The Serin Mystique, Volume 6, Issue 3

Hail Serins!

The Heralds are proud to present the 3rd issue of the Serin Mystique,
volume 6! Within you will find topics like current events, information
regarding the various Serin cabals, Herald thoughts and musings, tales of
battle and more! We hope that you enjoy the latest installment of our
Mystique, support a Herald today!


1) Herald Musings (see myth, theory, sonnet)
2) Herald Spoofs (see spoof1, spoof2)
3) Serin Observations (see observations)
4) Blood and Guts (see blood, guts)
5) Neutral Cabal Affairs (see affairs)
6) The Light vs The Dark (see affairs2)
7) Obituaries (see obits1, obits2)

1) Herald Musings


*** A small creation myth ***

There was once a field mouse who assumed the noble sounding name of
Travias. Now, Travias was no ordinary mouse, as he would often sit and
contemplate his dreams and ambitions for hours on end. The other mice
mocked his lofty goals, but he cared little, for he had seen the mighty
hawk swoop low from soaring heights and snatch up all those unfortunate
field mice. Travias knew well that one day he too would fly through the
sky and devour the bullying mice. He envied the strength of the hawk's
wings, the ferocity of his beak, and the deadly grasp of his talons. Day
by day, he grew more eager to shed his life as a simple rodent.

The first step in Travias's plan was to collect a hodge-podge of light
weight material and some spindly pine needles to weave his wings. Since
he was a naturally petite mouse, the wings were not of a very grand
scale, but in them Travias grew more confident and more determined to
see his plan through. Next, Travias scoured the forest for extra prickly
cones and some sticky sap and carefully fashioned a beak, fit for
tearing apart his mousy adversaries. Now all the noble and proud Travias
lacked was some talons! He thought, he pondered, he contemplated this
problem day and night. Finally, he decided to gnaw a porcupine quill
into six pointy segments.

Once Travias had everything he required, he scampered up a nearby tree
and attached his equipment. He teetered to the end of a branch, took a
deep breath and DOVE!

When he hit the ground, as he inevitably would, his wings were smashed
and his beak quite broken. He lay on the ground, battered, bruised, and
a bit chagrinned. He gazed upon the hawk floating in lazy circles above
him and grew more embittered than ever before. He shook his tiny paw at
the bird of prey and swore to himself, "If I can't be as mighty as you,
I swear no one will!" How unfair that the gods should grant one creature
so much strength and ferocious weaponry and another so very little!
Travias's anger mounted within him, and he made a jealous oath to
prevent all those who strove for power and strength from gaining
anything that might provide an added ability or an especially ferocious
attack. If Travias could not grasp his lofty dreams, he could at least
make sure that no one else could achieve such ambitions. As long as the
creature was harmless, Travias hunted it, making sure it stayed in its
place and reached not for the might of the hawk.

Thus, while Serin was still very young, the fraternity of Keepers was

by Wren


*** A theory on the beauty of gnomes ***

The written history can tell us that gnomes were once ugly as trolls,
well they were uglier, you might not believe me but it is the truth. And
now Ill let you in on a little secret of how gnomes got their beauty. A
long time ago there lived a witch, an evil witch who loved dark magic,
very dark magic. Gnomes knew that and they knew that she could turn
people into chickens and rabbits into cows. They went to her with a
question: could she turn them into beautiful little creatures? The old
witch said indeed I can, but I need few things: a tail of a turtle, head
of Rasmus, wings of an avian and a little blue mushroom. Gnomes got
almost everything they needed but alas couldn't get the tail of a
turtle, for the turtle hid within his shell. So they thought long and
hard,why not get a tail of a slith instead? The old witch would not be
able to spot the difference. So they did and delivered the tail of a
slith instead. The witch started to boil the components, and made the
gnomes drink it. And like magic the ugly troll like creatures turned
into beautiful little gnomes. Now all gnomes have little tails, small
hairless tails like sliths do. So the next time you see a gnome take a
good look and you might see that little tail they have.

By Selaturan


"On Love and War"

Sing now my muse, but not of love's sweet plight.
My mood no more permits this damsel's game.
I long for war, battle, glory, and fame!
Hear this, my plea for songs of steel tonight.

Young girls may pine for love's true light,
But gods know best the heat of mortal flame
Burns bright within fighters, not lovestruck dames!
So sing to me, my muse, of blood's pure might.

Forgotten battles long since left untold,
Sing now the names of men both great and small.
How I long to hear those clashing blades of yore!
But they all's fair in love and war (or so I'm told),
And all beneath this red, red sun must fall.
Between the two, fame's flame fades long before.

--- Wren

2) Herald Spoofs


*** Permontar's Imaginary Army of Darkness***

The city of Valour was shining especially bright this day. The
triumphant roar of laughter and drunken war cries echoed from the castle
out onto the streets of the city. It seemed like nothing could ruin the
celebrations that were going on there, happiness and hope dense in the
morning's air. On the other side of Serin however, in the dark avenues
and decrepit lanes of Darkhaven the air was different, filled with dirt
and dust from the harsh rains filling the same morning sky, but
darkening it. A peculiar looking little round man walked the streets,
muttering quietly to himself about his plans for the rising of the dark
army and resurrection of the Dark Lords. He headed towards the Lacramose
Temple and was welcomed inside with open arms (or at least as open as
shadowdemon guardian things arm's get). Once inside he looked over the
inside of the Temple with a callous and malevolent glower. It was eerily
silent, so quiet in fact that this particular dark dwarf could hear the
sounds from the drow run brothel just down the street. He hastily closed
the shutters of the Temple casting it into relative darkness, with only
the dull shimmer of his blood candle to illuminate his way. He looked
around once more, and extinguished the candle.

A short time passed and the man began to speak. "I am glad you have all
come," he said.

No sounds were heard in reply, only faint screams from the brothel.

"Many years have passed since we lost our infernal lord duergar Tyrdeth
and Groq our unholy fiery lord of giant people everywhere," he stated to
the engulfing darkness all around him. "What are we going to do without
him? I'll tell you, we shall persevere on and destroy the lightbringers!
We have been having these meetings in the darkness to symbolize the
power the shadows truly hold. Yes they are all knowing, all seeing, all
hearing and all encompassing, yet slightly smelly."

Just then the sounds of a climaxing halfling shot into the temple and
echoed clearly.

Permontar ignored the noises and continued. "Our plans are nearly
complete, the Knights have been buying out the stocks of vanilla wafers
we've strategically placed in their Temple altar in place of their holy
communion. Soon they will be cursed with the plagues and afflictions of
the underworld! MWAHAHAHA!!" He paused to throw back his head in a
villainous and slightly insane cackle. "Now the time has come for the
next stage of our plans to come into fruition, but I will need all of
your help and cunning to complete it..."


Permontar's Imaginary Army of Darkness part 2

Just then there was a knock at the Temple door. Permontar went out to
see who it could be, and found Grub with their supply of waybread and
wine for the meeting.

"Well... you're late," Permontar said.

"Sorry sir." Grub replied. He dropped a few bags of bread and a crate of
wine at the Temple steps and turned, and then turned back. "My lord...
who are you talking to?"

Permontar eyed the man suspiciously. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I heard you talking to someone insi-"

"I was talking to my army you fool!" Permontar yelled.

"Uh... my lord... army? You have been the only person seen going in or
out of the Temple in years, unless your army is the drapes and the throw
rugs..." Grub coughed almost chuckling as if pleased with his last

"No! that's not true! Rikena is inside, and so is Nef, and Mordraith and
Faranjar too... You're just a blind old dolt." Permontar opened the
doors of the Temple wide allowing the outside light inside. Once the
halls were illuminated both men stood staring into the Temple with
equally shocked looks. "Uhm... they must have left." Permontar assured

Grub nodded his head slowly at first and spoke quietly. "Sure... I need
to be going now Permontar. I'll see you, and, your army... later." With
that Grub quickly made his way back to his shop to share his stories of
Permontar and his imaginary army of darkness.

By Curisq

3) Serin Observations


*** Serin Observations ***

It seems a great war is coming, a war between light and neutrality. The
reason is simple, the Keepers do not like that the Knights are taking
over the realm and try to rule it. For that strange reason it seems that
Legions and Keepers serve a common goal, and knights are all alone.
People are afraid of the little Keeper we know as Kotzel for some
strange reason, and it seems that the war started between Kotzel and
Fhantil. Right now people are starting to form packs against the
Keepers. Choyus and Yyf are among those who seem to have a plan on how
to end the erra of Kotzel. What will happen we do not know, we can only
wait and see. But at this point I see only corpses, everywhere!

By Selaturan

4) Blood and Guts


*** Blood and Guts ***

[LEGION] Faranjar, Regrem vs. Formthur by Hass
According to Farnajar, he was able to cause Formthur to run all
throughout Serin, fearing for his life. Faranjar, however, was not able
to kill Formthur on his own. Faranjar enlisted the support of Regrem,
who might as well be Legion. When Formthur recalled to his hometown,
Regrem was awaiting him. Formthur didn't last long.
Victors: [LEGION] Faranjar, Regrem

[KEEPER] Hrimoyan vs [JUSTICE] Tsadkian by Curisq
When the fight first began, it was rather uneventful, one party running
from the other over vast spans of Serin. However once Hrimoyan became a
criminal of Seringale things began to grow interesting. Tsadkian began
by invading Hrimoyan's hall, this first fight inside Hrimoyan's fortress
did not go well at all for Hrimoyan and he fled for a few hours rest.
Tsadkian continued to invade Hrimoyan's cabal resulting in a few small
skirmishes. The final battle between them took place on the eastern road
however. The fight started with the usual dirt flying, a few trips here
and there, up and down the road they fought. Mercy on any gnomes who
happened to be leaving the village at that time, surely they were
flattened like little pancakes. The fight made its way into the holy
grove, which might have been Tsadkian's biggest mistake. With the
familiarity of the forest on his side, Hrimoyan quickly landed a few
stunning blows and slew Tsadkian with little time to spare before
Iternes, a duergar, launched his attack. Though the previous fight was
long and he was wounded, Hrimoyan managed to escape the clutches of the
duergar and was the victor.
Victor: [KEEPER] Hrimoyan

[JUSTICE] Issa vs [LEGION] Tyrdeth vs. Formthur by Hass
Seringale was looking very chaotic recently during a three-way fight.
Tyrdeth invaded the Justice cabal in the hopes of killing Issa. He paid
off the fine, and then Formthur attacked him. Since he had paid off the
flag, Tyrdeth was once again protected by Seringale's laws and Formthur
became wanted. Tyrdeth proceeded to attack Issa and he too became
wanted. Formthur continued to attack Tyrdeth but Tyrdeth ultimately fell
to Issa and her special guard. With Tyrdeth out of the way, Issa focused
her sights on Formthur, who did not last long, and order, more or less,
was restored to Seringale.
Victor: [JUSTICE] Issa

[JUSTICE] Issa vs Gorgite by Curisq
Issa and I were wandering the plains of winter when she received an
urgent message. The halls of Justice were under attack, and by no other
than the fierce fire giant Gorgite. I speculate the reason Gorgite
invaded was because of Issa's status as an enemy of the Legion, and
Gorgite's own status as a protected ally of the army. Issa quickly
returned to Seringale where she bravely defended her cabal grounds from
Gorgite, who soon fled Seringale. It would not be long before Gorgite
intruded again, but equipped with a magical shield of snow and a dagger
forged of ice, Issa would be the victor of this second battle. She
quickly confined him to the immediate area and assaulted him with a
storm of ice and wind. Issa would spend the next few days auctioning
some of Gorgite's things and then returning the rest of them to him. Who
says the law is unforgiving!
Victor: [JUSTICE] Issa


*** Blood and Guts ***

[JUSTICE] Issa, [JUSTICE] Tsadkian, Surnilus vs [LEGION] Tyrdeth, [LEGION] Faranjar
This fight started between Issa, Tsadkian, Tyrdeth and Faranjar. When
these forces of Legion and Justice first started to battled there was
little blood, however as the battle raged on things became more
interesting. The two Justices battled the two Legion on the eastern
road, the Legion aimed their attacks towards Issa at first. She found
the barrage too much to handle and quickly casted a recall spell taking
her back to Seringale. With Tsadkian by himself, he fell quickly to
Tyrdeth and Faranjar. Tsadkian hurried to pick up the things left in his
corpse and the two Legion retreated. The battle continued east now into
the forests north of Timaran and Darkhaven. The Legion prepared
themselves just north of Darkhaven while the Justices added another
member to their team, Surnilus a healer from Valour. Though the Legion
put forth a brave effort they were no match with their wanted/intruder
status. The three and their guards made a quick and bloody mess of both
Victors: [JUSTICE] Tsadkian, [JUSTICE] Issa, Surnilus

[KEEPER] Kotel vs [KNIGHT] Fhantil by Vevier
Kotzel was the dominant participant in this fight, slowly wearing down
Fhantil as she came to defend her cabal against invasion. Hellstream
after hellstream made the poor Half-elf's hair turn a terrible color
black! Fhantil tried to fight back, but without pets for most of the
fight, she was slowly outdamaged. The fight was prolonged as Fhantil
fled to the far reaches of Serin, trying to escape Kotzel, but her tiny
gnomish legs were fast, and soon caught up with Fhantil, to the Knight's
eventual demise.
Fhantil - If I hadn't lost my mount, I wouldn't have lost my legs.
Kotzel - That ranger can sure run around...
Victor: [KEEPER] Kotzel

[KEEPER] Kotzel vs Yyf by Surnilus
The fight started when Yyf was sitting inside his guild wondering how
things could have been. Kotzel showed up from nowhere and attacked the
guild guardian. She had no problem killing the entering the guild of
rangers. Yyf was in deep thought and didn't see that Kotzel had even
entered. The First hellstream came to Yyf like a bolt of lightning from
a clear sky. Then Yyf ran like a mad man, but there was little that he
could do against the mad woman we know as Kotzel. The fight ended in the
Emerald forest, with a final hellstream that took Yyf's life. The words
of Kotzel for the fight were, he should not run so much and stay to
Winner: [KEEPER] Kotzel.

[LEGION] Nef vs [JUSTICE] Issa by Curisq
Nef was marked bountied and an intruder when Issa arrived to the land.
Issa quickly regained her cabal item from the Legion's Temple with
little trouble, but Nef drew her into battle back in Seringale. Nef
urgently began spouting off spells and Issa soon found the battle too
much to handle. Nef's spells were wicked and left Issa running around in
circles at best. Issa panicked and through herself to the winds of Serin
casting her teleport spell and finding her end with her things spraying
out all over Serin.
Victor: [LEGION] Nef

5) Neutral Cabal Affairs


Cabal Reports --- Wren

For some time now, the Justices have enjoyed dominance over these lands.
With Issa, Niels, Cadarel, and Feolthanos still dedicating their wary
eyes to the protection of Seringale, the observance of and obedience to
the law has apparently improved. Now as ever there have been some
complaints that the Justices are too seldomly seen within the city
walls, but complaints usually issue forth from the newly deceased's
mouths and should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt and a careful
dosing of skepticism. No doubt the duty- bound Justices have never had
an easy or straight path to trod, but according to Issa, the trials have
only escalated in difficulty. Rather than accepting those into the cabal
who have merely displayed a passion for the cause, all Justice
applicants must now know and understand the rules and display competency
in all aspects of the law before they are admitted into the prestigious
ranks, whereas before there may have been some space for those still
learning the specifics of life in the Serin hub. However, with such
definite strength and stringent requirements, the future viability of
Justice must be brought into question. With Tsadkian's departure, many
may wish to lend their swords or magic to this cause. Despite the
apparent opening within the cabal, one Justice has observed the lack of
any promising applicants. Without a clear contender, how will the
Justices maintain their steadfast diligence? Only time will tell if
someone will rise to the call of Serin law.

Roster: Issa, Cadarel, and Niels

Although a short while ago the Keepers roamed the land in force,
scouring every citizen's equipment for the telltale signs of abuse, it
seems their numbers have now dwindled and their presence in Serin is
currently waning. Only the lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be) will
catch a glimpse of Kotzel, Biypo, and Hrimoyan, though even the latter
two's presence is very rarely felt. Damitsu, the once zealous ninja of
balance, has apparently vanished, along with Graxana. Yasiriz, who once
devoted his life to the Keeper's cause, has occasionally made an
appearance, but he has mysteriously left the cabal's circle, without
further commentary from his former comrades. There are currently two
hopefuls, but they remain untested and unproven. According to one of the
Keepers, the cabal is like any other in that it has witnessed its share
of ups and downs, but it is now being more and more compromised by the
Serin people who consistetly challenge the limits of propriety. The
biggest obstacles on this cabal's path are these "repeat offenders" who
steadfastly refuse to show some discretion while outfitting themselves.
These are the citizens who should fear the striking hands and
battle-ready fists of the remaining Keepers.

Roster: Hrimoyan, Kotzel, and Biypo

6) The Light vs The Dark


Cabal Reports --- Wren

Despite the surprising loss of Thoroer and Tadore, the Knights of Valour
have achieved an admirable evel of stability in what is usually an
enormously unstable world. The newest Knight, the gregariously gallant
figure of Striehl, has grown considerably in both strength and knowledge
since first entering this treacherous realm. (Although a thieving Knight
may appear contradictory at best, Striehl reportedly uses his cunning
and stealthy skills for noble purposes.) The young and ebullient Cetha
has also joined the Knights and will contribute the magical blessings of
health and regeneration. With many promising young ones to pick up the
mantle, the future of Knights seems secure enough, or perhaps only as
secure as any cabal can be in such a volatile environment. Kavere, the
fearless leader of the Knights, recently expressed his sincere faith in
his cabal and all those who follow and uphold the higher path, while at
the same time bemoaning the hot-tempered youths who lose patience and
give up the fight too soon. Tragically, it seems many young lightwalkers
have felt the weight of ambitious Legionnaire hopefuls and have either
completely withdrawn from Serin or rashly taken their own life. Overall,
the Knights seem ready and more than willing to continue their
everlasting struggle with the dark and bear the burden of virtue and
morality until the very end.
Roster: Kavere, Fhantil, Lorrin, Striehl, and Cetha

The ridicule and doubt shouldered by Legion in recent times has been
little short of astonishing. As a force that usually causes much fear,
or at the very least much consternation, the recent flippancy must have
been quite an adjustment for Permontar, who remembers well the days of
Legion's reign. As must always be the way, the tides shall feel the very
pull of gravity and the ranks of Legion will swell with the waves that
border Darkhaven. Quar and Vieti are the most recent mages to join what
is rapidly becoming Permontar's UN-imaginary army. Despite the recent
additions, Legion still has much to prove if they are to continue their
incessant and fated battle with the Knights. Olyn, whose story is
reportedly as sordid as his followers' paths are sinister, emphatically
believes the dominance of Legion is inevitable and asserts that the true
worth of Legion will reveal itself in time, as his army stretches its
mighty hands across the land. Vieti adds his own opinion concerning the
future of Legion and the constant struggle with the Knights. While
admitting that they have a "certain strength," Vieti insists that the
lightwalkers will flee to Valour once Legion has regained its former
glory and once there, the Knights will tend to their horses and fade
into insignificance. It appears the battle between light and dark wages
on, even beneath the surface. Perhaps Olyn and Vieti's confidence is
justified, but warriors such as these are not easily satsified and the
absence of a worthy opponent may prove more devastating to Legion's
cause than the recent draught of dedicated and determined champions of
the dark.

Roster: Permontar, Quar, and Vieti

7) Obituaries


Obituaries - Curisq

Ber the Barbarian of Reckless Frenzy
Ber was a fire giant that grew up in Darkhaven and acquired a taste for
blood and propensity for violence at a very young age. Countless Serins
fell to his burning might and it seemed the dwindled halls of the Legion
would lighten up with glory and death in his presence. However the
applicant did not survive past his 22nd birthday or his 40th rank, and
was never accepted into the dark army. On a journey into the Unlit City
the giant man was attacked by the drow guardsman there, probably for
hitting on one of the drow ladies not in the brothels, and apprehended.
He took his life soon after.

[KEEPER] Damitsu the Menkyo
Damitsu was an avian ninja who found his way into the Keeper's cabal
early in life. He was a silent assassin as many describde him and he
served the balance with all of his being. It seems Damitsu's life goal
was to become a Keeper, and only a few years after achieving that
committed suicide, before achieving his pinnacle. He follows the recent
trend of suicides before ever reaching pinnacle.

Fiura the Grand Mistress of Assassins
Fiura was an interesting avian lady. Some say she was born centuries
ago, and trapped in a bottle to grant wishes to the worthy. Wherever she
did come from, her life seemed to be towards the path of the Keepers, at
least the early part of it. After an unfortunate set of circumstances
she was not allowed access into the halls of the Keepers, and soon cared
no more for their ideals than any other Serin. She took her life just
after dying to Paelgrim, at only 27 years of age.

[KEEPER] Graxana the Warrior Princess
Graxana was quite the scientific gnome in her younger years, studying
Serin's warfare, and physical and magical dimensions. She is to this
date the youngest inducted Keeper, achieving their ranks before her 40th
title. She was a brave combatant, and although her records do not show
her reaching her pinnacle, she did achieve the eye and favor of the
Keepers. Her diplomatic and levelheaded ways will be remembered as
fondly as her kind tone and stockpile of grapes.


[JUSTICE] Ndosrahc the Evil King
Ndosrahc was a young Justice and fought, or more often died for the
cause. He was born in the Underdark, and during his young years
experienced the very crumbling of his society. He decided then that
justice would be the cause he'd serve, and so he did up until his 20th
birthday. Though there are no available records of any of his
apprehensions, he did lay down his life many times for the cause but
eventually found it too much, and took his own life before his 21st

[KNIGHT] Tadore the Battlemaster
Not much is known about Tadore's birth or growing up. At a young age he
caught the eye of the Knights and was quickly squired and Knighted. He
rose in the Knights favor much faster than any of the other squires and
by his 21st birthday had attained the rank of Champion of Valour in the
Knights. Unfortunately his heart and will did not persevere and he took
his own life soon after.

[KNIGHT] Thoroer the Living Touch
Thoroer was an interesting halfling by ever definition of the word. He
was born in the shire but was exiled for thievery at a very young age,
and after moving to Valour shortly thereafter took up a life of thievery
as his primary profession. Suddenly it seems Thoroer had a change of
heart, and with some help from the Knights joined the Healers guild and
was accepted into their walls. Though he did make it into the Knights
cabal he did not last long enough unfortunately, never achieving his
pinnacle or gaining much prestige as a Knight before his suicide.

[JUSTICE] Tsadkian the Battlemaster
Tsadkian was hatched within the walls of Seringale to his mother a city
secretary, and his father a Justicier of Tyr Unguld. The young avian
boy, after a fighting incident at the age of sixteen was sent off to
serve the Justice cabal by his father, where he'd hopefully learn right
from wrong, and defend the city he spent time starting trouble in.
Tsadkian served Justice with some perseverance, but did not seem as
brave or tireless as many of his comrades. Tsadkian did serve the cabal
for many years, but at the age of 28 decided the life was no longer for
him and fell onto his sword.