The Serin Mystique, Volume 8, Issue 1

Hi everyone it's been quite some time since I've been about to talk to
you all so I figured I'd make everyone a present!

Here is the most recent Serin Mystique!

We got tons of stuffs in this Mystique! Like umm fights stories about
people and places, fights, obituaries, see lots of stuffs!

Just hafta 'look' at what you wanna read!

1) Grizit's Story (see Grizit)
2) Stories (see story1, story2)
3) Headliners (see headlines1, headlines2)
4) Interviews (see Interviews)
5) Poetry (see Poetry)
6) Fights (see fights1, fights2, fights3, fights4)
7) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
8) Obituaries (see Obits)

I'd say I hope you enjoy it but umm that's a given it was
made by the bestest ever group of heralds ever so enjoy!

(Signed gleefully by Glelif, Raconteur Extraordinaire)

1) Grizit's Story


**********************Grizit, the Harvester of Souls.************************

As a young bird Grizit has always dwelled in the shadows. His mind, body,
and soul belonging to a secret sect that called themselves "The Order of
Lightlessness." This sect worshiped the all powerful dark lord Resatimm.
Once Grizit became of age, he was brought to a large stone table. The
darkness that festered deep inside Grizit was almost as pure as the devotion
he had for the great Resatimm, for he was ready to give all of himself. The
sect saw this, and rather then raise him as their leader, they sought out to
sacrifice him. As he was bound to the table of sacrifice, the Dark Lord
himself gazed down on the events in place. They attempted to summon
Resatimm and ended up with much more then they wished for. A great gust of
wind blew and the sky went into blackness, as a swirl of magic formed above
them. A dark portal opened and five figures that can only be described in
the worst of nightmares emerged freeing Grizit from his bonds. A soft
chilling whisper echoed among the trees, and one of the figures crawled onto
the table looking deep into Grizit's soul and spoke only once saying "You
will do my bidding and all of that which I command." Once free, Grizit
placed all that remained of the sect to sleep and offered their souls to
Resatimm. Resatimm was pleased with the offering but required more powerful
souls. And now, since that very moment, Grizit has been on the hunt,
sensing only the most powerful of souls in which to reap. The great Dark
Lord's hunger is unquenchable and ever more demanding. Guard your souls if
you can, for the harvester might come for you next!


2) Stories


A Little Story, by Glelif

I wish to tell you all a story about a jester I knew from back
home. There are three characters to this story a jester I'll call
Morbron, an advisor Gurdon, and a king Vurgon. One day on
the way back to the castle one of the kings most highest advisors,
Gurdon, came upon a child, Morbron, that was talented in both
singing and dancing. Looking at the filth that the child lived in
Gurdon was disgusted and decided to take Morbron and let him
join the staff at the castle.

Years later Morbron had grown into quite the talented man.
He could do his job at times yet at others he just didn't keep
up with the standards of king Vurgon. Even though king
Vugron, at times, didn't want him around his advisor would
talk him into keeping Morbron around. Gurdon figured talking
to Morbron would help and get him back in line, for a time it
seemed like it was working, Morbron was doing a good job again.

Months had passed and all though Morbron seemed to still
be doing a good job Gurdon went around to ask about Morbron.
What Gurdon found was heartbreak. Even though he had taken
Morbron into his organization he found out that the jester was
saying nasty things about him behind his back! The cook told
Gurdon that Morbron would say horrible things such as Gurdon
was a greedy lazy pig. A cleaning maid said she heard other
things such as Morbron though perhaps Gurdon shouldn't even be
an advisor in the first place.

Taking time to think things through and not just acting out in anger
Gurdon took a few days to visit his family. Upon returning to the
castle he found that again Morbron wasn't doing his job good enough.
Instead of asking king Vurgon to give him another chance Gurdon
asked the king to not fire him from the staff but also to throw him out
of the castle.

Later that day Mordron found himself out of the castle and living in
the same filth he was found in. While sitting around in the muck he
had time to think about what had happened to him. Mordron came to
the conclusion that perhaps he shouldn't have spoken ill about someone
who had let him on the staff in the first place. Not only speaking ill
about someone that let him on the staff, but also speaking ill about
someone that was so close and such good friends with the king.


Squirrel trying to get a nut, by Aceladus

A long, long time ago, when sentient beings were not roaming the realm destroying
things with their stupidity, the land was covered in ice. Large, dragon-like creatures
fled to the farthest reaches of Serin in search of warmth and sustenance, as the ice
made most vegetation sparse. The best-suited creatures for survival in such a harsh
climate were those covered in fur and wool, able to keep their body temperatures
high enough to withstand the harsh wintry seasons.

Due to the harsh climate, food was a rarity and a luxury in its own right. Those
few fortunate creatures who stumbled upon it guarded it with their lives, sometimes
literally. Fighting to the death among the creatures for what little scraps of fresh
plants were able to be found was not uncommon, usually ending with the victor supping
upon the marrow-filled bones and entrails of the weaker, defeated one.

At this point and in these circumstances do we find our hero, a young and spry squirrel
hell-bent on survival and determined to 'weather the storm' until warmer temperatures
returned. Doing what squirrels do, this young varmint scurried the lengths of Serin
for as much as his little legs would carry him in search of the elusive acorn, his food
of choice. Packed with nutrients (the things grow into oak trees, after all), acorns were
a delicacy and a near-necessary staple of the squirrel diet. Given the climate change,
however, they were not nearly as abundant as they had been in previous times.

Scrambling across the barren, icy wastelands in search of life-giving nourishment, the
young squirrel braved dangers known only to the most valiant and courageous warriors
brave enough to take up arms against an army of undead. There were pitfalls, including
fiery crevasses erupting from the earth itself, large ice storms, and even squirrel-eating
monkeys that frequented the icy terrain in search of the occasional unfortunate squirrel
or other small mammal (for some reason monkeys find squirrel meat especially delicious).
Despite the tragedies which awaited bold, unsuspecting squirrels at every turn, our
determined young hero persevered, seeking only the sweet, all-powerful flavor of his

Scouring the desolate countryside for what seemed like days (which was probably only ten
minutes or so in reality), the squirrel became exhausted and began to reach the point
of complete mental anguish. He who was once unyielding in his determination for
success was now finding himself ready to give up, to let the frigid embrace of death
take him and end his search forever. Failure, however, was not in store for the young
squirrel, as upon his next few hours of searching he came upon a gnarled old oak tree
growing within a large crack in the ice, where no living thing had business to grow.

Upon the tree there were no leaves, only twisted branches. Upon the branches, however,
were not one, but three golden-brown acorns, each larger than the squirrel's head, each
ripe for the picking - and the eating, of course. Stomach grumbling in agreement,
the squirrel took the only course of action he could think to - scrambling up the tree's
trunk in a flash to meet the acorns directly in an attempt to secure his treasure.

Once he had climbed up the tree's branches, the young squirrel reached out for the
largest of the acorns. His fingers came within a fraction of an inch of the fleshy
nut, the acorn nearly within his grasp, when suddenly tragedy struck. The branch
began to splinter, cracking noises echoing up from the base of the tree. Lunging in a
final effort to save himself and his prize, the squirrel jumped to the next branch,
landing safely and securely. Once stable again, the squirrel turned to survey his
quarry. Just one taste for now, then he would save the rest for later.

Just then, a flying reptile swooped in and scooped up the squirrel and devoured him
wholly and completely. If only he'd been a bit quicker.

Oh well.

3) Headliners


*The best thing I ever did eat*

So today has been a really really good day! I'm now a Herald.. Yay!
Also on top of that I got to eat something that I would have never thought
would be so so good. If you've never tried a "Mama Vev's specialty"
meatless muffin they are to die for! I'm not really sure what gets put in
them, I'm probably never going to ask because, well it is Vevier making
them. I'd rather not want to know so it never ruins the taste for me, but
they happen to be the best thing I've ever had a chance to eat!

*Rager when almost dead guy*

All right guys and gals.. I'm pretty sure I found what I like writing
about, I really like interviews but gossip.. Ohh man! I know this duergar
Vielkorik and like he's really strong and all but, I call him the rager when
almost dead guy! Yeah, the rager when almost dead guy. Yarianne and I were
killing all sorts of solace shopkeepers left and right we're so strong it's
almost not possible to be as strong and as cool as us. Anywho back on
topic, this Vielkorik wouldn't talk at all and me and Yarianne had like THE
BEST conversation going, sort of Yarianne was yelling alot.. Off topic
again, hold on have to remember what I'm.. Ohh yeah Vielkorik, I wouldn't
group with him if I were you really not a good group mate. Doesn't rage
right away, or do much.. Never talks at all and just leaves out of no
where. Yarianne though, wow so much fun talking to her and explaining
things and she's cute and.. Ohh sorry off topic again.. Veilkorik, yeah
him bad group mate. More on him if I can get it, he doesn't talk much!

*Doublecrossing double crosser*
Olyn is a Knight again, but who knows why? I know why and soon you'll
know why too! The reason is... He was only pretending to go over to the
other side. That whole story about him being secretly working for Legion
and just pretending to be a knight was a sham! Well sort of... See that
story was true, but he was just pretending to be working for Legion in the
first place. So he was pretending to be a Legion who was pretending to be a

I think this means he's really a knight, but maybe he is just pretending
that too. It could be that he's a Legion pretending to be a knight who is
pretending to be a legion who was pretending to be a knight...

Stay tuned for the latest word!

*Nobles and their grudges*

So for some reason Dasey comes about I say hi like usual thinking
everything is okay. Well in response I get and I quote 'I am no longer even
speaking to you and your cheap entourage of Heralds.' When asked why she'd
even say such a thing, 'I helped your Heralds gain rank after rank, and was
not included even 20 gold coins for my efforts. I have my causes too. ' So
umm I'm really mad said a lot of stuffs to her, I'm really really mad like
super mad. I will not be caught near Dydric or Dasey now. I don't know if
any of you have any clue how much money I've put into potions towards groups
I really didn't have to, or how much time I've spent with them when I didn't
have to. Stryth forbid I train and scratch and claw my way up from what I
started out as to what I am now just to get told I'm cheap by a noble. It's
frustrating to say the least, so just letting you all know where I stand.


*Justice seen taking Bribes*

My sources have outdone themselves this time, and how!

I have it on good authority that the highly revered Justice Dhua has been seen taking
payment in gold, jewels, items of significant power, and other such favors in order
to ensure that she allows certain members of Serin's dirtier organizations to run
rampant through Seringale without a second thought from the Justices. Lawbreaking
going to happen? If you've got the coin, no problem, just seek out Dhua!

As to the specific nature of payments, and to what degree, this is still under
careful observation by my team of informants, but rest assured I do know for
certain that the transactions take place almost exclusively within neighboring
Timaran. Why the distinction, we may never know, but perhaps it's to throw the
general lawlessness of Timaran back into the faces of its citizens.

Beware, Serin. Seringale may not be a citadel of security much longer.

Well, at least for those who don't have a hefty coinpurse.

*A new Squire*

I had the briefest of chances to speak to Jelru Riverwood, a young elven warrior
who has become the latest in a long line of potential Knights, being marked
a Squire of Lord Olyn. Not many seem to run the gauntlet of squiredom to
become full-fledged Knights, but this Jelru seems to believe that he may possess
the necessary traits and determination to make the journey successfully.

The little bit of interaction I've had with Jelru tells me that, like most
elves, he's extremely arrogant and brash, which is probably just the way the
Knights prefer it, but I can't say that I'd feel overly secure having an arrogant
Knight oversee my protection.

His speech is somewhat curious, as he sometimes tends to spit out guttural
clicks and grunts in place of actual words, but that may be an attempt at some
form of primitive communication associated with his elven lineage.

A curious squire, one to watch for sure. He'll either blaze brightly, or
more likely fizzle out and poof from Serin's existence.

4) Interviews



He is one interesting drow to speak with and happens to be very good with
how he states things. As many of you know he was around during the struggle
for power Legion had a while back with Occulius when Legion was on top.
After that time Legion fell apart and he was literally left all alone in the
army. Yet he stuck through all that and upon asking him if he was Forsaken
he told me that "My time comes soon. In order to be a leader of an Army,
you must have an army to lead. Finally I know have an army." He seems
very happy with the few in his army that he has but he also says it is going
to continue to grow and he would very much like to see a shaman join the
ranks of Legion. He feels that he will be the next Forsaken but when asked
if he will be challenged for it or not he said that there was always a
challenge. Korack seems to be the only one of the knights that can kill him
in one on one battle the only other time he has fallen to a knight was in a
group fight. I had asked him if he thought that Korack deserved his spot as
Executor and his reply was "I've always thought Knights throw bodies into
positions." Yet he wouldn't make it clear to me whether he thought Korack
deserved the spot or not. To conclude I do hope more of you speak with
Xenyar he is interesting and is very well spoken about what he thinks and
very careful with his words. I will continue to speak with him next time I
see him to see if I can get more out of him.


Taleroth has a very sad story and he told it to me! So now I am going to
pass it back on to you!

When he was young, Taleroth was like me! He wanted to become a Herald! But
he got to be one! And eventually a High Herald to boot! He was pretty
awesome, if what he says is true, and it has to be cause he is a Mystic and
I think it's in their rules that they can't lie.

But then he got invited to go up way into the heavens, as a God himself!
He had to choose either to leave his Heraldic life behind and assume the
duties of a caballess immortal. Now, you might think this is an easy choice
but there was more to it than that! There was a woman.

Her name was Sasia and they loved each other very much, but when he was
given the choice to rise, she chose to leave him rather than grow old and
die while he lingered forever. To this day, Taleroth still carries the ring
with which he intended to give to her, the ring that would promise them to
be bound together before the church and the eyes of all the gods! But he
never presented it to her.

Now he awaits her in the heavens, lonely and refusing to love any other and
refusing to give up hope that she is dead, hoping and hoping that she'll
reappear one day, despite the evidence to the contrary.

You see, waaaaay back before I was born, Mystics was a cabal just like the
Knights and Legion! But they wanted to be really really powerful, and so
they entered into a secret pact with the Abyss Emperor, Zaikkra! With their
help, his minions invaded! Now, Taleroth was still a herald at this point,
and he and Sasia fought together, side by side, their love growing day by

When they finally defeated the invaders, they banished Tayku, the Mystic
immortal and all the other bad guys! But that wasn't the last of him! An
artifact was lost during the war-The Ancient Globe of the Mystics. Zaikkra
hid it and used it to come back! Taleroth and Sasia fought side by side,
their love growing stronger by the day while Noliperus fought as well,
oblivious to his allies.

Even with everyone fighting, it wasn't quite enough and Sasia called on her
strongest spell ever! She used the Ether, which she unknowingly guarded, to
create an opening for Noliperus and Taleroth to finally defeat Zaikkra once
and for all! But it cost Sasia the Ether, and it has been said that a guard
of the Ether cannot exist without it.

With both the globe and the ether, Taleroth fell into a slumber for nearly
200 years! He was awarded the position of leader of the new Mystic Coterie.
When he woke, Sasia was nowhere to be found. Being an elf, she should have
been long lived, but Taleroth held the Ether, and supposedly she could not
survive without it...

This is his story, he also told me some secrets, but I promised I wouldn't
tell. He was first a lover, then a Herald, then a fighter, and finally a
Mystic, after all the rest of them had been banished! Quite the history!

5) Poetry


A killer on the loose-Yarianne

The heart beats, ever harder
Looking around I see no threat.
But there's always the fear that he is smarter
And I search and search for his silhouette.

Alone, I run and hide in the trees
Hoping he'll be fooled and believe this deception.
My knees tremble and my heart starts to seize
I miss my strong friends and all their protection.

This time I'm lucky, this time he passes
This time I'm alive, my hide secure
But his name is printed-on all our asses!
And I'm afraid that I'll fear forever more.

Ode to My Little Fox-Jahobe

Oh, little red fox, how I love to watch you play
As you hunt your prey in the cutest little way.
Your tail so bushy
Your hair so fine
I'm so very lucky
That my fox be mine.

Oh, little red fox, with such soft paws
I love the way you dig with sharp claws.
Lying in wait
Every mouse to devour
You're gaining weight
With every hour

Oh, little red fox, red just like me
You're the best friend can be
I know you don't mean
That you might
With your teeth keen
Mangle with your bite

Oh, little red fox, you ate my foes
Also my two fingers and three toes.
So much to trace
What should I do
Scars on my face
A hole in my shoe

Oh, little red fox, I think its time
That you no longer be mine
Into the wild
I release you
My little child
Now is my cue

Oh, little red fox

6) Fights


Part 1

Welcome to the Battle Reports section of the mystique! Here you'll find
blood and guts and gore galore! Read on to see some of the epic battles
our Heralds have witnessed!

*Vindican vs Malistaire*
So I'm sitting there minding my own business.. You know me! All the
sudden Bam Pow! Vindican attacks Malistaire, again you know me.. I'm
thinking A FIGHT! I was so excited I followed Malistaire.. The battle
wasn't to long which made me sad I guess. NOT REALLY! It was a good fight
not really back and fourth which maybe it should have been, but Malistaire
killed that Vindican right near Liberty! That's not the end though.. I
figured for reporting maybe something good would happen but noooooooo..
Malistaire auctioned everything and I didn't even get one gold for being so
nice to report about how good he did!

*Reiyin vs Sen vs Innedus vs Gadriana*
I come about to see Reiyin around. I spot Sen soon after, then Innedus.
Gadriana breaks cover for a bit after that, and I see all of them around town
at various points, apparently evading one another for the most part. I found
no deaths or cries for help in the short time I was here, but Sen and Reiyin
both broke the peace conduct of the tavern while I was powerless to stop it.
Alas, my time is up, so I must put my quill to rest in its well.

*Vielkorik vs Zelbin and Gadriana*
So I'm talking to Zelbin trying to get him to help me with some hunting,
when Vielkorik shows up. Now I had been asking Dydric if he would help me
as well, when Zelbin is like wait I have to do something first. So
following him already I watch startled as suddenly Zelbin engages The
duergar. Blood splashed all over me as I watched Zelbin continuously
dispelling him, and then to make matters even more crazy, Dydric rushed in
and attacked him as well. Vielkorik tried to flee but at that point he was
forced into a rage, and it ended very badly for him. I watched as Dydric
knelt and prayed for his soul and then they took all of his things. I
decided after writing this, that it was not very impressive for both of them
to have slain him when Zelbin seemed to be kicking his butt all on his own!

*Galurn vs Dhaeren*
So I was walking through Seringale when Galurn called out his challenge
to me. I took a single step only to find out that it caused me to forfeit
the challenge. After that, I tried accept his challenge without moving and
learned that I had to be in the same area as him. No big deal so I chose an
area and met him there. I accepted it and readily rushed to meet him. I
have to say that it was very intimidating to see that giant man swinging a
blade for my head, and I was hard pressed. I quickly found myself wounded
and unable to continue, and I fell down in defeat. After much rest and
consideration I suggested we go again. While I did lose once more to his
impressive might, it was a much closer battle. I have to say though, if any
of you wish a challenge, the Pioneer of Discord would be happy to oblige!


Part 2

**********************Battle of Rodric and Hasinbas***********************

After the rain settled on a day that seemed like any other, a dark robed
figure creeped out from the depths of darkness. Hasinbas, a master of the
undead and servant to the Dark Lord, sought out a victim for his needs. A
soul was needed to quell his unending hunger. A squire wandered out and
seemed like the perfect prey. Just as Hasinbas felt that his victory would
soon be at hand, another squire happened about and noticed Hasinbas. This
brave squire marked with the name of Rodric, took action immediately seeking
retribution for the foul deed done unto his fellow squire. Rodric was at
first caught unprepared for Hasinbas's malevolent spells, when he used his
black magic to strip him of his protection. Hasinbas's army of zombies and
golems flogged Rodric with such destruction, it would be hard to witness
without cringing in horror. Rodric had to get out of there and recoup with
a plan. Rodric raced for the sewers and gained some wyvern eye rings and
greaves and vambraces of blue steel from Mahn-tor. Once he had done this,
he felt he was ready to deal out the retribution that Hasinbas so eagerly
deserved. Rodric cleverly decided to summon Hasinbas in Haon Dor away from
his army of the dead. Unfortunately, Hasinbas escaped. Once Hasinbas had
escaped Rodric reached for his sword and shield, which he has always been
able to rely on. Rodric was able to fend off the horde of zombies and
spells with ease despite Hasinbas reaching three ranks higher in his guild
over Rodric. It was when Rodric caught Hasinbas with his strikes of faith
and cursed his name and caused delirium that Rodric felt vengeance to soon
be at hand. With the final blow smote the necromancer down into the ground,
Rodric gathered the gold and a few items from the cold lifeless corpse near
the west gate of Seringale. Rodric looked up into the sky feeling the warm
righteousness flow within him, as the blood of battle flowed down his armor.
Rodric sheathed his mighty blade and gave thanks to Sarich and continued on.
For this is the life of a true walker of the light and the path they must
travel. Be steady your faith and true your journey. There are many of
those that dwell in darkness that would wish to derive you from your path,
but as long as there are men like Rodric to shed us some light, there shall
always be hope.

*Krydus vs Galurn*
Standing in Seringale today minding my own business just thinking about
the world and guess who shows up? Krydus walked in and sat down in front of
me. Man oh man, is that guy intimidating! I looked at him, and then
blinked and looked again. He was no longer carrying the Legion light! I
looked around and after some surprised talking I learned that he was strife!
Next thing I know Galurn walks in, and soon the two are dueling! It was
exciting, especially since I was able to watch the whole thing! Now the
duel looked pretty one sided at first. Galurn seemed to be beating Krydus
up! Midfight Krydus steps back and shrugged at Galurn, and then went into a
frenzy! Galurn was instantly put on the defensive as Krydus wailed on him
over and over. Galurn fled and came back in without a weapon! Almost
instantly the battle was over, as you just can't win a fight without a
weapon of some sort! After that I invited Krydus to the rest and while
paying for his dinner asked him why he retired. He quickly informed me that
he no longer was able to commit the time needed to lead Legion and that he
was done. He mentioned tough fights like Dhua, and then an three on one
with Luminetar, Kalest, and Zelbin. I can agree, two paladins and a healer
would be pretty mean! Finally he told me that his only regret was that he
didn't have the time to truly lead Legion.


Part 3

*Saerina vs Veldruin*
So I'm wandering around listening to the sound of the storm around me.
Saerina a thief slams Veldruin in the back of the head with something hard,
knocking him out cold. The fight was on as her pry failed and woke him up,
or maybe one of the soldiers in town attacked him, I was unsure for Veldruin
was bountied. I watch them fight back and forth for a bit and then go to do
my training. Next thing I know I'm getting slapped in the face with
entrails! I look up and Veldruin is dead! When I asked him about it
apparently Saerina had stolen his sack, and he had fallen into the
spiderweb. Such a silly way to end, especially when I see nobles around who
could have gotten him out of the hole!

*Rodric vs Veldruin*
Not a battle of physical prowess, but a battle of wills is what I'll detail.

Rodric and Veldruin, both esteemed residents of Valour and the Castle, are what
some would consider allies. Friends, even, given their association and somewhat
obvious connection in the defense of the weak and all that boring drivel.

Upon speaking to Rodric, however, I've found quite a different story.
It seems that Rodric and Veldruin hate each other to the core, and have been
plotting to overthrow one another in an ongoing power struggle that has spanned
the entirety of both their lives. Plots are plotted, schemes are laid out,
and people in dark, mysterious places are paid sums of gold in an attempt to
gain the upper hand for one or the other.

Rodric states that he and Veldruin simply "do not speak much," but the truth has
a much more sinister depth and degree to it. My sources tell me that Rodric
is in fact visiting Veldruin's homeland and spreading lies to Veldruin's elders
and ancestors in an effort to undermine the reputation that Veldruin has for so
long attempted to preserve intact for himself.

Veldruin has not, at the time of this article, commented for the record on these
findings. But my sources tell me all that I need to know on the matter.

*Ygin vs Rodric*
Scene - the Castle. Enter Ygin, dark ninja hidden among the shadows.>

Ygin -

Rodric - "Halt, intruder! Thou dost strike a blow upon mine own heart!"
Ygin - "Hmmph."

Rodric - "What, ho! Tragedy
indeed hath shone its weary face this day, and weeping there doth be much!"

Ygin -

the battle ensues. Blood and clanging metal are in abundance as the exchanges go
forward and backward through the Castle's halls.>
Ygin - "Why won't you give up and die?"

Rodric - "The Light doth feed my desire for life!"

Ygin - "Then may the
Light shine to show you the way to your grave."

is reduced to nothing, the twinkle in his eyes blinking out in an instant. He
is no longer breathing, his heart no longer beating. Death becomes him.>


Part 4

**********************Battle of Rodric and Innedus************************

As a charitable Knight, Rodric saw it in him to aid a bard in the high
mountains of grimforge. Just moments upon finishing his aid, Rodric felt a
dark evil in the air. Suddenly, the sky grew quiet, and the air felt thick.
Rodric made his way to Seringale, sensing that is where his presence would
be. Once Rodric reached the city, he could feel the ground quiver and shake
as the full power of this evil giant was felt. Facing such power did not
even faze brave Rodric as he pressed on. Once reaching the guild of the
warriors and facing the guardian there, Rodric drew out the giant with
violence against the guild. Once the battle began, the clashing of blades
was truly worthy of titans. The sounds of the battle could be heard from
miles away as the battle moved from the city to the wilderness. The forces
of light and dark meet in an even match, a fight for combat style
superiority. Just as the light of Rodric was nearly snuffed out by the
overwhelming dark shroud that emanated from Innedus, Rodric fled and used
the power of Sarich to heal his wounds. Now renewed in body and faith
Rodric was sure to overcome the giant, whom came just moments too late.
Rodric hit Innedus with such a forceful blow that once Innedus fell, his
mind, nay, his very soul felt the purifying power of his light. When spoken
to, Innedus only regrets not being more prepared for the Knight and not
being able to prevent him from healing his wounds. Innedus is defeated this
day, but I do not think we will have seen the last of him. He will return,
smarter, stronger, and viler then ever. Just as evil shall ever persist, so
shall great Rodric. His faith being unyielding and unwavering, I am sure
that the great Knight Dydric is proud of how his squire has progressed.

7) Cabal Affairs


What's going on the the Cabals? Read on to find out!


Though lacking the numbers of any of the other cabals, Justice remains strong.
Their currently active members are as follows:

Patron Immortal- Vhrael the Commandant of the Seringale Watch
Officers- Dhua the Long Arm of the Law, Mizrathi the Battlemaster
Deputies- none (or none visible).
Dhua is often visible for short periods, only to disappear because nobody is
breaking the laws under her watchful eye. Mizrathi shows himself on occasion.


Wityl has retired from the Keepers, but they are quite lively and numerous.
Their current members include...

Patron Immortal- Hrimoyan the Ghost That Walks, Lord of the Jungle
Keepers- Reiyin the Battlemaster, Faion the Sword of the Forest,
Mthakik the Mistress of Miyama Ryu, Shlethvis the Militant
Krydus, the Former Forsaken of Legion

Aside from Mthakik, they all show their faces regularly, and when about, they
are not constantly going after people for being non-compliant to their cabal.


Galurn has retired following Korack's suicide, but the roster is full.
Their roster is as follows:

Guardian and Patron Immortal- Olyn the Salvation of Virtue
Champion- Dydric Dragoneye the Wrath of Nature
Footman- Veldruin the High Priest of the Templars
Footman- Knoross the Hammer of Heretics
Footwoman- Gadriana the Forest Patrician
Footwoman- Darinoa the Volcano of Infinite Rage
Squire- Harthane the Master of the Night


Legion is not very visible right now, but their members are the best.
Their limited public roster includes:

Patron Immortal- Resatimm the Oppressor of the Irreproachable, Suzerain of Lightlessness
Forsaken- Ygin the Mistress of Miyama Ryu

8) Obituaries


Notable fallen Serins.
Please read in silence, out of respect for the dead.

MRONDTOO, an amazing Herald, passed away on the Day of the Bull, 15th of the
Month of the Heat. He was a flamboyant writer, and was known to be
quite the gambler. He was 30 years old, and a real asset to the Heralds. It
was a shame to hear of his passing, as he will be sorely missed.

AVAEO, a Necrotic Herald was brutally murdered on the Day of Thunder,
24th of the Month of the Dark Shades. She was known to be quite the
loudmouth, and drew a lot of ire from many directions. Apparently the
shaman Vindican decided enough was enough and Silenced her for good.

XENYAR, Drow legionnaire passed away on the Day of Thunder, 24th of the
Month of the Frost Giant. He was an imposing figure within the Lacrimose
Temple. After a long reign of being the only legion you would ever see, as
long as you fail to mention those failures mark them beneath notice. It is
said that he carried legion to a time when more worthy applicants could
show their might.

ASHAK a kindly mystic was heard to have died on the Day of the Bull, 29th
of the Month of the Winter Wolf. He served the people with his
knowledge for a very long time before he fell to some sort of mishap with a
magical experiment. Rumor is he demolished a section of the Tower in
Timaran with his death.

VARRO, a young officer of the law passed away on the Day of the Bull,
29th of the Month of the Battle. He was known for his fearsome skill in
battle, and his desire to fight as many opponents as he could in single
combat. They say he should of sought entrance to Strife, for it would of
suited his idealism well.

TREVANO a werewolf ranger fell within the Lacrimose temple on the Day
of Deception, 30th of the Month of the Spring. He was an honorable
Keeper and he served the keepers well for his short life. He soon grew
paranoid though, feeling that everyone was out to kill him and ended his
own life in a fit of insane rage.

A noble Knight both a master of battle and the hearts of many
adventurers. RODRIC was always there to aid a friend in need, and did so
happily. Unfortunately a great darkness overtook the Knight and Rodric had
no choice but to take his own life. Goodbye Rodric, may Sarich guide your
path to glory in the life after this.

The more notable you are and the more dead you are...the more likely you
will show up in the next edition!