The Serin Mystique, Volume 1, Issue 1

Today, on this fine day, the first issue of the Serin Mystique has been
published! For now its reports are minimal, but as time goes by, the
Heralds will gather more and more knowledge of the events in Serin, and new
sections will be added. Some of the sections soon to come are: recent
battles, lifestyles of the 50s, and an 'Ask Keeb' column! Sooo, keep
reading and enjoy!

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Current Events and Rumors (see Battles)
2) Cabal Affairs (see Cabals)
3) History (see Demons)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Current Events and Rumors


I have been told that Saerm, Nadoshi, and Xithilax have each fallen

victim to the Justice Marth's blade at least once (rumor says that Nadoshi

and Saerm each died five times! Xithilax has some catching up to do!)

After this, wishing to get revenge, Nadoshi sought out Ryosuke to give Marth

false information about a tailor in Liberty holding his priceless light.

Ryosuke asked Marth if he would receive any award for the valuable

information, but Marth quickly states that he can promise nothing and runs

as fast as he could to Liberty (this is not to imply that ANY Justice EVER

runs) Little to his knowledge, Nadoshi had hidden himself in the shadows

awaiting his arrival. As soon as Marth, led by his greedy nose, came to

fetch the priceless light, Nadoshi quickly stepped out of the shadows and

assassinated him in one swift movement! Such is the price of greed! Learn

from it Serins!

In further news concerning the Legion Cabal, I have heard that a bet for one

gold coin was placed wagering that Nadoshi could not assassinate Saerm.

Nadoshi took the challenge, and unfortunately, it seems that the bet was

lost and Nadoshi's ability at assassinate has won again.

There is also a rumor that Darsul, the King of Liberty, had been seeking out

those of the lower ranks who seem to think that a kitten will protect them,

and slaying them without a thought.

Also, a warning has been put out about the blacksmith Anga in Seringale.

Apparently he has been tricking his patrons into selling the wrong items,

and not allowing them to be bought back! What tyranny!

It seems a young healer called Lidonis earned himself a big, whopping status

of OUTCAST for attacking his own guild guardian. Before attacking, his

words were, and I quote, "Guild Guardian, Die." What a fool! Let this be a

lesson to you young ones of Serin. Your guardian does a crucial service to

you! Don't go attacking it foolishly like this little elf! (Unless you

wish to catch up to Nadoshi and Saerm in number of deaths!)


2) Cabal Affairs


Kicked! Booted! Removed! UNINDUCTED! Beware to you cabal members and

cabal hopefuls! Although we are seeing many new faces in the ranks of

various cabals, they are also loosing members at a rapid rate! Why?

Inactivity! Why is it that someone trains so very, very hard in order to

become accepted into an organization, but when they are accepted, they are

not seen again for ages and ages?!?! That seems pretty stupid to me! So

beware to you all! The gods do not take kindly on such people! You will be

removed on the spot!


Your trusty and sly reporter has heard that there are many new members of

Legion, including Veshii, Iendu, Saerm, Zyangshi, Nadoshi, Zertaith, Zados,

and Xithalax. Solexpre was removed from the Legion.

As is typical of the Legion, it is rumored they seek to raise even more

blood shrines over the corpses of those they have slain. They also are

rumored to have had a bit of a quarrel with Mystics, especially Zerai for

what reason I do not know. A mighty group of legion pulled together in the

depths of Winter to slay the fabled Order and retrieve his priceless wares.

It has been questioned by many whether or not the Legion would align

themselves with the Demons. In recent days Nadoshi managed to slay the

demon Decarni, so I would assume that means there is no alliance present.

Legion is obviously very active! Although it may be bad for you

Lightwalkers, it is good for your reporter because they give me something to


I have heard or seen little of the Knights, except that they seem to be

running around with only their underpants on. They have also had some sort

of trouble with the Demons stealing their Cross as some sort of game.


Grizack, once the Leader of the Warlords has apparently uninducted himself

saying that they were not worthy of his presence.

It also seems that the war that once raged between Warlords and Knights has

ended in a cease fire thanks to the fear of the growing power of Legion and

the Knight's lack of pants.


I have heard little from the Mystics as of yet (what a surprise). They have

a new member by the name of Dhunpiel. It seems they are slowly regaining

their numbers in efforts to become a mighty force in Serin. Whether that

will happen or not is yet to be seen. There have been many odd mushrooms

around lately.


The Justice, ever vigilant in their work, have recently inducted Gasire into

their number. They are rumored to have felled many of the Legion in recent

days. I would suspect that Legion may be building a bit of a grudge against

them, but we shall have to see what happens, and be sure to duck and hide

(except when it comes to grabbing the wares from corpses) when it does.


I have also heard that there are many freshly recruited Assassins throughout

Serin, waiting for you all to save your money to contract your most hated

enemies! Hey! Who are you there behind me? What are you doing with that

dagger??? Ack! I thought everybody loved me...


In the most spectacular news, the halls of the Herald cabal echo with joyous

cries as the first hint of real interest in the study of history and the

chance for satire of public figures presents itself! It seems that all that

was needed was a touch of humor in an otherwise dour bunch, although beer

helps a bit. Keep in mind, the conservatory is almost full, if ye wish to

take a punch at the well-known of the realm, send a scroll today! Recent

devotees to the cause of knowledge include, Shruian, Salvan, Keeb, Kalerin,

Tinolyen Vissith, and Somona. A most odd bunch indeed. They are each

guaranteed to pester you for good rumors! Er, truth!

If you are unsatisfied with the report on your cabal, send a scroll to

Herald and tell us more!

3) History


Demons: It is heard that the dark warriors and skeletons that stalk about

Seringale are more than just a preliminary force of the Emperor who

destroyed Valour, they are spies. The Demons who have accompanied them are

rumored to be Generals of the forces. The Demons' goal is "to destroy the

weak". When asked to clarify "weak" as weak in body, mind, or will, they

did not have an answer. They appear to be rogue mages having learned the

forbidden arts and skills including: the axe, dirt kicking and it is rumored

even bashing. Best to stay out of their way!!

If you hear rumors of anything you would like to learn more about, ask a

Herald, and we will find out for you!