The Serin Mystique, Volume 5, Issue 1

After a long wait, the next issue of the Mystique is finally here. Not
only is it a new issue, but it's a new volume too. Due to the many changes
that have swept the Halls of the Heralds, this new volume has begun. I hope
you enjoy it and maybe even consider applying to Heralds.

Have a nice read!


1) Rumors (see rumors)
2) Cabal Affairs (see Affairs)
3) Obituaries (see obituaries)
4) Histories (see Mindflayer, Ethereal)
5) Battles (see battles)
6) Essay on Balance (see Balance)
7) Poetry! Run for the hills! (see poems)

1) Rumors



I spoke with Kedenn not too long ago and the talk turned to love affairs
(I myself am awful with love interests mostly because of my size). He
told me that Vikka the serving girl had been eyeing him in a
particularly flirtatious manner. On top of that, however, he says that
she even gave him a little pat on his rear end. When questioned about
his interest in her, he admits that he isn't really interested in her
but he doesn't want to tell her and break her heart. He also admits that
there was a time where he might have taken her to bed, but unfortunately
the details are a bit hazy because he claims that he had too much to
drink. So if you see your serving girl looking a little glum, know that
Kedenn finally let his true feelings be known.


Legion, reputed to be the power hungry shadowspawn, is now rumoured to
be incorruptible. That's right, when offered gold for small bits of
information, they refuse the gold. On several occasions an inquiring
soul offered several Legionnaires a sizeable sum of gold for information
regarding the next Forsaken and the Legionnaires turned down the offer.
What is Legion coming to? If they don't watch out they'll soon become
humble protectors of the innocent. Excepting one female fire giant,
however, who will sell you highly sensitive Legion information for a
small sum of coins.

2) Cabal Affairs


The Knights of Valour, ever trying to abolish the darkness from the
lands are showing signs of weakening. Now it only takes two or three
Legions to slay a Knight instead of the usual five or six. Although
Thenindor is the mortal leader of the Knights, in his absence Keira has
stepped in to be the acting leader of the Knights.

Current members are: Thenindor, Keira, Horec, Kavere, Olyn, Sanary,
Aritigni and Enyeldar.

Legion, as always, is trying to take over all of Serin and scare its
inhabitants along the way. I don't know about you, but even though
Legion's power is growing stronger, I fear a few other things more than
Legion, namely the monsters under my bed.

Current members are: Bameche, Xirth, Warl, Quincera

Justices are actually seen around city streets again, after a
conspicuous absence. The Justices, however, are taking a new approach to
catching lawbreakers. Instead of sitting in town so that would be
attackers could see them then refrain from their unlawful deed, they
make themselves invisible and catch the guilty party red handed.
Remember, before you attack someone in town, make sure there are no
invisible, hidden or maybe even camouflaged Justices (you can never be
too careful, check twice).

Current members are: Nuresudo, Falthor, Stanislaus, Bunabena and Grunky

3) Obituaries


Mordamir fell recently for the last time. A Legionnaire, about whom I
didn't know much, but then again seeing how long most Legionnaires last
these days why bother?

The Knight Cordo also fell for the last time. It seems that he had
enough of being slain by Legionnaires and, with Legion's current state,
who can blame him for not being satisfied with himself?

The Herald Bonzo took his own life recently and his death was the last
of many changes which have torn through our halls. This exuberant thief,
in addition to his writings, provided much needed muscle to the halls of
the Heralds.

The halls of the Heralds resounded with sorrow as Calram too took his
own life. Much beloved of the Heralds and citizens of Serin, his mooing
and other antics will be greatly missed. The loss of Calram can hardly
be explained in this short obituary, but I shall raise for him one last

In a seemingly endless slew of fallen Heralds, Jyra too died for the
last time. The much beloved High Herald will be greatly missed amongst
the Heralds and undoubtedly amongst the citizens of Serin. May her soul
rest in peace.

4) Histories


The Mindflayer of Enthema

The ancient Mindflayer of Enthema was a very skilled illusionist. Even
at a young age he was creating complicated illusions some of which even
his elders could not recreate. Soon he surpassed all within Enthema with
respect to magical power except the current ancient mindflayer.

The Ancient Mindflayer was the title given to the most skilled
illusionist of Enthema. He was called upon often to protect Enthema or
punish those who broke the laws of the illithid. The Ancient Mindlayer
often lived several generations longer than average illithids and the
current ancient mindflayer was nearing his death.

The ancient mindflayer realized the potential of the young illithid and
decided to test his illusionary prowess. He gave the young illithid many
tests involving the creation of illusions all of which were performed
successfully. Finally, the ancient mindflayer gave the young illithid one
last test. He ordered the young illithid to travel to the Emerald Forest
and find a way to get a nymph into the nude without using physical

The young illithid, confident in his illusionary abilities, travelled to
the Emerald Forest. He promptly disguised himself as a handsome young
man and attempted to woo the nymphs. However, they say through his
illusion and ran away at the sight of him. Fearing that he would be
unable to trick these nymphs, the young illithid thought much about how
to proceed.

After many days and nights, the young illithid came up with a plan. He
took the long journey to the Unlit City and rented their best looking
gigolo. He then returned to the Emerald Forest and made himself
invisible. He was pleased to see that the nymphs were eager to drop
their clothes for this stud of a drow, and soon, the young illithid was
surrounded by every nymph in the forest, naked and waiting her turn with
the gigolo.

The young illithid returned the gigolo to his owner and then returned to
Enthema. The ancient mindflayer was amazed that the young illithid had
succeeded in his test, and admitted that he had tried many times to
declothe the nymphs and failed. The ancient mindflayer then asked the
young illithid to recreate a naked nymph and he died from ecstasy at the
site of a forestful of naked nymphs. Enthema mourned the loss of the
ancient mindflayer, but celebrated when the young illithid, young as he
was, was named the Ancient Mindflayer.

To this day, the current Ancient Mindflayer remembers the forest of
naked nymphs, and if you ask him politely (and possibly give him some
gold) he might, just might, show you that wonderful image.


The Ethereal Knight

The Ethereal Knight, known for prowess with his flail and for his
distinctive black armor, lived in Darkhaven, often brawling with its
inhabitants. One day, while swinging his flail through the air while
telling anyone who would listen his conquests, his flail struck Gasparo.
Gasparo's political power caused the Knight to flee from Darkhaven, for
even his great battle skills could not overcome the odds against him. He
wandered the land day and night challenging all who crossed his path.
None could withstand his might and his dark flail.

Eventually, his wanderings took him to the dark wood, his armor melding
into the surroundings. In the distance he heard the sounds of battle and
he quickened his pace. At an intersection in the wood, he came upon a
great battle. Soldiers clad in bright red armor were struggling against
soldiers in blue. Mages dressed in billowing garments of red and blue
hurled spells at each other. Blood stained the forest floor.

The Ethereal Knight, clad in his black armor, joined the fray. He struck
any soldier who came near him. After hours of fighting, he had slain
scores of soldiers and mages from both sides. The two forces, realizing
the extent of their losses, began to retreat. Before the Knight could
continue his wanderings, one mage uttered a spell so powerful that it
trapped his soul in the battle ground. He wanders the battle ground to
this day, his flail ready to meet any who challenge him.

5) Battles


Kavere vs. [LEGIONS] Quincera, Bameche

Knight and Legion clashed again recently when Quincera and Bameche
invaded the Knight's castle in the hopes of stealing the Cross. Kavere
came to the castle to prevent the two Legionnaires from taking the
prized Cross. Bameche fell within the Castle and Quincera managed to
escape. After much fighting, the Legionnaires took the Cross. Kavere
then departed the realms.

Victors: [LEGIONS]

[JUSTICE] Nuresudo vs. Zonas

The Justice Nuresudo was attacking the Legionnaire Quincera when Zonas
decided to intervene and attack Nuresudo. Unfortunately for Zonas the
fight did not last very long, for he succumbed to three Hellstreams.

Victor: Nuresudo

[KNIGHT] Sanary vs [LEGIONS] Xirth, Bameche

Sanary and Xirth clashed in another battle between Knight and Legion.
Xirth nearly killed Sanary twice before Sanary who escaped twice. Xirth
then got back Legion's skull, but died on her journey to Darkhaven.
Bameche then entered the realms and from then on the details are hazy
because before I had the chance to interview Sanary, she fled the realms
and the two Legionnaires were being very close lipped, though I don't
know why. I can say, however, that Legion then captured the Knight's
Cross and that Sanary was forced to flee the Realms.

Victor: [LEGIONS]

[KNIGHT] Kavere vs. [LEGIONS] Quincera, Xirth, Mordamir

Proving that the only way Legion can kill anyone is in groups of three
or more, the Knight Kavere fought with three Legionnaires. Though taken
aback by the onslaught and slain, he was able to recuperate and strike
back. Kavere was able to take the life of Mordamir despite the
incredible odds.

Victor: ??

6) Essay on Balance


Times of sorrow to times of joy to times of sorrow, balance surrounds
every living being in the realms. Balance affects the three cabals of
Serin. Knight and Legion balance each other with respect to good and
evil. Justice maintains balance within the cities, ensuring safety for
those within city limits. There are times when one cabal gains an
advantage over the others and its presence is felt more than the others,
but just as light lasts longer during the summer and darkness lasts
longer in winter, the scales will shift back and forth between each
cabal with an equinox when none has the advantage.

Balance is not just a matter of who is more powerful than who. It is
also of importance to the mind. The feeling of joy balances that of
sorrow. Without one, the other cannot exist. For if all were sorrowful
and none were joyful, sorrow would have no meaning. Therefore, when
sorrow overtakes you, remember that it will pass and turn to joy.
Likewise when you are experiencing joy, relish the moment because it too
will pass and turn to sorrow.

Sorrow balances joy, Knight balances Legion. Balance exists in every
action and affects everyone. When one grain of sand falls from one side
of the scale, another falls from the opposite. Every action affects the
scales of balance. For every action there is an equal reaction.

7) Poetry! Run for the hills!



This is the hand that will blind your eyes and split your spine
This is the blade thatll visit your flesh and release the wine
You play with toys that have course
and you hear how the chaos moves near
I play with razors and it hurts, it hurts
As you invite your fears
So face the chaos and Ill teach you about fire in the blink of an eye
The worlds collide and you know its the dagger that I hide
You run for the borders where epistles burn in the arms of man
You run among bodies and they scream, they scream to bite Gods hand
When the dark does what the dark does best, Its darkness!
Let the dark do what the dark does best, Let there be darkness!
When the light does what light does best, It's the heaven!
Let the light do what the light does best, Let there be heaven!
Let the halfling do what halfling does best, there will be chaos!

Risa's Limerick

Upon one dark and dreary evening
The lonely Risa was aggrieving.
Her brother waited by the gate,
Despite the fact that it was late
And he thought she was him deceiving.

Kalerin's Love

O once upon the darkest span time
A scribe named Kalerin fell deep in love,
And showered down his most exquisite rhyme
On Candra, Knight of Valour, his sweet dove.
Despite the war with Mystics and the fell,
They loved each other with two steadfast hearts
And on the war they wisely did not dwell,
Until poor Candra from the scribe did part.
She died in battle fighting for the light,
And ne'er returned to her dear Herald's sight.