The Serin Mystique, Volume 6, Issue 2

We are delighted to present this latest issue of the Serin Mystique.
Inside are reports of the latest news of the cabals, particularly the new
Keepers, the results of Serin Race #6, advertisements from your local
shopkeepers - and poems. (What Mystique would be complete without one?)


1) Cabals (see keeper, knight, justice, keeper, mystic, herald)
2) Serin Race Results (see race)
3) Classified ads (see ads)
4) Poetry from Heralds and squires (see poems1, poems2)

Please enjoy the read!

Your favorite Heralds

1) Cabals


Members: Hrimoyan and Yurneepo

From what I have been able to gather the Keepers are a group of "free
spirits" whom place great weight on preserving the balance at all costs.
I say "free spirits" because the word around Timaran is that they do not
share dispositions like that of Legion or Knight. This means it is
completely by the whim of an individual Keeper how they will go about
handling their duties. Some may find a more peaceful approach to be more
successful in the long run while others find violence to be the easiest
possible solution, and others might find themselves somewhere in the
middle. To find out more about this incognito cabal and what the balance
really is I went straight to the source. Though there are several
Keepers, I found few as interesting as Hrimoyan the Master Ranger. He
had just won a battle against Grimfrac and was kind enough to take some
moments to speak with me. Hrimoyan is from a hidden jungle by the name
of Ysigbra, deep within the earth somewhere in Eastern Serin where he
grew up in a tribe called the "Hrimoyan." It was Hrimoyan's first
journey to the "surface" where he found the world in what he believed to
be some turmoil. This is when the young man decided to remain, and seek
out the Keepers. From what I am told and gather the Keeper's primary
goals are to make sure no man has more than five combined rare and
gambled items, and to keep the balance between the cabals. Keepers wish
for a future where rare items are never used and they may very well be
on the way to securing it. Even the strongest of Serins seem no match
for the Keepers as they gain more and more power and prestige in the

- Curisq Valadane


Members: Olyn, Kavere, Elile, Lorrin, Mogur, Tinerab

The Knights of Valour stand for truth and honor, and defend their castle
and their nobles to the death. Valour has been triumphant over the evils
of Serin for many years now, and it seems the Legion's control over the
land is nothing more than the harsh memories of what once was. Many
successful Knights have recently died off however, and it seems with the
rise of Justice and the Keepers, the cabal of light may have lost its
past dominance in the realm. There are currently only two noble Squires
wishing to make their namesake in the land and do not appear too
motivated, only time will tell if these potential Knights have what it
takes. The Knights have been the only cabal for the past several years
to have any form of leadership. Olyn is the Executor of Valour and
leader of the Knights, and the people of the Serin cities have varying
opinions on him. Some have even said Olyn is very close to meeting his
end in the abyss. Olyn and the Lady Noble Valicia have been spending a
good amount of time with each other lately, seen leaving various Taverns
across the land. When questioned Olyn freely admitted that they are a
couple, some believe this new love interest may interfere with his
leadership ability. As far as the Knights place in the cabal battles of
Serin, Olyn states that the Knights are in "compliance" with the
Keepers, and only battle the evil Justices and Legion.

Curisq Valadane


Active members: Issa, Tsadkian and Niels.

The Justices of Serin seek to preserve peace and order within Seringale.
They are mandated by the Gods to uphold the Law by any means necessary
and follow those that choose to break the laws to the ends of the earth
if necessary seeking peace and justice for Seringale. It so happens I
was lucky enough to catch up with a Justice in action. I ran into the
fallen Keeper known as Farist first, finding him branded as both an
intruder and a criminal in Seringale, with the late Bunabena hot on his
trail. The fight pursued for some time all over the Justice's city, bits
of light and magic spraying out from the clashing of their weapons
to then watch both parties dash out of the eastern city gates. I
unfortunately was not able to keep up with them, but in my travels not
too long after I did notice Farist return to the Temple of Balance in
Timaran. This is not the only Justice I have encountered in my travels
however, the Justice called Issa was kind enough to sit and have a word
with me about the current rise of Justice and their interaction with
other cabals. Issa assures me that the crime rate in Seringale is at a
record low, which is excellent news for all Serins who seek a peaceful
existence or those new souls who wish to learn and study this land in
relative peace and quiet. When Issa first joined the ranks of Justice it
was shortly after the loss of the Lady Knight Sanary and was a time of
great turmoil at each end of the realm. The Legion were slowly beginning
to make their rise to power again and the Knights were mourning their
recent loss which created an ideal opportunity for Justice to begin
filling their ranks again without much detection or resistance. In
history Justice has always been a resilient cabal able to return from
even the most disheartening defeats Though Justice seemed to be on the
rise, it appears that most of their members have not found the heart to
defend Seringale in the recent months.

Curisq Valadane


Membership: Rulo, Tyrdeth, Zlaad, Mordraith and Nef.

The Legion has grown considerably since the awakening of the Keepers and
the death of many prominent Valourians, however it more than other
cabals is in constant fluctuation. One day the Legion is on top and the
next it is barely to be seen. Many a brave dark soul have ventured into
the Lacramose Temple in search of the power the Dark Lords promise and
many have fallen on that quest. Against the might of the Knights, up and
coming squires, Justices and newly awakened Keepers the Legion don't
seem to be doing well. Two young squires Crezia and Veritori have been
increasingly responsible for many shadowpawn deaths but have recently
died off. The requirements for becoming a youngling Legion have also
changed the Lord Groq now demands that many applicants show their skill
and courage by killing a number of Serins of any path before induction.
This practice is primarily to weed out the weak and hopeless. Zlaad says
there is a leader for Legion in sight, claiming he is the most qualified
for the job of course. However, it seems that others feel differently,
and there has been much word and rumor of Tyrdeth taking over the ranks
of Legion in the future. The Darkhaven cabal refuses to comply with the
Keepers cabal in any way, as is to be expected, but also creating
another major roadblock for the Legion. With such odds stacked against
them, it looks as if the Legion's future is unsure.

Curisq Valadane


Members: Noliperus, Tyron, Nurxeil

The Mystics of Timaran are led by Taleroth, and are dedicated to
knowledge and service to the newest souls of the lands. There are mixed
reviews regarding the Mystics, some say they are an alien life form to
Serin that simply retain the mirrored illusion of different Serin races
and that if you catch them sleeping and dump soapy water on them they'll
shrink into tiny little creatures and run off. Some say that they are a
diabolical organization bent on controlling the minds of every Serin
with their arcane mind control rituals. Many however regard many Mystics
as friends and loved ones, taking time to assist them whenever possible.
Whatever this organization is truly about, they certainly do a great
service for the land. If you ever have a question you can't yourself
answer, think to ask a Mystic! They're supposed to know everything!



Members: Sifia and Curisq

After a period of minimal Heraldic presence, we are coming back in
Gnomish Force! Power of one, and so on. Much writing has been scribbled,
inkblotted pamphlets crumpled and stamped upon and eaten in a frenzy in
order to produce this issue. We could spend more time writing about
ourselves at length but really...wouldn't you rather read about

2) Serin Race Results


Serin Race

Thanks to all those who participated in the sixth Serin Cross-Country
Race! It was a grand challenge for all. A congratulations goes to all
those who completed the race, there are no losers here!

Below are the participants who were able to solve the riddles and
complete the race.

Veritori: 14 minutes, 47 seconds
Tyrdeth: 16 minutes, 7 seconds
Denzul: 23 minutes, 34 seconds
Kairenna: 25 minutes, 51 seconds
Vordoroth: 27 minutes, 24 seconds
Surnilus: 44 minutes...

3) Classified ads


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Marilyn Sykes, owner of Marilyn's Bird Factory

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fat'nin snacks. Don' ferget a swig o' my special gourd-cured wine ter
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Griff Who Can Cook And Lives In Emerald

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ever desired a little privacy for you and your significant other? Have
you ever wanted to avoid all those pesky squire hopefuls who have no
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dinner, you can rent one of our rooms for a little more privacy.

Doala, owner of the Sand Dune Tavern in Demea

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bessst coffee in Serin. We guarantee that our home made brew will
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Chrokal the Ssshop Keeper of Sliivalan

4) Poetry from Heralds and squires


Transcendence - scribed by Hass

There is a time when one
Is alone with his thoughts,
When one can close his eyes
And feel a part
Of everything.

He has no regrets,
Desire, Emotions.
He merely exists,
Like a small boat
Led by the currents
Of the ocean.

Although he is solitary,
Alone with his mind,
He feels connected
With every being
In the universe.

It is at a time like this
When one transcends the
Ever-present impediment of


Untitled Number one - scribed by Veritori, Squire of Olyn

A mace, it is told
Has power to behold
When in the hands of the Righteous.
This wrathlike caress,
It holds no love
For those who hide from the light above.
Diamonds sit and deliver death
To those who stray from the chosen path.
There is but one thing to stay alive
And for this all should truly strive:
Keep to the path and do not stray,
Or surely you will be made to pay.

Untitled Number Two - scribed by Veritori

A darkened sky, a moonless night,
The stars quiver and shake.
Beyond the vale an evil stirs
That shall make grown men quake.
Be on your guard, keep your eyes keen,
Let nothing come between you and your blade,
You have but one chance to keep your soul.
A place that is not in shade,
But in the light from above.