The Serin Mystique, Volume 9, Issue 1

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

A new generation of Heralds have been working tirelessly to bring you this
brand new installment of the Serin Mystique! In the spirit of new
beginnings, the editor of this issue (yours truly), has decided to label
this work as the first issue of the ninth volume of the Serin Mystique.
Special thanks go to Beljia for her enthusiasm and contributions to this

- Aldinio

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1) Headlines (see Headlines)
2) Juicy Gossip (see gossip1, gossip2, gossip3)
3) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
4) Interviews (see interview1, interview2)
5) Battle Reports (see battles1, battles2, battles3, battles4, battles5)
6) Obituaries (see obits1, obits2)
7) Creative Corner (see creative1, creative2, creative3, creative4)

1) Headlines



After a long period of fire, Solace has burned to the ground. Only the
marketplace remains relatively intact. The Lieutenant Commander kept
claiming it wasn't his fault that the fire started! He said he was painting
when it happened. Right now, the town is almost totally razed. A wind is
blowing through the town, picking up some dust. The Lieutenant Commander
did not make it out, and many innocent adventurers and citizens have
perished in the bonfire. The fate of Solace lies in the hands of the
Immortals. Keep an eye out for more news!

- The Secretary from Hell


To follow-up on Beljia's important assessment of Solace, it seems that the
party of dwarves first spotted by Timarans Town Crier has reached Solace.
Among the party is a giant working very hard at concealing his identity. I
don't want to venture a guess at what his presence means, but the dwarves
appear to be getting ready for a big undertaking.

In potentially related news, a huge, black dragon seems to have risen from
its slumber deep in the Escismir E'gal. Counting the white dragon that has
settled in Mudfall, this is the second very old dragon to cause problems in
a very short time. I certainly hope this isn't related to the Chaos Dragon
that the draconians have been clamouring about since they attacked Solace.
That could spell trouble for all of us.

That's the end of my line.

- The Lark

2) Juicy Gossip


Juicy Gossip

I am sad to report that a terrible tragedy has befallen us, my friends. The
Noble Zelbin, known as the Prophet of Verisimilitude (only the gods know
why...) Has lost his immense fortune and has been kicked out of Valour
Heights. It all started when Zelbin had a bit too much to drink last eve.
The firebreather went straight to his head, as we know it often does, and he
set out of Seringale to face his greatest fear, the dreaded sapling of
Drkshtyre Wood. As Zelbin tousled and tangled with the mighty sapling, the
mighty legion Yarl snuck up on him and prepared to open his neck with his
jagged knife. Lucky for Zelbin, Spaz the lion had also been drinking and
vomited on Yarl's shoes. The legion, too ashamed to strike his mark in such
sorry and sodden footwear, skulked back to Darkhaven. What none of them
knew is that Spaz the lion had already lost Zelbin's vast fortune earlier
that day in a game of poker against Noble Ceili. Spaz naturally blamed
Yarl, so Zelbin marched right up to the Lacramose Temple to demand it back.
Unfortunately, he missed the door completely and sent his fist right through
a window! We all know how Groq feels about broken windows, so it came as no
surprise to this writer that Zelbin found all of his holdings in Valour
Heights destroyed. Let us band together to mend this disaster for our dear
friend. Send all donations to Aldinio, in care of Aldinio. Working
together, we can make a difference.

That's the end of my line.

- The Lark

Rumor has it that Zephyrus the bard guildmaster has been composing wicked
melodies. Unusual students have been reported leaving the Mocker's Tavern,
and creepy music has been said to leak throughout the Inn. There has yet to
be any clarification as to what might be happening at the Mocker's Tavern,
but gossip is starting to spread like wildfire of the place being haunted by


Hear this! The Justices were collecting stones to unleash the Power of
Zaikkra, but from this day some of the stones are still missing and might
even be in wrong hands now, but the law never sleeps and they continue their
patrol, protecting the citizens!

To follow up on a troubling rumor I heard, I ventured to the Escismir E'gal
to check on the faeries. What I saw was disturbing indeed! That's right
folks, there's a dragon in the jungle. Is it a coincidence that this dragon
suddenly woke up after the draconians near Solace started screaming about a
chaos dragon? I don't think so! Is it a coincidence that this occurred at
the same time our dear friend Vanisse suddenly returned? Maybe, but listen
to this... I have indisputable evidence that Vanisse once knew a man with
black hair. Why is this important? Because a man with black hair was seen
in Timaran. And what, you may ask, does that matter? It is so obvious!
Solace is just north of Timaran and the draconian there wear black robes,
the same color as the dragon in the jungle! There you have it!
Irrefutable! Vanisse has brought this black dragon to murder us all!

That's the end of my line.

-The Lark


Word in the Tavern is that Jindo has found someone who loves him dearly! It
is said that this mystery woman holds grand power and has even written him a
badly written love poem. Furthermore, an odd rumor has risen that she has
even once ingested Jindo! I am confused as the next on this but perhaps
Jindo may be in love with a giant of giants of some sorts. The
investigation shall ensue!

- Bilinks Baublies the Warrior Poet

The curious incident is in regards to a very short conversation I had with a
fellow by the name of Sarkoth. I was minding my own business when out of
the blue a message came from him, calling me a "bardic betrayer of [his]

Now I wasn't sure what he meant by this because all of my history since I
was a very small child taught me that it was the Drow who did something
awful and caused the banishment of their people from our light-filled lands.
But I had to ask him what he thought, since evidently Drow have been taught
something quite different. I hope to follow up on this story but for now he
has told me he hasn't the time to explain.

It is strange what people say to complete strangers, isn't it?

- Syrena

3) Cabal Affairs


Cabal Affairs


Immortal: Olyn
Leader: none
Other Members: Iendlir, Eidren, Krandos
Goals: "To continue to rebuild and spread light unto Serin."
Recent Accomplishment: "We have held the Legion in check while we rebuild.
Their numbers are no greater than our own."


Immortal: Groq
Leader: Valox*
Other Members: Ikaork*, Graulog*
Goals: "To bring all of Serin under our dominion."
Recent Accomplishment: "Our members have managed to pillage the Knight's
castle on numerous occasions and leave them without their crown."

Due to the secretive nature of the Legion, members marked with an * are
alleged to be members of the Legion by the writer of this article. The
writer takes no responsibility for the accuracy of those claims.


Immortal: Jeradan
Leader: Eloret
Other Members: Kurlson, Veruliane
Goals: "To lick the streets of Seringale clean with our tongues." *
Recent Accomplishment: "Being so invisible that we didn't have to answer any
tough questions from the Heralds." *

Due to Justices being lazy and/or extra invisible the writer of this article
*may* have fabricated a quote or two.


Immortal: Hrimoyan
Leader: Jaux
Other Members: Ciedus
Goals: "Preserving the balance of the realms."
Recent Accomplishment: "Former member Fharino downed Valox, the Forsaken of

4) Interviews



I interviewed the Keeper Jaux, expecting to hear grand tales of battle and
triumph, victories and celebration, but what I heard was the unmistakable
wail of loneliness.

I began the interview by asking Jaux about his past and more specifically,
why he decided to become a Keeper. He told me that he has always thought of
himself as the protector of Serin. When people become too powerful, he cuts
them down. Curious, I asked him if such a path could lead him to power and
he replied, "If that were the case then the balance would be perfect."

I then asked Jaux if this line of work left him lonely. He played this
down, but I could see the longing in his eyes as he spoke. He told me that
being lonely was the way of a Keeper. This may be true, but I offered to
find him a nice woman (This writer is ever-gracious!) , But he told me such
a woman could cloud his judgment or that he may even be forced to kill his
companion if she became too powerful. Imagine!

Finally, we discussed his feelings about the gods of Serin. He assured me
he has the utmost respect for all of the gods and even appeared to envy the
way they watch over Serin. He specfically identified Olyn as one whose
powerful toys were capable of corruption and Mama Vevier was simply called
"The Cookie Monster". I will certainly speak with both gods about these
interesting revelations. But for right now...

That's the end of my line.

- The Lark

I had the honor of hosting a rare interview of the great Lord Jeradan in
Seringale. I began by asking Lord Jeradan what his fondest memory was from
his youth as a mortal. Without hesitation, he replied that he enjoyed
battling with and against Sir Gorgqath the Knight. Sensing that he had more
to say, I withheld further questions and let him speak. He declared that he
was called to the heavens by mighty Stryth himself. He then challenged my
knowledge of his own past, doubting that I knew of it. Wasn't he surprised
when I began to weave the tale of Lord Jeradan and his brother, and his
brave uncle Tassadar! Noticing his forlorn expression, I asked Lord Jeradan
if he still carried his uncle's medallion with him. Lord Jeradan informed
me that the medallion broke into a hundred pieces when he threw it at Lord
Resatimm in a fit of rage! He then confided in me that he has intimate
knowledge that Vhrael, Commandant of the Seringale Watch has been caught
more than once swooning at the sight of Lord Resatimm.

You heard it here first!

That's the end of my line.

- The Lark


My interview with Veruliane, by Savas

Q: So what is it you wish to accomplish in your life?
A: I wish to serve the people of Seringale for all my days and
protecting the city.

Q: So what is the biggest achivment you would say you have
personally accomplished?
A: Getting into the Halls of Justice so far.

Q: Whom would you consider your biggest enemy as of right now?
A: My personal threat seems to be Taudon.

Q: If you could change one thing about your life what would it be
and why?
A: *with a smile* I wouldn't change a thing!

That concluded my interview with the Justice Veruliane.

5) Battle Reports


Battle Reports

I saw a bloody battle firsthand when I was in the forest.
Nitherius was hunting a nymph, but Syka was hunting him!
There was dirt flying toward their heads and chests.
Until Syka's little dagger caught Nitherius's chin!
I thought to help, but I had out my pen.
Instead I watched Nitherius's end.
From his body, Syka claimed potions and gold.
That was all before the corpse went cold.

There was more but I let it all go.
And just told the part that I thought you should know.

That's the end of my line.

-The Lark

The terms of this duel were never discussed, and Orav
the ranger refused to duelwithin the Arena. Of course,
Kurlson the warrior, also refused to duel Orav in a
forested area. The two conversed and eventually agreed
upon the Eastern Road as their dueling grounds. Myself,
Linaro, and Mendal accompanied Kurlson as spectators.
The battle had begun and Kurlson's dirt kick barely missed
Orav's eyes. In Orav's hurry to flee, the first round of combat
was Kurlson's as his defensive stance withstood Orav's
parting attacks. Orav returned to combat by missing a dirt
kick upon the dwarf, and it was here the pets of Orav started
to sneak in minimal wounds on Kurlson. The warrior failed
hobble, and Orav switched to superior combat and kicked
dirt into Kurlson's eyes. Rubbing the dirt from his eyes two
rounds later, Kurlson hobbled Orav but was then forced to
flee. The werebeast equipped drowning arrows and fired
them dangerously at the dwarf, and after a room or two of
crawling the last arrow hit and the dwarf fell lifelessly.
Directly after Orav begun taking things from the corpse of
Kurlson and Mendal attacked him, they all ended up in
Seringale conversing of the matters at hand. This gossip,
however, will have to wait for another day.


There was a fight between Glendall and Krickle where happened a terrible
mistake by the once justice Glendall who attacked Krickle in town. The
fight didn't last long. Yet Ozmandion, the low ranked shaman witnessed
the whole fight, sending a report to the heavens to tell what he saw. By
now Glendall has lost his cabal and honour due to these actions.

The first time was in fact the first time I have ever held a blade against
anyone who could talk (I don't count the "Aaargh gaargh" of undead butlers
to be actual talking) so it was rather unnerving, to say the least.
Thankfully I remembered to actually quaff a purple potion, otherwise I would
probably have been a smear in less than a couple of hours. I ran around a
little bit, bouncing off the walls, and then flung a few handfuls of dirt in
his direction.

Let me just say, Good heavens, enraged storm giants pack quite a wallop.


Valox intruded on Kurlson. Graulog is also around, but not in town or
aiding. Graulog is also around, but not in town or aiding. And now he
comes. Or rather, he waits at the west gate Graulog sleeps outside the west
gate, comes in, Valox rushes out the west gate then comes back as Graulog
watches Kurlson. Valox goes out the Eastern Gate later, and Kurlson had
been pursuing him but wasn't once I saw Valox leave the east gate. Valox
comes through the river. Graulog comes into town. Kurlson arrives at the
Temple of Balance. Was he defeated? He went out the south gate, with Valox
following. Valox again passes through town, waiting at the river, then
getting aid from Graulog at North Square apparently. Unfortunately, I ran
out of time, and Staperro attacked me. Oh, it appears Kurlson left.

- The Secretary from Hell

After briefly seeing Ruch attack Suteri, I saw some fighting in Seringale.
Jindo and Hla fought a duel, a short one but nonetheless a brief form of
entertainment. At the same time, Taudon went into the thieves guild to try
and kill Yirago, taking down the guild guardian quickly. But I did not see
whether Yirago actually got hurt or if anything happened other than Taudon
hitting Pasha.

On the other hand, I did see the entire duel between Jindo and Hla. Hla
started off with a magical shield on herself, which blocked quite a few
attacks before dissipating. However, she made the mistake of casting spells
which required concentration over periods of time. First a fire storm which
severely hurt Jindo's pets, then a meteor swarm. Jindo was able to dodge in
and out as Hla unleashed a stream of meteors. He managed to evade all but
the first meteor, and by the time the last one was gone, Hla was dead from
the series of strikes.

- The Secretary from Hell


Today, I thought I was lucky. Aexolt and Graulog are both around at this
time, BUT (and this is a big but), I was unable to properly follow them. I
went to Darkhaven, figuring they'd be there. I was correct, but I did not
see much in the way of fighting. It was immediately obvious to me that
Aexolt had been hiding, as one of the fishermen and a mariner had both been
surrounded in yellow fog. However, all I saw was Aexolt running, and
Graulog chasing her. And I did see that Aexolt was not there at one point.
But, despite the promising lead I had, I was unable to follow it.

So I write this in some disappointment. Obviously I could not follow Aexolt
because Graulog would know where she was if I was with her, and I did not
ask Graulog because I have not purchased protection, and in fact I already
sold an oath for an interview with Ceridwel.

As I was about to wrap this up, Aexolt charged past me on her stallion. And
she slept for a bit after dismounting, then mounted again and stayed near me
for a bit. But just as I did that, Graulog came along and she was off
again. And just now, I heard her yell that Graulog was attacking her. I've
been waiting on the Eastern Road, and they come and go as I scribe this
parchment. Jaux came in sight briefly, but I no longer see him.

Oh! Hla told me she had seen Aexolt's corpse in town. I see it as a shrine
North of the Market Square. So Graulog appears to be the victor.

- The Secretary from Hell

*This fight was between Kurlson and Hebleon and takes place in the Arena.*

It starts off with an exchange of words, some taunting, then both men know
it is on. Kurlson removes all his equipment, followed by Hebleon attacking
him. Rounds and rounds of combat come after, each man landing mighty blows
one after another. Both men stagger around the arena looking for an opening
to strike. Finally Kurlson finds his foe, striking him hard, casuing
Hebleon to flee in pain. Using his shield to block many attacks Hebleon
staggers back looking for an opening! With a Final burst of energy, Kurlson
strikes, killing Hebleon where he stands! The Winner is Kurlson! What an
epic battle of the ages!


Jindo has recently challenged Eloret to a battle. Eloret, as you may know,
is of the strongest race in Serin The might Gnome! Furthermore, Eloret
harnesses the power of the elements, making his brother Gnome quite proud.
Yet, Jindo did not heed the warning of such a valiant race. Jindo brought a
panther with him into the battle, hoping to turn the tides of battle. It
was to no avail as Eloret bested him. Through Elorets force of mystical
rays and streams of the underworld that could send a shiver down an
immortals spine, he proved to Jindo that a gnome is not to be trifled with!

- Bilinks Baublies the Warrior Poet

Jindo challenged Veruliane to a battle within the woods to the west of
Seringale Veruliane accepted the challenege and Jindo went right to work.
Walking with a purpose, Jindo charged into battle with his boar. Following
Jindo into the fray, a large black panther came to his aid! Javelins were
hurled toward Veruliane, most finding their mark. After a few hasty
attacks, Veruliane decided to try and land a spell of slumber. Unfortunetly
for Veruliane, it was a failure. Believing the match had been lost,
Veruliane recited his recall spell and ran for the hills, in a sort of

- Bilinks Baublies the Warrior Poet

6) Obituaries



At 1 o'clock pm, Day of Deception, 9th of the Month of the Battle, Orav
Rattas the Wrath of Nature died for the final time. Orav was only 24 years
old, and had lived his life in the forests of Serin. It is rumored that
Orav's final breath was near his place of origin, some farmland that had
been claimed by civilization. Orav always claimed to have few friends, but
those he had dearly loved him. As a werebeast of the ranger's guild, Orav
rose quickly to pinnacle with fearless efforts. The roots of his childhood
history included some differences between the officers of the city and his
father. There is no doubt that this was why Orav had much interest in the
cities. Near the end of his days he became more tolerable to those who
protected the towns, but never denouncing his chaotic ways completely. Orav
was a force to be reckoned with, but his end came all too soon. Perhaps not
the closest of friends to the townsfolk, but for those who knew him he will
be dearly missed. May you rest in peace.

Ygin was pretty much the bestest person ever. Some people said that she was
mean or something, but they just didnt understand her! She was so nice and
kept us safe. If you were a person who wanted to hurt her, she'd show you
what for, but you had to not be mean! I wish she were still here, but since
she isn't I just have to remember her in my heart forever!

A wave of tragedy fell over the great city of Valour when Caidolese the
Mystical Maven, Executor of Knights, died for the final time. She will be
remembered for her kindness and fearlessness in battle. Centuries before
Caidolese's reign as Executor, the halls of the Knights were pale of their
sworn virtues. Many believe that Caidolese rejuvenated what it is to be a
true Knight of the virtues. Though Caidolese will be dearly missed, her
essence has graced the city of Valour with a new light not seen in a very
long time.

Fharino, noteworthy member of the Keepers of Balance, took his own life
under unknown circumstances. He fought Valox many times, had to deal with
Legion while rising in the ranks, but eventually slew Valox. When asked
whether his achievement was significant, Fharino replied negatively. He had
promise, and it surprises me that Fharino took his own life when he could
claim he's defeated Valox.


Azusa was the greatest woman who ever lived, except for the few that were
even greater. Her wings were like glowing suns that lifted her into the
endless sky. Her skin was so warm and supple. Her hair was like silver,
and ten times as valuable. She was an honorable woman with a generous soul.
Many people, Azusa included, never knew that we were secretly married. I'll
miss her every day.

That's the end of my line.

-The Lark

Aexolt, Champion of Valour and Grand Mistress of Assassins, took her own
life. She had been fighting Graulog, and fell to him in Seringale. She
lived as good a life as a thief can live, and was known as the white hand.
Rare indeed is the thief who is on the side of the light, and rarer still
does one get to where she did. Where will Valour be without her?

Jindo the Wrath of Nature, member of Strife, took his own life after a
series of fights with Veruliane. He beat her in one duel, and she had to
recall. In a later duel, he had promised not to take Veruliane's things
should she fall, but she had not promised the same. So when she beat Jindo,
Veruliane took not just his soul but also most of his items. Jindo got
angry, and threw himself at her. She killed him again. Jindo continued
trying to fight her even when Kurlson came into the picture. After falling
maybe five times, Jindo took his own life. He had lots of potential, but he
got angered too easily. May he rest in peace.

7) Creative Corner


Creative Corner

At Least Five Made-Up Words Rhyme with Iniquity

All foul things must come to an end
as blood comes from steel and ink from a pen
The ash from cold embers won't burn again...

I speak of the time when our paths did not cross
and weary of shadows that follow our loss
Let us rectify, amplify the cost

Humor my whims and I'll pleasure your brains
with tales of outlandish things that I made
Passionate should have been one of my names

I was given but six, the seventh I took
without reason or rhyme or help from a book
Such will I sign, for any who look

The world does not care how the words flow
or if they fly and drift

That's the end of my line.

-The Lark


Days Uncertain

days uncertain
thoughts and each other
an hour
a day
melting past
hearts singing with feeling
a minute apart
lifetimes we miss
for you
the moment we kiss
a second is a hope
a dream coming true
expecting to lead me to you
forever never ends

That's the end of my line.

- The Lark


Within the darkness there is a voice, soft and chill a tone of utter sorrow.
A shade of a life long passed by, searching for love's lost embrace. A
hundred years of searching and never closer, never finding what it seeks.
Pain and anguish consume everything, warping this lonely shade. Now it
takes others' love for its own, ripping and maiming all that it comes
across. Forever locked in this world until true love sets it free.

- Nevek

The Reason of Life
by Savas Takashi

To live a life full of lust and greed,
To watch your friends hurt and bleed,
To find a reason for it all,
To take a stand or crumble and fall,
We will try to make the best,
In the end we will be like all the rest,
Take it all as if it is a test,
Never quit and never give in,
Perhaps you will be the one who will win


When the Fell roamed Serin, there was a man named Lerit. He spend much
of his time around half a dozen others whose names have been forgotten...
Except for one of them. Five of them were ordinary comrades, and common
adventurers who meant little to Lerit. But the last one, oh she was his
beloved Tiletha! Tiletha was an elven enchantress, and she meant everything
to Lerit. He loved her dearly, was engaged to her for some time before
making a vow to never leave her. But alas, things would happen. He and his
friends along with Tiletha were deep within some catacombs one day... Lerit
saw a sword on an altar, and the ground around the altar was free of dust
and moss. It appeared to be pure, consecrated ground. He walked forward to
claim the white sword, and heard his friends shouting just as he picked up
the sword. Half a dozen of the Fell, led by a greater being, came out of
the shadows behind them. They killed the five whose names are forgotten,
and then Lerit rushed to Tiletha's aid. He managed to defeat all of the
Fell, but took great wounds, though Tiletha only took one wound which made
her flesh start to rot. He laid his hands on her, for he was a paladin and
would not let his lovely Tiletha die. His wounds were also great, and he
barely managed to take Tiletha with him. The disease would be fatal for
her, he knew, unless he could get a cleric to aid him. He tried hard to
help her, but he did not have enough money to pay one of the clergy in town,
and he refused the offer of assistance from a cleric who worshipped another
Immortal. And he could not go to his order's monastery in time... He tried
anyway, but Tiletha was getting worse very quickly. He had next to no
sleep, and when he did sleep he had nightmares and would wake up less than
an hour later. When he was a league away from his order's monastery, he
collapsed from exhaustion, sobbing and noting that Tiletha had been fully
claimed by the illness. He laid his cloak on her then his sword, and was
burying his head weeping when he saw that the rot on Tiletha's body was
being purged from a power emanating from his sword. He wailed one last
time, and impaled himself on his sword to join her.

- The Secretary from Hell