The Serin Mystique, Volume 6, Issue 5

Vol 6, Issue 5, Revised Edition

1) Poems (see Amnesia, Fragments, poem3)
2) Repute (see repute)
3) Gossip (see gossip)
4) Cabals (see cabals)
5) Cabal Rosters (see rosters)
6) A Visage (see visage)
7) A Mighty Battle (see battle)
8) Vaelyn Talk (see Vaelyn)
9) Battles (see battle, battle2, battle3, battle4, battle5)
10) Obituaries (see obits1, obits2, obits3)

This issue contains the collected works of Heralds and other submissions
under the guidance of Curisq the Burlesque Puppeteer, current High Herald.
We hope you enjoy the read!

1) Poems


Amnesia - scribed by Triffilina

Misplaced, I deconstructed my surroundings
looking for a lost sign.
Out of the darkness a thought would spring
and I'd chase its eccentric leaps as it cricket-hopped
through space in a panic -

but then, in the end, only a seam seeped through
or the frayed edge of an unhemmed leg.

Never the whole, I was relegated to fragments.
That was how it sang, after all.

My eye had been trained on misconceptions.


Fragments - scribed by Triffilina

Silence and sound are ceaseless here, seamlessly intermingling:
iron tolling against the docked side of a ship,
seagulls accenting the crescendoes of trees-
the light too plays in full spectrum, casting
solar puppetry upon grass, hair and pebbles of sand.

In a creative moment you can imagine the crunch
of gravel beneath lemon-webbed feet
as a curious/hungry bird approaches leather shoes resting in the sun.
Flight is also silent, a gradient of black and white
trailing a memory through undisturbed sky.


Untitled - Wylez, Master Scribe of Heralds

I was at the Travellers' Rest, drinking a bottle of the house best,
when I thought myself drunk with the Winks and the Nods,
I do believe we have seen the Return of the Gods!
From opposing Ethos, and all different Races,
sheer looks of determination on their faces.
So BEWARE!, all you devious and crafty lot,
or your corpse may be left to rot!
From the mighty implementor of Mischief Resatimm,
To the muse Vevier, the gnome of wit and whim!
And to the opposite sides of the Light,
Valiant Jaran, and Mighty Olyn have joined the fight!
They have come to walk Serin again,
To observe Mortals as they shield their eyes from Truth and commit Sin!
So, Beware all you breakers of the Sacred Scrolls,
Their Wrath upon you could be the end of your Souls!

2) Repute


If you feel worthy of a reputation, allow me to oversee a Battle or
action that would make you worth of such, and I will write a Short
battle report/ Action report/ Poem dedicated to you, and you will be
reputed so.

Lord Vrykhul the Infamous

Beware Lord Vrykhul, Holy Shaman of the Arcane,
mighty Lord of Legion, and Knight's disdain.
Piercing Grey eyes see right through your soul,
arouse his anger, and your corpse will fill a hole.
Once a revered scholar, The darkness made him insane,
now he seeks to cause all before him the greatest of pain.
Should you wish to avoid his predilection,
Then you must buy Protection.

*Editor's note*

Sadly due to an unforeseen accident, many of the repute articles were lost.
and this was one of the only ones to survive. If you have been reputed
and wish to have your own story in the Mystique, contact either Valkrin
or Wylez, and we will rectify that error.

3) Gossip


Gossip - Triffilina

A very curious affair occurred today that I must tell you all about. I
am not sure whether it was me, or the Gods, or simply pure coincidence,
but as I was minding my own business in the corner of the Sand Dune
Tavern experimenting with my latest mushroom discovery, I closed my eyes
as I usually do to imbue my mushrooms with their heavenly qualities. As
I did so, I heard a distinct >POP
Now I know what you are all thinking, this is simply preposterous that a
bit of mushroom communion should create an entire justice to appear out
of thin air, but I tried my hand at the new mushroom prayer again and
yet another Justice appeared! Twice more I prayed, and twice more the
>POP!< followed by another Justice.

At this point I was sternly reprimanded by my chosen Gods because I was
apparently stealing all of their fodder for my experiments, and was
forbidden from every praying for that particular mushroom type ever
again (Although I continue to call it secretly the Jushroom of Doom.)
Despite all my efforts to reverse my spells, the Justices simply would
not go back to wherever they came from. So, Defeated by the mysteries of
magic, I let them wander off to do that "Protecting Seringale" thing
they are supposed to do.

4) Cabals


[Legion Cabal Affairs - Triffilina]

This one needs more work, I think, because Olyn refused to say anything
other than "We prefer to make statements with actions, not words." I
guess he felt my disappointment because he later told me to talk to
Vrykhul if I wanted to know "more than what dead men tell." Basically
there was a lot of implication that dreadful things would happen to me
if I bothered him further about Legion's affairs so I went to bother
someone else.

[Knight Cabal Affairs - Triffilina]

Roster: Executor Kavere, Champions Pwen and Emilise, Footman Adroredus.

Though the Castle is low on members, they are still unwavering in their
unending warfare against the walkers of Darkness. Emilise says that she
is probably the strongest fighter in their ranks at the moment, although
she was found too young by Jaran to hold the briefly promoted position
of General. Also the sudden overpopulation of Squires might have
something to do with it. Speaking of Squires, of the ginormous pool of
Squires that have developed recently, Adroredus is the newest inducted
Knight, and two others, Silyri and Adal, are expected to join the Castle
in quick succession.

In other news, Emilise's favorite color is green, and according to both
the Justice Niels and Dioraem the trainer of Valour, there has been some
recent activity in the stables suggesting that the stallions are having
more fun than usual. I will leave the meaning of this up to you.

[Justice Cabal Affairs - Triffilina]

Roster: Cadarel, Gortan, Niels, Wyt. I think that's all, and I didn't
get to catch their ranks before Niels ran off. Sorry.

Rather than give me any news about the Justices themselves, Niels
decided to do a public service announcement. So here it is:

Mind the Law! Be Lawful! Support your local economy, buy your food and
drinks in Seringale and spend your leisure time in our fine range of
drinking establishments! Here in the bars and taverns of Seringale, you
can relax assured that you are protected by the officers of the law. You
can only truly relax if you are safe, and you are only safe in
Seringale, the grandest city in all of Serin!

I also asked him if there were any discounts at the bars, which made him
squirm a bit, since it is supposedly "not responsible to drink on duty."
Although I hear that Gortan's dwarvish tendencies lead him down the
dangerous path of alcoholism... and I suspect Niels has had his own
share of brush-ins with the bartenders...

In addition, I learned that a young thief named Kinthas has somehow
acquired pictures of the Justices while inebriated. And not just normal
pictures of drunken fellows, no...they were apparently in very
compromising positions. I did not wish to delve further into the graphic
details of this, again, so if the wickeder among you are interested, you
will have to ask the thief.

5) Cabal Rosters


The cabals have gained and lost members many times over.
Here is the roster for each cabal.

The members of Knight:
Sylyri the Holy lady, Knight of Valour
Adroredus the Holy Knigh, Knight of Valour
Sunadi the Champion of the Crusades, Footman of Valour
Pwen the Volcano of Infinite rage, Champion of Valour

The members of Justice:
Vaelyn the Battlemaster
Gortan the Battlemaster
Cadarel the Battlemaster
Wyt the Unholy Knight
Niels the Holy shaman

The members of Legion:
Adegraoch the Shapeshifter
Dindenerhi the Master of the Miyama Ryu
Vrykhul the Holy Shaman
Rutreius the Battlemaster
Guran the Volcano of Infinite Rage
Xirth the War Veteran

The members of Keeper:
Arainia the Mistress of the Miyama Ryu
Halmar the Battlemaster
Razza the Leader of the Rampaging Herd
Alzuur the Angel of Arcana
Draegalth the Gladiator of Gore
Hrimoyan the Wrath of Nature

The members of Heralds:
Curisq the Burlesque Puppeteer, High Herald of Serin
Valkrin the Wrath of Nature, Lore keeper of Heralds
Wylez the Cheerful Sonneteer, Master Scribe of Heralds

*Editor's note : *
At the time of this publication this was the information available to
the Heralds, if you see an error, report it to the Heralds, and it will
be appended, and/or changed in the next edition. Thank you.

6) A Visage


I had retired to the Travellers rest,
as this is where my works come out best.
When all of a sudden, by a sheer force of might,
An Evil Visage of Darkness stole my sight,
and to this vision I did succumb......

Towards Valour strode the storm giant Olyn Lotide,
his Noble Elven wife Valicia at his side,
Her sweet melodic voice was pleading,
his stern voice warned of much bleeding.

Through the Gates they entered the city of Light,
where mine eyes beheld a most glorious sight.
The Lord of Knights, Jaran waited alone,
standing there, expressionless, as if made of stone.
There was an aura of Golden Light,
that surrounded the Elven Ranger Knight.

They met at the memorial, and exhcanged Formal Hails,
then the giant's voice became hard as nails,
And the Lord of Legion became red in the face,
as he snarled "Your Knights have become a disgrace !"
Jaran's eyes then burned with a fierce inner light,
as he returned "You, of all men, have no right !"

With words done, Jaran turned, and left the pair in the road,
rolled his eyes in disgust, and to the Castle strode.
For a moment, the fallen Champion watched the other's back,
then his face became enraged, and his eyes went black.

Khrazz, the bringer of perdition, Leapt into his hand,
and the palace guard fell to its blood hungry demand.
There as before they met within the Castle hall,
Jaran eased from it's sheath the mighty Shadowfall.
When their weapons clashed it was a mighty sound,
as if a thousand Dwarven hammers did pound !

Their battle spilled out into Valour's market square,
each avoiding death by the breadth of a hair,
and soon, a river of blood was flowing there.

When Alas !, Jaran's hand did tarry,
and his weapon failed to parry.
Olyn landed upon him a mighty cleave,
Lord Jaran's breath came with a labored heave.

Olyn cried out "It's over !", Jaran returned "Never !"
then with a a final blow, the Knight's life he did sever.
With that, Jaran's last breath did rend the air,
and put into all who heard it an awful scare.

For a moment, all was still, and the scream did cease,
and then, a rumbling broke the peace.
"I banish Jaran from Valour !", Olyn said,
"He has paid in blood, with his head !"

Then an Elven voice spoke in the Starkness,
"Where once you were the greatest of Knights,
you are now the greatest Darkness."
With these words, I awoke, as if from a dream,
Haunted by the memory of Jaran's scream.

As scribed by Wylez Harper, Master Scribe.

7) A Mighty Battle


There were several people gathered there,
as I was about to perform in North Square.
Justice Wyt, and the Ninjas Vizzuke and Irikimi,
it appeared they all had come to see me.
I was almost ready to start the show,
When Irikimi landed upon Vizzuke a Vicious blow !

Once, Twice, Thrice more times I did see,
the Infamous Irikimi did make him flee
Then Justice Wyt Sounded the alarm,
and special guards came to do him harm !

The ninja left almost a dozen dead,
as away from the city he quickly sped.
Near Timaran Wyt and Irikimi did clash,
and at first glance, they seemed evenly matched.
Fearing of course for health and helm,
it was then that Vizzuke did flee the realm.

To and fro, Justice and Ninja did fight,
and their battles lasted through the night.
The Justice tried to apprehend him with all his might,
but more than once the ninja forced him to take flight.
When all of Wyt's special guards did fall,
He even did seek Sanctuary in his Cabal.

It was then that Wyt hid in a peaceful garden,
when upon the scene came Justice Carden.
Just when Irikimi seemed outmatched,
from the realms, Justice Wyt was dispatched.

Showing all of his true heart and hale,
the ninja brought the battle back to Seringale.
Another dozen guards laid dead at his feet,
when at North Square they did meet.

It was there Irikimi did stand tall,
and the Justice Carden did fall !
As his cold blank eyes did stare,
the Ninja took neither coin, nor wear.

Out the North gate and into the night he sped,
leaving behind him, another trail of dead.
Mortally wounded, and very close to death,
east of the hermit's hut he drew his last breath.

Taken down at the very end,
by a pair of Justice men.
For out the gate, Carden pressed him hard,
and he was felled by the Justice and his guard.

Heed these words very close my friend,
if you wish to avoid a most painful end,
Avoid the Ninja Irikimi's Ire,
or you will be burned by his vengeful desire.

As scribed by Master Scribe Wylez Harper.

8) Vaelyn Talk


A talk with Vaelyn
I spoke to Vaelyn, the self-proclaimin Civil servant of Seringale, today
while we were both idling about doing menial chores. He has a rather sad
past, which he relayed to me with some matter-of-factness that i think
he assumed to hide his deeper feelings.

Vaelyn grew up in a small, secluded Elven Village far away from the
larger cities. The village was quite invilved with nature, even to the
point of worshippin the treants that coexisted nearby. He had never
known his parent, and the subject of his parentage is a touch subject
with him - all that we do know is that he must be part Elf, for
otherwise he would not have been fostered in that extremely conservative

One day, however, he told me that an accident happened. He is not sure
what exactly transpired, only that his best friend wound up dead and he
was blamed for everything. Perhaps the villagers had been waiting for
him to take a wrong step - Green elves with maroon hair are not often
welcomed with wide arms in the more orthodox Elvish societies- for they
banished him from the village without even hearing out his side of the

After that terrible event, Vaelyn found himself outcast and wandering
around the hills and vales of Serin searching for a purpose to his life.
In time, he came to Seringale, where he was immediately impressed with
the fair and detailed laws that were designed to protect all rather than
discriminate against certain citizens. While taking lessons at the local
academy, Vaelyn also met a young Halfling healer named Osula arguing
with an adept of Burzuk (something about being 'fat and lazy" Poor adept
with an adept of Burzuk (something about being 'fat and lazy" Poor adept

Today, Vaelyn continues to strive for self-improvement, and his strong
sense of honor and vigilance over his friends make him out to be a
wonderful person despite his rough past. I hope he does become a
Justice, both for his sake and for the safety of Seringale.

Editors note:

Since the writing of this interview, Vaelyn had indeed been inducted
into the cabal of Justice and is as loyal to and protective of Seringale
as expected !

9) Battles


[Battle report - Triffilina]

Quite honestly, I have been travelling a lot with squires, because they
seem to be absolutely everywhere these days - you simply can't go a day
without bumping into one. Well, shortly after a whirlwind hunting trip
one of the ones in my group, Patters, said that General Emilise
requested him to duel a Slith warrior named Ikuno in the arena, so off
he went. Adroredus, the other squire with me, and I followed to watch.

When we got there, Patters was running around looking for potions, so
yet a third squire by the name of Rhorel materialized to challenge
Ikuno. Before Rhorel could have a swing at the slith - What did he do to
the Knights anyway, I wonder ? - Patters was back. Adroredus snickered
at him for wearing a few pieces of sub-issue armor but the little
halfling thief was unperturbed and entered the arena anyway.

They stepped into the arena, swords whipped out, purple potions were
flung down their throats, and they leapt at each other. Patters kept
flinging dirt at his opponent, who hacked away through the grime with
ease and employed some warrior tricks to defeat his opponent rather
quickly. AS Patters lay oblivious and bleeding on the arena floor, Ikuno
called to us watching in the audience to see who would stay his
murderous blade. To my surprise, although both Executor Kavere and his
General Emilise were presidiing, as well as squires Rhorel and Adroredus,
there were no pleas for mercy. Only a rather screechy-voiced young
dark-knight screamed for blood. I suppose Knights are not as merciful
and compassionate as I thought.

As soon as the victorious Ikuno stepped out of the Arena, Rhorel stepped
up to battle. After waiting an interminable period for the blood to fade
from his hands, Ikuno entered again. The second squire fell almost as
quickly as the first after some running skirmishes, due to an unluckily
fallen aura. This squire was quickly dispatched with no discussion with
the audience.

After Rhorel fell, Patters clamored for a second chance. Ikuno accepted,
joking to the crowd, "Let's see how long I can last." By this point lots
of bets had been put on the slith over the squires. Ikuno sat down to
wait for the blood to flake off again, when Patters suddenly announced,
"What are we waiting for ?" and whacked him over the head with a sock
full of pebbles. Ikuno went out like a light. After stealing a couple of
items which he dropped (and vulturing watchers snatched away), Patters
fumbled and woke up his target, who dashed out to quaff a potion and
then promptly beat him to a pulp yet again.

All in all it was rather a disappointing show from the squires,
especially since the fellow they were fighting hadn't much of a chance
to rest between battles.

Ikuno: 3
squires: 0


[Battle report - Triffilina]

I appeared in the realms today just in time to see Ikuno take on two
more lightwalkers in the arena: Mazrain the paladin and Rhorel the
warrior. Both were several ranks higher than the slith warrior

First, Mazrain stepped up to battle. Although his damage was slightly
higher, Ikuno outperformed him easily with multiple attacks and combat
style advantage as well as his dangerous lashing tail. Several hobbles
and a lengthy paralyzing (mis?)use of lay on hands swiftly proved to be
Mazrain's demise. The battle lasted just over a minute.

As Mazrain recovered his items and rested, the squire Rhorel clamored
for his turn. Like his paladin friend, Rhorel charged straight out of
the gate after both had quaffed their potions. Rhorel's charge made a
great impact as his withering scythe sliced deep into the slith's body.
Retaliating quickly, Ikuno lashed back with his combat advantage,
driving Rhorel to flee. The following rounds showed a remarkable
improvement, however, as Rhorel began changing his weapons to confuse
his opponent. Each combatant holding their ground, the two warriors
circled about the arena. Finally, in a breathtaking instant, both auras
dissipated! Fierce, painful blows began to ring upon each other's
bodies, spewing blood everywhere. In a last ditch effort, Ikuno ordered
his slave to rescue him, and while Rhorel's ferocious attacks focused on
his hapless lackey, drove the human to his knees. This was a very close
battle, but in the end the slith remained victorious.

After Rhorel had recovered his corpse, Mazrain requested a second duel,
which Ikuno graciously granted. This time Mazrain attempted to prolong
the fight by constantly running around the arena, praying to the Gods to
regain his health. Though his feet were swift, they were not quite swift
enough, and again his disadvantaged weaponry and the well-placed
hobbles, sideswipes and pincer attacks of the slith proved too much for
the paladin, who yielded near death.

As the fights concluded, Olyn appeared to watch Mazrain concede for the
second time. Rhorel suggested to the Dark Lord that he would do well to
have Ikuno in his army. To this the slith responded that the Legion had
once been his aim, but would now be found a hindrance to his personal
goals. Perhaps when he has traveled further along his destined path, he
will provide us with some tale of his surely intriguing history.

Ikuno: 3
Mazrain: 0
Rhorel: 0


[Battle report - Triffilina]

I was in town practicing communion with the gods when I heard some awful
shouting. It turned out that some small gnome invoker was angry at a
hapless thief who was hiding in his guild refusing to fight. After
several taunts, the thief emerged and was promptly seared by the flames
of the enraged gnome, causing him to run away and hide under some boxes.

Well this repeated several times until Wyt the Dark-Knight Justice made
his presence known in town. The thief, Kinthas, at this point was rather
annoyed at this point and made to smack the gnome Petos over the head.
He was unluckily flagged and again ran off to hide.

In the meantime, another Wanted Intruder criminal named Trarian
appeared. Wyt found him just south of Seringale, and as I watched from
afar, chased him around Emerald and to the Ford, trapping him by Daryth
the Giant Priest. Needless to say the Justice and Evil Giant of Doom
made short work of the criminal who fell shortly thereafter.

Wyt: 1
Trarian: 0


[Battle report - Triffilina]

Two friendly combatants stepped up to the juggernaut's doorstep today.
Both were young, being below the thirtieth rank: one was a gnome invoker
named Petos, the other was a young Elven Paladin named Valgor. They
seemed rather freshface as Valgor wandered into the battle wielding a
mossy sword against the gnome, and decided to fight without having any
purple potions... I was wincing at the outcome, and bet on Petos to
balance out the 3000 gold that Wyt placed on Valgor.
Well, the fight began as the usual with healthy doses of pain on both
sides. Petos flung flame arrows left and right while Valgor flailed away
with his sword. Singed by fire, Valgor fled to cure himself while Petos
trailed behind, fingers glowing and smoking with magic at the ready. It
was quite awhile before the two clashed again, and this time Valgor
began to turn the tied of the battle !

With accurate swings, Valgor hewed Petos down to gnomish size. After a
last blast of fire, Petos fell unconscious on the ground, bleeding
towards his demise. I felt a twinge of happiness for the young paladin,
and a sigh for losing my coins, Valgor displayed his Paladin's Honor and
healed the fallen invoker. Funnily enough, Petos exited the arena first,
and I won the bet !

Just after Valgor had won his fight against Petos, the young criminal
thief Kinthas returned to the realms and attempted to blackjack Petos.
Unable to see hidden, Wyt went hunting for the thief out of town. The
sly fellow then popped out of the shadows and finally blackjacked Petos
right in front of my nose ! After looking at his opponent, and probably
stealing a few items, Kinthas stabbed Petos squarely between the
shoulderblades. The injured gnome fled, and then Wyt came back and then
I heard Kinthas yell "Help Petos has filled the room with fire !"

Well, you can guess what happened next. Kinthas was summarily
apprehended, as was Petos. Wyt wins again - Seringale may be safer than
we thought !

Valgor: 1
Petos: 0
Kinthas: 0
Wyt: 2


Blood and guts - Fighting around Serin

Well I came around and Jalrek was fighting Arendar. A short battle
happened while i watched on with awe. Over and over it would seem
neither could beat the other till Arendar walked into the room. With a
quick thrust Jalrek assassinated Arendar and as his corpse was still
upon the ground another came to battle the ninja. Ethiramos battled the
ninja for some time. Back and forth the fighting kept on and on through
Seringale but soon Arendar wanted to join in.

Creeping through the streets with footfalls hardly more than a breeze, a
lone figure made its way around darkened corners. Pools of shadow nearly
leapt up to encompass the figure's legs, doing all they could to ease the
silent passage of figure. Through alleys the figure crept, ever silent,
ever moving, and its intent unclear. For hours the cloaked and cowled
prowler patrolled, watchful of the shadows that hide it.

The vigilance of the lone figure paid off, for the prowler was being
artfully preyed upon. Soundlessly the deadly cat and mouse game began in

The same shadows that hid now threatened, even the breeze was suspect.
Each pool of silence bellowed inaudible laughter as elusive shadow
hunted flitting shadow. The amusement vanished as predator became prey,
the sides of the game sharply reversed. A glitter in the darkness, a
sharp breath betraying where the silence dwelled. The shadow pivoted and
the glint disappeared only to reappear, muted for its travel. The victor,
silently triumphant, strode boldly into the light. Left in the shadow was
the predator's prey. Its darkness fading in the Light.

The battle took place within a darkened forest. Two of the combatants
were not aware that a fight was forthcoming, and thus were not prepared.
One slept on the far side of a campfire, the other sat on the fore, each
recovering from hard and harsh training amidst the deep forest. A slight
arrived, invisible at first, and began the fight leading in with a
charge attack. A dwarf was the unfortunate recipient, and the combat
flow surged, drawing in an elf whom was nearly asleep. A brief moment
later, dirt was kicked. The dirt-kicking was done by the elf, and soon
found out that dirting sliths is quite ineffective.

The dwarf quaffed potions, then, but the slith fled, the elf followed
suit as the dwarf pursued. A chase followed, the elf and dwarf chasing
all around the slith, and the final portion of the battle took pace
amidst a river. To the death the trio fought, and in the end, the slith
was the one that paid dearly.

10) Obituaries


Obituary/Tribute: Sysill - Triffilina

There is nothing that breaks the heart more than waking to find a dear
friend departed. I only knew Sysill for a brief time - Too brief, I find
- but it was long enough to recognize our similar love for stories,
humor, and above all a great dish of mushrooms.

Had it not been for Sysill, I do not think I would have become a Herald.
And so I owe her, more than anything, a suitable tribute. This is for
you, my dear.

(Be Peace)

Let the ruffles of passersby sway seductively
and the voices tap twice on the concrete stand.

Hands poised, fingers touching, we lift our souls
and live, whirling in the ecstasy of it,
oblivious to the beauty of its complexity, immersed
in daily rhythms of light and dark and the tug
of the moon's tide and our hearts beating hello,
our smiles whispering goodbye, and the trees
and the birds and the stars in the oceans twinkling along
in their own dances, twirling between skies and
around this lonely sphere of stone,
endowing it with celestial significance.

(We may be blind to it all,
but despite all the anger and the bloodshed
and tears and disdain it persists,
waiting for us to see,
waiting for us to smile,)


[Obituaries: Benton, Kus - Triffilina]

As I have not met either of these fallen persons, I went to the most
knowledgeable person of their characters, Dindenerhi, for information.
After all, who else but a fellow Legion would know his brethren best?

[Legion] Benton
This ranger was apparently a narcoleptic and, as his superior claimed, a
"mediocre hunter" who "failed to kill even the weakest of Knights." I am
told that he did not leave much of an impression, favorable or
otherwise, and quite frankly there is nothing else to write.

[Ex-Legion] Kus
Although Kus was a valuable companion during the surge of Knights before
the recent decline of the Castle, he ended his career as a Legionnaire
in disgrace, due to some sort of falling-out with the Dark Lord Olyn, or
so I am told. It is really too bad, because it looks like the Knights
are trying to swamp Serin with Squirey Goodness, and I always felt that
the world lay better in balance.

Well, after the brief conversation, Dindenerhi turned to me and told me
not to write about these "failures," but instead about him, so I
complied by taking out a fresh sheet of parchment and re-inking my quill
pen. Without any further adieu, the drow ninja announced, "I am the
supreme killer. Those who question the dominance of Lord Olyn and our
army fall to my unparalleled ability, without exception." When I
suggested that I might watch and scribe one of his apparently infamous
battles, I was told that he would have to kill me if I ever saw him in
action. It was very strange indeed, but he thought that the idea should
be somehow "exciting" for me. Well - I like my head attached to my
shoulders, thanks.

I find this drow to sound very much like the ruthless killers Legions
are rumored to be, and am sure that if I spoke with more Serins that
his dangerous reputation is recognized by friends, foes and even


The Death of Lord Kavere

This day we mourn the loss of Lord Kavere,
of whom, all who followed the light did revere.
He was the Executor of Knights, and Lord of Light,
he hailed from Valour, and banished Evil with all his might.
Let the Knights bow their head,
and lay to rest their Blessed dead.
Now his soul has departed from the land,
to sleep for eternity under Jaran's hand.

The Death of Triffilina

This day we mourn the loss of Triffilina,
If you do not believe in love at first sight, you had never seen her,
She was a great Herald, and dear friend,
and all who loved her wept when she met her end.
Now her soul has departed from the land,
To sleep for eternity under Vevier's hand.