The Serin Mystique, Volume 6, Issue 4

Greetings Serins!

Welcome to the most recent Serin Mystique!

In this issue, we have something for everyone, from bloody fights for the
warrior sort, to poetry for those more in touch with their inner romantic,
to recipes for those of us who prefer to stay at home.


1) Stories (see stories)
2) Poetry (see poems1, poems2)
3) Current Events (see events1, events2)
4) Gossip (see gossip1, gossip2)
5) Recipes (see recipes)
6) Fights (see blood, guts)
7) Cabal Affairs (see affairs1, affairs2)
8) Obituaries (see obits1, obits2)

We hope you enjoy it! Remember, if you would like to add anything into
the next Mystique, simply contact your nearest Herald!

1) Stories



For your entertainment, ladies and gentlemen of Serin, the Heralds have
assembled a few amusing tales you help you pass the time!

Of a Turtle

Just the other day I was traipsing the shores of the River Azial when I
stumbled over a small mound of sand. It would not have warranted a
second glance, as I am inordinately clumsy at times (learning the fly
spell from Korvoduin was one of the best things that ever happened to
me), except for the fact that my toe hurt afterwards and I got briefly
angry at the innocuous looking pile.

Well, upon further inspection, I found that I had not in fact bruised on
sand - there were some strange leathery round things buried in there.
Since I am by nature rather curious, I dug one out and shook it. It made
a squeak, which made me drop it instantly, upon which the thing suddenly
began rolling around.

After a few moments of what looked like excruciating struggle, the thing
split to reveal a small, slimy baby turtle. It wiggled its flippers at
me, half stuck inside the eggshell, which I helped to extricate it from
with a ginger toe. When it noticed that I was wiggling a toe at it from
mid-air, it gave me the most ridiculous goggly stare, and then
flip-hopped its way rapidly into the river.
Luckily for the turtle, it was born knowing how to swim (unlike me). I
saw its little green back float away between the foam-tipped waves and
wished it a fond farewell as I continued on my way.

By Applicant Triffilina

Of an Apple Tree

Twas several years ago I was a seed, back then rain and light was all my
need. Dropped there upon the ground, a new life I had found. The summers
came and went by so quick, before long, my trunk grew thick. At my
roots, lovers did bed, and wounded, resting warriors had bled. With
these hopes, dreams, and tears my roots were fed. And now my tale is
said, for all my children hang about my head, soon to leave for this, I
grieve, and in my shade, strumming his lute, this bard doth sit, and eat
my fruit.

By Applicant Wylez

2) Poetry


The Heralds of Serin have conspired to bring you the best and the worst
poetry that they could come up with. Be warned that to read further may
cause bloody ears, deafness and insanity.

There once was a ninja dancing all ground.
Fighting a warrior who bashed him to the ground!'
Fleeing and resting was the only chance for a win!
While the warrior drank on his gin!
When the ninja came back the warrior was so drunk!
That the ninja banged a weapon against his head "THUNK"
The ninja laughed as he was so glad!
Only to find out that it only made the giant mad!
Fleeing for the hills was his game!
While the giant drank and forgot his own name!
The Ninja believed that his weapon was too weak!
So he found himself a sword with a very sharp peak!
The ninja came to the giant when it was already too late!
The giant drank himself to death on his own bait!

By Applicant Verdell

A young mother traveled through a land plagued by weather
Escorting the infant was her only wish.
Gusting winds, freezing chills, it was not getting better.
The only food she carried was a rations dish.
Starving herself, she fed the young one.
Weak were her legs, but determined to keep moving.
Her blood was nearly frozen which was no fun.
She came across a ranger who appeared to be roving.
Passionate was this man who built them a campfire!
The woman was quite flattered and could not think.
Perhaps she found her true desire.
Four months later they married without a blink!
Years later the infant learned the arts of the ranger!
Devoting himself to helping others was his birth right!
Never scared and never running from the sense of danger!
He was granted Squireship, soon to be a Knight!

By Applicant Verdell


The last of the Poems that have been written for your...pleasure...

The Biography of Bankushin

Stern of face, and hard of heart,
I was with him from the start.
I watched him grow, from a lad,
And become a man, oh so bad.
His eyes were filled with an evil spark,
It was then I knew, he belonged to the dark.
As we traveled the emerald region,
he told me his soul was to Legion.
When to them, he was bound,
In my ears I heard an awful sound.
Alas ! I thought this is my end,
For my soul and body he will rend.
No longer friends, for I had lost his affection,
But all he said was 'buy protection'.
So on that day, we each went our own way.
For the loss of my friend, I did weep,
But the memory of him is mine to keep.
Should you have wished to know him as well,
To you this tale, I would tell.

By Applicant Wylez

The Bear

Sleeping soundly months go by.
Hunger awakens the sleeping beast.
Forests all around freedom he roams.
Guided by his stomach, food he seeks.
Things he sees, things he smells lead him down the path.
On and on he must go to find his treasure.
Honey and berries he finally finds.
His quest if over his stomach full he naps once more.

By Applicant Valkrin

3) Current Events



Many things happen every day all around Serin, and its not all who's
killing who and who invaded which cabal. Sometimes it is something more
interesting such as a marriage! Included here are the reports of several
such events and and few interviews with Applicants to various cabals.

Interview with an Outcast

I recently attempted to interview Carra. She has been branded an Outlaw
from the rules of Justice as well as Outcasted from her profession. I
granted her sword a layer of enchantment to ease her willingness to
answer my questions. She then commented that I was a good girl for
following orders. I was prior informed that she has a reputation of
attacking those who devote their lives to strict codes under the Castle
of Valour. One can easily feel a dark charisma when in her presence,
however, she is still branded by the Gods as one of the Light. I asked
her of this and she was unsure of the reasoning as well. I quote her as
saying "I spit on the Gods faces!" My questioning continued but I felt
as if I was speaking with a retarded giant. Her answers were not
relative to my questions. Quite abruptly, she spoke "Enough questions."
This statement was immediately followed by her heaving her weapon in my
direction. I was able to defend myself and she fled from my presence and
would speak to me no more. I find her a fascinating being and hope I
will get more information from her in a later meeting.

Scribed by Applicant Verdell

Interview with a Keeper Applicant

As of now I speak with Xariel a half elf warrior and a Keeper applicant.
He has mastered many skills and is close to perfecting his warrior ways.
As a young boy he was taught to live of Serin's resources with the motto
take what you need and give what you can. Even at a young age he knew
that the rares of this land was Serin's and not any others. He arrived
in Timaran and met Hrimoyan about the age of seventeen I gather. It
seems Hrimoyan brought Xariel under his wing so to speak and taught him
and guided him about what to do and how to stop those who are a threat
to Serin's survival. When asked what he thinks the keepers do and mean
to him he replied in his own words mind you. The keepers of balance,
beyond that I wish to make no comment. In his life he has set one goal
and as he puts it "nothing more than making absolutely positive to help
Serin in survival if for no other reason than the fact that she provides
for me. Life and grants me my skills and abilities." He hopes to be able
to keep balance and preserve Serin in all of it's beauty. This Half elf
knows what he wants and I do hope he gets it.

Scribed by Applicant Valkrin


On Valicia's Reputation

Many moons ago, when Olyn was mortal and the Executor of Valour a
Mystique was released. At the time Olyn had been absent for a while, and
Valicia was a young noble lady. In the Mystique there was an article
written by myself detailing their "private" relationship. My memory is a
bit foggy, but towards the end of the article a rhetorical statement was
made to the affect that Valicia's relationship with Olyn may be causing
his absence from duty. Since then, I have received nothing but scorn and
harsh words from her, for many Serin moons now she has come to Serin
and attacked me without the willingness to discuss or listen to anything
I have to say. However now that she has been spreading these tales to
anyone who will listen, yourself Verdell, Valkrin, and others I have
reputed her as a loudmouth.

Scribed by High Herald Curisq

Ekini and the Doll

Well it would seem that giants can be really dim take Ekini for example.
He had it in his mind that a little doll was no match for him. By the
way the doll eats peoples knee when poked. Anyways Ekini attacked this
doll and well the doll fought back wounding Ekini greatly. Many times he
ran and healed but the doll just stood there waiting for him to come
back and of course he would time after time. The more Ekini tried to
fight the doll the more injured he became soon he would fall by the
mighty power of a little doll.

Scribed by Applicant Valkrin

A Wedding Upcoming

I have word from Treffen that a marriage will take place sometime soon
and who is his wife to be? Well it is a noble of Valour!! The lucky lady
is none other than the lady Lotheanyth Hia!!!! As for when it shall be
they have yet to pick a day but once they do I will be sure to report it
back. As of now he says its just gonna be as soon as they get together
and they are going to see a priest.

Scribed by Applicant Valkrin

4) Gossip


Have you heard? Is it true? Well we've heard and we believe it, and
we've written it here so you can read it. Check out the latest Gossip
around Serin and decide for yourself what is fact and what is fiction.

There is a man of a thousand seasons living in the River Wood. Guran, a
Legion with a temper, informed me of the old man's true unknown secret
of a long life. The old man eats baby chickens! He doesn't even skin or
cook them. He consumes the chicks while they are alive! Perhaps there
are vital nutrients in the feathers or organs? I spoke that it would be
far too sickening for me to live such a life. He then spoke to me "Dat
what Guran said. Guran just gun live his life and no eat live chicken."

Simple but true.

After much research and debate, the events that lead Quar on the path of
self destruction elude me. I have conversed with all sides, some would
say to the level of annoyance, and have only found heresy. Alas, this is
the Mystique! We love heresy!

A source from inside the halls of darkness informed me of his view. He
believes that Quar concluded his own journey because he never found true
competition on the fields of battle. Perhaps he never found an opponent
with equivalent power.

Myself, Verdell Penney, have much different and quite out reached

What if Quar sought the thousand year old man for the true secret of an
extended life? The thousand year old man, out of fear for the fading
power of the Light, very well could of issued a recipe aiming for the
sole purpose of suicide. The aged man wishes not to comment on this

What if Quar has only faked his own end? Perhaps he distanced himself to
the very outlands of Serin, and took command over an unknown gnomish
village! Perhaps he trains the olive-sized, tintsy, minute, small-scale,
slender, oh apologies, I tend to carry away on describing gnomes. If an
army of gnomes lead by a giant soon rage war on us all then please
remember, Verdell Penney the Herald predicted such!


The last of the dirt we have for you to devour.

Olyn summoned me for a meeting with both himself and his long time
lover. Might I say Curisq, the death bringer and his wife continue to
show their hatred towards you. I want a pamphlet of your old writings!

Olyn wishes it to be known that he takes his wife as his own. Their
blood has merged and Olyn has tasted it. Valicia insists that she still
is very much in love with him and not the victim of a cruel spell. Olyn
also wishes it to be known to all that she is protected under the entire
army of Legion. Those who seek to harm her will face a most cruelsome

Well everyone knows of the story of the Keepers right? You know the one
gain rares to keep the balance and save Serin from death, chaos and
destruction. Well there is another story of the Keepers one that most
people do not know. Well what is it you ask? It is about one man and his
thirst for all things that are rare, a man with the greed to out do any
Legion's greed. He is the Keeper of Artifacts. His goal is to keep every
single rare in all of Serin not to save the world, not to keep balance
or anything like that. Well like I said the story goes way back when The
Keeper could not gain all the rares he wished many people fought him and
took them that is when he got a great idea. He traveled to the city of
balance, to Timaran and there he raised a temple sure it was all a front
but it still looked pretty. From this new temple The Keeper of Artifacts
reached out and influenced many men and woman to join his cause. Many
people have told me they were drawn to the Keeper cabal for some unknown
force. Anyways he tricked those poor souls to run around killing those
that held many rares (I would guess so it wouldn't take as long to
gather them) and to return them to him. He told his Keepers a lie that
they was keeping (see what I mean by greedy) and thus they did not.
Every day more and more rares are taken to this so called balance keeper
but in all truth he just wishes the power for himself so no other mortal
can challenge him and maybe he has plans on taking over all of Serin
that I do not know but can only guess. Now you know the secret of the
Keepers enjoy and do stay safe.

I'm sure many of ye have noticed the oh so delicious Kitten eye cookies
sold at the traveler's rest. How intriguing it is that the raisins look
suspiciously like eyes, kitten eyes in fact. There have been several
complaints about pets going missing throughout Seringale. The fact that
Vanisse is the one who bakes these cookies proves that she is the cat
burglar! I am offering a hefty reward for any ACCURATE information on
the whereabouts of this criminal. Justice must and will be served!

As always,
Order be praised
and Law prevails,
-Sergeant Cadarel Etelican

5) Recipes



Learn from the established cooks of Serin some tantalizing dishes!

Ok friends so you want to know how to make Dragon steak and mushroom
stew well first of all you will need some steak from a baby dragon.
Three mushrooms (magic works best but you can use a blue capped mushroom
if needed) and some herbs pinkish and blue herbs are what I use. First
get a pan of water boiling and of course add your herbs maybe some lemon
juice to give it some extra flavor. Chop your mushrooms up into nice
little portions and let them boil for about five minutes. Now with the
dragon steaks you have to add a few herbs to really let the flavor out.
Chop the meat into little cubes for the stew season how you like and
throw them into the water. Simmer for a good half hour stirring every so
often. The broth should be a nice golden brown color by now throw in
some peppers if you like it spicy if not then your set to eat.

Scribed by Applicant Valkrin

I call this Recipe Shroud of Dark hate.

A pair of clover sprigs.
Goose liver pate.
Troll intestines
the heart of an elf
The heart of a unicorn
Stained cloak
Sceptre of the goblin leader.

Using the sceptre of the goblin leader, the hearts of the two good
beings mush be crushed with the intestines of a troll, and the goose
liver pate, then the clover sprigs must be added to the pulpy mixture,
this paste is smeared upon the stained cloak of a dark horseman who has
slain a child's parents, while uttering curses towards the gods of good,
This will invoke the delight of the Gods of evil, bestowing upon the
cloak an enchantment, allowing the cloak, when worn in battle against a
good creature, to cast dispel good !

Elf Pudding

One Elf, drained, organs removed
2 Pounds of Sugar
4 Buckets of Water
1 really big bowl.

Step 1: Grind the elf into a powder, being careful not to miss any small
bones. No one likes crunchy pudding.
Step 2: Mix the water and sugar together until the water is mostly clear.
Step 3: Stir the elf powder into the water and sugar mixture.
Step 4: Chill until the mixture solidifies and serve.

Fried Elf Ears make a tasty side.

Life Enhancing Chicken


Hatch the eggs.
Wait until the chicks are Fluffy.
Consume whole.
Live a long and happy life.

6) Fights


Amidst the Weddings and interviews, there are fights that break out in
Serin all the time. Most of the time they go unnoticed by the general
population in the way that the birds do, commonplace. But sometimes, a
Herald is around and the fight gets recorded for all the world to see.

Not too far in the past I battled Urix, a warrior Legion. I was hunting
blood shamans when my party scouted him nearby and felt threatened. We
disposed of him only to understand that he was not prepared for the
encounter. His limited arsenal of weapons and armor hindered his
fighting readiness. I immediately felt apathetic and was soon the victim
of a substantial amount of profane name-calling. Because of my social
nature, I explained my case and further elaborated that the Legionnaires
aren't well known to have peaceful relations with neighboring
individuals who devote themselves to the Light. Soon after, Urix fell to
the hands of a ranger and shaman. Ever so frustrated, Urix decided to
separate himself from these lands and never be seen again. Before doing
this, he called on me to meet him in Valour and spoke that he had
something to give me. I must admit that I believed it to be a trap but
my curious nature controlled my actions yet again. On our reunion he
immediately gave me his financial savings, and bid his farewell. I
thought it ironic that one with such an evil nature gave to an Elven
woman in the city of Valour nonetheless. Perhaps there more with a
hidden sense of goodness, and perhaps they can be converted when it is
not already too late.

I was performing in North square, when I witnessed this warfare. In came
the beared one of Dark, When alas, Crossed blades struck a spark. Twas
the winged warrior Korro, who struck at him, and brought his sorrow.
Round and round they went, And quickly Xeric's life was spent. When the
dark dwarf's body hit the ground, I heard nary naught a sound. As he
laid there, cold and still, with his rares, Korro had his will. So this
to you I say, if you wish not the keeper to have his way.... Beware the
wears of the rares.


The last of the fights witnessed and recorded for your pleasure.
From what I have gather a dark knight named Dalus fought with a
Halfling warrior named Zertain. Dalus of course made the first move
using unholy strength he plowed into Zertain and began the fight.
Seringale witnessed much of this battle with Dalus flinging lightning
bolts like a monkey throwing poo and Zertain just kinda stood there and
tried to hobble him. The drow dark knight was overwhelming with his
spells and quickly cut down Zertain's health and his pants! With a dirt
kick from Dalus Zertain fled the battle and stumbled. Dalus simply
walked in and slain the poor Halfling.

Well it was a quick cheap fight. Svingar attacked Yotadreo fleeing and
attacking but soon got blinded. He ran rather fast and gained a flesh
golem which he used well hiding behind it like a meat puppet. Yotadreo
tried as gate guards stood there watching as the two fight and I guess
they don't like shamans cause they attacked Yotadreo. While this was
going on Svingar fled and came back to watch the death of this shaman I
guess he couldn't finish what he started. Well by his own hands or not
Svingar did pick up the win and your beastly reporter caught it all.

Fhargothe raised his zombie and the golems that serve him and started
after Ekini. At first Ekini stayed in his guild maybe he is a coward I
don't know well soon enough he did come out of hiding. The first blow
was struck by Ekini but Fhargothe's icicle made short work of him and he
took off like a bat out of hell. Fhargothe did curse Ekini as for any
other spells I do not know. A lot of running around from the shaman
Ekini always close to death but like a rat always getting away.
Fhargothe has yet to sustain any major injuries and as a spellcaster is
quite a feat! Fhargothe blinded Ekini in the following skirmish while
Ekini beforehand caused a big earthquake must say I did almost fall
down. Soon Ekini fled and went to the valley of the elves where
Fhargothe struck the killing blow. After it was all said and done He
captured Ekini's soul.

*** If you would like your fights to be recorded in the next Mystique,
simply send the Heralds an objective recounting!

7) Cabal Affairs


The Cabals of Serin are constantly swinging back and forth in power,
first the Knights are strong, then the Legion rise up to overpower them,
and once in a while the Keepers or the Justices sneak in and Serin is
almost at peace for a time. Whats happening now? Read below to find out.
The halls of darkness have suffered significant losses recently, mostly
being represented by the loss of Quar. He was viewed as the most feared
opponent from Darkhaven. Similar to Justice, they are without a current
mortal leader. Additionally, both Urix and Bankushin have taken their
own lives further wounding the path of Darkness. In ease of these
tragedies, Legion has inducted a drow ninja by the name of Sasumu to
their cause. Time shall reveal if this has already alleviated the losses
and perhaps even brought forth greater strength to their halls.

Assassins of the Dark: Olyn, Guran, Vyrkul, Rutreius, Dindenerhi, Larux,
Sasumu, and Krol

The Keepers are quite active in recent times. There is a new warrior
recruit, Korro, who demonstrates great potential to the cabal as he has
been victorious in several engagements quite early since his induction.
After interviewing their mortal leader Hrimoyan, we have been informed
on his thoughts.

Hrimoyan believes a ninja be an intriguing addition to them and is
surprised by the limited number of thieven applicants. Nevertheless, the
Keepers welcome all and encourage those of the true balance to step
forward. He warns that only those with a balanced mind and strong heart
will survive the tasks that await them.

Current Keepers: Groq, Hrimoyan, Lucaz, Korro, the shadow Biypo and

It has proved to be quite a tough challenge to gather information on the
Knights as they have been most reluctant to leave the castle in recent
times. I have been notified on good authority that it will soon change
and we shall find these warriors of the light returning to the
battlefields against evil. Currently, the castle is accepting billets of
all guilds and are especially interested in a talented paladin or

Defenders of the Light: Kavere, Xorbinox, Emilise, Pwen, Valinar,
Verrach, and Vyren

Despite it being hard to find a Justice as of late, the streets of
Seringale have been peaceful during most hours. They remain free of a
mortal leader though as Cadarel holds the highest badge. Those who
aspire to be recruited to their halls face challenges as well since no
current members can induct a newcomer to their purpose. A source has
notified me that hope remains inside Justice all the same to soon have a
newly appointed mortal leader.

Acknowledged Peacekeepers: Karalinso, Gortan, Cadarel, Cadendadan,
Nharlgrim, and Niels


Alas, those who seek friendships need to join one of Serin's fine
coteries. They are generally peaceful and most offer types of protection
for members. I have inscribed current information on the Coteries below.

Nobles- The population of nobles are increasing despite the outrageous
entry fee. If you wish entry to the palace of Valour then this may be
for you!

Current nobles include Quilden, Tenan, Zarion, Vaell, Lotheanyth, and

Mystics- Mystics are nearly a forgotten trade as most of Serin has not
seen one in recent times. Great news! This writer searched hard and
spotted two just prior to this scribe! Their leader has also commented
that they will be much easier to find very soon!

Current mystics include Noliperus and Ashak.

Patrons- If you seek great moral and socialism then this faction is as
fine as any in my mind! They provide great assistance to the Heralds and
it is much more affordable than the ransom price of nobles.

Heralds- Heralds, my favorite! Most either love or hate them. If you
love to gossip, even if it is not always particularly true, then join
us! Fellows, fight your battles with ink! Leave the brawling to the
uncivilized beings!

Current heralds include Vevier, Curisq, Selaturan, Verdell, Wylez,

8) Obituaries


Life in Serin is exciting, but really, its not for everyone. Recently we
have seen friend and foe alike fall on their own swords or sometimes on
the swords of others and suffer damage so great that they would never
awaken. These are their stories.

Fhantil the Wrath of Nature, Knight of Valour
The lady Fhantil was raised in the Sylvan Vale from a young age, knowing
little of her birth parents or her origins otherwise. From early life
she felt naturally connected with the woodland and knew her path would
lead her to the Ranger's Guild. As most tails of Knights go, once of age
she moved to Valour and became a squire to some brave Knight. In her
early life she showed herself to be a brave and competent fighter, but
soon became discouraged with the plight of Valour and took her own life
after 27 years in Serin.

Futharke the Battlemaster, Knight of Valour
Futharke was a young dwarven Knight, who battled bravely in the face of
adversity but would tragically commit suicide later on in his life.
While living, Futharke the dwarf served the Knights unconditionally,
making it to the prestigious rank of Knight of Valour. Futharke came
from a long line of berserkers, and chose to join the Warrior's Guild
rather than follow the family tradition. Only he truly knows if he has
made his family proud, but it is certain the Knights and innocent alike
will mourn this death.

Nurxeil the Angel of Arcana, Oracle of Mystics
Nurxeil was a kindly gnome, and a friend to all that would have him. He
was born and raised in the gnome village as most gnomes are, and sought
out the Mystic's early in life. Outliving most Serins of this age, the
renowned man died for the final time at the age of 40 to the hands of
Quar the Legion. No matter what relationship you had with this gentleman
it is safe to say respect was always part of the equation. Many
travelers will remember Nurxeil for his welcoming and genuinely kind
spirit, he will be missed.

Quar The Holy Shaman, Legion of Darkness
Quar was left orphaned on the streets of Darkhaven when he was just an
adolescent. As a giant however, life was not very difficult for him, and
he fell right into the stereotypical fire giant mindset. He stole from
anyone who had something he wanted and even murdered if the situation
came to it. It was no surprise to the Darkhaven townsfolk when word
began to spread that he'd join the Legion. Quar had a somewhat lengthy
and very successful career working for the Lacramose Temple, felling the
armies of other cabals before him. Few knew him past the end of his
weapon, and it seemed he liked it that way. Quar took his own life after
proving himself one of the strongest Serins to walk among the Legion in
recent days.


The stories of Serin's Fallen, continued

Tyrdeth, the Volcano of Infinite Rage
Tyrdeth was an old duergar who struck fear into the hearts of many
through malevolence, cruelty and death. It was rare that you would see
the duergar in any sense beyond pillaging a village, raiding Seringale
or murdering Knights. He came to notoriety once he joined Legion during
a time where few even spoke the name of the cult. He would soon rise to
the favor of the Dark Gods and be chosen as the Forsaken of Legion.
Though his life was filled with much blood and death, both his and
others, the Gods soon deemed him unworthy to lead or even be amongst the
Legion and was exiled. For many years Tyrdeth would bring havoc to all
the cabals, challenging them and the Gods for his right to be in power
and his revenge. After many years of battle the duergar took his life
and left Serin for another plane.

Tyron the Holy Patriarch, Oracle of Mystics
Tyron was an elven member of the Healer's guild, born into a wealthy
family he found his way to the Mystic's Tower early on in life. Through
unending compassion and benevolence Tyron made his mark upon Serin,
aiding anyone who he found in need and spreading doctrines of kindness
and peace. Unfortunately as time passed Tyron lost his way and left
Serin to visit the afterlife after many years of service.

Vieti the Angel of Arcana, Legion of Darkness
Vieti served the Legion bravely for several years, sacrificing both
himself and the heads of his enemies to the Dark Gods in service. As a
boy he grew up in Darkhaven, using his charm and good looks to gain
influence and livelihood within the city. Through lust for power and
greed the once beautiful boys was turned to wickedness, his body twisted
by the hand of malevolence. It would not be long before Vieti discovered
the Lacramose Temple and chose the path of Legion to serve until his
death. At 25 years of age the human invoker took his own life.

Wren the Lexical Virtuoso, the Lore Keeper of Heralds
Wren was a bright and kind young lady. She came to Serin in hopes of
joining the Heralds, and was welcomed with open arms. During her time
she proved herself quite literate, a wonderful musician and skilled
storyteller. Her writings were adored and cherished by those who chose
to read them. She gained the favor of the Herald patrons and immortals
alike, bringing activity and new life into the coteries of the land. She
like many others will be greatly missed after leaving Serin of her own
choosing after her 29th birthday.