The Serin Mystique, Volume 9, Issue 5

Greetings Serins!

The Heralds are proud to present the 5-th issue of the Serin Mystique, volume 9!
Within you will find topics like news, bloody battles, poetry and more.
We hope that you enjoy the latest installment of the Mystique!

1) News (see Zolis, War?, End?, Addendum)
2) Cabals & Coteries (see Keepers, Mystics, Legion, Justice, Heralds)
3) Poetry & Sonnets (see Colours, Sonnet, Travelers)
4) Bloody Battles (see Battles1, Battles2, Battles3)
5) Interviews (see Adrieradune, Eloret)
6) Gossip (see Love)
7) Obituaries (see Obits)

1) News


The Metamorphosis of Zolis - Andrael

It started when he was removed from the Knights. He no longer cared for
himself or those about him. It was during the era of Mkatos's chaos. And
it gave him time to ponder. Zolis swore to himself that he would never
trust a Knight or anyone who walked the path of light. Then he started
slow. Stealing things from Valour, and then eventually the Knights. He
would then interfere with their fighting and blackjacking them. He was
finally exiled from Valour. He had never killed a single soul of the Light,
at least not yet. But now that he is free from the moral bonds of
being a lightwalker, his wrath will be upon them soon.

When prompted on what his future plans were, he responded with the "...
Best at what I am good at. Robbing and killing people. I have no
boundaries now, except my friends." Zolis then went on saying he plans to
pledge to Lord Darkhan. If given the chance, he plans to join the Legion,
but only if he is deemed worthy. He has a huge hill to climb. "When I was
of the Light, I was weak."

But what brought about this great change in the halfling's life? Upon being
asked why he was removed from the Knights. He claimed that they said he was
fighting before he was finished training. When asked who they was, he
replied with Ceridwel. "I will not dwell in the past though. I must move
on with my new life." It is clear that Zolis is a far more complex being
than most, the halfling thief is now an Outcast and possibly on the run.


The War between Mystics and Legion is starting to reshape Serin!

Time has come where once peaceful Mystics will start to defend themselves.
Ona Lightveil has announced that the Ivory Towers have come so far that
they can defend themselves and be treated equally as other cabals. The
Mystics say that they are a close council who wish to preserve the life,
knowledge, wisdom, and religion of Serin. They seek cabal-ship. Ona
Lightveil also sayd that they will not stand to allow the world they love to
become infested with warmongers and slave-drivers.

As a quick response to the Mystics, Legionaire's leader Nycticora Corvus
replied that if the Mystics fancy themselves elites like Knights of Valour,
then they will be treated the same way. The Legionaire's cabal leader also
sayd that Mystics don't fear nothing more than the loss of they're wealth
and the diminishing of they're power, magic and technology. Nycticora
Corvus announced that If a single mage of Ona's order ever attempts to
summon a demon from beyond the veil of the Material Abyss, Legion will know
immediately and will descend upon of horrors beyond they're capacity to even

Only time will tell what will happen next..

- Reptile Journalist


The Rise and Fall of the Magi

Ona, one of the leaders of the Mystics heart stop beating as she took her
own life. Losing the set of equipment after a fight made her fall into
misery. She sayd that she will step down from the tower and leave the cabal
on it's own. Ona auctioned most of her wares on the city while talking with
Saelei and Euriah who tryed to convince her not to suicide. Saying that she
will never fight again and that she wasn't allowed to live through her
beliefs. She sayd also that she is going to miss everything and that she
felt sorry for Mkatos, because he would't flee numerous times at the sight
of her. That she cannot uphold her lawful ethos within Seringale. Being
the only city that allows lawfuls to buy constables, she cannot live up to
her ethos in other cities. The Mystics should have never been resurrected
she told and blamed herself in everything. Ona ended her life at the day of
the moon, 7th of the month of the long shadows. I guess we will never know
now about the mystic marriage and lovestory between man and woman Ona told
once. She took a mighty gules lion with her into grave to serve her in
afterlife, heavens.

- Reptile Journalist



The short-lived war between Mystics and Legion has subsided with the
departure of Ona from the Ivory Tower, and with her the ire and personal
issues that had dragged the other Mystics along behind her. Granted a
reprieve from her wild, unMystical actions by the wise immortal Davairus,
Ona can be found wandering about, lost in a haze of perpetual retirement.

Rumblings within the Mystical towers, whispered to my ear by the Mystic
immortal Taleroth, suggest that new paths still await the spellkeepers.
We watch for the unveiling of this mystery.

- Vanisse the Myth Weaver

2) Cabals & Coteries


The Keepers - Given by way of Jaux the Last Bastion of Balance, Keepermaster

The Keepers are having a troubling time with the balance shifting into the
power of darkness. The Keepers are up to the challenge to bring things back
into the middle The Keepers are currently three members strong. The Keepers
consist of Aechara, a Half-Elf warrir, who is serving the Keepers quite
well. A Half-Elf illusionist, Adrieradune, who has rejoined the Keepers
back from his deep slumber. Jaux is still leading the Keepers with some sad
times with the passing of his wife, Beljia.

- compiled by Andrael of the Heralds


The Mystics - Given by way of Ona the Prophetess of Ether, Abecedarian of

The Mystics are here and what they do is, as a passive community, preserve
knowledge, wisdom and religion of Serin. There are currently six members
within the Mystics.

First to be mentioned is Noliperus, a revered hero who conducted an
adventure to retrieve the globe of ystics from Zaikkra. The elder avian has
mastered the Arcane and used his spells to epically restore the tower. It
is often said that the avian does not age.

Next is Ona, the current Abecedarian, is a priestess born of peace and
purity. When Ona gained entry within the Ivory Tower she partook in
crafting a new direction for the council. Miss Lightveil adores long naps,
and when she is not asleep is often found praying within the shrine of

Kazoreck is a gentleman who joined the Tower at an early age. He progressed
up through the circles of the Invoker guild. Kazoreck continues to work and
help others when he can. His neutrality makes those of both darkness and
light feel warm and welcome.

Next is Kirlin of the Invoker guild, who is an ambitios one. Much like the
other Dilettantes, he loves to share his knowledge with others. Kirline
desires to expand his own knowledge. His dedication to learn is favored by
many within the council.

Next up is Luranita, a promising Dilettante of the Ivory Tower. Her past is
an interesting one. At the end of her youth, she delved into black magic
and further more into the pool of necromancy itself. Luranita is currently
the council's only follower of darkness at the moment.

Lastly there is Maerlyn, a storm giant of the healer's guild. His lineage
dates back many ages and his knowledge of things and the past are
impressive. There is no telling how tall Maerlyn is, but he is officially
the tallest being to ever grace the Ivory Tower.

- compiled by Andrael of the Heralds


The Legion - Given by way of Mkatos the Wrath of Darkhan, Forsaken of Legion.

My Legion seeks to liberate Serin from the tyranny of consistency through
force of arms, clever strategy, and carefully chosen words. The
back-and-forth of Knight, Justice, and Legion has stagnated. It is time for

A handful of those who stand with me:
Lucidique, my second-in-command, Legion's rider of terror
And those so long absent they begin to fade from memory:

I trust you fill find this information sufficient. You will extract nothing
further from me.

Mkatos Thraza et al.

- edited by Andrael


The Justice - Given by way of Commander Eloret

Roster: Eloret, Anisa, Wilbrym and Dremil.

News and Goals: In this time of Chaos the Justicers will continue to seek to
maintain Order in the highest fashion. We continue to serve as protection
for the citizens of Seringale and will enforce Order as necessary.
If you have further questions you make send me a scroll.

Commander Eloret

- editted by Andrael


The Heralds - contributed by Vanisse, Director of Taverns and Towers

The Heralds have recently lost two of their senior members, first our
High Herald Beljia, and not too long ago Lore Keeper Andrael. While we
mourn our losses, we are also happy to welcome Zaka to our ranks, who has
proved most capable and a pleasure to have around (although Odile sometimes
complains about muddy pawprints on the welcome mat!). As the realms continue
to experience great changes, the dedicated efforts of newly appointed Master
Scribe Benno and Zaka are here to record them for the enjoyment and reference
of future generations of Serins.

3) Poetry & Sonnets


"The Colours of Nature"

Nature is full of colors
With beautiful scented flowers
If your'e in a forest or a park
It's nice even in the dark!

Nature is full of beasts and birds
With so many shrubs and ferns
It's mountains are very high
They almost touch the sky

Nature has it's deserts
And nature has it's plains
At times it's sunny
Sometimes it rains



"A Sonnet for Serenade"

We stand on the ground
Upon a turning page
Brandishing like a banner in the wind

Here in the branch of land
And the debris of its flipping leaves
And the page
That in it's lines
Absorbs the ink of our fate

The book that from the green ink of our phase
Prints the unsettling song of its departures
With the words that
They seize hands to serenade

And to tune
The golden grove of our chests
When they burst in their love
And the white flutter of our wings
In the dove of our hearts

The graft like the rose's red sonnet of blooming
Like the sonnet of colors when they surrender to your eyes
And the worship of leaves
In temple of the stems..

Like the sonnet of sun's ridge
On the hackle of our hands
Like the nest of lights on branches of our faith

Like the sonnet of borderless regions
And remote lands
The sonnet of reborn paths
And the womb of the passages..
That is brimming of the rays of sunshine

-Benno, The Reptile Journalist


"Travelers in River Adelon"

Reflections in the water, flowing,
Directions for the way, its knowing,
Connections with the breeze thats blowing,
As this river travels on.

Confusion as the birds do flutter,
Intrusion and some shrews do scutter,
Profusion of flies, fish do splutter,
As this river travels on.

Creation of wealth there to be seen,
Location perfect, beauty serene,
Elation, sparkling aquamarine,
As this river travels on.

- Reptile Journalist

4) Bloody Battles


Dehmeo vs. Wumslorg

The battle between human and a squid took place between the Seringale's city
walls. Dehmeo the ranger approached the guild of Illusionists and attacked
the guild guardian. Wumslorg who was inside the guild quickly surrounded
himself with a protective shell of magic and started to defend. The squid
sent an illusionary spectre into the battle, while Dehmeo was still kicking
dirt into the guild guardians eyes. The fight continued with ranger still
fighting with the guardian and Wumslorg trying to land spells on his
opponent. Suddenly Dehmeo had lost all his senses of direction where to go
or what to do and soon after, the squid sent another illusion to harm the
ranger. The guild guardian was dead in a matter of few rounds more and the
fight continued between the two of them. Dehmeo's arrows collided into the
protective shield doing no damage at all. Dehmeo tryed to ran away, but
couldn't manage to control his senses. Soon after, the fight ended with
Wumslorg's victory over the opponent.



Sen Duh the Anointed, Grand Mistress of the Cult of Chii vs Savas the
Rumor Monger

The fight took place in Seringale where a monk and a bard fought, a rare
sight since Sen is the last surviving monk. Savas was fighting a striped
kitten at the western monument when Sen's jabs and kicks disemboweled the
bard. After the first round of fighting Savas singed a spell, trying to
fireball the monk, but the stored chii absorbed part of the damage and then
dissipated. Soon the bard kicked dirt into the opponent's eyes, but didn't
provide enough damage to win the fight. Savas was missing aura of sanctuary
so he was unadvantaged from the start of the fight. The fight didn't last
long since the bare handed fighters elbow slashes and roundhouse kicks were
just too much for the singing half-elf. The battle lasted only a few
rounds, but the technique from the last surviving monk was truly impressive.

- Reptile Journalist


Rondak vs Mkatos

The General of Valour and Forsaken of Legion fought inside the city of
Seringale. A rising sun medallion started flaming and the room became very
hot as Mkatos Thraza attacked the Dwarven man. Mkatos's flesh was seared by
the flames from a double-bladed axe of devastation. Squinting his eyes,
Mkatos contagioned and weakened Rondak causing the huge feet collapse under
the heavy build. Rondak mounted the brass stallion and followed the shaman
to western common road where they engaged again into fight. Mkatos is
anathema, intruder and bountied so the cityguard on the way kept attacking
him. Squinting his eyes again Mkatos's spell dispelled the aura of
sanctuary that was protecting the Dwarven man, Rondak. The loss of the aura
made Rondak flee from the combat and quaff the potion to grant another aura.
Thirst and hunger grazed the Dwarven man as he drop into his knees, retching
violently. Soon, Mkatos fought his way out from the north gate to cure
himself and so did Rondak who raged so that his wounds closed through
blooding in combat. A ray of light appeared, inscribed with the burning
image of the Holy Cross as Rondak step into the light, dragging the shaman
with him. They started to fight inside the dungeons as the Dwarven man felt
a brief tingling sensation. Mkatos's shield jolted under the slashing, but
holded. The fight continued for many rounds, hitting eachother with weapons
until Mkatos's spell dispelled the aura again and the wrath coming from the
weapon was just unbearable for Rondak. The fight ended with the death of a
General and victory of the Forsaken.

- Reptile Journalist

5) Interviews


Interview with a [KEEPER], Adrieradune by: Zaka, The Novice of Heralds

Today I sat down with the Keeper Adrieradune and asked him a few questions
about himself, like did you know that Adrieradune had a human caretaker?
Well he did and her name was Lyrus and she was a witch! Not one of those
mean old evil ugly witches either. Well as a young boy he stole a scroll
from Lyrus and discovered to Lyrus plight and nerve endings the invisibility
spell! Since then he became somewhat of a natural prankster with his
caretaker. One day he noticed that his power casting spells were increasing
faster than normal he asked Lyrus and found out his elven mother was a very
practiced and natural sorceress who fought against and was ultimately slain
by orc rebels and bandits that traveled the country side raiding, pillaging
and burning down homes in his homeland. After the news Adrieradune traveled
into Serin and studied each of the arcane guildhalls but the thralls, spells
and raw power of the illusionist guildhall drew him like a moth to the

When asked why he chose to become a keeper he told me that he feels like
every cabal twists the world and it's view to believe only what the cabal
believes and when it happens good men become evil and evil men become down
right sinister! He wanted to be a keeper to protect this land from being
consumed with too much good or evil. I also asked what he would say if Jaux
was lost to this world and he said "Jaux: An irreplacable Leader, A
unmatched friend and the definition of balance. When asked about the
current state of affairs in the world he had this to say. Knights have
taken another social beating with Zolis being outcasted and the Legion
appear strong in numbers, but they lack presence and I don't think one man
can conquer a world."


Published by:



Interview with Eloret, Dispenser of Infinite Gnome Justice

I asked Eloret about the undergoing changes and can he explain what exactly,
but he told me it's private information at most part. Asking about the
protected cities expansion the Gnome answered that however, he can explain
that at the moment the law is stretched it's arms to protect Timaran and
Solace along with Seringale. How do they plan to uphold the law at once in
so many cities he responded that they will have officers from each city when
they open the halls of Justice once again.

About the rise of the magi and that they no longer stand they're arms folded
and look mayhem Eloret told that it holds a little baring to Justices. It
is his understanding they will seek to slay vampires, actively. Which is
good for order. The sooner vampires are extinct again, the better.

As I was asking if the goodness will overcome darkness one day he told that
the light and dark will fight till the end of time. It is inevitable. If
the light exterminated all that is evil, those of the light will find those
among themselves that are darker and some others. Deem them dark hearted.
The thought of the cities expansion he replied that is is a lot of ground to
cover, but he is sure that they will manage. The time will tell how
difficult it will be but. He is sure they will learn to adjust.

- Reptile Journalist

6) Gossip


"A Mystic Love Story"

I was inside the Tavern, sitting before the fireplace warming my bones. A
dove flew into the room and dropped a letter for me what contained
beautifully scribed letter. The writing on the parchment was clear and the
ink was fresh. As I started to open the letter I smelled fresh aroma of red
roses and light perfume. The letter contained a love story between a man
and woman. Upon closer inspection of the story I saw the names of Ona and
Taleroth. The story written, told about marriage and feelings, sweet words
and heartwarming poetry. A little bit later I heard that the Prophetess of
Ether really do wants to marry the Guardian of Ether. That's all the
information right now i managed to scribe down what I just heard and read
about! I hope I can witness soon how two of them will engage into eachother
and have a long life, embraced by one another. From now.. Only time will
tell when the two lovebirds will find eachother..

- The Reptile Journalist

7) Obituaries



BELJIA WILDFIRE, High Herald, wife of Keepermaster Jaux, and adoptive
mother of Andrael, laid down her heavy burdens and heart, passing
away quietly after adding some drops of poison to her afternoon tea.
She was known in her day for being a great friend to those who gained
her good will, and to hold a longlasting bitterness against her enemies.
As a youth she was rash and quick to fire her temper, but matured with
her years within the Heraldic halls, becoming one who would tell endless
tales of her experiences to anyone who was willing to listen. She guided
Benno and Andrael along their early paths as Heralds, after a long time
of being alone in the halls. She had a strong heart, but it could not
survive her eventual world-weariness.

Not long after, ANDRAEL, Lore Keeper, went one day on a long vacation.
She returned holding a pair of coconuts and clapping them together with
as much glee as an organ grinder's monkey, but brought no souvenirs for
the rest of us. The next day she was found dead in her home, apparently
having been dropped by a flock of birds while trying a new form of air
transport. We will never know if that was really true, but the guano
found all over the house and the Andrael-shaped hole in the roof seemed
too obvious to ignore.

AIRELYN, the Eye of the Sea, Executor of Valour, was struck down by a
cow-sized (and shaped) lightning bolt when she yelled 'Goddess of War,
you stink!' after falling to the poundings of the Forsaken, Mkatos.
Clearly, the Goddess of War had taken a bath that day and did not
appreciate the jab. She left the Castle in the persevering hands of
General Rondak, who has since recruited and guided a whole host of new
Knights to take up the Knights' banner against the Legion.

ONA LIGHTVEIL, the Prophetess of Ether, former Abecedarian of Mystics,
teetotaler, downed seventy bottles of firebreather and awaited her death
after being slain by the Legion Graxas for her shinies. As she passed
the gates of Death's domain, she suddenly realized she would rather not
go out like a drunken dwarf and prayed so hard that Lord Davairus heard
her and plucked her out of Death's cell. I hear Death will not be so
yielding the second time around...

- Recorded in all seriousness by Vanisse the Myth Weaver