The Serin Mystique, Volume 3, Issue 6

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 3, Issue 6!

This issue brings you the latest news, noise, and knowledge from the
far and wandering corners of the realm: A veritable sampler of
current events, the latest dead people, gory skirmishes, verbal
banter and more await your personal perusal between these delicious
leathery covers!

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Current Events (see Events)
2) Obituaries (see Obituaries)
3) One's Word on Honor (see Honor)
4) Blood and Guts (see Battles, Battles2, Battles3)
5) Serin Opinions (see Opinions, Opinions2)
6) Who are they? (see History, History2)
7) An excerpt from a Diary (see Diary)
8) Poems! Run for the hills! (see Poems, Poems2)
9) Holiday Festivities (see Holiday)
10) On Wild Weaponry (see Wild)
11) A Wintery Escapade (see Escapade)
12) Note to Dulor, if you get it (see Note)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Current Events



Current Events - Vanisse
Is Legion making a comeback?

It's hard to tell. There are so very few of them, and yet the existing
members (notably Vandrez and Rolf) are doing quite a good job at
pestering, if not terrifying, the Serin populace.

Whether this will have any terrorizing effect, though, remains to be seen.
Despite being slain twice, our own Averis refused to cede to their offers of
protection. Neither did Myiisla, but as Torkalen put it "because monks
aren't very important in the modern day." Or something like that.

What's worse is that Jermayn and Grimp both have strengthened their
resolve in protecting the un-Legion citizens of Serin- Jermayn gave his
word to help any Herald that was accosted by Legion, and Grimp reassured
Myiisla as she sat shouting in her guild, "Fear not, the Law asks no
recompense for protection."

I think perhaps it may be a teensy weensy bit difficult to gain someone's
trust if you've just mashed their face into the dirt or cobblestones several
times, but then again that's just me.

It would be dreadful if they went around with begging bowls or
panhandled like us starving artists, and I've heard Dread is the type of look
they're going for, but so far it's not really caught on...

Anyone else got any tips?

2) Obituaries



We gather today to express our thanks and our sorrow to one who has
guided our realms for years on end. He had slowly risen to the top through
pain and toil. He has been a beacon of justice to those who walked the
lands of Valour. He showed the Army of Darkness something that few
people have been able to show them the sword. The courage of Meriando
is one that spreads like fire to the ends of our knightly Cabal. To those who
loved him, he was Meriando the Just. To those who hated him, he was
Meriando the Executioner.


In our recent time, one stone giant has risen above all other giants. His
claim to victory exceeds that of any other in the cabal we know today as
the Warlords. He was the Leader of the Warlords. His most High Perennial
Rampage and Battle Leader of the Warlords stood firm in rock and soil to
show Serin that living for honor is what life truly is about. It is the principle
to which Serin should be founded. His strong arms bordered Atlas as he
held not only his beloved Cabal but he also held the strength we know
today in example by word and deed. No truer can be said about him. Serin
bows in honorary trembling to revere the Giant formed of Stone.


The warlord to rise along with the magnificent Taurth, the feet to crush the
heads of dishonor and the strength to stand for neutrality belongs to few
other than this one ordinary human that gave a not so ordinary stride to
become a Ranger that not only the forests found affinity with. The
steadfast pillar of neutrality and strength. To the heavens we relinquish this
power that we do not deserve.

3) One's Word on Honor



My Word On Honor - Guthfar
It may seem strange to some that one of the thief guild comes to speak of
something that is opposed to nearly every view held by his guild. But I have
come to an understanding that honor plays a role in the lives of every soul
that walks this earth.

I had first become curious about honor awhile back when there was a rift
between Warlords and Knights over who truly had "Honor" in combat and
their lives. Some Warlords were accusing Knights of butchery of unarmed
and defenseless beings in their crusade against all the forces of evil. The
Knights replied saying the Warlords did not live out their honor, but rather
hid from it in their combat. I was very confused by all of these verbal
attacks and counterattacks, so I decided at that point to try to find out
what I could for myself.

What exactly is this "Honor"? How could two opposing views claim to hold
this same thing in highest regard and yet be in such bitter disagreement? I
had already formed something of an impression in my mind, but I decided
to ask around, and see if some of the populace had the same thoughts.
Here are some of the answers I received:

Tolmir: "It is something that resides in one. It defines for that person what
is right and what is wrong, and determines their actions. It drives me to
battle, to fair and equal battles. It makes me take up challenges, make
promises that I must keep. It makes me stand for those who are weak. It
drives me in all I do. It tells me that nothing should be gained in an unfair

Gygh: "Fighting fair. Fighting with integrity, even when it would be much
easier to do otherwise. I can't really think of anyone I know well enough
that really personifies it."

Laskuda: "Keeping to your word. Standing true to your beliefs. Respecting
all that is deserving of respect. As a Knight, I must not be swayed by evil,
standing beside my brothers, avoiding acting in ways of disgrace, especially
if a battle is to ensue."

So now I do see a common thread among these opinions, and one that I
suspected from the start. Each of these people has their own slightly
different version of honor, and I'm sure if I had bothered to put down some
more opinions, the pattern would have continued. The best that I can make
of it is that honor takes no specific overall role for all people, rather each
person views it in a different light. Warlords fight for honor in combat, the
fair fight, and the glory that comes from courageous action. Knights hold
honor in protecting the weak, being righteous by their code, and by seeking
to eliminate all that they see as evil. Legion honor power, and the gaining
of mastery over all life to do with it as they see fit. The Justices hold the law
in highest honor, seeing it as the greatest gift from the gods, thus spending
their lives in service to it.

Now if all of these hold their own types of honor, you would say, why then
is there this conflict over whose honor is greater, or higher? I think that the
misunderstanding comes from these same differences of view. How can we
argue about who has greater honor when we each have a different set of
morals and values? We cannot, and it does not make any sense to fight
over it. I know that many of you have grown weary of reading at this point,
and so I will lay down my pen, and let you realize your own definition of
honor from here. Some of you may ask what my definition of honor is? To
find that out you'll have to come ask me yourself.

4) Blood and Guts



Battles - Vanisse, Fenix
Ghorvak vs. Morfus, Istorvir
Repetitive skirmishing about Seringale, with Morfus eventually chasing
Ghorvak out of town. The healer returns for more punishment, but nothing
is concluded. Morfus resorts to insulting him as nothing else seems to
accomplish anything.
Inconclusive battle.

Chlor vs. Istorvir

Chlor, bystander in the previous battle, gets set upon by the devious ninja.
Istorvir quickly gains the upper hand and chases her about the realms.
Rather than stand and finish the battle, Chlor departs.
Istorvir wins, in a way.

Asyu vs. Merr

A short battle with Asyu as the aggressor.
Asyu wins!

Rolf vs. Niquaen

Niquaen attacked first after a comment was made by Rolf.
Rolf is the winner.

Rolf vs. Ghanon

Rolf attacked Ghanon after Ghanon said he did not wish to hunt with him,
lots of hit and run fighting.
Winner: Rolf

Asyu vs. Avoro

Avoro attacked Asyu without a challenge and still lost badly.
Winner Asyu.

Avoro vs. Veeraza

Avoro once again did not challenge and even attacked the ninja's guild.
Winner Veeraza.

Kagres vs. Brakattak

Kagres attacked using a purple potion, then used a two-handed sword
while Brakattak used an axe and shield, killing him and taking everything.
Winner Brakattak.

Rolf vs. Cloise

Rolf attacked, found that the light was too strong, and fled. After a long
hunt Cloise killed Rolf. Winner Cloise.

Kelek vs. Myiisla

Myiisla attacked and led the Knight to Gnome Village. Kelek fought back
with dirt in his eyes the monk, taking advantage, started to pound Kelek.
Kelek fled to regain some strengh, but it was not enough. Kelek did weaken
Myiisla a great deal.
Winner Myiisla.

(Continued in battles2)


Battles, cont. - Azerayhna, Jyra
Huotoyoxi vs. Ghorvak
This battle started off rather unexpectedly. It was one fine day while a
handful of people were enjoying each other's' company in the newly
completed Hall of Learning Archives. In a splendid turn of events Ghorvak
decided to come visit us in this supposed sanctuary. Suddenly, after just
saying our hellos, Huotoyoxi attacked! His vicious blindness dust filled the
room. Thankfully I am still a bit young to be affected by his maliciousness.
Ghorvak, however, was not. The battle was a short one, ending after just
two short rounds, with Ghorvak prevailing with various means of holy

Winner- Ghorvak.

Huotoyoxi vs. Azerayhna

This is the battle as portrayed by Huotoyoxi. For this matter I will keep my
thoughts and opinions completely out of it to keep the account as neutral
as possible. Huotoyoxi began this battle by stalking two magnificent and
well-rounded drow women, Klia and Azerayhna. His prowl led him to a
bedroom in the Travelers Rest Inn where he took up spying on the two said
women. When the women asked for him to go and fetch them their
preferred food, Farmer Griff's Roasted Ducks, he scoffed and then decided
to strangle his fellow ninja, Azerayhna. The battle was over shortly,
Huotoyoxi having strangled and tossed a few caltraps at an unprepared
Azerayhna, quickly faced a bitter, and cheap, victory.

Winner- Huotoyoxi.

Naurisahn vs. Sen

Sen asked for a duel against the mighty Warlord Naurisahn as a test of
skills. They carried out this duel in the Goblin Village with Bepodo, another
Warlord, as a witness. The human monk, Sen, initiated the dual by drinking
a purple potion and attacking Naurisahn. The battle was not a long one
however, Naurisahn giving good chase to the woman and constantly
sending her off again with his powerful blows. The monk ran herself into a
cave where Naurisahn ready himself for a mighty charge but alas, he
missed. But he did achieve to strike the final blow and make a stunning belt
out of her spine.

Winner- Naurisahn

Naurisahn vs. Belena

Naurisahn fought Belena in the Warlords' Arena. The elf proved to be a
brave one, yet slightly foolish. He would stand toe to toe with the
battle-proven slith warrior, taking his blows. Being gracious, Naurisahn gave
him time to utter a few foul blessings upon his body before continuing.
Soon after, Belena communed a nasty pink halo about Naurisahn's body.
He grew alarmed, but the fires did not touch his body so he went on his
way. Finally, he faced the elf, exchanging blows with him endlessly. And
alas! The elf managed to weaken the slith to the point of dropping into his
preferred stance to continue the fight. And, in the words of Naurisahn, the
rest of the fight was nothing special. The Warlord overcame the elf in a
battle of brawn. While it was not necessarily the smartest thing for the elf
to have done, it yielded a valuable lesson: Do not fight a slith warrior

Lqeu's first Duel - Jyra

Throughout my career, both as a Herald and not, I have been asked to hunt
by various people, only to arrive on the scene to have to turn back because
Lqeu was already a member of the group and she does not approve of my
magical ways. After a while, it became habit between the two of us, and
amusing to see how many hunting trips we could have shared. That is one
reason I was so glad to see her become a Warlord, and even gladder to see
her win her first duel. She fought against Randin, who started the fight by
trying and failing to kick dirt in her eyes. The two began exchanging blows,
neither doing very serious damage, and Randin's pet hardly helping him.
The two broke apart and reinitiated with Randin attempting to bash the
new Warlord and Lqeu kicking dirt into his eyes. Unfortunatly for Randin
however, the white aura around his body decided to fade. He tried to flee,
but fell in his blindness. Lqeu easily defeated him, then his pet.


(Continued in battles3)


Battles 3 - Sidgraf

Iron fist of the law pummels the Dark Army
Long has it been since two cabals clashed in a manner worth mentioning. A
battle here, a brawl there, but all in all small skirmishes. Yet two cabals on
the rise, the Halls of Justice and the Army of Darkness, were brought
together in a single night of merry bloodshed.

One might say that it was hanging in the air. Constant provocations and
intrusions of eager Legionnaires left law-keepers itching for a chance to
teach them a lesson not soon forgotten. And indeed, such opportunity was
bestowed upon them when patrolling officers felt the presence of Groq's
minions. Grimp, Cramen and Xalos soon located Orrog, Rolf and Vandrez. It
is little to say that they caught the Legionnaires "with their pants of a band
of drunken orcs. This battle left most of the Legion naked.

Shame and rage forced the Army into a quick regroup. The tables had
somewhat turned in the meantime. Cramen left his watch and the evil trio
recruited the slith warrior Ziizeas to their cause. Things didn't look good for
the lawful couple... or at least so I thought. Oh how they proved me
wrong... As the Legion rushed to invade, Xalos and Grimp cunningly joined
forces with the Justice guardian, turning the battle into yet another
shameful defeat for the Army. Rolf, Orrog and Vandrez littered Justice halls
with their corpses while Ziizeas after a short assessment of the battlefield
decided that well... it's time to depart... yes he pulled an Erdessa.

At that point Justices disbanded savoring the triumph, while obliterated
Legions vented on Justice's guardian. How this skirmish will reflect on the
future relations between two cabals we can only guess. And if you can't
guess you are a bloody idiot.

5) Serin Opinions



PERSPECTIVE - Jyra, Avalaro
Opinions on the Orb - Jyra

What does the coming of the Orb of Armageddon mean to Serin? Is the
end upon us?

Taberagi: 'I'm guessing this is going to lead up to a big battle, with good
peoples protecting it, and bad peoples trying to destroy it.'

Lqeu: 'Depends on what the gods chose to do with it, or whose hands it
falls into. Perhaps Stryth has returned? Or maybe it has always been here.'

Queeg: 'I think not. There have been many changes to this world and all of
them were heralded by seemingly apocalyptic events. When Stryth last
walked Serin... Great and terrible events were the omens of the change he
brought to us. I believe that we stand in a moment of transition awaiting a
moment of revelation.'

With the coming and passing of both Strythmas and Kwanzuk many of the
citizens of Serin are settling in, happy with their turkey and perhaps a few
prizes won in the holiday games. They don't realize, or don't wish to
acknowledge the threat rising from not so far in the east.

At first glance, the Armageddon Sanctuary does not seem like so bad a
place, excepting the cryptic messages of resident druids. The tree tops are
dangerous to a heavy-footed traveler and the survivors up there make one
curious as to what happened, but such things can easily be shrugged off in
the peace and beauty of the Sanctuary.

As you go within, you see Angels and servants living peacefully together
and Govannan, the priest who had been leaving notes for us to follow,
guarding the orb. But deeper within the Sanctuary is a more horrible,
bloodier part, with shamans and cockroaches and other sorts of detestable
things crawling around. What is the real purpose of this Sanctuary? Why
are they so determined to keep travelers out? The answer to the last
question is obvious: they want to keep the orb safe. But is it for the good of
Serin or so that they can bring destruction at their own time? We will not
know until they make a move. Serins I have spoken to however, do not
seem to have much fear. They recall a time when Stryth walked the lands,
bringing about changes. This great god has not been seen in some time, but
he may be here, watching, waiting for the right time to do his terrible duty.

Whatever the reason, the orb is here and it is dangerous, be wary if you
wish to venture into the sanctuary. And for good luck, ask your local bard to
sing 'Ode to Stryth' a few times, to butter the old man up and make the
changes potentially less painful.

(Continued in opinions2)



Perspective cont.
Opinions - Avalaro

Heres an opinion for you... you want it? Then read it. This is my opinion of
Txivenjwo, or whatever his stupid name is.

From what I've experienced, he attacks groups all by himself, don't speak a
word, runs away in awful condition, and repeats it until finally dead or till
he's killed someone. Then he starts to say random garble like 'Irtwit.'

Finally I go to the Inn for some peace and he follows me there. Since he
won't attack in there, he starts bizarre gestures and tries to get in my face
when I don't want him around. The second I leave the inn he's following

So there is my opinion! An imbecile talking gibberish with one stupid story
apparently the justification of his right, which nobody else I ever met
shares, to go around killing everything, even bards, and spouting
garble-speak instead of any real talk with those people.

Only a select few are allowed to understand him? I think I got this one
summed up just fine here. You know it. I can pretend to be ten made-up
people as good as any human (yes he is just human!) so here you go.

I'm "Hekuz Kaxal Guluh Jiqoj Kymyv Kikat Kuqev Mepez Fyxal Kadik Boedy
Qeewo Liene and Keege", but just call me Hkgjkkkmfkbqlk.
(NOTE: Sarcasm)


6) Who are they?



Serins' Histories
The man behind the awful name - Dartheryn

Bobolobo Obolob, a known and feared Shaman, holding the rank of
'Keeper of Faith' within his guild, recently granted the Heralds an interview
and a fascinating insight into his fraught past.

He has little memories of his early years, or his family the times before he
joined his present guild seem to recede far into the cloudy half-memories
of childhood. All that he does remember was that he was the second to
youngest of five children, and that he only really got along with his younger

This was until one fateful day, when he found his sister strapped into an
infernal machine, which was apparently drawing the very life from her
body. Despite his best attempts, he could not prise her from its mechanical
grasp, and she died before his very eyes. In reaction to this, he left his
childhood home, seeking power in order to avenge himself on those who
had slain his sister. He joined the guild of Shamans and progressed swiftly
in its ranks.

He returned to his childhood home, intent on destroying the machine and
massacring those responsible for its invention, but found everything
deserted. The machine still stood, its existence bearing mute testimony to
the pain of his sister and the anguish of her loss. In his attempts to destroy
the machine, he gleaned something of its power, its true purpose. It was
not a machine solely designed for torture.

It was a time machine.

It allowed the user to manipulate the speed of the passage of time around
him, slowing it down or speeding it up, but not reversing it. Thus, through
the aid of this machine, Bobolobo has claimed to have seen the future, and
gives dire warnings about what is facing the Realms.

Only pain. Only suffering. Only...murder.

While using this machine for the first time, he claims to have heard the
voices of the Gods, telling him to keep the machine safe, to keep its
existence secret, and to guard a secret about the future with his life. What
this secret is, no one except the Shaman himself knows. In return for his
services, he claims the Gods have enhanced his power to commune. Having
seen evidence of this, I am inclined to agree.

After twenty years of guarding this machine, and its terrible secret, he
eventually heard word of other such machines existing, other time-
manipulation machines, with other guardians. In order to preserve the
ability to time travel, and to maintain his compact with the Gods, he has
now come to Serin to investigate and, possibly, take control of these other

This story seems to strike a chord with other inhabitants of Serin, the old
and venerable illusionist Dorimos, claiming that Bobolobo's description
bears a remarkable similarity to a machine devised by the Mystics, in the
previous era, which was subsequently stolen and cloned by their demon
allies. Whether such revelations are true or not remains to be seen. What
one cannot deny is that Bobolobo both believes in the existence of these
devices, and is willing to fight with all his considerable power in order to
achieve the ends dictated to him from on High.

(Read the History of Jandor)


Serins' Histories cont.
History of Orrog - Jastor
From the beginning of time there were giants. Some of stone, some of
storm and some of fire. Each for his alignment. There was a surge of
creation as from under the surface of the earth boiled since then dormant
lava. But now the lava began to churn, to bubble, to come alive. A creation
was to be made that day as Stryth, Denadlyr and Rakhashe joined their
powers to form a new being. Their hands lifted together, the ground
rumbled. It shook underneath the power that was the triune. Slowly
emerging from the pot of plasma, came a form. He stood ten feet tall. His
muscles were unmatched by any as of yet. The evil power of the gods
surged radiated the entire cavern as life entered this spawn of fire. Each
step he took blessed him with another piece of armor from the gods of
strength. When he reached the entrance to the cave, he let out a roar that
sent heaven and earth in seismic wavering. He walks now on this earth
with a name given to him Orrog in an ancient language meaning "Spawned
of fire." Many sensed the strong evil eminence that radiated from his very
core and ran after him in hopes of abolishing this figure of fire. Antinus and
Jonus both tried their talents and god given abilities to bring down this
behemoth. Compassion was taken on him by on pointed eared one named
Jermayn. On Orrog's side did he plead the followers of life. But to no avail.
Now he fights back agains these powers with a strength in battle not seen
for centuries.

Want your background or history published in the next Mystique?
Contact your nearest Herald today!

7) An excerpt from a Diary


A Diary Page
A reading from the diary of Chlor, the Mistress of Redalion:

It was an early day in the Month of the Shadow.

The storm that came through last night had left only a small portion of my
gear dry and the entire area not covered by my long black cloak. The smell
of the evaporating water trying to escape the canopy of the trees in the
Dankbark Forest was overwhelming. I gave my surroundings a quick glance
overnight, or that this was not the place I had laid my head to rest. I noticed
a large collection of what appeared to be dog tracks leading into a patch of
heavily thorned bushes and poisonous needles. This instantly made me
think of the hollowed out log that I had lain down beneath that night. The
log, which then looked as though it would be a heavenly spot, turn out to
be hellacious. It was filled with bugs and jagged wooden splinters which
made sleep difficult.

I kept dreaming of a young white rabbit, which was being chased
throughout the forest west of Seringale by a hungry pack of jackals. These
evil doglike creatures eventually cornered the defenseless rabbit against
the great colossal tree. It was at this point when I envisioned myself
running alongside a pack of the most majestic and fearless grey wolves that
I had ever laid eyes on. Their incredible speed and precision made it seem
as though they were flying over the Serin countryside. The fact that I was
even able to keep up with the pack made me realize that there were other
forces at work.

It seemed almost as if together these magnificent creatures had found a
way to not only work as one single unit, but to also bring the best out of
each and every member of the pack. It would only be strong as the weakest
link. With this in mind, the pack made sure that each of the different
attributes of the different wolves was used to its fullest as the pack
traveled from place to place.

Our pack arrived just as the first jackal leapt, with all of us overcoming him
in one swooping, swift, motion. Now the wolves were in between the
rabbit and the jackals, sending the latter into a giant frenzy. I turned over
my shoulder to witness the transformation of my entire pack turning into a
humanlike form, slaying the jackals with great ease before returning to the
pack and dispersing back into wolven form.
In all this chaos, I had lost track of the rabbit which had fled into the woods.
I looked over and the pack had reassembled without even glancing towards
the rabbit, and was apparently waiting for me to take my place. I took it
and the pack let out a synchronized howl and it was at that point which I
woke upon the ground.

I do not wish to suggest why such a vision has been granted to me. I do not
even care what you or any others who may see this do, I simply believed it
to be important to me, and I thought that perhaps some could see its value
in their own lives.

I am Chlor, Mistress of Redalion, Former and Returning Proven of Warlord.

8) Poems! Run for the hills!


Untitled - Huotoyoxi

I once roamed Serin with a girl,
eyes like diamonds,
hair like silk.
She was perfect, slim and sleek,
of handling
herself, without need
for a guiding hand,
a commiserating arm.

I once roamed Serin with a girl,
hands like wind,
smile like gold.
This girl she was spectacular,
strong and assured,
yet tender and sweet
At once did I fall in love with her,
but never ever,
was she told.

I once roamed Serin with a girl,
her corpse decrepit,
no longer alive.
But daily, do I miss her so,
yearning for her
smile and voice.
To travel and roam with again,
with companionship
and so much more.
I once roamed Serin with a girl,
no more than a hopeful dream.

Back behind me,
in the distant past.
Yet soon,
shall I see her again,
to travel free
in the path of death.
How I look forward,
to that day,
when life does end,
while it begins.

My Creative Piece - Azerayhna

Pearls by the riverside
Dresses in the stream
Bodies in the ocean tide
Dead ones in your dreams

Children playing on the rocks
to slip and fall as sure as not
blood to stick as wet moss grows
bodies n the broken stones

Sing and dance around the alter
Playing devlish children games
Fire circles this encounter
Bodies are the virgin offer

Troub'ling are such little shows
of little girls and fiendish woes
but death, o death, you take them in
to slowly win your hand within

(Continued in poems2)


Poetry cont.
Desire for a blazing fire - Jyra
(a warning to the pyro within)

It starts with a flame
The intense desire for a blazing fire
From the flame comes the smoke
Which feeds the desire for a blazing fire

Smoke rises above the trees
Proclaiming the desire for a blazing fire
The flames licks at autumn's leaves
Feeding the desire for a blazing fire.

Animals cry for burns suffered
Because of a desire for a blazing fire
Bird flee the terrible scene
Afraid of the desire for a blazing fire

The flames die down at last
Exhausted by the desire for a blazing fire
A man lays dead and charred in the woods
Killed by the desire for a blazing fire.

Lamentation - Vanisse

Ah! my goddess, I beseech you:
Do not leave me for the sky,
for in your ascent I
can no longer see
your face
it is
to blankness, and your
features similarly
swept clean
of dust
all my memories

A Poem - Maxten

Your love is like a flower, something I hold dear. Before I knew your love's
beauty, I was alone in a world filled with pain, grief, and sorrow. You came
along and the darkness parted showing me the beautiful rose in my heart
that had bloomed from your love. When I hear your voice I smile, when I
look into your eyes I blush, and when I kiss your sweet lips my own love for
you grows, for I am truly happy when I am with you my angel, my queen,
my one true love.

9) Holiday Festivities


Holiday Happenings
Two opposing views of events held in quick succession:
Strythmas Scrimmage - Vanisse

Regarding the odd festivities that took place not a few days prior, I took it
upon myself to interview one of the participants, Mongtufa, about the
incidents that took place.

Apparently there were priests designated that teams of Lightwalkers and
Followers of Darkness were to protect at all costs, with the aid of Santa's
reindeer and the Assassin's pirates, respectively, in attempt to defeat the
opposing side.

With Ghorvak, Adwerraron and Kintara, Mongtufa went after the Dark
Priest with a cohort of nine reindeer taking the blows, combatting the
efforts of the Legion Jaimoa and an unnamed assistant 'whose name began
with C.' Sometime during the fight the Squire wandered off on his own to
beat down some pirates, evidently some sadistic fun to be had there.

Eventually, as Santa proclaimed to Serin, the sons and daughters of Light
prevailed, and the Assassin's plan to destroy Strythmas failed utterly.

Congratulations to all who participated in the event.

You saved Strythmas!

Kwanzuk - Jyra

For the second time in nearly as many days a great battle has raged in
Seringale over the celebration of religious holidays. The first time, The
Priest of Darkness and Kwanzuk were defeated, and for the first half of the
battle it seemed as if history would repeat itself. A large team of skilled
fighters fought and fell against Deloth, the priest of Darkness. Although it
was not easy, they were making progress against him and it seemed as if
they would win. That was until the Legion came to play. They attacked and
quickly wore down Niphos, quickly equaling the damage dealt to the
opposing side. Txivnezjwo led the charge past the fallen priest to Santa
himself, who all too quickly fell beneath the power of the Shaman and his
lackies. The other team kept fighting until the Legion came and attacked his
own priest! Kwanzuk put a stop to that by slaying the priest before calling
all those who assisted to the temple of darkness to claim their prizes. While
everything was getting organized, Txivnezjwo took it upon himself to attack
Kwanzuk, perhaps in hopes that he would have his own holiday... He was
quickly smited before he was given a new weapon for his efforts. In the
end, Strythmas had its day and Kwanzuk had its day and all the religions of
Serin were accounted for.

10) On Wild Weaponry


Wild Weapons - Chlor
There have not been many aspects of life that have not shifted in this
ever-changing land we call Serin. One of the heavens' most recent
amendments was the addition of wild weapons and wild armor. To use
these, an individual must be chaotic in nature and must throw all caution to
the wind. The armor and weaponry are incredibly risky. Unless an individual
has the attitude to match, he or she will not be able to even hold the item.
While the addition of the wild armor does not change much outside of
certain individuals not being able to wear wild gear, the addition of wild
weapons has greatly impacted the fighting styles of many of Serin's

This implementation of wild weapons has made another recent change
even more important than it had already been proven. Those individuals
who are able to wield wild weapons now have far more incentive to gain
weapon and combat advantages over their opponents due to the amazing
damage an individual can do with a random wild attack. These attacks
occur more rapidly if weapon advantage and combat style are maintained.
Beware however: a wild attack may occur even when you have weapon
advantage, though it is far less likely.

It has also been said that the spell Weapon Ward nullifies the effects of
wild weapons, thus serving as a clue to the choice as to whether one should
use a weapon ward or not. The advantage one gains being chaotic in nature
is a powerful tool, but be wary. There is nothing granted in this land that is
not balanced in one way or another.

11) A Wintery Escapade



Wintery Escapade - Sidgraf
AKA The Quest for Sidgraf's Garb, and The Recount of the Circumstances
That Led to this Joyous Joining.

It was just another Seringale morning, Leroy was preying on careless
beggar, that dumb dog was trying to bite yet another fellow in a set of full
steel leggings.

I was idly sitting at benches on The North square. Robes clean, hair ruffled
just the right way, a lute in hand. Waiting for Vanisse, or at least a willing
wench to woo. Just as a few leering women were starting to close on me,
Uguchak, Taere, Veeraza and Avalaro barged in on my scene. Stryth was I
pissed! It turned out that they were there with a purpose. Preparing a trip
to the legendary plains of Winter they insisted on services of another adept
bard to duet with Avalaro since there was no one else and time was short, I
would have to do, I was kindly explained. Them being armed to their teeth
and then some, combined with fact that they scared away all of my day's
prospects, I agreed to accompany. Without much ceremony we plunged
through the nexus only to come to blows with a beholder. Harrr, did we
kick his bunch eyed arse! Braving many a beast, we carved our path
through wind- and snow-swept plains, finally reaching the entrance to the
foreboding Evermore, kingdom of rogues. If I thought our progress up to
that point slow, soon I was made wiser. At every step bands of thieves fell
on us like bees and we swatted at them with our clubs and swords. After
many rests we finally approached our first target, the infamous Yorick! Yes,
the king thief himself met us in battle. Breaking our initial onslaught he was
quickly disposed of and his wares merrily divided. As usual the bickering
over wares took almost as much time and energy as obtaining them.

But did we stop there? No! Rainen, the master of assassins and grand
master monk were but a short stroll away. Ripe for the picking! It was then
that I saw her for the first time... All else fell away from my sight, the recent
terrors forgotten. Me shiny beautiful sable garb. You see... I have an eye for
that which makes one stand in a high regard of any wench or woman. This
garb was screaming panache! Tears almost streamed down my eyes and
my nose bled at the idea of gracing Seringale in such flashy attire. Soon
after my eyes DID stream with tears and nose bled as Rainen opened a
barrel of whooparse on me almost sending me to Stryth's fields up in the
heavens. I hid behind Taere and was last to laugh as the assassin gurgled
blood. Quickly I relieved him of the garb so he would not foul it with blood. I
draped this silky glinting warm perfection around me and let out a purr of
utter content. Every bloody step of the way, every single blow taken was
returned with interest in that moment. I must bring this scroll to end for
sweet sweet lasses wait. Now if I could only find a flashy cane...

12) Note to Dulor, if you get it


*A single word is scawled on the Mystique's last page:*