The Serin Mystique, Volume 9, Issue 4

Greetings all! As usual, we've been gathering up writing, but it took
some time to produce this work. I've had less time as of late, and there
have been changes in how we do things... But it's all for the better. You
should be getting new issues of the Mystique faster from now on.


- Beljia

1) Talking to Serins (see SerinTalk1, SerinTalk2)
2) Makers of Legend (see Legends)
3) Gossip (see Gossip1, Gossip2, Gossip3, Gossip4)
4) Battle Reports (see Fights1, Fights2, Fights3, Fights4)
5) Poetry Corner (see Poems1, Poems2)

1) Talking to Serins


Talking to Serins- written by Andrael the Voice of Legends, page 1

I found myself upon the realms rather early within a renewal and told some
of the new folks in the realm if they needed any help, to ask for it.
Holgrim Thunderfist the Student of Slaughter said he has already spoken to
the High Herald. I asked what he thought of her and this is his response:
"She like to be hearin' 'erself speak, har har." I don't know whether he
was joking or if he actually meant it.

I asked Rondak, a Dwarf berserker who is squired to Airelyn, why he sought
to be a Knight. His response was that it was complicated. He then started
off with his family. They were miners and that was what they did. Find ore
and forge armors. And being a miner is not all that simple after all.
Rondak found that he could find strength in his anger when his family was
killed during a drow raid. When he woke up, he was covered in blood and
wounds that didn't really affect him that much. But his family was dead and
he was and still is angry about that. "It isn't fair to take another
person's life for their things or just because you can. People should be
able to live without fear." He then said that he learned of the Knights and
from what he understood they shared the same ideals. With the way he feels,
he had little choice but to choose to become a Knight.

While about the realms one fine day, I spotted Robhyn and decided to ask her
a question. I asked her who a role model was for her when she was ranking.
She replied that it was Nenandi. I asked her why choose Nenandi for a role
model. Robhyn replied that Nenandi was strong and had a goal that Robhyn
wanted to join with her to make it happen. Robhyn said that the two of them
were going to take over the world. And when I asked if Nenandi would be
proud of her, her answer was "Probably not. I have not pursued our dream
after she committed suicide. I lost hope."


Talking to Serins- written by Andrael the Voice of Legends, page 2

I was wandering about and saw Ahssarkh about as well. I attempted to
contact him with success and asked him if he could choose between a life of
warfare or a simple life, which would he choose. He replied that if glory
is what one is after, then the life of a simple farmer is not enough. I
then asked what if he wasn't a simple farmer, but a farmer with vast lands
who supplied villages and towns with food. His reply was that then soon
enough there would be some like himself to come and take what they wish by
force. "... Simple life is not as simple as it may seem. I feel one must
be fit and prepared to defend their being." He then said that he takes
things a bit farther, and find the best defense to be a well planned attack.
And he mentioned something about going for a squire, who I am assuming is
Randok. He stated that those shiny well-fed Knights, riding on their ponies
are a good meal. We then started to discuss about various edibles, like
Gnomes, Drows and the such.

Upon roaming the realm I came across a dwarf warrior named Saladim. I had
asked him why choose being a warrior over a berserker or healer. He replied
that when he was a young dwarf in the village he was born in, his ancestors
were warriors. Some where berserkers who went mad, and while enraged where
the best fighters. One time his parents were defending the front line
before his village sent froth the berserkers forward. His parents moved
back to the last line, acting as a two-man impenetrable wall of defense.
And now he is the next generation of his people, fighting for the survival
of his race.

2) Makers of Legend


Makers of Legend- written by Andrael the Voice of Legends

We started with a normal light conversation, sitting on a cliff over
looking the bay of Demea. A little light banter and then I started the
interview. I asked Ona if she thought she would become the Abecedarian, the
rank of mortal leadership in the Mystics. Her response was she never
dreamed of being it, but after gaining a few ranks of the tower, she knew
she could do it. It was an opportunity for her.

I asked next on whether her gaining the titles within the Mystics changed
how she spent her time. Her use of time hadn't changed much other then the
time spent working on scrolls and tasks. Even when she is working, she
still found time to go enjoy the solace of a natural place. I next asked
her about if being a Mystic changed her output on life along with being a
follower of Sedgwick. Her response was that even before she found Seringale
and the neighboring lands, she accepted Saint Sedgwick into her heart. If
not for her faith, things could have gone differently along her path to her
pinnacle. She always wanted to help people, and help them find their own
crafts and ways. She said that becoming a Mystic was a logical to due want
of helping others.

When she became a Mystic, it gave her a stronger incentive to put forth her
best efforts. "As a Mystic I could do things a non-Mystic would not be able
to, so I have done and still do the best of my abilities. My outlook on
life has not changed at all since joining the council of the Mystics." When
asked if she lived the life she wanted. Her reply was a simple one. "If I
were to pass away tomorrow I would be happy, but I still have much more
time. I wanted to keep [on] living and living!"

3) Gossip


Valour is getting an army according to one of the Squires! They have no
less than four squires at this time, and two new members as well as the
Executor, plus several Nobles assisting the Knights.

But how strong is this 'army'? One moment Valour is saying they have an
army, the next moment Mkatos appears and Rimera is claiming the Nobles are
peaceful. And yet she also claimed she claimed she 'tried her luck at him
earlier'. When asked if she had just said she was no longer peaceful,
Rimera claimed she had to defend herself.

And in the time it took me to write this, the Footman Zolis disappeared, as
did the Nobles Lir and Rimera. Valour must not have much of an army if
their members disappear at the mere sight of one Legion!

- The Mistress of the Tiger


I came across a bunny wandering around near the Executioner north of
Seringale... It almost appeared to be sentient. It was reacting to me, I
don't know what was going on but it wasn't acting like a normal bunny.

First one of the cute rabbits started walking around. I decided to try
giving it the plague to see if it was real. But instead of making it
contract the plague I managed to kill it. A muffin-headed bunny appeared
soon after and seemed to be unhappy with me. I tried to comfort it without
much success, it was saying things in bunny that I couldn't understand. A
cute kitten also appeared... I don't totally remember what I talked to it
about, but it was reacting to me as I spoke. The kitten got larger and
stronger, then sang a song. I was getting hungry and said something about
it, and the kitten charged into me before being assisted by the
muffin-headed bunny and three cute rabbits.

The bunny threw a hellstream at me which completely missed me. I
slaughtered these cute little animals as they threw themselves at me, and
acquired a few pieces of their bodies. The bunny left behind a foot, and
there was also a leg and a heart left behind which I both ate promptly. I
was curious as to whether the bunny's foot was a good luck trinket, but
according to the use of an identify scroll, it was just a perfectly normal

All I can figure is I must be dreaming. Bunnies don't act like that one
did... I shall go to bed, get some sleep, and see if these words remain
present when I return from my dreams.

- The Mistress of the Tiger


I was walking towards the gallows outside Seringale when I found the
Chaos Spike today. I immediately grabbed this elusive artifact and ran to
the altar in Clearwater Lake, curious to see what might happen. As happened
before, a small tear appeared in the fabric of reality... But nothing
special seemed to happen. The insane draconian called me a fool and said
the tear was too small without the sacrifices.

Discouraged, I went back to Timaran to find the elusive chaos howlers had
taken over the place! Was this not what had happened before?

And I still don't know what can be done with that altar. However, I am sure
we will find out some day!

- The Mistress of the Tiger


In the ongoing battle between Valour and Legion, Airelyn has captured the
skull and left Legion without their powers! There will be more fighting no
doubt. Read on for more details.

- The Mistress of the Tiger

4) Battle Reports


I came into the realms to find both Rondak and Etelann about. I asked
Rondak if I could ask a coupe of questions to which he replied he was busy
dealing with an invoker, who I assumed is Etelann. I then asked to oversee
him, which he allowed. Rondak was walking about, it seemed like he was
hunting the invoker down. Rondak was ambushed by Etelann at the start, but
things did not go the way the invoker planned. Rondak was slaying tentacles
in the mist to gain supplies for an upcoming fight.

After getting some potions, Rondak was in Valour where he spotted Etelann
and started to make his way towards him. When Etelann and Rondak met, they
started out a quick skirmish. Etelann landed a few spells and then fled
when Rondak enraged. Rondak then spent some time walking about trying to
find the slippery invoker. Rondak was catching up the Etelann kept on
fleeing. It seemed that Etelann had taken a good amount of damage as he was
limping about now. And Rondak was flying after him. Etelann was running
about, giving Rondak the slip whenever he could.

Rondak was resting for a bit before moving on to attack Etelann. He started
a fight and Etelann landed a hellstream that crumbled Rondak's diamond
studded mace. Etelann's condition wasn't looking too good, he held two
ranks over Rondak and still wasn't gaining any footing their skirmishes.
Rondak caught up to Etelann in the Shadow Grove and managed to land a few
rounds. When he enraged, Etelann fled before anything could happen. Rondak
then caught up to the invoker while he was in the Dragon Tower and kept up
on him after wards. Rondak attacked and then murdered Etelann as he was
calling down a swarm of meteors.

After murdering Etelann and moving to a safe distance, Rondak was resting
for a bit then saw Etelann was nearby and coming towards him. He made his
way to the invoker and promptly ended the fight within a few rounds taking
minimal damage from the hellstream and meteor swarm spells.


Arodis and Pleban fought twice in the Arena today. In the first, Arodis
beat Pleban soundly. During the second one, Arodis disarmed Pleban, first
of his ceremonial lookout spear then his serrated knife. And yet, Arodis
did not touch Pleban's weapons when they fell to the ground! Perhaps this
is foolish if you're fighting a rogue, but young Arodis is not only a
paladin, he is also Airelyn's squire. He is also a follower of Aberdour.
And apparently disarming Pleban was not enough, as Arodis yielded soon

- The Mistress of the Tiger


On the 27th Renewal of the Celestial of Tyranny, I duelled Savas in the

Our duel was delayed by Chomryul attacking Savas, but Chomryul died twice
and was only a minor nuisance. My duel with Savas was short, and the action
was quick, blurry, and bloody but did not result in Savas's death. I used
my full unholy strength as you might expect, he summoned widows like he did
in another duel to harrass me. I killed all of them with fireballs, then I
rushed after him and got him to yield. I almost killed him in my excitement
after he had yielded, such was the lust that came to me when he was pretty
hurt. But Savas lived after limping out of the Arena, and this duel was
better than his prior fights against me. Good fight, Savas.

- The Mistress of the Tiger


Teffren vs Saladim

Two warriors decided to battle against eachother in Seringale, at the
Battle Arena. Once Teffren yelled out his warcry, Saladim attacked the
opponent, but missed the assault his weapons should of provided. Teffren
nimbly dodged and deflected the attack and continued with kicking dirt into
the eyes of his opponent. After one round of beating eachother Saladim also
decided to kick dirt into Teffren's eyes. While Teffren tryed to hobble his
opponent, Saladim soon realized he was missing a shield to sideswipe so he
tryed to disarm the winged man, but kept failing. The fight continued both
of 'em blinded. Soon after, Teffren fleed from the combat. Saladim
followed the trail and engaged again several times until Teffren decided to
berserk. Teffren managed to hobble the dwarf in the combat, but soon the
warrior gain control again of his legs. The wrath what Teffren's
weapon provided was just too much for the warrior so Saladim managed to flee
and tryed to use another technique. Still without shield the dwarf had no
choice to keep on pushing offensive damage into the opponent. Saladim had a
magical potion with him so the opponent can't see him and there came the
breakthru, where he caught his opponent without aura. Once Teffren fleed
from the combat Saladim followed him and tryed to hobble the birdman, but
failed again. In the middle of the fight Saladim lost his aura, but still
managed to win by the opponent's yield. The fight was as close as it could
be, in the end both of them were at awful condition.

-Benno, The Chronicler

5) Poetry Corner


"'A Moonlight Serenade'"

In the dark gentle stillness
In depths of night she waits for me
Kind patient loving eternally

In soft warm tendril breezes
She waits for me night after night
She always comes eventually

In chill cold frost winter nights
Still she comes by night she waits for me
In ghost lit pale serene beauty

In admiration admire her shape anew
This wonderful feeling experience share intensity
Mystery passion is heartfelt endlessly

In nights constant enduring admiration
Heart swells in appreciation together or alone
Moon whispers, sings nocturnally

-Benno, The Chronicler


Spider and a fly

A Spider climbing on the wall with his eight eyes turned on prey
Will you walk into my parlour? said the Spider to the fly
'Tis the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy
The way into my parlour is up a winding stair,
And I've a many curious things to show when you are there..

Poor foolish thing! At last,
Up jumped the cunning Spider, and fiercely held the fly fast.
He dragged it up his winding stair, into his dismal den,
Within his little parlour .. but the fly never came out again!