastin appear. Runath and I agreed
that with Xazappith's assistance in song we would have a suitable group. It
was only a few moments before we ventured into Winter, when we picked
up the extra assistance from Hodierna and Iuerolxin. Their sight and skills
with the sword proved to make our group nearly unbeatable ... nearly. The
group of six entered the portal to Winter almost immediately slaying the
beholder that waited for us at the other side. Once that was dealt with, we
had to decide where it was we were heading. We managed to take possibly
the greatest two- handed weapon from the grasps of Winter, the Vorpal

Impressed with the increase in power that it has taken since last it was
wielded, we decided to take it back with us. Unable to decide what to do
with the sword, we gave it to Xazappith for safe keeping. It made a
beautiful trophy that did not surpass her. We then decided that we would
test the strength of our group out on the toughest of fiends. In order to
venture to this challenge we had to fight what seemed like a hundred of
enemies that guarded the path. The taste of victory nearly touching our lips
as we were only footsteps from our ultimate goal. Yorick waited for us to
challenge him, I can see now the grin that must have been upon his face as
he witnessed our group fall apart before we had a chance with him.
Xazappith and I would take occasional blows as the thugs seemed to swing
wildly. Xazappith was forced to flee as she took several nasty blows.
Unfortunate for her, the danger she fled to was worse than that she fled
from. Her soul was then shortly taken from this world. I tried to save her as
I watched her flee. If only I could have gotten to her I could have brought
her to safety. But, it was too late and my life nearly followed hers as
massive blows punished me.

I quickly left the world of Winter and escaped with my life. That which I
would gladly exchange for Xazappith. The price we paid that day was a
heavy one to carry. The world itself seemed to lose life as if it's only smile
was wiped from its face. The rest of the group soon perished under the
heavy blows. The temptation of victory led us into defeat. It was a sad day.
A sad day indeed. I managed to gather a few things that I keep in memory
of Xazappith. The sword was one that I held for many days, until the weight
of the burden managed to outweigh the gain. The sword was sacrificed to
the gods and now lies where it came. It is days like this that prove one
thing. No matter how strong you think you are, you are still a mortal and
thus prone to flaws. It is our flaws that bring us death, and like Xazappith
would say, it is this death that allows for new life.

2) Obituaries


Umpa Dumpa Archon De Doo
I've got a perfect puzzle for you
Umpa Dumpa Death of Arkni
If you are wise you will listen to me

What do you get when you don't wear saves?
Giving a shaman exactly what he craves
How will you damage when you are terribly ill
I don't think that is going to kill

Umpa Dumpa Squire De Dung
If you are protected you will live long
You will likely be victorious too
Like the Umpa Dumpa Runath told you

Runath told you!

The tire old monk.
In all the years of Serin, so many things have been taken for granted. So
many things have been overlooked as a comodity that suited everyone.
Well, the gods have forseen this and decided they would do something
about it. This creature which had given itself to the lower members of
Serin, which had given its life do dedication not only in his religion but in
his giving is now no more. The tired old monk from the Belfry is now
forever resting where he belongs after years of working for the immortals
in their gift of experience as well as equipment that suited a great deal of
levels in Serin. His job was and is priceless and a helper of the young and
thus was given to others, for he could no longer take the strain of
reincarnation. All of Serin thanks and bows their heads to this dedicated
and lost friend.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams.


Once again, we are sad to announce that death has taken its toll on
another recently. The one who became its victim was someone who was
loved by most. The ones who did not knew her not. She was a bard of great
stature, beauty, voice and love. Her wisdom was not always what others
might conjure up to be top notch but she knew what she was doing. She
walked Serin with a pet cat whom we all know to be called "Spoon." A cat
who was amazing and always there. Xazappith was the epitome of hope
and charity to some and the definition of life to others. She gave to others
what they had lost in the cruel world that Serin can be. Her ways were not
always the best though her intentions and smile traded with them for
balance. She attained the mischief that makes some fall in love and some
chuckle in glee. Her voice serenaded the heart of stone. Her mistakes let
others see how she could relate. Her smile gave some something to look
forward to. If she had been touched by a god, her kindness and love would
have been no different. If she became a mother, she would be no less
caring. She was a gift to all of us and we thank Serin for her love.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams.

(Continued in obituaries2)



Serin, in her interests, spawned a winged warrior whose name was Saegen.
Serin looked on her with interest to see how she would do. She was
delighted to see that the winged female applied to be a scriber but
despised that she had not become one of battle. Serin created her as a
warrior and meant for her to be a warrior. However, such things were not
in the interests of one such as Saegen as she went against nature. She had
her share of duels in which she did not always do the best. Though her
interest in the sword was great, her skill was not to be backed by it. So to
Serin and its inhabitants, she is a winged corpse that lies among the ashes
of all those who failed. However she did not end in complete loss as she
lives on through her relatives. Serin does give second chances.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams


Some time ago there was a warrior who Serin respected. He held his
sword with pride and his mace with honor. He used his one life given him
by God to the best of his abilities. His name was Gneumal. A stone warrior
that took his time to bring a new name to honor. The rules and guidelines
that Serin had set for its Warlords were the rules that Gneumal would live
by and make his own. The name may ring in Serin and the name may boom
in eternity but whatever happens, it does not change the simple fact that
Gneumal was someone all look to when they think of honor.


Serin knew a drow that became a Justice. His name was Jutazz. As this
shaman went about his life, you could not help but remember him. He was
one who left an impact and one who knew combat like few others. How
good he was at single one on one combat said very little for how good he
was at coordinated apprehension. No criminal could escape his grasp as it
was that he knew how to corner. His team player's ability stung the criminal
population and made the home we call Serin safer. Some call drow
Shamans evil and cruel. I call them lawful and upright. Serin thanks him for
his help.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams.

3) Cabal Affairs



Cabal Affairs

In Serin, there are many Cabals. One of which we will talk about are the
law enforcers of Seringale, the home of many youngsters who make Serin
Serin. The Justices are always on top of their issues with criminals and keep
the haven safe for youngsters and we thank them for it. However, their
responsibilities as a cabal does not simply extend to criminals but to other
cabals as well. There have been quite alot of quarrels and attempts to
extinguish the quarrels between the Justices and the Knights of late. Many
accusations after many battles were made and the tension is still yet to be
settled. Although a treaty was attempted at, it was of no avail as the rights
claimed by few became the undoing of the hopes claimed by many. We
hope there will be a peace between the two cabals that their attention
might be turned towards more important matters.''

Captain Grunky
Captain Verikoz
Lieutenant Xalos
Sergeant Etso,
Officer Vakarath


Before us this day lingers the cabal of the Valourian Knights. They
represent what it means to be noble and true. Many things have transpired
of late in this cabal that allot of us are unfortunate to hear about because
of accusations claimed by the Justices. However the Justices are not
completely to blame by any stretch of the imaginations as both cabals have
been at each other's necks. We congratulate the Knights and the Justices at
their attempted treaty as well as the continued perseverance of the Knights
in their quest for honor and valor. They have showed many that even with
the many propaganda words that spout here and there, the Knights of
Serin and Valour remain hopeful of their glories to come and their glories

Executor Runath

Guardian Navatar
Guardian Prastin
Archon Cirrus
Footman Arkan
Footman Laskuda


The Army of Darkness continues it's struggle with the forces of Valour, but
it seems that the tide now turns against them. With the ranks of the Light
continuing to swell daily, the only remaining Legionnaire has his hands full
just remaining alive. After Gannon took his own life, Olphrys is left alone in
his fight. The Legion seems poised on the brink of destruction, who knows if
they will be able to turn the tables.



In the realms of Serin, there exists a band that we call the Warlords. They
are a company that thrive on honor through battle. Many know and have
experienced the power of such a company as well as fear them. They give
the skilled in fighting somewhere to turn their bloody urges to. Not much
has recently been of active nature within the cabal, but such things are
soon to change. Eunshiil the Challenger and Vengeance of the Forest says
this 'I sense great change is on the way, but it's not here yet. ' So as you
have heard, Serin hopes to find great aspirations in this ancient Cabal. And
with their opening for one more Warlord, Serin will hold her breath and
we will all hold our hopes in honor.

Warmaster Taurth

Blademaster Aerandir
Blademaster Tolmir
Challenger Daritas
Challenger Dumuzi
Challenger Eunshiil
Challenger Nychlas
Challenger Zharek
Proven Tyredin


Today in Serin thrives a cabal that survives by the quill. They are the
Heralds of these realms. Many a tragedy has befallen them of late. Zanderic
has lost his best helper in a fight for winter's pleasure. Xazappith has
departed and it left Jastor as Zanderic's right hand. Though Serin was
merciful and provided our Heralds with many applicants. We continue to
pray for them and continue to hope that our Heralds will persevere in their
attempts to record our history. With the advent of many newcomers to the
Cabal, there have been many misunderstandings that have been passed
back and forth. Though the Heralds continue to fight their way through the
hardships of the realms and keep their eyes focused on their tasks at hand,
and for that we thank them.

High Herald Zanderic
Lore Keeper Jastor
Chronicler Guthfar
Novice Saern

4) Blood and Guts



Blood and Guts
Battles with Taurth
Taurth has been the great leader of the Warlords for longer than even he
can recall. In even his ripe old age, he still maintains his fighting spirit that
he is famous for. Unfortunately in his old age his skills have been on the
slow decline. Or, perhaps the younglings of the new age have just proven
themselves to be greater than the best of the old age. Either way Taurth
victories are fewer than ever. Both the great Prastin and Nychlas beat
Taurth in a fair fight. The wisdom of combat was passed down with great
skill. It is one of those times when the student surpasses the teacher.

Asyu Vs Saegan
Before me stood a short being and a winged being. Both with the skills
from the same origin. Their battle to the submit soon went underway as a
Herald was called in to watch. I watched in absolute amazement as the
battle was not one of skill but rather one of muscle and aim. For no matter
how much Saegen tried, nothing would allow her more than two hits on
Asyu. With a dirt splotch splattered onto his eyes, Saegen began to wonder
what the meaning of the battle was if he was just going to be humiliated
when an unmeasured strike from Asyu was swung. The halfling's dexterous
legs allowed Asyu to jump to the legs of Saegan and rip away at his wings.
Because of the distraction caused by this amazing act of speed, Saegan's
head was soon forfeit to the new ownership of Asyu and the dirt below.

Asyu wins

Jastor Bandylat, The Scriber of Dreams.

Ghorvak Vs Craginoth
A battle was declared between a Gnome and Dwarf. Both were very
studious in the ways of the Elements. Their battle in the arena was long and
balanced. Craginoth continued to push his hand higher as he constantly
dispeled the feeling of Sanctuary which was Ghorvak's. However, the key to
victory in this battle would not be won through the depletion of Ghorvak's
protection but rather through simple endurance. Endurance that Ghorvak
had sustained through many years of battle and of mind meditation.
Craginoth was so worn and lost from his constant attempts destroy
Ghorvak that he forgot to protect himself. This lead to the slow but sure
death of Craginoth the Invoker.

Ghorvak wins.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams.

Arkan vs. Jacree
The eternal battle of good against evil continues on as the valiant squire,
Arkan faces off against Jacree of the Dark Knight guild. The battle began in
the middle of Seringale, as Arkan yelled out his challenge. Soon thereafter,
the conflict was initiated by Arkan, the two contestants becoming locked in
a violent struggle. Both were reluctant to flee and decided to stay and slug
it out. Jacree tried to use his spells to his advantage, but they were not
enough to overcome the ranger's brute force. Jacree eventually
succumbed to the beating inflicted on him by Arkan.

Arkan is Victorious
Gannon vs Jonus
Gannon was fighting alone and outnumbered against numerous Knights of
Valour. He was trying to skirmish and fight a running battle so as not to get
ensnared against many enemies at once. Jonus caught him on the road East
of Seringale and pursued him into the Dwarven Mines. Jonus caught him
there without the protection of sanctuary. Jonus' freezing attacks quickly
overcame Gannon and the battle was soon over.
Victory to Jonus

(Continued in blood2)


Ghorvak vs Teshal
Things were quite one late evening in Seringale. They were quiet, that is,
until the ninja Teshal crept unannounced into the town and attempted to
strangle Ghorvak, a peaceful healer, to death. After Teshal failed to crush
Ghorvak's windpipe sufficiently to knock him out, the fight commenced in
earnest. The battled in and out of the alleyways and shops, neither gaining
the advantage. Ghorvak's dispels eventually began to take their toll,
however, and the ninja, sensing immanent death, took to his heels and fled
the town, not to return.

Ghorvak Wins

Etso and Tegul vs Cirrus
While hunting in the Shire one morning, Etso Tegul and Eunshiil were
discomfited to find that the Knight, Cirrus, had awakened. After brief
discussion, they decided to all stay together and fight to defend
themselves, should the need arise. Sure enough, not minutes later, Cirrus
came along the path of the Shire searching for them. He soon found himself
outmatched, and fled back to the Castle of Valour. The three of them
pursued him back to the Castle of Valour. The three of them pursued him
back to Valour, pressing the fight to their advantage. Eunshiil, finding
himself becoming involved in a cabal struggle he wanted no part in, tried to
remove himself from the battle but not soon enough. The battle carried
right into the fleeing ranger, and he was forced into combat as Cirrus was
struck down.

Etso and Tegul are Victorious

Eunshiil vs Etso
Eunshiil feeling responsible for the death of Cirrus he had not wished to be
a part of, Eunshiil felt himself compelled to take revenge in payment. He
challenged Etso to mortal combat and gave him his time to prepare. Etso
was still skirmishing with the various Knights and thus paid no heed to
Eunshiil's warning of the coming challenge. After the necessary time had
elapsed, Eunshiil set out in pursuit of his quarry. After tracking him for
some time, he caught the Shaman at the entrance to Riverwood. Eunshiil's
combat stances allowed him to strike fast and hard against the already
wounded Shaman, finishing him swiftly.

Eunshiil is the Winner

Darvian and Etso vs Navatar
The Knights continued on their crusade against the forces of darkness as
Navatar led them into battle. Navatar had attacked the Justice in Seringale,
before I had arrived to take my notes, and had slain Etso, becoming
bountied. After some swift gathering of equipment, Etso joined the fray
again, followed by Darvian, who was perhaps seeking some of the reward
to be gained for Navatar's death. The combat was fought mainly on the
streets of Seringale. Navatar moved swiftly and fled often, fearing the
blows of Darvian's illusions. He practiced the guerilla type warfare well,
striking hard with his heavenly wrath. Darvian was soon overcome by the
powerful blasts and was slain. Etso continued the fight for a while, but had
nothing to match Navatar's power. He soon saw the hopeless ness of the
fight and fled away.

Victory to Navatar

Darvian vs Navatar
The Knights continued on their crusade against the forces of darkness as
Navatar led them into battle. Navatar had attacked the Justice in Seringale,
before I had arrived to take my notes, and had slain Etso, becoming
bountied. After some swift gathering of equipment, Etso joined the fray
again, followed by Darvian, who was perhaps seeking some of the reward
to be gained for Navatar's death. The combat was fought mainly on the
streets of Seringale. Navatar moved swiftly and fled often, fearing the
blows of Darvian's illusions. He practiced the guerilla type warfare well,
striking hard with his heavenly wrath. Darvian was soon overcome by the
powerful blasts and was slain. Etso continued the fight for a while, but had
nothing to match Navatar's power. He soon saw the hopeless ness of the
fight and fled away.

Eunshiil is the Winner.


5) Serin opinions


What did you think about Xazappith?
There are great people all over the lands of Serin. People who are
deserving, and not. We need to learn to cherish these people, as we are
shown recently that they will not always be with us.

Death is something common to everyone but the renowned and great
immortals. Death comes to all. It is not an end but rather the beginning of
something new. Today our question has to do with death. There was one
who came and went, her name was Xazappith. She was a bard of great
knowledge and deeds.

The question is: "What are your opinions about Xazappith? Aldacer the
healer-As a writer, I respected her work. With what the rumors say, her
morals were lacking, but as a person she was all round good. She bore no
grudges, treated all equal, and never caused any harm.

Grunky-Grunky think Xazappith not be squished so often if take time to
feed Spoon so Spoon become as big as Dinner.'Grunky think Xazappith's
death is lesson to all, feed pets often.
Grunky-Grunky think Xazappith not be squished so often if take time to
feed Spoon so Spoon become as big as Dinner.'Grunky think Xazappith's
death is lesson to all, feed pets often.
Vhrael the invoker-'An unfortunate ending to a short life. She was quite
the entertainer at times. She will be missed.
Saern-Very favourable.
Resatimm-Her soul tastes very very good.
Sichiruk- she was nice
Antinus-'Friendly and lovable
Ragnark-Her caringness, and willing to accept others is what made me fall
in love with her
Wetoa - One of the greatest people to roam the lands of Serin. An honor
to share the air with. But bad taste in pets.
Zanderic-She was a rare flower that would make any cloudy day seem
warm and sunny. She was terrified of storms.

As we have seen, Death can take even the better of us. It comes out of
excessive bad choices, it comes out of chivalry and it comes from doing for
a friend what is needed to be done. Xazappith got herself into the affairs of
other Cabals. She put herself out on the line but suffered the harshness
that others turn their eyes from.

Great people such as Xazappith should be remembered and kept in the
hearts and minds of all true Serins. She had a voice that astonished many
and sparked hope into others. It reminded some of their reason for living,
and it brought comfort to those who were tired. Her voice was and always
will be a rare god-given talent.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams

(Continued in opinions2)


Cabal Opinions

What the Knights think.

Legion- His opinion is that Legion will soon be eradicated from this mortal
realm. They have been weakened to the point of nonexistence. It is his
belief that evil is destined to be eradicated from this world So that it may
become a utopia, free of pain, and free of taint. The extermination of the
legions is the first step.

Warlords- He believes they are honorable men, at least most of them.
Though it grieves him to see them so dedicated to battle with no direction.
Instead of fighting for a goal... a purpose.

Heralds- Very dedicated to the scribing of history, to entertain the
populace. It is a necessary cause, and they do it quite well. Though
sometimes, they meddle in affairs not their own.

Justice- Their purpose is honorable enough, dedication to peace within the
urban Areas. Yet they allow the corrupt shadowspawn into their halls, and
as such corrupts their cabal. Some of their members are more dedicate to
the evil arts, than they are the law.

Walen interviews Executor


At 0100 hrs on the Day of the Moon, 14th of the Month of the Dragon, I
had an interview with Aldacer, and Runath of the Great Knights of Valour.
This meeting took place in the dining room of the Castle. I started the
meeting out by asking Runath what he thought about the Justices, he
simply stated that they got in the way of his cause to purge evil from the
lands. I also asked about the alleged treaty that was supposed to have been
discussed in the Traveler's Rest not so many moons ago. Runath stated that
indeed there was a meeting but that neither Cabal could work out the
details of the treaty. I was told that for a treaty to be worked out with the
Justice Cabal that the Knights would want them to stop accepting evil
doers. I was also told by Aldacer and Runath that this would never be
agreed to on the part of the Justices. When I was told that the Justices
would not agree to such terms I asked Runath where that left the Knights
as far as there cause was concerned. Runath and Aldacer both assured me
that the Knights would fight the cause as it always has been. Now on a
personal note I noticed that Aldacer seems to take much blame on himself
for the treaty failing and for almost giving in to less than appropriate
conditions. To you my friend Adacer I say hold your head high for you tried
what no one else has. You were brave enough to venture forth and try
uniting two very different Cabals. For that you have my utmost respect.
Also I wanted to thank both Adacer and Runath for giving me there
opinions of the Justices without having to sling dirt on others. I leave you
with this although they tried and failed, it was not a failure at all for one
day because of those who venture forth unafraid we shall be a united Serin.


(Continued in opinions3)


What the Justice think.

Grunky- Justice

I believe 'tis best heard in his own words, everyone loves his tongue. Here
Are his views on each cabal.

Legion- Legion try squish Grunky many times, also invade Justice Halls
many times. Grunky know if only wait for attack, Grunky easy target to be
squish, so Grunky fight Legions for self when Grunky see need to. Justice
not have quarrel with Legion, or with Knights. Only some Justice members
attacked by Knights like Etso, and some Justice members attacked by
Legions like Grunky. 'Grunky think, Legions do what Legion do, whether
Grunky like or not like Legion not matter if Legion want squish Grunky.

Knights- Knights try cooperate with Grunky, never try squish Grunky, and
even when Knights are criminal, Knights turn self in to Grunky. Grunky
apprehend many Knights without Knights trying to squish Grunky: Prastin,
Runath, Cirrus... Other Knights too. Runath, Prastin, and Taira who no
longer alive also help Grunky gain ranks in guild, so Grunky happy to travel
with or help those Knights who helped Grunky before. 'Knights turn self in
to Grunky not because try to escape confiscation, but because they not
want squish Grunky, Grunky thinks.

Warlords- Grunky not talk to Warlords much, Warlords not much like
mages. Nychlas made criminal before for attacking Thkot in Fist's town
though, and Nychlas not come to Timaran to meet Grunky and Grunky's
guard when Grunky ask. 'Fist say Grunky can intrude Warlord cabal if
Nychlas refuse meet Grunky, so Grunky did duty, and Nychlas deathmark
Grunky for intrusion. Grunky apprehend Nychlas, then also apprehend
Tolmir who try claim deathmark against Grunky. Finally Taurth come try
squish Grunky, Taurth apprehended but Grunky also squished while
apprehending, so Grunky no longer deathmarked.

Heralds- Heralds like asking Grunky what Grunky think about things, but
Grunky very simple gnome, does duty, feed Dinner, and not think have very
much Grunky can tell Heralds. Grunky not swing big sword like Warlord, or
murder people like Legion, or rescue women from women-eating dragons
like Knights. Grunky sit in Fist's town and watch, mostly. Grunky not think
that make for very exciting Herald story, but Grunky tries answer Herald
questions when asked.

Walen interviews Etso

At 2300 hrs on the Day of Thunder, 3rd of the Month of the Dragon, I
interviewed Etso of the Justice Cabal to try and understand his point of
view on the Knights of Valour. I asked Etso to tell me his thoughts on the
knights and on the so called treaty that was discussed in the Traveler's Rest
not long ago. If you have not heard about this treaty it was supposed to
unite the Knights and Justices in peace. Etso stated to me that the main
reason he despises the Knights is because even though they claim to be
noble the are not. He also said that they are just as blood thirsty as any
other person in the other cabals. Etso stated that even though Gunther was
present in the meeting discussing the treaty that he flagrantly disregarded
what was discussed in the meeting and attacked Etso's sacred halls looking
to kill Etso. He also said that the treaty was ridiculous and that the Knight's
attack his halls unprovoked. It appears to this reporter that the so called
treaty is now dead in its tracks due to the actions of a few.


Walen interviews Xalos

At 0600 on the Day of Thunder, 17th of the Month of the Dragon, I
interviewed Xalos, this interview took place in the Traveler's Rest. I started
out by asking Xalos what it was he thought about the Knights. He told me
that he thought nothing of them. He told me that he thought only of them
as a band of soldiers fighting for a cause in which they believe in. I also
asked Xalos's about the treaty talks, and he responded by saying that he
was not at the talks and has heard nothing of them. When asked how he
felt when one of the Justices who follow the darkness are attacked he
stated that his opinion of the Knight's does not change. He told me and I
quote "I do not see Knights, I see Serins."


(Continued in opinions4)


What Warlords think.

Nychlas- Warlord
He had very little to say about anyone, keeping to himself as to not stir any
antimosity towards the warlords.
Legion- The Dark Army cowers. 'They fear the Knight of Valour when they
should come to stand against them.
Justice- They bask in their greed, slowly being corrupted. He can speak no
words of grace about the Justice. For he despises everything they stand for.
Heralds- He had nothing to say of them.
Knights- Nothing good to say so he didn't wish to say anything.

Walen interviews Eunshiil
At 1900 hrs on the Day of the Great Gods, 5th of the Month of the Dragon I
interviewed Eunshiil of the Warlord Cabal to get his point of view on the
Legion. The very first thing that Eunshiil told me was that he felt that the
Legion was a group that did nothing but defeat themselves. That they have
no means of teamwork and need to work together. Eunshiil stated that the
Legionaire that he has seen the most of is Gannon, and that Gannon feels
as if he can do whatever he wishes. He said that Gannon's actions are
retorted by others that he takes it personally. He went so far as to say that
Gannon whines even. Eunshiil told me that he believes that there would be
more balance in the realms if the Legion were not so freelance with their
stupidity. As for myself I can't wait to hear what the Legion has to say about
the Mighty Warlords.

6) Serins talk back


Serins Talk Back

Jutazz to Knights
Well well, it seems the Knights have once again proved why the laws of
Valour are not really laws at all. Having shed the title of an outlaw, or an
anathema as it may be, I once again returned to Valour to see what laws
governed the city. After some time of quietly and peacefully wandering the
streets, searching for where the laws would be posted. What did I find
instead? Cirrus coming in with his arrows blazing. Attacking Drayskel for
what provocation? Let us not even mention I had wandered Valour for a
while before he left and returned with his beast, never once indicating an
aggressive move, and yet still I was assaulted. And how was I to retaliate
when doing so would again mark me as an enemy of Valour? Ahh, so
perhaps that is the law of Valour? To allow Knights to freely attack those
who wander into Valour without fear of repercussions. And yet I did not
attack back. I showed restraint where Cirrus showed bloodlust. Only after I
informed him of this scroll I would scribe did he halt his assault. Let this day
be remembered. The day a man of the Law walked through Valour and was
greeted by an arrow through his arm. All for taking a step toward
understanding that which you call law.

Jutazz the Justice

*** Readers should know that Jutazz was caught several times causing
violence in Valour. It is for this reason he was hunted *** -Zanderic

Grunky is all Grunky can be.

Runath attack Gannon in Fist's town, and Grunky make criminal. Grunky
ensnare Runath, but Runath somehow break ensnare, and Grunky see:
The tether of the ensnare unravels. Runath then escape, and Grunky
pursue but not find. Runath says to Grunky later that Runath want turn self
in, and Grunky goes to Valour to apprehend. Since turn self in, Grunky let
Runath choose what rares Grunky confiscate, and Grunky confiscate
maximum number by guidelines, including very powerful unique polearm
named Sevokan. Grunky not see any Justices, so Grunky sacrifice to Fist.
Grunky judge Runath to have few brush-ins with law when apprehended.

Grunky want take time to address Justice about recent attacks. Grunky
remind Justice, very many Legions attack Fist's Halls more than once to try
squish Grunky: Kolok, Gannon, Asalius, and Kruankl all multiple times, and
Remmenon and Xanetes once each. Grunky also present when Remmenon,
Gannon, and Asalius take Balance once, when Kolok take Balance once, and
once when Grunky enter Serin and Balance already captured by Legion.
Grunky say this because even after so many times, Grunky not ask Justice
to raid Legion even when invade Halls for Grunky so many times, because
Grunky know this fight for Grunky's self, even when Legions attack Halls.
Maybe sometimes Grunky ask other Justices help Grunky, but only ask as
friends and not ask as Justices. Grunky ask that other Justices also do same
when treat Knights and try not involve Knight or Justice cabals, even when
Justice Halls is intruded.

When Grunky and other Justices hear attack in Fist's town, we ask others
not attack back, only defend or attack outside Fist's town. Grunky think this
is same when other cabals attack Justices, that we not attack other cabals
back but only defend own Justice Halls or fight enemies for self. Grunky
think, not right for Justices to ask those who attacked in Fist's town for
self-control if Justices not show self-control when own Halls attacked.
Grunky think Justices lead by example.

Grunky send this report to Knight and Herald so Knight know what Justice
reply is if Fist allows Grunky speak for Justice, and also so Heralds can
record that Justices not interested in making war.

If Fist not like what Grunky say, Grunky send retraction after Grunky pick
self-up from being squished.


(Continued in talkback2)


Herald view of the situation.

Runath, master Knight of Serin, was not happy at all with the sight of a
Fire giant just making his way casually through town. It sickened him to see
such a legion just waltzing around Serin like it was his. This he could not
tolerate. A change had to be made. With blind, holy rage, Runath attacked
Gannon in town unable to bear his horror. Though he overstepped his
bounds. Grunky was in town and knew the sound of war better than a bard
his own instrument. Instantly Runath was crowned with a wanted post to
be sought after by the protecters of Seringale. Runath ignored the warning
and smote Gannon's chest to the abyss. Only having his head and legs left,
Gannon watched in horror and amusement, knowing Grunky was on his
way. Gannon, not a creature of light was blasted to the dimensions beyond
with holy light. After snapping out of his rage, he realized his error but gave
himself freely in punishment as he felt it was worth the sweeping of filth.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams.

Prastin Talks

Etso was upset that I killed him the other day with Navatar, after Etso had
rudely invaded our Castle. I granted Etso the battle today with the terms
that the battle be far away from our respective cities and allies. Lo and
behold, Xalos came to watch the battle. The battle ended with Etso falling
to my blade. To the victor go the spoils of the battle. As I looted some
things from Etso, Xalos tried to kill me. He then chased me, and I barely
recalled. I had just finished the battle with Etso and was quite exhausted.
Xalos and Etso are cheats and liars. Etso's ally was close to the battle and
then tried to murder me. I call on all Knights to cleanse Serin of the Evil

Xalos Talks Back

Prastin makes wild allegations with his skewed vision of the events. First
off, I am not nor will I ever be a creature of darkness. Secondly, I was not
informed that I was not allowed to be present during the battle. Nor did he
or Etso ask me to depart from the events. I watched the fight mostly from a
distance. I did not wish to be caught in the rage of the ill-mannered Prastin.
Etso did fall to his blade and what I witnessed next was unsettling. To loot a
corpse is one thing. Prastin was attempted to destroy everything there was.
He was placing all his items in his pack and take in handfuls the belongings
of Etso. He calls this getting all and dropping all "looting some things". I call
it dishonoring. He dishonored Etso when he started to sacrifice the
armament. He dishonored me when he took from me. Victor goes the
spoils, apparently.

I attacked Prastin, yes. He fled from me and recalled back to Valour. My
initial attack was the only attack ever made. He can disbelieve me when I
say that I was not going to make a second. I pursued him very little to push
him back from the corpse. Later he would resort to insults and childish
quips. "Look in a mirror" is still something I am not sure about. He stretches
the truth and insults me once more with his scrolls. He brings it into the
eyes of three cabals in attempts to vilify me and use slander to weaken my

Lieutenant Xalos of Justice

7) Who are they?



Who are they?
This is a new segment that will help you, the reader, understand person
behind the articles. This is your chance to get to know each of us in the
most personal ways so that you may better understand our writing.



History of Zanderic-------------Zanderic was orphaned at birth, left in the
cold winter wind... To die, or perhaps she knew the greatness that lay
before him. Either way, it's the only memory that remains about his
parents. As time dwindled on his life, he was spared by a man in dark robes
he came to know as master. He raised him to nurture and increase his
powers until they reached their limits. Of all the things his master taught,
never giving up was what stayed with him. Again, he was left alone at
sixteen to fend for himself... Alone in the wilderness. He continued
surviving in the wilderness until one day he decided to set out on the path
of discovery and adventure. The only thing he has now to remember his
parents are the mark of Zander on his hand and a ruined necklace worn
about his neck. Throughout his life he experienced much abuse in many
ways until the day he met the Heralds. There he learned words to be more
powerful than weapons. He vowed to do good despite all the bad done to
him. It's best described in his own words, "life is short, learn from your
mistakes, teach what you learned, take pride in your students." His hobbies
include smoking his pipe and solving puzzles. He was the one to find
Ronus's treasure room and solved the riddles locked inside it. He takes
pride in his heard and earned his place as High Herald through trust and
hard work. He writes poetry and can sing, kinda. He even wrote a book,
Zanderic's guide to Valour. That is the reason he earned High Herald from
Vanisse. He even earned a few lives from the gods for his work. When
asked what his opinions on the other cabals where, he kept his answer
short as to not stir anger towards his own cabal. That is far from his
intensions. He believes the Knights, Justice, and Legion are in a constant
state of war with each other while the Warlords tend to keep to
themselves. I've learned much from this look into his mind, but that which
will stick with me most is this... "Life is short, learn from your mistakes,
teach what you've learned, take pride in your students.