The Serin Mystique, Volume 4, Issue 3

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 4, Issue 3! It's the book you've
all been waiting for, the newest mystique bearing the most up-to-date news
anywhere in Serin. In this issue we have everything ranging from battle
reports to poetry to new events sponsered by your very own resident scribes.

Editor's note: Patrons everywhere! I wish to thank Serin for their support
of our new Patronage. Thanks to you Patrons, we heralds have been able to
take the time to relax and sip a few cups of orange juice while we watch you
run around looking for strange things like hairs or bards. You've given us
material for our writings and amusement for our days, and I would just like
to take the chance to thank you for it.

So, Thank you. This Mystique is dedicated to you.


1) Current Events (see events, events2, events3)
2) Opinions (see Opinions)
3) Stories (see story, story2)
4) Battle Reports (see BloodnGuts)
5) Poetry (see Poetry)
6) Recent Deaths (see Deaths)
7) Interviews (see interview, interview2)
8) Cabal Affairs (see cabal)
9) Justice-Herald Sage (see saga, saga2)
10) Historic Happenings (see Jaran)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Current Events



Every day around Serin, something amazing happens, something
exciting, something you would give your right arm to see.
Unfortunately, not everyone can always be at this crazy fun events so
we've taken the time to chronicle just a few of the better ones here.

Catch That Bard!

It was a fine day, with the sun shining and a light breeze and not a
cloud in the sky, a perfect day for a little game of Catch That Bard.
While those who wished to participate gathered in the center of
Timaran, Bilin the bard (whom the game was named after) went and
hid somewhere in the lands of Serin, waiting for those who joined the
game to come and pounce on him. After enough time had passed for
Bilin to be able to hide, the clue that he was last seen near an
orphanage was given. It didn't take long before him, and became the
winner of the first round of Catch That Bard. A short time later Torkalen
started a second round of Catch That Bard. Again Bilin ran to hide, but
this time there were new rules so that nobody could sneak up on him
unseen. The clue given was that Bilin was last seen by a grassy knoll,
near a tombstone in honor of shadow stalker. Erdana almost caught
Bilin again, but he quickly ran Shaman wished to play, and some
fighting took place before the game could begin. The third hint was that
Bilin was recently mauled by a squirrel. After some time, and chasing,
Nakachi finally caught Bilin on an unused trail in the mountains and
won the last round of Catch That Bard.

Congratulations to the winners Erdana, Vorestis and Nakachi, and
thanks to all who participated in Catch That Bard!

A New Era of Order

I, Taere, have taken command over Justice as mortal leader and from
this day forward, a new era of Justice and Order will prevail. Although
we already have many able Officers patrolling the streets of Seringale,
we still seek out quality recruits for our cause. Remember you must
have not broken any laws, and have your hometown to be in Seringale
to qualify. Also you must submit your detailed application to us before
or at the 30th rank. For a full list of details concerning our
requirements, make sure to check the Justice help file. My policy has
always been quality over quantity, and this cabal is not for the
feeble-minded. In order to become a successful Justice, one must
have patience and determination along with an intimate knowledge of
the Laws. In order to apply the Laws to mortals, one must also learn to
apprehend criminals by force in combat. I hope that tells the lot of you,
you require some improvement, but to the few that deem themselves
worthy, send a note to Justice. I will look forward to your applications,
and may the Laws serve you, as you serve it.

- Commander Taere

(Continued in events2)



The Jerares Journal

Entry 2 o'clock am, Day of Deception, 30th of the Month of the Frost
Return from absence.

I warned Knights that the Lightwalking Dirtbag (Taris) was spitting and
doing other things unbecoming of his guild. Now I have learnt in my
notes that he has been inducted into Knights, where he should have
been receiving fifty lashes in public. I thought we could count on the
Knights to be irritating, but true to their tenets. Now I know the truth, I
have seen the Light my friends! They lack the backbone to do what
should be done, when it ought to be done. Kingdoms have fallen for this
reason, soon it shall befall theirs.
I have also noticed that someone has it in for the halflings of the shire
in a big way. This is the most reasonable explanation I can think of for
Jraekior murdering its halflings rather than pursue commitments
placed on our new High Inquisitor. Cowardice, would be my next
guess, and I must admit, the possibility of someone contracting hobbits
- annoying as they are - seems a long shot.

It is nothing that was not expected.
< Nothing has changed.

Great Hair Chase

Melenn, being a proper lady who is concerned with her good lucks, sat
brushing her gorgeous black locks in Seringale. Torkalen decided to
have some fun and cut off a portion of her hair to make a wig for
himself. However, as he began to cut, Melenns hair came alive and
began wiggling around Seringale in a frenzy. Torkalen was not fast
enough to catch the strands himself, so he asked all to come to
Seringale and catch the strands for him, promising a reward for the
one who caught the most. Many came and ran about the streets of
Seringale looking for the strands of hair, but only a few were actually
able to catch them. It was necessary to knock the strands out, as
anyone who tried to grab them would find them quickly wiggling out of
their grasp. As the strands were caught, they were returned to
Torkalen for his wig. The two who caught the most were Legilan and
Rigwarl, both of whom accused the other of stealing some of their
strands Legilan was still the clear winner of the contest, and as his
reward he was granted the quest "Created a magnificent wig from
stray runaway hairs" from Niubawn, and a life-like wig of hair darker
and more shiner than a moonless night from Torkalen. Apparently
Melenn was amused by all of the hair chasing, and not at all upset that
her hair had been cut off. She said it would grow back quickly.

(Continued in events3)



Poker Musings

Over the course of the night, I have been forced to bar several men
who were involved in brawls over the game of poker. If anyone has any
insight as to what makes men so violent when they are faced with a
deck of cards, it would be greatly appreciated.

Another form of gambling has appeared in the realms via those crafty
decks of cards available in Seringale's very own Mocker's Tavern. A
new hotspot for hotheads vying for pots of gold, trade and business
has been revitalized in the formerly lackluster Tavern, with shots of
whiskey being slammed up and down the bar with quite strong though
intoxicated hands, and...bowls of soup...being devoured with famished

Yes. Soup. Why there is nothing else edible to be found in the tavern
but caterwauling mice is quite beyond comprehension, but the cards
(undoubtedly hand-crafted by Linde or Zephyrus as the resident
master bards) retain enough of that deliciously gambly power over the
crowd to keep 'em coming. As Jyra so bemusedly pointed out,
however, there seems to be a curiously vicious side to this otherwise
harmless game, just as there is for every other type of gambling.
Belligerence and hostility pop up like mushrooms once the cards and
the gold are laid out upon the table. As the stakes go higher, so do the
tempers in the room as bidding flies fast and furious. Why is this? No
one knows. Perhaps it is the utterly slimetasticity of the poker dealer.
chairs just before they sit. Perhaps it is the mere aura of the bar-room,
evoking dreams of inebriated fists of glory...

Or maybe it's just because you got 'cheated' out of your money through
a lousy hand. But then again, who knows?

2) Opinions



Around Serin, many have heard of and met the new Justice leader
Taere. I have asked them their opinions on him for your reading

I like him! He's a little dull sometimes, but he can be nice! - Melenn

Oh! Yea, Taere is silent. That is a Justice for ya though! - Bilinis Taere
is more than likely one of the most powerful mortals to walk this land at
present. He rivals even the most powerful of Legion, though his
strength cannot be compared to ours. I do not see his end anytime
soon. And the Justices shall be a force once he takes full control and
begins to train them. -- A Shadow

He made a snide comment about Warlords not having courage these
days. So, I dueled him, and I lost. He then retracted his first statement.
That is the only time I have really dealt with him. When asked if he
believed Taere had honor, Lupenal replied, 'From what I have seen
yes. Honor does not always play a role in the life a Justice. They go by
the law and that is all they are held by - Lupenal

I have not fought him yet, though I look forward to it -Rigwarl

He is one of the most powerful I have ever seen. - Nakachi

I just hope that people will be able to enter the city of Seringale now
that Taere's head is so big! All I can hope is that he sticks to doing his
duties as a Justice and doesn't stray too far out of Seringale! -Jaran

He must not care much for his reputations if he avoids the Heralds. -

Me thinks he is a great one! Me thinks dat... Umms... He perfect for da
position. - Rayor

And there you have it -- Your Opinions, in your Mystique

Scribed by Nyrah the Healer Herald

An essay on Evil

What makes a person truly evil? It's hard to say, or at least so I believe.
Others might give you any number of reasons, and maybe some are
right, but it seems everyone is biased, so no one answer is ever
completely right, sometimes it's completely wrong. Am I evil because
I'm Drow? I don't think so, but does that mean I'm a good person? I'd
like to think I am! But I can't say for sure, because I'd be biased. Just
because my skin is a certain color, and my ears are pointed, doesn't
mean I like to do mean things! When someone calls me a foul
accursed Drow, they're judging me based on what I was born, not who
I am and how I act. Perhaps unrealized evil is bigotry, killing someone
because their race is generally an evil one isn't fair! People who do that
are purists, and are no better than the people who truly are evil! But
who is truly evil? Some races live in such a state that backstabbing one
another is the only way to survive. Wanting to live isn't wrong. And
what about the ones who hurt people and take what they want? What if
they were raised to be that way, is it their fault then? Or is it the fault of
those who raised them? We're shaped by our parents, our
experiences some would argue our morals make us evil or good, but
what if our morals tell us it's okay to kill someone because they have
something we want? If you were raised to believe that, then you would
never have a hint of the fact that maybe that's wrong and
inappropriate. Is it even inappropriate? I don't do it, but I'm not going to
judge others based on what they do. The people who judge others
based on simple characteristics are the people who make our world
such a dark one. But even they aren't evil, evil doesn't exist. Good and
bad don't exist. All the people who think of things like this are basing
those thoughts on their own morals, and can't judge without being
biased. People need to realize that everyone is different and will
interact with other people differently than they would with some. I'm not
saying we should all put aside our differences and be friends, I'm just
saying people should be less judgmental. No one has a right to judge
another. As for me, I'm not evil, I AM ADORABLE.

3) Stories


Henry the Gardener's tale
I was on my way to the graveyard hoping to look at the various
tombstones and monuments there, when poor Henry the gardener
stumbled into my path. He started mumbling to me in his drunken
stupor about a paradise he has lost. I decided to take a moment with
him, and see what I could learn of his tale.

Henry, his wife Sarahi and their son Stevie all lived in a small cabin in
the Drkshyre wood. Sarahi was known for her ability to grant small
enchantments on plants that would strengthen their roots and speed
their growth. Both Henry and Stevie, with the help of Sarahis blessings
became renowned throughout Serin for their ability to make even the
barest of lands come alive with color and beauty.

Just as Stevie was coming of age to marry and start his own gardening
business, an evil sorcerer took over the magic tower and strange
things began to happen in the Drksyhre wood. Peaceful creatures
began vanishing, and at night the family would hear horrible screams
and wails coming from the tower to the south. Fearful that her family
might be killed or kidnapped, Sarahi used her ability to enchant the
plants on the path to their cabin so that they would repel evil. Though it
seemed at first that this would offer them protection, as the evil
sorcerer gained power, he realized that this woman posed a threat to
the army of evil beings he had created. Somehow, he used his magical
abilities to avoid the path that Sarahi had enchanted, and stole her
away in the night. Henry and Stevie awoke the next morning and,
finding her gone, searched the entire wood for Sarahi without avail.
Though they were sure that the kidnapping was the sorcerers doing,
they did not know where he had taken her, or even if she was still alive.
Henry, who was devastated by the loss of his wife began to drink
brandy in excess and mourned near the graveyard south of Timaran.
Stevie was angry that his father didn't want to try and rescue his
mother, and spent many years searching for his mother while his
father drowned his sorrows. After searching high and low for the
mysterious entrance to the sorcerer's tower without avail, Stevie
began to lose hope. He decided to return to the cabin his father had
abandonned and find a wife to help him restart his gardening business
by himself. But on his way back, he was attacked by strange evil
beasts and became lost on the trail that used to lead to his home.
Somehow the forest, both trails and inhabitants, had become more
chaotic and evil since his mother had disappeared. He despaired,
believing that the ruining of his home, the Darkshyre forest, to also be
the work of the sorcerer and his minions who drinking brandy and
moping about the southern streets of Timaran, muttering about his lost
paradise, the Darkshyre forest.

(Continued in story2)


The Legendary Monk

There once was a powerful monk, one who all capable fighters looked
up to. His strength came not from the use of weapons, but of his own
body. He became so powerful, that he could strike down a Hero of
Serin in a single swing of his fist. Many say that this legend dates back
as far as the beginning of Timaran, yet some believe that he still exists.

This man was not always a monk. When he was young, he was one of
the smallest boys in his home village. He hoped to become a valiant
warrior one day, so he trained with the local village boys. He always
felt odd with a weapon, and it showed. He was constantly getting
picked on and provoked as a young lad. In the distance, he saw an old
man dressed in a brown robe surveying him. As the boy went home, in
tears, this old man confronted him. "Boy, why do you try so hard", the
old man said. The young boy smiled and said "I wish to become a
Warrior Hero!" The old man took the boy aside and said "The weapons
are too awkward for you, have you ever tried just your fists?" "That is
absurd! said he young lad. The old man then grinned and said I can
make you stronger then The young boy, full of enthusiasm, agreed and
began to train under this old man.

In the far corner of Timaran, the old man and young lad trained for
hours every day. The old man brought many races for the lad to train
with. The lad quickly learned the weak points and anatomy of every
race, far quicker than his teacher could have ever imagined. By the
age of only seventeen, after seven years of training, he surpassed
even his trainer. One day, the trainer wished to see his student's
progress and decided to have a friendly sparring match. Everything
was going well until the boy's fist surged with bow, striking a mighty
blow to his teacher's chest. The old man fell and his student caught
him. The old man's eyes began to fade. He said "My pupil, I have
taught you all I know. Your power is great, greater than I have ever
seen. As this old man's last request, do what I could not. Learn how
Harness that massive Chakera and use it to protect the ones you love."
As the boy held him, he agreed to his last request. The old man slipped
into the void, dying peacefully.

This young man, now full of ambition, set out to continue his training.
He wished to become the strongest Hero in all of Serin. He knew
already that he could defend himself well enough yet desired more
power. He has his whole life ahead of him at this time and has much to

*To Be Continued*

Underappreciated men and women of Serin

Lorial of Valour is one of the most remarkable women in the Realms.
Since she was only a young woman, she has been serving the
Monarchs of Valour (and the Executors as of late) as Statistician and
Tax collector. It is her job to know down to the third decimal the
success rate of each Knight, Squire, guard and stallion, and to be able
to recite it at a moment's notice. (But I don't recommend asking her to
do so, there are a lot of guards and squires and horses!) In addition to
that, however, she also keeps track of each gold coin that passes
through the hands of the city officials, and every flag that is issued by
the citizens of Valour. Without her, things such as the 'Valour's most
wanted' roll and the low taxes Valourians enjoy would not be possible.

But who takes the time to consider the woman behind the pen? Day
and night, Lorial sits in the city forum, trying to stay ahead of the
(impressively tidy) pile of papers that never ceases to grow. "I left my
family a while ago." She told me. "I miss them, but I take comfort in my
The sun had grown very low in the sky by this point, and I stood to let
her get back to work. (She had never really stopped, but I was

distracting.) Halfway back to the nexus point, I turned back, another
question on my lips, but the woman had disappeared. Tip-toeing back
I found her curled up in a sleeping bag beneath her deck chair. Even
the most devoted have to rest sometime.

4) Battle Reports


It was a rather quiet morning. In fact, it had been somewhat quiet for
the past several days, even weeks. Well, that was not about to
continue as I was resting in the Mocker's Tavern. Outright, Legilan
appeared and attacked me. I fled, and I probably would have been
able to fend him off had I not been blinded for hours. In any case, I was
defeated - however Derangea was about and aided me in defending
myself when Legilan attacked the second time! We defeated him that
time, but it was for naught as he returned with Sporky and caught me
again. Well this time I decided I'd stay out of it and away from all the
fighting and try to dress myself proper after Sporky sacrificed
everything I owned. Well, that was a failed attempt as I was summoned
by Sporky and killed again. After that I had something of a chat with
Mongtufa before leaving the lands, as Legilan and Sporky had no
intentions of halting their assault. Though, I'm far more resourceful
than they and I am sure I will outlive them by decades.


Bilin Bolert.

Amirlith trailed Vrakkus through Seringale, to where he found Vrakkus
waiting for large hobgoblins to show up! (They're reclusive when you
need them the most!) And quickly ambushed Vrakkus. Vrakkus
apparently was more angry then shocked and entered a state of rage
immediately! He then died very quickly not being prepared in the
slightest, and was crushed under the force of Amirlith's hellstream.
Another one for the Knights!

A battle between two young warriors, both of the half-elven kind!
Turastei the Challenger and Sonomia the Lady Champion dueled in
the battle arena. Sonomia proudly brandishes her new light spear,
giving her the clear advantage over Turastei and his dragon tailed
whip. The two battled furiously, throwing dirt into each other's eyes.
Even though Sonomia was hurting from lack of food and water, she
arose victorious in this battle of youth! A battle of learning for the both
of these young warriors.

Upon hearing the yells between Zarat and Hargan, I came running to
the arena to see the fight. My legs were not fast enough to catch the
beginning, but I was there long enough to see Hargan soundly
defeated. A bit of dirt in the justice's eyes did nothing to take away from
the strength of his weapon. Unable to sustain so much damage in such
a short time, Hargan fell. To both fighters credit, neither left the scene
of the fight with regrets or resentment. Nothing less than would be
expected from a Justice and a Warlord. Good fight.

5) Poetry






Thirty is sneaking up on me

There's a wrinkle I can see

No longer young

My hat is hung

But my wit is as sharp as can be

Cards with the Gods

It started off normal, an ordinary day

When news of a game came drifting my way

To Seringale I wandered, hoping to see

Some skill at this game, so new to me.

Three hands had been dealt, but only two were there

'Is the dealer playing?' I thought, 'That's hardly fair.'

I decided to watch, and only a few minutes I waited

Before the answer became clear, and the dealer stated

'The maximum bet is now 2000 gold,

Davairus you may call, raise or fold.'

A poke to my side stung me like a knife

As the game ended and the God threatened "Your money or your life"

Together we sat for several more hours

The ninja, the God and I, three warring powers

I left with my pockets fuller than they were

Don't ask me what happened, it's a bit of a blur.

I may not know the rules, and I may not know the odds

But it was an opportunity not to be missed, Playing cards with the Gods.

6) Recent Deaths



At 6 o'clock pm, Day of Freedom, 11th of the Month of the Sun,
Mongtufa the Volcano of Infinite Rage, Guardian of Valour died for the
final time. This Dwarf had a heart of gold, and an arm of steel. He was
a Guardian of Valour and highly deserved that title. He would charge
after the evil of the land even if the odds were against him. Many a
times, he prevailed over such evil. The final bell for this brave soul rang
at The Quire of the Cathedral of Valour. Within this holy temple, stood
Noliperus, Rayor, Mongtufa, and myself. Noliperus and Rayor, his
closest friends, stood beside him, aiding him until his final breath. I
stood behind them, saddened by what was taking place. Mongtufa
then clenched his Valourian longsword and impaled himself upon it.
He wished to take his own life then have the likes of evil claim his final
blow. As his body slumped to the floor, he whispered to us all, hoping
for all the lands to hear. His whisper, "Be Strong." A lot can be learned
from a man of his fortitude. If all were to have an ounce of his courage,
his strength, his pride, then Serin would be a much better place. We
will miss you Lord Mongtufa.

Ghorvak was a dwarven healer and a warrior of the light. While not
directly affiliated with them, he fought many battles alongside the
knights and took it on himself to fight evil even when there were no
knights to assist him. Chaotic in nature, he was not settled enough to
make many lasting friends nor a lasting mate, but such a lack was not
due to a lack of looks. His values and actions made him a perfunctory
role model for many younger light walkers, healer and warrior alike.
Much of Serin mourns your passing, Ghorvak. Rest peacefully in your
God's graces.

A paladin of the greatest worth, Dartheryn recently took his own life.
Once a member of heralds, we mourn him greatly. He left a note to us
wishing to be excused for his lack of attendance and posthumously,
we grant it to him without a second thought. You will be remembered,
Dartheryn, Rest peacefully.

Jermayn was an elven Ranger affiliated with the Knights. He was a tall,
handsome fighter, and truly earned his place among the best of the
Holy Warriors. He was the epitome of Role Model to the younger
Knights, gentle when tact was called for, but more often just an
example of what to aspire to. Whatever he lacked in raw fighting ability,
he made up for in heart and spirit. It is not only the Knights, but also the
heart of Serin which mourns your passing, Jermayn. Rest peacefully.

Oranyth was a human ranger affiliated with Legion. He was an
extraordinary fighter, who took on the odds when they weren't too
stacked against him, and knew when he had no chance. His strong
allegiance to the Pirate's ship was one of the main reasons for his
disputes, and throughout every fight he remained a loyal pirate. All of
Serin will miss your presence, Oranyth. Gone is one more reason to
look over our shoulder.

Vrakkus was another human Legion. He trained within the Berserker
guildhall and had a temper suited to it. Just by looking at him you could
tell that he was angry at something-and likely you for looking his way.
He killed more people than we have new patrons, which is saying a lot.
With your passing, Vrakkus, Serin has just one less reason to fear.
Rest in the peace that you never tried to find in life.

7) Interviews


(BB will stand for me, Bilin Bollert. CT will stand for Captain Taere.)

BB: So let us jump right into my first question. Could you tell me a little
about your past, and what drove you to become a Justice?

CT: Well, I wasn't anything special, neither was my family. Although I
did grow up in Seringale, and was considered at least somewhat
wealthy. My father, he was a man of discipline, he stood behind strong
principles, and we had many rules in the house. As I aged, I noticed
thieves and murderers running rampant across the streets with no
officers around to deal out the proper Justice. I felt confused, as I was
brought up with strict boundaries and faced harsh punishment if I
dared to cross them. After long, I decided to join Justices from
frustration, and this is how I ended up being where I am today.

BB: Well said. Did you ever figure you'd become the Captain in

CT: Well, I always said if you decide to do something, you better do
your best. I didn't know how well I would do, as I was still relatively
young at the time, perhaps the mere age of 19.

BB: Oh well, that's quite an accomplishment. I'm glad to see you're still
alive and kicking.

CT: I'll take that as a compliment.

BB: What do you think of the common criminal now a day? Let me
elaborate, do you think there's more crime or less now than in the
past? And would you say the criminal is more or less talented/wiser

CT: Well, I believe there's less [crime], at least when I patrol town. I get
some notes however, of some chaos forming around when I'm not
around from other Officers. But there hasn't been any big organized
crime groups since the Knights when Iriqeous was around. [As far as
criminals...] More talented? No, stupid? Yes. Like take today for
instance, soon as I arrived for my patrol, I already apprehended two
youngins attacking some mages right in front of me. I don't know what
they were thinking. Maybe they can kill faster than I can see?

BB: Well there have been a lot more Justices about. Just in the last
maybe... year there have been an influx. What do you credit that to?

CT: That is true, we have many up and coming Recruits, I'm sure you
will some them patrol around the streets. Actually I am not so sure. I
guess something people just take interest at the same time frame. Of
course we are very glad of it, but they are after all Recruits, and are
expendable should they fail.

((We were interrupted by a criminal by the name of Luco. Taere
brought him to justice and quickly returned for the rest of his

BB: What do you think of the current state of the Legion and Knights?
Perhaps an idea on how they could improve as well

CT: Seems Knights are getting smashed around a bit by Legions. It is
expected they were attacking them before while the young Legions
ranked. I think what both cabals require is a Leadership position, they
are running around rampant with no guide. Perhaps one of them will
step up soon, and take control.

BB: What would you like to see for the future of the Justice cabal, and
all the cabals in general?

CT: As history scribed and the future to come, Justice will always be a
force to be reckon with. Other cabals have had their high and low tides,
but Justices have always stayed on top. The others better watch out,
Justice has and always will prevail.


((This interview was a bit short. Knights are rather busy, and I did not
wish to hold Sir Amirlith up. BB again will stand for myself, and KA will
refer to the Knight Amirlith.))

BB: So let us begin, what made you wish to pursue the path of the
Knights? Especially as an Invoker, not a path often traveled...

KA: Basically it was the way of my people to be close to our faith in the
Light. I was always raised to believe strongly in it, and in our places
within it. But to be direct about your question, it would likely be the
death of my father at the hands of the orcs and Legionnaires.

BB: Ah... I see. An unfortunate fate, for one to lose his father. But it has
clearly not dissuaded you.

KA: Many lose their fathers and mothers, siblings and such. Once the
tears and rage subside, the choice can be made to either remain
empty or to find renewed purpose. I chose to find that purpose, and the
Castle of Valour was fortunate enough to provide it

BB: Do you believe the coming ranks of the Legion will be a major

(Moments later Vrakkus died for the final time.)

KA: There are always threats, but some that are overestimated prove
to be nothing, and some that are neglected become large festering
wounds in your side. I treat all as some that are neglected become
large festering wounds in your side. I treat all as threatening alike, and
leave none to neglect or lack of concern. The first time a threat is
neglected or ignored, then people end up finding daggers in their
backs and poisons in their wineskin

BB: Aye... or respective chalices. What would you like to see in the
future for the Knights, and what do you think of the other Cabals?

KA: I would enjoy seeing the Castle full of willing and worthy servants
of the Light, that are ready to dedicate their lives to work in the name of
Valour. The Legion's ship should be burned and torn asunder by the
heavens. And the evil that resides within Seringale's Justices should
be purified, but that will come in time.

BB: One final thing, the Warlords as we know aren't doing all too well.
Perhaps you have some advice for them, being a high-ranking official
of your own [active] cabal...

KA: Perhaps they should rally around a cause, or something to believe
in besides war. War is not something to be celebrated. It is an ugly,
painful and terrible thing that is sometimes necessary to bring about
change. To flaunt it and praise it [however] is to show ignorance to
necessary to bring about change. To flaunt it and praise it [however] is
to show ignorance to Serin. Perhaps if they found a more prestigious
fundamental belief to rally themselves around, their halls would swell.

BB: I can agree there... Well I thank you for your time Sir Amirlith, and
may the Light guide you.

KA: Certainly, Herald Bilin.

8) Cabal Affairs


I haven't had to perform this chore for quite some time (yet another
advantage to having inferiors to do my bidding) so please excuse my ill
tone as I try to create some 'news' about the current wretched lot of
cabal members.


Long time readers would know how fond I am of these law keepers -
any scribe can rely at any time on the Justices incompetence to
provide news. This time however they have let me down. No scandals,
no staggering incompetence , no brave battles fought against the
odds...... Nothing! In fact we suspect Vhrael and Jeradan have created
some devious personality stripping device that turns an ordinary, lazy
and incompetent Justice member into a highly efficient, bland

Current Automations: Taere, Devorast, Grunky, Churk, Zarat,
Ethiladric, Graupp, Gwilid, Jerares, Nakachi.


Excuse me if I do not speak in hushed tones regarding this obsolete
organization. Their leader, the insane pirate Ronus vanished from the
realms only to reappear cackling nonsense about voodoos and bloody
war around Seringale. We at the Serin Mystique believe those
automations that pass for Justice, these days should order Ronus to
replace his wooden leg with a steel spike to gather up trash as he
potters randomly around Seringale. We might as well put him to some
good use!

Now perhaps I am being too harsh and I usually feel charitable towards
this organization - they have a nice title and are allowed to wear black
clothing while being rude to senior Serins but are mostly ineffective
at everything else. Yes the black clothing and rudeness impress some
youngsters but most find the constant parenting of the Justice
automations tiring and eventually choose more respectable roles for
their life. Like say, serving the Justices their coffee in the mornings or
grooming the Knights stallions. Or even as a Heralds messenger for
without doubt a Legionnaire will make more coin from selling our
scrolls that he is currently from extorting protection money.

Current Legions: Bobolobo, Jraekior, Rigwarl, Cythlan, Iuvul,
Mortumar, Tiprea, Yalin.


The Knights recently got themselves a new Hero - that hyperactive,
over excitable, pointy eared knit wit of an elf, Jaran. More newsworthy
however is the rumor that Lord Burzuk himself saw fit to reprimand the
entire Knighthood for incompetence and lackadaisical attitude to the
minor task of exterminating evil. Let me repeat that one more time in
case you are having trouble understanding (we know we did) - the
Knighthood forgot to hunt down evil. Perhaps the sight of Daesu
having a leisurely breakfast with Nakachi the duergar justice drove the
Lord Burzuk to this unprecedented step. Perhaps it was the rumor of
Rigwarl applying for the job of stable groom at Castle Valour (the job
pays more than he is making from protection money and the hours are
good) that finally drove the great Lord to issue death threats against
any Knight who refused to hunt evil. Some offered the theory that the
automations of Justice have proved so effective in parenting, sorry
controlling, the activities of the Legion and being automations
themselves, have no distinguishing features to discern even a hint of
personality, let alone the present of evil genius....... Personally, I
suspect the young men joined the Knighthood because it impresses
the Ladies and once forced to fight for a living, will ever quickly drop
their patented un-dented weapons and hide behind the nearest Justice

Current Knights: Revaqin, Aronar, Daesu, Driald, Erdana, Qualieth,
Riem, Waof


It is fortunate that I have run out of space to write about this lot
Fortunate because there is nothing to write. I am told that Warlords still
exist and do get into the occasionally bar fight over a pretty wench but
apart from the likeable Hargan, we have yet to set eyes on any worthy
of mention.

Current Warlords: Ellar, Hargan, Lupenal, Morthar, Naurishahn, Belaix,
Graxxus, Turastei

For those cabal members not mentioned, we apologize.

9) Justice-Herald Sage


Jerares: Bilin the Buffoon

He attacked Hams (with dirt kick) at the entrance to mocker's tavern,
so he was flagged. He whines he was inside his own Tavern so he
should be able to do whatever he wanted. I checked the entrance of
the tavern and it is not a place I can gossip. He is mistaken about it
being inside his tavern Not that it matters, the Law does not permit
Heralds to attack people in their tavern.
So I attempted to apprehend him in his tavern and he barred me, ran
out, and ran back in. I leave it to higher authorities to sort out this fiasco
since he declined to turn himself in peacefully.

Bilin: the corrupt Justice

I write to you all to exclaim how categorically untrue these accusations
are. Firstly, I was being attacked for several hours by Hams inside the
Tavern, while the Justice sat aside and watched, inside the Tavern. I
ran in and out, trying to avoid combat, and the Justice did nothing. So,
naturally, figuring the Justice had left and I was on my own, I defended
myself and the Tavern. To become wanted, no doubt. At which point I
informed the Justice if he outlawed the person who attacked me, I
would more than gladly turn myself in. Since if he saw me attack
anyone, he certainly saw Ham attacking Thremus and myself. Yet,
nothing was done. He attacked me inside the Taverns, so he was
barred. As far as I'm concerned, if a Justice cannot manage to outlaw
persons correctly, it is not my duty to sit around and face death. Upon
trying to discuss anything with him, he immediately attacked me. If
Justices will not listen to reason, or at least be fair I will not sit by while I
am taken advantage of. There is a point where one must stand up for
his or her rights, and that is what I do now.

Jerares: The bard who writes the big notes

I wasn't in the lands when Hams allegedly attacked. That's too bad, but
it's hardly any fault of mine. I had to leave urgently, and I returned as
soon as I could. My conduct is an example to all Justices. Maybe you
should have trained that moron Thremus to warn you better, instead of
just training him to keep Justices out while Heralds loaf around on the
sofas with wanted flags. Hams might have been lucky not to be caught,
but there is no doubt that this Herald sealed his own fate when he
broke the Law. Poetic Justice might be a more fitting term. Corrupt is
such a strong words to throw around without a cause to.

Bilin: The corrupt justice.

This will be my last note to the two cabals in reply to Jerares. I was
wanted, literally seconds after Thremus yelled for help. If the Justice
didn't notice it, or was conveniently away that's his own doing and
perhaps he needs a bit more training.

Jyra: A misunderstanding.

Seringale is a safe haven for the young and old alike: a place where
they may rest their heads without fear of losing them. The Justice sees
to that. The Heralds have a much less intense job. We are to take care
of the inns, promote knowledge and maintain a peaceful environment
where our patrons can enjoy the finer things in life.

Both groups hold some measure of respect with in Serin, but what
happens when they are forced into conflict with each other, such as
has recently happened. Who is in the right when the laws of Seringale
and the rules of the Taverns are both broken and the punishments of
each interfere with each other? Whose redemption should come first?

The answer is simple: Justice.

In Timaran, The Heralds and a few under trained city guards are the
only ones in charge of order, but in Seringale that duty falls on the
Justices. We may keep our own rules within our Inn, but the Inn is still
within Seringale. This means that while they are sitting on our
couches, or at our poker table, they are still bound by their vows to the
City herself, vows to uphold her rules They will not attack within the inn
unless they are attacking a criminal. The Heralds have no right nor
reason to harbor criminals with in the Mocker's Tavern.

This article has been written with a dual purpose. The first is to
apologize to the Justice formally and humbly for our
misunderstandings, and the second is to make clear our position, so
that such a misunderstanding is not likely to happen again.

(Continued in saga2)



Bilin: I stand by my actions.

Greetings Heralds,
I personally think any deliberations of "right" and "wrong" should be
sent to Heralds, first to discuss. It makes us look like we lack unity if we
blindly go out and attempt to disprove another Herald in public. What I
did the other day, was with good reason and good merit. I was not in
the wrong to defend the Tavern and myself when there are those who
wish to do it and myself harm. I will not admit to being wrong, I was
standing up for myself and I believe that deserves a certain amount of
respect and merit of its own. I, like I said in my notes, did however offer
to hand myself in. I am no criminal, and I purposely break no laws.
However, I will not be the scapegoat in a situation where I was done
wrong first and the Justice failed to catch it. It was literally within
seconds of each other. If Hams was made an outlaw for initiating the
attacks, I would have gladly turned myself in. However, that being not
the case I did not. The Justice cabal is there to protect Seringale, we
owe them nothing, to be frank. Individually, I'm sure they've helped
very many Heralds stay alive from those who would attack us, but
individuallly they've also harmed many Heralds wrongly, like Niubawn.

I will gladly discuss a wrong doing, but I will not suffer a loss for it
regardless of what titles a battle-hungry ask questions last fool wishes.
If a punishment is to be dealt, I think it only right that I be informed and
at least allowed to plead by case before I am slaughtered and robbed.

Jyra: On the subject of Justice. Again.

The Justices of Seringale are there for the protection of everyone within
the city, whether they be in a tavern or not. Leaving a Justice
barred invites criminals to harbor themselves within the inn. Personal
pride and opinions have nothing to do with this, it is a matter of whether
Heralds as a whole will stand in the way of a cabal doing their duty. We
will not. If you can find reason to dispute this, I welcome the argument,
but as a long standing member of heralds, this is where I will make my
stand. The day we support criminals is the day I hand in my quill.

Jerares: Bilin

If I was a bad Justice, I'd want to be told, and that's why I'm informing
you about Bilin being a bad Herald. I take objection to being called a
corrupt Justice and I demand that this Herald is reprimanded for his
slander. It is my understanding that Heralds are supposed to be
unbiased in their judgments of others and uncompromising with the
truth. This insolence is completely uncalled for.

Fifty lashes in front of the townsfolk will be fine.

10) Historic Happenings


Hear ye all! Jaran the Knight of Valour is now an immortal! He has
been with the Knights of Valour for quite some time, even trained
Amirlith! He served the Knights well through high accounts of Bravery
and Courage. He is an Elven Ranger, and a handsome one at that! He
is currently twenty seven years of age. He scribed a note to immortals,
partitioning for immortality. He wished to better help the Knights, and
found this way to be the best way possible. He also wishes to aid the
young ones of the realms too. The immortals knew well of his
accomplishments and acts of bravery so it did not take long for them to
respond to his note. A short while later, he was granted a spot into the
heavens. Modest as the handsome elvish man is, he believes that he
only did his job as a Knight and believes that the Serin inhabitants
are the one to decided his accomplishments. This elf will be an
excellent addition to the heavens, indeed!