The Serin Mystique, Volume 3, Issue 5

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 3, Issue 5! This issue brings you
the latest news, noise, and knowledge from the far (and not-so-far) corners
of the realm. Strange happenings, grumblings, legion resurgence, and Shady
Sightings are covered in our news roundup. Several more notable Serins
perished, read about them in Obituaries. If you are bored you can read our
interviews with Thkot and Miryia. Tiessa recounts the history of Txivnezjwo
and this time you're about to be flooded news of battles and secret cabal
gossip! That and plenty more in this Mystique. Enjoy!

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) News Roundup (see news, news2, news 3, news4)
2) Blood and Guts (see blood, guts)
3) The legacy of Runath (see Runath)
4) Serin opinions (see Opinions)
5) Serins talk back (see Talkback, Talkback2)
6) Talks with Serins (see Thkot, Miryia)
7) Patrol Reports (see reports, reports2)
8) Obituaries (see Obituaries, Obituaries2)
9) Advice for young explorers: Potions (see advice, advice2)
10) History of Txivnezjwo (see Txivnezjwo)
11) Fireplace tales (see Beard, Chaos)
12) Poems! Run for the hills! (see Poems)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) News Roundup



The light fades and darkness follows by Zanderic
After the fall of the great warrior and Knight Runath, the Legion has grown
double in strength. With new found power the Legion could once again
return to claim their rights to Serin. I have had the bitter taste of their new
found strength from Thkot. It seems that it has made more than a
formidable opponent out of him. I recall the times when I could beat him,
as long as I was prepared. Now he seemingly has a strong advantage over
me. Their protection proving to be more and more tempting, grows in the
mind of those that fear them. The Legion is like a sickness in so many ways.
Once the Legion infects an area, it spreads and destroys all that are in it's
path. The sickness is growing within the body of Serin, and the only cure is
that of the Knights. Let us just hope that their blades are keen enough to
end the infection, now and forever.

Resurgence of the Legion by Dartheryn

It has not gone unnoticed by many inhabitants of the realms, that the
Legion of Darkness is once again enjoying something of a resurgence. It
now boasts powerful, high profile members who appear to be taking an
active role in upsetting the current balance of power in Serin, which is
currently very much in the hands of the Knights of Valour. With new
members being inducted, and the ability to co-ordinate their appearances
in the Realms, these new Legionnaires once again pose a conceivable threat
to those who refuse to pay for protection.

Navatar, executor of Valour and leader of the Knights Cabal, however, was
unconcerned about this recent revival in both the power and the
membership of the legion, saying "Day after day they are cleansed".

While it certainly seems true at that at the moment the Knights still hold
sway in the battle of Light and Dark, it may not always be so. As Navatar
himself states They are cleansed from the land, and yet another takes their
place. It seems that, by the very nature of their chosen path, these evil
creatures will swarm to the legion. While the Knights strike down
Legionnaires, more will be waiting to take their place, hungry for the power
and protection the Cabal offers.

Navatar confidently states that "The Age of Knights is far from over," and
so it will need to be, if they are to combat what looks like a Cabal preparing
to once again extend its reign of terror over the lands.

I remain your humble servant,


(Continued in news2)



Navatar's final moments by Averis
At the behest of higher powers I have investigated the suicide of Navatar,
these are my findings. Navatar died in a typically "bon-vivant" style attack
on the Dark-knight guild hall in Seringale. In doing so he transgressed the
laws of Vhraels justice. Having being witnessed doing so by the lesser
citizens of Seringale (for whom these laws provide the only scant protection
they have in an otherwise generally hostile world) he, as a result of them
reporting the transgression, rapidly found himself confronted by one of the
keepers of the law : Thremus. Navatar chose to resist arrest and was swiftly
dispatched due to still being war weary from his battle with Tedronaz the
guardian of the dark-knight guild. Following this Navatar compounded his
mortal crimes of the attack and of resisting arrest with the immortal sin of
suicide, apparently too ashamed to live. What follows is unclear but two
things are certain , the gods were angered and Navatar is no-more. It is to
be noted that this report is based upon the testament of JUSTICE and
LEGION and may therefore be colored by their relative perspectives to a
greater or lesser degree. The attempt was made to contact a source from
the castle of Valor for comment however due to being leaderless and
DANGERUSLY thin on the ground, none could be found. Where this leaves
KNIGHT now and what their future holds is a matter for another

The end of Anola's reign by Jastor
At the behest of higher powers I have investigated the suicide of Navatar,
these are my findings. Navatar died in a typically "bon-vivant" style attack
on the Dark-knight guild hall in Seringale. In doing so he transgressed the
laws of Vhraels justice. Having being witnessed doing so by the lesser
citizens of Seringale (for whom these laws provide the only scant protection
they have in an otherwise generally hostile world) he, as a result of them
reporting the transgression, rapidly found himself confronted by one of the
keepers of the law : Thremus. Navatar chose to resist arrest and was swiftly
dispatched due to still being war weary from his battle with Tedronaz the
guardian of the dark-knight guild. Following this Navatar compounded his
mortal crimes of the attack and of resisting arrest with the immortal sin of
suicide, apparently too ashamed to live. What follows is unclear but two
things are certain , the gods were angered and Navatar is no-more. It is to
be noted that this report is based upon the testament of JUSTICE and
LEGION and may therefore be colored by their relative perspectives to a
greater or lesser degree. The attempt was made to contact a source from
the castle of Valor for comment however due to being leaderless and
DANGERUSLY thin on the ground, none could be found. Where this leaves
KNIGHT now and what their future holds is a matter for another

(Continued in news3)

news 3

The end of Anola's reign by Jastor
Tolemis was minding his own business one day as far as shamans go when
some half-elf decided to attempt upon his life. Tolemis would not dare
allow this go unheeded. He thought that gallows hill would be a suitable
place for their purpose. So as our friend anola was on a stroll to see his
descendants at the path of the ancients he was summoned to the hill. He
was only horrified when he found that the gods of Tolemis poured their
malice upon him with maledictions like no one has seen with the amount
few have seen. Tolemis struck hard and completely tore up the poor
warriors body from the inside. Though simply extremities and gut
disembowelment would not take down this warrior. He attempted to flee
for a short rest but was summoned once again by Tolemis' god and this god
did not seem too keen on allowing his stomach a nice dream either. Being
dysenteries, Anola was still on full pride and attacked with abandoned only
to find that harm had come his way and his death point was truly at hand.
However not realizing the futility of everything, Anola came back into the
lovely town of Seringale and fought bravely until sleep and enfeeblement
overcame him. A necromancer had joined in the fray and aided in Anola's
death as they lulled him to sleep and thought to bring him far away from
Seringale west. But his mind realized what was happening and woke too
soon for the Shaman and Necromancer to react and found his home in the
sewers for the time being. The two found him in his sewers but he attacked
and ran north to the path of the ancients once again. The process once
again finds its cycle restarted. Annoyed with all of this futility, the two
decided simply to slay the warrior on sight and leave his corpse as a
reminder. Though they did not wish that his ghost find his belongings and
return once again to annoy them. Thus ended Anola's reign.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams.

Tolemis Revenge by Jastor
On his way to the Emerald Forest, Tolemis took along a Herald to scribe the
events of the upcoming battle. His target was Sephoria for revenge. He
summoned her and she attacked out of fright. After a dysentery and many
harm spells, it all came down to one thing. And that is simple mind power
as they through harm back and forth to Sephoria's unfortunate death.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams.

Wild Gear by Zanderic
With the new introduction of chaotic items to our world, a spark of
curiosity flickered in my mind. Through my deep studies into the new
creations, I have learned many things. The first of which is that these items
can only be used by those who follow the laws of chaos. Unfortunately that
includes those that realize that balance is the true power, such as myself.
However this did not stop me from studying the tools while they lay on the
ground. I even had a friend of mine wield a wild weapon and test it out on
the local Darkhaven guards. It was then when I realized something. The
wild weapons were strong... Very strong. Even though those who follow
chaos will now benefit from both wild armor and wild weapons. It is the
''wild'' damage that is dealt from wild weapons that holds the most
potential. Through much time spent testing out the various weapons, we
realized that when the wielder holds the weapon advantage, he can deal up
to twice the amount of damage. This could prove to be a dire change for
my suggestion would be to always carry one of each weapon with you, so
that you may protect yourself from the ''wild'' damage that may fall upon

(Continued in news4)


The hatred of a shaman by Jastor

Good day good citizens of Serin. I write to inform you of one Deurgar who
went through many holes and fences simply to live by her own standards.
Her thoughts on the knights is that they are filthy and simply wrong. And
her god grinned evilly upon her as he saw her devious plan. He embewed
her with power to slay Laskuda and she did with easy tact as the poor
Knight could not find shelter from her constant rain of slashes. Jermayn was
next on her list as the fire in her eyes was not to be extinguished by one
riddance. Jermayn's side found her sword and in his fright, he ran to his
dwelling in the castle in hopes of shelter. But Celia would not allow this as
she narrowed her eyes and brought down the wrath of her awe-inspiring
god onto the head of poor Jermayn. Her glory ride was not to be
completely halted just yet as it ended in mid-swing on Navatar allowing the
Executor to flee and find his life. But even in the darkest corners she lurks
to find and finish her task for her god, Navatar can only pray that his god
will be kind to him at this time.

Jastor Bandylat, Scriber of Dreams.

2) Blood and Guts



Kamay vs Vartez:
The battle was an unofficial duel held in Seringale. Kamay, a slith warrior,
attacked using a spear and dual-wielded a dagger, while Vartez chose
instead to use a mace and shield. Kamay used hobble to cripple Vartez's
defenses while Vartez repeatedly used wrath. After some time Kamay
began to show the advantage and Vartez fled. During this time Kamay
asked him to submit while Vartez healed himself. Vartez refused, and soon
a long drawn-out battle of Kamay charging Vartez while Vartez fled and
healed himself between battles ensued all across Seringale. Occasionally
Vartez stayed in battle long enough to use wrath. Eventually however,
Kamay expended Vartez's supply of mana and he submitted.
Winner: Kamay

Thkot vs Shilenth, Anarenth and Thremus:
Obviously, this was a rather one-sided battle. The battle occured in
Darkhaven. Shilenth, Anarenth and Thremus waited at the temple until
Thkot foolishly recalled. At this time Thremus and Anarenth began
attacking him. Anarenth used hobble while Thremus merely murdered
Thkot whenever he fled. Instead of running for his life Thkot attempted to
use chain lightning in a pathetic attempt to take out Anarenth and
Thremus, but to no avail. Thkot quickly fell in this battle.
Winner: Shilenth, Anarenth and Thremus

Taurth vs Thremus:
This duel occured in Timaran. The battle began with Thremus attempting
to kick dirt into Taurth's eyes while Taurth used his warlord forms. Quickly
Taurth fell into a berserker rage and Thremus soon fled and used his
berserk skill to regain some health. After that small battles ensued and the
battle quickly turned into a chase across the arena. Even though Thremus
had an abundant supply of purple potions, Taurth soon overpowered him
and defeated Thremus.
Winner: Taurth

Thremus vs Prastin:
This was yet another duel that took place in the Arena. Thremus had just
lost his past three duels against Prastin and was determined to redeem
himself. Thremus began battle dual wielding an axe and dagger while
Prastin wielded Sunfire, the Bladed staff of Enlightenment. Thremus
opened with a dirt kick while Prastin used an overhead crush, which was
largely ineffective. After a few rounds Thremus fled and returned to initiate
combat again. During this skirmish Prastin was sent into his berserker rage
and Thremus's sanctuary faded soon afterwards. Thremus fled to quaff a
purple potion. A chase ensued and Thremus switched weapons to a
blood-filled volgue and entered battle again by charging Prastin. What
happened afterwards was a series of small, bloody skirmishes with each
fighter doing incredible damage. In the end, however, Thremus outlasted
Prastin and won the duel.
Winner: Thremus

Dartheryn vs Txivnezjwo:
Dartheryn was travelling with his group through Drkshtyre when he was
unexpectedly attacked by Txivnezjwo. Dartheryn was completely
unprepared for the attack and was largely unprotected. The shaman was
able to begin the battle by blinding the paladin and gained the upper-hand
immediatly. Dartheryn retaliated, attacking with his polearm, but it was
largely ineffective against the shaman's defensive auras. Even Dartheryn's
wrath seemed ineffective against him. The paladin soon fled, but not after
recieving the curse of blasphemy first, and a chase began across the woods.
The shaman soon caught up with him and the final skirmish was a short
battle where Dartheryn quickly fell against Txivnezjwo.
Winner: Txivnezjwo

(Continued in Guts)


Kamay vs. Anarenth.

On a cold and crisp morning in the town of Timaran, a mighty duel took
place between the Slith warrior Kamay and the Warlord Anarenth. Kamay
used his prehensile tail to flick dirt into the Warlord's eyes who, blinded
and hobbled, was unable to move while Kamay struck him repeatedly.
Anarenth fought back valiantly, despite his disadvantages, but eventually
chose to flee. Kamay followed him through the Arena and initiated what
was to be the final stage of the fight, killing Anarenth with a blow from his
spiked trident. Anarenth fought with honour, and might be a little
aggrieved at how he could seem to land a dirt kick on his opponent.
Winner: Kamay.

Vartez vs. Celia
Vartez the Paladin was travelling in the verdent Drkshtyre forest when,
without warning, the Duergar Shaman Celia summoned Vartez's friend
Shoujin and slew him mercilessly. Vartez, understandably a little perplexed
by this turn of events sought out the Dark Cleric and, calling upon his god,
brought down the Wrath of the heavens upon her. Fearing the worst, Celia
fled the scene. She soon returned, however, and cast her malediction on
Vartez while he rested. Luckily for him, his armor gave him fearsome
resistance to her magic. Vartez leapt to his feet and centered a pillar of fire
upon Celia, blinding her. Celia's luck worsened as her sanctuary wore off.
Making the most of his temporary advantage, Vartez unleashed his Wrath
against the doomed shaman, who soon fell.
Winner: Vartez.

Thelis vs. Klia.
The noble warrior of light, Thelis, was set upon by the Drow Illusioness,
Klia, in Seringale's temple of light. Accompanied by an unnamed
companion, Klia hurled her most powerful enchantments at the Paladin,
but her cowardly friend fled. Thelis, now facing more even odds, called the
wrath of the heavens against Klia. The mage fell in the temple of light, a
victim of Thelis' sword. In interview Klia claimed that it was an unfair fight,
since Thelis' "damn...high ranking... healer friend" helped him. Thelis denies
the involvement of any other party.
Winner: Thelis.

Chlor vs. Zaeothin.
In one of the more unusual matchups in the realms, the Warlord Chlor
challenged the bard Zaoethin to a duel in the Timaran arena. Zaeothin
initiated the proceedings by singing the dreaded 'Devil's Dance'. its sweet
tones caused Chlor to gyrate wildly in the middle of the fight, losing her
concentration. Chlor, however, through sheer strength of will, overcame
the effects long enough to kick dirt into the Halfling's eyes. Zaeothin fled
for his life around the arena. They met again with the bard wielding an
exotic weapon and taking advantage of his uncanny attacks. When his
opponent was weakened, he sang the 'Four seaons' which eventually killed
the valiant Slith.
Winner: Zaeothin.

Orkahn vs. Thremus.
Another chapter has been written in the story of recent hostilities between
the Justices and the Legion. Thremus, a Warrior Justice, found himself in
the unenviable position of being the subject of a Legion contract. Orkahn
the Dark Knight decided to accept the challenge presented, and take on this
mighty warrior. At first it must have seen to the Legionnaire that he had
miscalculated, because Thremus had the upper hand in much of the early
battle. However, Thremus was unfortunate enough to find that his aura of
protection ran out half way through the fight. He attempted to flee, but
Orkahn caught up with him in the town of Liberty. Battle was enjoined with
fury once again, and soon both parties were blinded. Sources say that
Orkahn, having the upper hand called a powerful fireball which ultimately
slew Thremus.
Winner: Orkahn.

3) The legacy of Runath



After the voluntary retirement of Runath from the realms of Serin there
has been a great deal of speculation and conjecture as to the causes and
effects of this event, in this report I Averis Malefact, Slayer of rumor,
Banisher of misinformation shall lay the matter to rest once and for all.

My investigation took the form of interviewing members of the five cabals
to gather their personal perspectives on the subject. Here are my findings.


Vhrael was the first to grant me an audience, although at first he gave me
but brief responses that he "didn't see it" and that I would be better
advised "to ask at the castle". With just a little fine tuning of line of enquiry
I was able to tease the following information from him. "His [Runath's]
presence directly represented a chaotic opposition to the services that
justice provides....... Good riddance" . Having seemingly touched upon a
raw nerve i could not help but to press him further to which I got the
response "Honestly you can take whole lot of KNIGHTS and their foolish
town and toss them into the abyss for all I care" . After exchanging a few
additional fairly benign questions and answers with one another I asked
Vhrael for a closing comment. He said as follows "When the Knights and
their foolish nobles attempt to claim the title 'lawkeepers' within that
backwater town of Valor it is a mockery of everything JUSTICE stands for".


I next, in accord with the advice of Vhrael, decided to interview a member
of the KNIGHT cabal. It took many attempts before one of the denizens of
the castle would submit to be interviewed, however I eventually caught up
with Navatar in the naive of Valours great cathedral. Once again I found my
interviewee to be at first reluctant to speak of the departure of Runath not
for the same reason as Vhrael (enmity) but because he had told the tale
many times before. It was only when I explained that i was writing the
definitive scroll on the subject after which it would be no longer necessary
to answer these questions again that Navatar's tongue was loosened When
I asked how his view of the world has changed as a result of the passing of
Runath Navatar had this to say in response " My work is easy now because
of the legacy that Runath has left me..... Runath put us [KNIGHT] at the
pinnacle..... And I intend to hold the lands as much as he [Runath] did
when asked for a final comment to summise his opinion on the subject he
pronounced "Runath was a true leader, who departed with honor."


So there we have the opinion of a friend and ally who knew him well but
how would an opposite equal evaluate the life and retirement of Runath ?
To find out I tracked down Daritas of WARLORD and discussed the issue
over a cup tea and a warm scone at Serinagle's Echo point cafe [Just south
of the market square] . Daritas was welcoming of a forum within which to
discuss the Retirement of Runath. He had the following to say ".... Feels like
he [Runath] deserted his comrades, he was after all an executioner. As
leader, his leave should only have been caused by final death. He was still
quite the slayer of evil 'tho, but i'm not sure anyone has the right to
retirement. In more carefree times Daritas informed me that Runath and
he would duel for sport , at the time of Runaths retirement the score was
[according to Daritas] 3-1 to him and regretted not being able to give
Runath the opportunity to level the score.


It took much goading to get any kind of response from LEGION. Eventually
Thkot gave me this comment "It was a relief to see the ruffian leave..... The
fortunes of Legion are unaffected by his departure"


Torkalen had this to add to the debate " The loss of a strong leader like
that could turn the balance in favour of LEGION..... Runath was long a thorn
in their side.

One thing is certain he WILL be remembered.

4) Serin opinions


THERAN OPINIONS by Tiessa and Dartheryn

We asked young adventurers for their first impressions of Serin.

They said:

Celevio the Magus:
It's ok I'm a bit overwhelmed I ned to get used to the geography. It is
breathtakingly beautiful."

Fronton Argarius the 3rd Black:
I was impressed at how simple it was to be born into the realms, and I
think that everyone is really helpful. I like the scenery, it's very well done. "

Alex the Burner:
Well, I like the way the world was put together. There are many things that
you can do that interests me."

Meako Esue the Devout:
Well i find this city (Seringale) rather annoying as I cannot find a trainer.
But, on a good aspect it has the potential to be a fest pool of plagues and
sicknesses. So there are some redeeming features of this city. The outside
lands seem to be quite hostile in that they weed out the weak. so all in all it
seem like a pleasant place ripe for the picking."

Bastion the Uncontrolled:
Serin is a land waiting to be dominated. The weather is amiable.

Jounshin Argarius the 3rd Black
Well, I think this is a great place. I think Serin is one of the greatest places I
have visited yet. I like that it is easier to find your way around here than
other places. I have yet to get lost. It is very well drawn out for you in
whichever place you decide to go."

Feyrat the Knifer:
I can't really say at the moment, I'm too new here.

Klia the Wizard:
The scenery is nice, hills are too steep for my liking, but the towns seem
sturdily built. I have found many of the people who are a part of Cabals to
be either lacking in their jobs or poor at doing them. Certain Knights and
Justices. Also many of those who are of the higher ranks in their guildhalls.
There is too much of a focus on who is higher than who in what guild. I
cannot turn around without being insulted because I am not favored by the
Grand Master of illusion. Guild master that is. And the answer to every
reasonable complaint that I present is that I should earn more ranks."

Aeries Flowne the Hired Killer:

Well, it is very ...hmm, interesting. Definitely set in its ways. The traditions
of Serin are very well thought-out ones."
We asked: Why do inexperienced adventurers not make it past the thirty
fifth rank?

They said:

Arahstuff the Melody Maker said:
Well, I would have to say that it is not just one fact that would make them
leave. It is the tough life on these plains that they cannot take, and just give
in to the possibility of just returning to their usual lives.

Tizmul of the Order of the Black Robe was more forthcoming, and said: The
hardships of travel send the weak running. I have seen none of repute hide
at home. It is ineptness that shies them away before reaching their
thirty-fifth rank."

Feyrat the Spy simply said "No".

He was not at all helpful.

Torrenal the Seeker of Cold opined:
I don't think that anything could convince me to leave the life completely. I
then asked 'Why do you think others leave', to which he replied: Possibly
being killed repeatedly by someone without the chance or ability to avenge

'Hmmm I would think because people kill the[m] over and over again, or
they get bored, thats what I think anyways.'

Bokon thought:
Does it have something to do with being slaughtered [b]y more
bloodthirsty, and experienced, members of this land?

Athrin Verom, The Master of the Spirit suggested that it might be because
they are either intimidated by how much work is to be done, and well they
have not the will power".

Juleth the Cavalier of Legion had a different take on the matter, saying:
Considering most cabals consist of the thirtieth or higher rank, perhaps it is
their destiny to join such a party in which failure means their long

5) Serins talk back



Aldacer Talks :I resign
It is with a heavy heart I resign my post as Noble. Through outlandish
decrees by Navatar, I have been told I am not even to engage in combat if I
was attacked first, yet his scorn has also made it clear his disagrees with my
wearing of rares. How, therefore, am I to live? This is asking for cowardice,
pure and simple. Though I love the City of Valour, I cannot sit and flee from
all attacks and not even defend myself. It is cowardice, as I said before. No
one should ask this of another. So, come whatever penalties may, unless I
am allowed to defend myself when I am attacked, repeatedly, I hereby
renounce my cause of Nobility. I could not serve under an Executor who
wishes such as Lord Navatar does. I will still aid any of Valours defenders,
Noble or does. I will still aid any of Valours defenders, Noble or Knight, and
do what I can for the Light if this is not to be changed.

Klia Talks: Of the Knights of Valour
The day started out pretty lonely. There was not much do to and I found
myself waiting in Seringale for someone to appear to speak to. Laskuda, a
Knight of the Order appeared and I was immediately taken with his lovely
tiger. I did nothing but admire him, and I was met with icy insults. I had
accepted that Laskuda was naught but a rude soldier, too overcome by his
faith to see the truth, but I could not get his tiger out of my head. Finally
my dear friend showed her face and I started telling her about the tiger and
how pretty he was. When I had finished she asked me if He was tied up in
pretty pink ribbons as well. I promptly replied that it was a given fact that
Knights do not like pink. She replied "Have you ever asked one? Her
question gave me pause. I had not ever asked one. Luckily for us, we had a
Knight on hand-the same Laskuda. I spoke to him as I would any other,
introducing our discussion and finally asking for his opinion on the matter.
All he had for a reply was insults, he would not answer our 'antics'.
Insulted, but not despairing, we let Laskuda be. Luckily for us, Meriando
appeared-his opinion would settle out dispute. We began the long walk to
Valour to meet him, sending word ahead so that he would not run off on
us, but he decided to come and meet us instead. The question was
presented to him and we received the same insults and a physical attack,
but still no answer. Later, we found ourselves with the Executor himself,
Navatar Wanideus. We had given up hope of getting a response to our
question, but with the Executor before us, we could not help but question
the actions of his comrades. Again, we were met with more insults and
assaults. We were called children throughout the day. Citizens of Serin, we
are scientists. It had been our intention to submit a report on our findings,
for from the results we had started to gather they could have been
startling. Serin, this is the side of your Protectors that you don't get to see.
The Knights of Valour are truly cold, rude, and violent by nature. Beware
next time you walk the streets of Valour.

Wilibald Talks : My Dreadful Hex
Dear Goods, Bads, and Smellys,
Today I would like to inform you that my recent hex has lifted. That is all.
Carry on.

Sheel Talks: Last Stand!
Today on this Day of Deception, 23rd of the Month of the Sun, I Sheel
would like my life know to all. I am here, in your very town awaiting a duel
with Cloise, a great warrior indeed! Though I may fall into an everlasting
sleep my life here has been a great one! Thanks to Miyria for aiding me in
her constant quest to warm my cold heart. My challenger aiding me in her
constant quest to warm my cold heart. My challenger arrives now. Farewell
to all, thank you for your time shared and though my life may end, my spirit
lives on. As Zanderic once told a herald hopeful never give up, those words
are ones for all to live by no matter how hard the journey.

(Continued in talkback2)


THERANS TALK BACK (Continued from BackTalk)

Azerayhna Talks: Torkalen is immortal and appalling.
Torkalen: immortal and absolutely appalling. One fine day my friend, Klia
and I were just finishing up a rather nice discussion with a friendly Herald
when Torkalen decided to float down out of the sky and intrude upon the
peace of my square. He immediately decided to start playing with my friend
One fine day my friend, Klia and I were just finishing up a rather nice
discussion with a friendly Herald when Torkalen decided to float down out
of the sky and intrude upon the peace of my square. He immediately
decided to start playing with my friends ears and continue a conversation
they had obviously started earlier about ear exercises. Despite my
desperate attempts to get him to make sense, they came to no avail and I
had no choice but to label him mad. And if this was not enough to cement
an absolutely delightful first impression of this divine Immortal, he had the
gall to insult my ears. He declared, in the middle of a rather busy square,
that my ears were filthy. Furthermore, he grabbed me by the hair and
shoved my head into a conveniently placed magical spring. Later on, myself
and Klia decided to journey to the Traveler's Rest for a drink, where we
were greeted by his now familiar voice. After seemingly endless taunting
and falsehoods about my personal hygiene, which is something I take great
pride in, he decided to inform me that he didn't wash his hands even after
touching a filthy goat. Upon hearing this I immediately stormed my way to
the nearest fountain and scrubbed every inch of my face and hair. After
this, Klia and I decided to return to Seringale to visit with a new friend
where we were met by none other than a grimy goat. I was simply standing
there, minding my own business when the said goat decided to chew on my
hair. Undoubtedly this was an act dictated by Torkalen in another effort to
upset and degrade me. I find these horrid acts to be degrading for myself
and a horrible reflection on this particular Immortal of Serin.

Torkalen talks back:
True that.

6) Talks with Serins


Dartheryn talks with Thkot:

In return for aiding his release from the Keep of D'al Kaddar, Thkot granted
the Heralds a brief interview, and told a captivating story about a recent
battle. I arrived in the realmth rethently to find that I wath not allowed into
my guild. I wath not allowed in due to an urgent tathk of the Dark Lord. The
Warlordth had taken thomething important to uth, and I needed to get it
back. I athked Nathi to return it, but he refuthed, even thaid he couldn't.

I went to their fortreth to retrieve it mythelf. Nathi thtopped me, but I went
back and forth many timeth, wearing down the thyclopth. Eventually
Taurth arrived. Unaccuthtomed ath I am to violenthe, I wath quickly thlain.
I wath fighting the Thyclopth when Taurth engaged me. I fled into the
fortreth, but I wath badly hurt. Taurth quickly killed me there.

I found mythelf in my temple, with Nathi waiting, but I wath a ghotht. All of
my thingth were inacthethible within the fortreth. But I felt compelled to
continue. I had to go back. I really wanted that thkull. It'th the motht
beautiful thkull. Have you ever theen it? It'th amathing. It'th made of
crythtal and filled with dark red blood. Thometimeth, when I don't have
other dutieth, I thit and look at it for hourth.

I picked up a chieftan'th ththeptre and went back. They weren't
ekthpecting thith, tho they were thlow to arrive. I finithed off the
thyclopth. I retrieved that thkull, that beautiful, prethiouth thkull. That
thkull that thowerth me with countleth other thkullth. Nathi attacked me
even before I left the fortreth. Then he retreated to the bridge thouth of
Timaran. Together He and Taurth fought me though I tried to get patht.
Taurth dealt the final blow.

The thkull wath lotht again. A thecond death, and no beautiful thkull. It
wath terrible for me, but more terrible for Taurth. Interethtingly, not long
after he made himthelf an enemy of the Dark Lord in thith way, he died
hith final death. A thtrange thing happened to Nathi ath well. Not long after
thith inthident, he mythteriouthly dithappeared. The nektht anyone thaw
of him wath hith ghotht. Nobody knowth where he went or how he died. It
doethn't pay to make onethelf an enemy of the Dark Lord."

I hope you'll agree, it makes an interesting read, if one can get past the
idiosyncrasies of pronunciation.

(Read a talk with Miryia)


Torkalen speaks with Miryia, noble of Valour:

Me: First, you can say your name and your station in life.
Miryia says 'I am Miryia a healer'
Me: Also a Noblewoman of Valour, I believe?
Miryia says 'The only noblewoman if I am not mistaken.'
Me: What does one have to accomoplish to become a noblewomen?
Miryia says 'You must give up a lust for blood.'
Miryia says 'And I had to withstand questioning from Runath.'
Me: Is that all?
Miryia says 'Although that no longer applies.'
Me: Endure Runath and no lusting for blood.
Miryia says 'He was well schooled in history. One of your own at one point
as I understand.'
Me: The only noblewomen you said?'
Me: It that because females are not welcome as Nobles?
Miryia says 'No.'
Miryia says 'I am simply the only one to be interested.'
Miryia says 'And I begin to understand why.'
Me: Did you slip in through the door because you look like a male dwarf?'
Miryia says 'No.'
Me: Perhaps they did not notice you were female until it was too late?
Miryia says 'Do not insult me again.'
Me: All that facial hair.
Me: Oh, I see. You did not know.
Me: No offence intended.
Me: Truths are never easy.
Me: What do you think of Nobles also becoming Heralds?
Me: Such as Aldacer seeks to do.
Miryia says 'I was not aware that was possible.'
Miryia says 'To live both in Timaran and Valour.'
Me: Meriando has given his concent to Aldacer moving from Valour into
Miryia says 'Hm.'
Miryia says 'That is interesting.'
Me: Not very well informed then.
Miryia says 'The men don't tell me much.'
Me: Not since they discovered that you are actually female?
Miryia says 'I have warned you not to insult me.'
Miryia says 'I am doing you a favor.'
Me: How do you answer the charge that all nobles are good for nothing
Miryia says 'How do I answer the charge?'
Miryia says 'I ask the person who raised it to watch us when the knights
are about.'
Miryia says 'They are demanding.'
Me: How so?
Me: They expect you to clean the stallions and their boots?
Miryia says 'I am a noble, I don't do dirty work.'
Me: 'So, what do you do?'
Miryia says 'I do what I can for them.'
*We are interrupted by Senar who attempted to steal from Miryia in the
North square despite the Justice Thremus standing by. One dead thief later,
we resume*
Me: 'Speaking of Knights, what is your opinion of the current batch?'
Miryia says 'Jermayn does well enough. '
Miryia says 'And he is polite too.'
Me: He has leadership qualities?
Miryia says 'The most noble of the lot if you ask me.'
Me: So you believe he would be better as a peaceful Noble rather that a
Me: Is that because of his complete lack of fighting ability?
Miryia says 'Not so.'
Miryia says 'You are misinterpreting me.'
Me: One last question.
Me: Persuming a legion of darkness still actually exists.
Miryia says 'They try. '
Me: Runath had declared total victory against the darkness just before his
Miryia says 'I have only died to them through inattentiveness on my own
Me: So the feared Legion is only a threat to a peaceful Noble when she is
*She agreed*

7) Patrol Reports


Our spies risk their very lives to bring you first hand news of the Cabals.

Report from Thkot:
Nychlas killed me. I killed him. Nothing else to report.
Report from Rolf:
Carried out contract on Ghorvak. Made him think he was winning by
conserving heals. With Vaargus, that's two dwarf healers down. Dwarfs
really get me mad. I don't know why, but I just hate goddamn dwarfs.
Report from Thkot:
I followed Jermayn into the castle two days ago. I died confined. The next
day Arahtuff generously funded my re-equipping. Today I collected a
contract on Sodoz and am well equipped again.
Report from Rolf:
Killed Chlor today for not paying protection. Warlord reject. I feel really
guilty. Heehee.

Report from Xalos:
Jermayn attacks Rolf within the city, a foolish endeavor. He is wanted.
Ensnared. Tracked. Ensnared again and slain in Haon Dor by my volley of
javelins. Great mercy was shown to one who has had a few brush-ins with
the law. I granted him all of his belongings. Justice has been served.
Report from Grimp:
This patrol started with flagging Merlena for attacking in town. I had the
guard engage her and she ran. I followed her through drkshtyre to the
hartel road and all the way to the illusionary isles. There my feet gave out
on me and she departed. Then I returned to town and Vandrez' pet
attacked Giune. I marked Vandrez and he turned himself in, so I was lenient
with his punishment. I asked Rolf to help me gain a belt of invokation and
he agreed to help. While we were killing Gorylon I noticed Dharza on his
way toward us. I proceeded to run like an elven school girl and recaled the
moment I could. Later my suspicions were confirmed as Rolf invaded the
cabal while Dharza sat right outside. I rebuffed Rolf many times but each
time he wore the guardian down a little. Finally the guardian was nearly
dead, and I had landed a few hellstreams on Rolf. He was a couple of
hellstreams away from death and when he fled he fled into the cabal, not
out of it. I chased him and confined him. It was at this point that Dharza ran
into the cabal and teamed up with Rolf. Together they overpowered me
and proceeded to pick apart my corpse and belongings while I was
scrambling back from the temple. From now on I am going to hug Dagnir
like no one's hugged Dagnir before. At least my death prevented them from
taking our power. When I died they gave up their attempt at taking the
Report from Craman:
All four were marked for a mass melee in town. Braug and Lesheenv
turned themselves in and the other two were killed in other ways while I
dealt with the others. All had done a good job of observing the laws, so no
items were taken. I received word that Kionis participated in this brawl as
well, but I had no evidence to use to flag him.

(Continued in reports2)



Report from Kelek:
When I entered the realms I was almost immediately attacked by Rolf.
Soon after Txivnezjwo joined the battle and I was forced to flee, as Rolf has four
ranks on me and I would have had to wait out a mistake out of him to
defeat him. Rolf left the realms and I was left alone to face Txivnezjwo, I
assured him that he would be shown no mercy to what he replied
something that would come out of the mouth of a newborn... We fought
for a while and I could clearly see he was not nearly as talented as Rolf or
myself, he kept running to heal and I waited in Valour and he would again
attack the Holy Knight, and again I would initiate. Eventually I realized it
would just involve him running from the realms, and I had other business to
attend to anyway. Had I stayed and continued he would have left... In any
case he will be slain by my hand at a later time.

Report from Prastin:

As I do almost every time now when I enter Serin, I captured the Legion
item and sat on it. Oegil entered Serin. I attacked his guild and for the
second straight time, he fled Serin without facing me even a little bit. I sit
here, ever waiting... To smash things. Orrog the fire giant warrior entered
Serin and he too ran from me and fled Serin. Am I that ugly?

Report from Jermayn:

Today's patrol was quiet, allowing me to replenish my supplies, as well as
assist Dorimos and Ardantor in ranking. Vandrez a holy shaman had no wish
to engage us, and quietly kept to himself. He left the realms after a short
time, causing no trouble, to my knowledge, anyways.

8) Obituaries


Obituaries 1
Lately there have been many deaths and many suicides unfortunately. The
realms of Serin have been quite oppressive on some and some of could not
find in them the means to hold on to life. Shadok was one of these. Friend
to many and enemy to many as well. He made his impression on Serin and
we remember him still. He had an ambition for life which few find in the
demanding life that is us. His potential was over the top in that he could
have become the best of combatants. However, his decision could be
swayed by no one and he no longer finds the soil of Serin to be his

Runath is person whom everyone who has been privy to our realms within
the last year has known and either loved or hated. His justice in the realms
was always quick and succinct. He never doubted what was right and what
was wrong though it cost him his life at times. He found powerful friends
and enemies. He rose to the top of our Serin Knights and commanded
with power and authority that few can wield with precision and justice. He
was the Executor of Valour, a postion envied by all but most certainly could
not be taken by most. His prowess in battle and strength of mind could not
be denied and brought him to the top and led him and the Knights to a
powerful hold over the evil that taints our lands that we call the Legion. His
departure will be and is mourned. Thankful we are that Serin has blessed
us with his presence.

Along with Runath in these realms that we call Serin, there is another who
holds a face that is to be tattooed into our lives as well. His name is
Laskuda. He was a knight along with Runath and found the top as well.
However, his strength remained in battle as he could not find the power in
him to command the highest power of the Knights. His mettle and strength
in battle could be doubted by no one as he brought to evil the raw edge of
a glorified blade. Cutting at the throat of what could be a horrible taint,
Laskuda became the feared knight with the helmet of justice that once
again balanced the odds of battle even when there seemed to be no hope
for the Knights. In heaven he will be an he will remained loved forever.

(Continued in obituaries2)


Obituaries 2
The last of our Knights to pass to the abyss was Navatar. He was more of a
mix between Laskuda and Runath than most else. He had his time as the
Executor of Valour after Runath's departure. He also had a chance to
become Executor before Runath but he hadn't the time right then and so
he conceded it to Runath. His passion for light and lust for the blood of the
Legion carried him far. His zeal for what was good and his hope for light to
shine was what separated him from most others in Serin. The gods were
right in raising this one to the pulpit of the Wielders of Truth. Forever and a
day will this one have his name on the hearts of all that care for the young,
needy and light.

One no longer hears the cool and crisp crunch of the leaves when they
strain their necks to listen to the soft footsteps of Cirrus the Ranger. His
sword, the protector of nature, brought justice to the dishonorable. It
brought hope to those with honor as their core of existence. The birds
would sing and the trees dance at the passing of this lad that knew honor
as the only way of life. The mystic powers of the lands were not welcomed
by him. Power of brute strength and trust in the land around him carried
him through a life where fear was not an option. If courage was a god, in
him would Cirrus rest.

As fires blaze high in the air, Smoke sways and flowed through his hair.
Branches fell and crashed to the floor, Leaves disintegrated creating ashes
galore. Red was all that could be seen, Delaying only when power
convened. Lightning blasted through the trees, Lighting up the gory scene.
Though fear would enter every man's soul, There is one who's endeavors
were bold. Fire fought fire as his eyes halted death's advice. His hand of
strength determined the roll of the dice. His form was all that would be
discerned, Charging out as creation returned.

9) Advice for young explorers: Potions


Advice to the Young Adventurer: Important Potions

Too often the young adventurer is seen charging into battle without any
form of preparation whatsoever. He then wonders why he was defeated so
quickly. How different the battle would've been had he only brought a
small supply of purple potions with him, or a potion of recall to quickly
retreat when he realizes the battle is hopeless.

Potions are vital to any class as they grant magical abilities the adventurer
would've otherwise not had. Keeping a good stock of all the important
potions is vital to winning any battle.

Remember that potions must be quaffed to be used. They cannot be
quaffed in battle unless they are being physically held.

Purple Potions
These are perhaps the most vital potions in Serin. It cannot be stressed
how important it is to have plenty of purple potions stocked before trying
to battle another adventurer! Purple potions grant sanctuary for a short
period of time, reducing the amount of damage one takes in half. This will
turn damage that may otherwise mutilate or maim into mere wounds. They
can also be used while blinded, so long as they are kept in the inventory
rather than in a sack. Be sure to keep an eye on how many you have, as
they tend to evaporate quickly.

There are two major places to gain purple potions. The most common is in
the mines of Moria. Head to the crossroads east of Seringale and then head
north to reach these mines. They are held by the large hobgoblins, and
there are two of them. Also they can be found in the mists north of Valour,
carried by two masses of tentacles.

Gyvel Potions
Anyone who has been blinded by a shaman knows that it is a practically a
death sentence. That's why one must always carry gyvel potions in their
inventory. These potions will cure magical forms of blindness, but cannot
cure blindness caused by dirt kicking or a paladin's flame strike. It's
important to remember to keep at least one of these in your inventory as
you can't find them in your sack while blinded.

Gyvel potions can be created in the plains north of Seringale. First one
must find the gyvel herb near the hermit's hut. Take that and bring it to
Aruncus the druid. He will offer to make you a potion with it for some gold.
For the maximum strength potion one must give him 1000 gold. This will
cure even the strongest forms of blindness.

Clear Potions
When dealing with mages, ninjas and the like, it's important to be able to
see them when they go invisible. Otherwise it becomes too easy for them
to sneak up on you or escape combat. This is why it's so important to carry
at least a few clear potions. These potions allow you to detect invisible
objects for a decent duration of time.

Clear potions can be found from Shudde-M'elle, who lives in an old cave
accessible from an altar in the plains north of Seringale. They can also be
obtained from one of the tentacles in the mists north of Valour.

Potions of Recall
Potions of recall range in quality from the minor potion of recall for 50 gold
to the perfect potion of recall for 3000 gold. The difference is that an
adventurer of a high rank will gain nothing from the weaker potions.
However, at the low ranks it is wise to save your gold by purchasing the
potion that suits your rank. Potions of recall will instantly take you back to
your hometown's temple, unless you are cursed. This is an excellent way to
escape from a dangerous battle or simply to find your way back to town if
you are lost.

These potions can all be purchased from the potion shop in Seringale, just
west of Market Square.

Potions of Monster Resistance/Repulsion
These potions are much like the purple potions but with one major
difference. They do nothing against fellow adventurers or their pets. Which
means they will do nothing to keep you alive in a dramatic battle. Rather,
they are designed for ranking and gaining equipment. They grant a
different form of sanctuary that works only against uncharmed creatures. It
also lasts significantly longer than the purple potions and don't evaporate
as quickly. The potions of monster resistance work only up to the 36th rank
while the potions of monster repulsion work up to all but the highest ranks.

These potions can be purchased in the potion shop in Timaran, on the
pathway of magic in the western part of town.

(Continued in advice2)


Potions of Flight
Flight is an important part of combat, particularly for mages. It makes it
impossible to be tripped, harder to have dirt kicked in your eyes, and makes
it much easier on the feet to travel across the lands. However, it also makes
it harder to trip or kick dirt in the eyes of your opponent. If one wishes
flight in combat their best option is the scrolls of flight available in
Seringale. However, if that is not possible they will have to either buy a
potion of flight or a misty air potion. These potions are both expensive. The
misty air potion is somewhat less expensive and can be purchased at a
lower rank, but grants a shorter duration of flight. The potion of flight is
very expensive and one must be very high ranked to purchase one, but they
also last a long time.

The misty air potion can be bought in the potion shop in Darkhaven. The
potion of flight can be purchased from the alchemist in Liberty.

Magic Dust and Purple Spotted Pills
These aren't really potions at all, but were included because of their
importance. They are pills instead, and like potions, can be used by anyone
and must be eaten. Remember that you can't eat a pill if full.

Magic dust does the same thing as the clear potions, though it doesn't last
as long. Many people prefer magic dust, however, as it will never evaporate
like the clear potions do. Magic dust can be found on the eddies and dust
clouds in the elemental canyon.

Purple spotted pills are a risky way to escape from combat and is best used
as a last resort. If eaten they will poison you and teleport you randomly
across the realms. This is wonderful for escaping combat, but there is
always the chance that you will be teleported straight into the den of a
powerful, aggressive creature! Still, if you cannot recall and you know you
will be defeated, a purple spotted pill is your best chance.

So venture forth young adventurers and prepare yourself for combat with
your new knowledge of where to find all the most powerful potions in

*signed with an extravagant flourish*

Tiessa, the Mistress of History

10) History of Txivnezjwo


History Of Txivnezjwo

Txivnezjwo, despite having the most difficult to pronounce name in Serin
has an interesting life story. Life, however, may be the wrong word to use
He isn't necessarily alive, and he isn't necessarily one person. Rather, he is
ten people, brought back from the dead into one single form. And that
form has gone by the name Txivnezjwo.

As he put it himself, there were ten bodies buried under ten different
gravestones in the graveyard south of Timaran. They have horrible stories,
all of them. Their regret is simply that they died, and they all had unfinished
business in life. This is what pulled them together in communion. What
kind of dark magic made this possible is unknown, but it is clear that these
people had strong ties attaching them to the world of the living that kept
them from accepting the netherworlds. This, apparently, is what formed

The names of the bodies that formed Txivnezjwo were Tiller, Xeo, Ike,
Vespa, "Never-ending", Edric, Zora, Jasmine, "Warrior" and Olivia. Never-
ending and Warrior were not really names though. All Txivnezjwo saw on
their gravestones were "Never-ending love for his Kingdom" and "Warrior in
life, Warrior in death", and thus warrior and never-ending became their
names. Soon after he was formed Txivnezjwo went into a fit and crushed
the gravestones. As such, they no longer exist, making it impossible to
verify if these persons ever even really existed. It was after Txivnezjwo saw
his reflection in a shard of broken glass that he spoke his name,
'Txivnezjwo' a combination of the names of all the different bodies that
formed him.

It is because there are ten different souls inside of one body that
Txivnezjwo has so much trouble speaking. Whenever he opens his mouth
he has ten people trying to speak at once. And actually, there are moments
when he is able to speak with perfect clarity. This is also why he acts so
strangely at times, with ten people controlling one body he tends to move
oddly. There is little known about each of the ten souls inside of him except
for Tiller. Tiller was a shaman in life. He also seems to have the most
control over Txinezjwo, which is why he is able to follow the path of a
shaman. It is Tiller that allows him to shout his warcries and commune, and
during these times Tiller is in complete control over the body, allowing him
to speak clearly. Nothing is really known about the others, except that
many of them were killers.

Txivnezjwo was formed by bodies that had regrets in life and regretted
death, and he acts to try to get them to understand their regrets. This is
one of the reasons he kills so much, as he says "Their regrets must be given
them were killers in life Txivnezjwo that he "intends on testing their power,
for that is the only way they can all begin to see and understand the
process of death". He also claims that he hates Justices, that he sees most
of them as hypocrites because they take so much life to begin with. Some
of these reasons are difficult to grasp, but none the less are extremely
important to him.

Finally, on an interesting sidenote, Txivnezjwo's pet snail, Squwee, was
found on one of the gravestones before it was smashed. He claims that
Squwee was his companion in death, eating the grave-rot from the
gravestones, and they continue to be friends in undeath.

The story of Txivnezjwo is an interesting one. When one hears it they must
wonder if it is completely true, as it sounds almost unbelievable. Certainly
his looks back his story up, he is clearly not a normal human. Could it be
possibly that ten bodies were brought back to life into one form to avenge
their regrets in life? Much stranger things have happened in Serin.

*signed extravagantly*
Tiessa the Mistress Chronicler, Chronicler of Heralds

11) Fireplace tales


Zanderic's Guide to a Perfect Beard.

The first thing you need to understand when grooming your beard is that,
your beard reflects the man behind it. A dirty beard is a sign of a dirty man.
I know every man wants a good strong beard that will make the ladies flock
to them like Torkalen to a goat, but not all of us can. If you want to impress
the ladies, just listen to me and soon enough you will have a beard you can
be proud of.

The first step to getting a great beard is growing one. Us gnomes begin
growing ours only a few days after birth, but I know that there are some
dwarves and perhaps even some elves out their looking for some advice. So
if you want to increase the length of your beard, a weekly trimming will
help lengthen and strengthen. If your beard is too short or nothing but
peach fuzz, then perhaps you should try my secret family recipe for beard

- 1 bottle of whiskey
- 1 oz of spriggan blood
- 1 pinch of dust from the elemental canyon
- 1 tail of a squirrel

First you mix the Spriggan blood with the dust from the elemental canyon.
This will create a paste. Remove all the hair from the tail of the squirrel and
past it to your face with the mix you made earlier. The paste may burn, but
that is telling you it is working. Drink the bottle of whiskey to relieve the
pain. When you wake up the next morning the fur will be securely stuck to
your face.

Once you have a respectable length for your beard, the next thing you have
to worry about is cleanliness. If you are one of those honorable men with
lengthy beards you will need to comb and groom it every day. Trust me on
this one. There is nothing more painful than a beard with knots in it. A daily
washing will keep all the bugs and dirt from building up. And if you are a
festive man like myself you don't want that after ale smell on your face.

The last and possible most important aspect of proper beard upkeep is
style. Once your beard grows to be as respectable as mine, you have no
choice but to braid it so to prevent it from dragging on the ground. If you
like a good ribbon or perhaps some shiny beads can really bring the shine
out in your beard. It is important to mix and match colors and styles,
appropriate with your current attire. I like to use either mithril or blue
sapphire ribbon to emphasize my eyes bluish grayish eyes. In addition to
the style, braiding adds allot of strength to your beard. Anyone who has
young ones and a beard can tell you how important it is to have a good
strong beard.

A great beard can be the ultimate emphasis to your personality. If you are
going to grow a beard, do it right. Always remember that your beard
reflects the man behind it.

(Read about Chaos in Clover)


Clover - A Village Under Seige
The massacre in Clover continued today with the deaths of 12 more
farmers, bringing the death toll since the attacks began to 1,827. It is still
unknown why the village of Clover remains such a high target for repeated
attacks. Many villagers, tired of being repeatedly decimated, maimed and
devastated are packing up their bags and leaving. Said one farmer "I was
just whistling happily away one day when suddenly a pack of fighters
entered town and just started ripping people to shreds. It was terrible. Can
you imagine watching your best friends being disemboweled and mutilated
like that, day after day?"

Still, not all villages are leaving. When asked, Mr. Griff stated that "I run
the most successful duck shop in Serin. And my sacks are the most popular
around. I just can't up and abandon my shop like this." When asked how he
has survived this long he said "I just pretend like I'm dead and let them take
all my gold. I always feel stupid about selling them any ducks in the first
place after that." This seems to be a common tactic. Jim, a young man at
the entrance of the town said "I've almost been killed a few hundred times,
but I just try to be wistful about the whole thing. I may be blind in one eye
from repeatedly having dirt kicked at me. I may have had a limb or two
dismembered, but it's important to keep a positive attitude." The attackers
seem to have no real goal in their massacres. They don't belong to any
organization and many have never killed before in their life, save a few
goblins. They always come in groups of three for some unknown reason.
When asked about any common traits the attackers have, one farmer
reported "Usually, I don't see anything special about them." Most carry
curved long swords, jagged daggers and crude scepters of some sort. Once
their bloodlust is quenched in the village, most journey south to continue
their massacre in the forest.

But the villagers aren't just standing by idly. Several years back the villagers
captured a rare mountain boogum and chained him up outside the village
to ward off potential attacks. One farmer reported "Every now and then he
seems to get one of them. But usually they just find a way around,
somehow. That or they just cleave their way through him." Other than that
no actions have been taken to prevent future attacks on the village.

12) Poems! Run for the hills!


The Passing of Innocence by Guthfar, the humbled thief

To love, to life, a young ranger's heart
the thought, the mind, at barely a start

A girl, a child, so carefree in ways
Her joy, her laughter, filled up her days

Her pen, her quill, both kept for her own
Her thoughts, the scrolls, came seldom alone

This life, this love, over shadow cast
Her joy, her laugh, they were not to last

The battle, the blood, to them she was drawn
The fight, the war, she became their pawn

Her quill, her joy, she left them to lie
Her thoughts, her love, she left them to die
And thus passes innocence, and another friend to the sword.