The Serin Mystique, Volume 10, Issue 1

Greetings Serins! We introduce to you the newest edition of the Serin
Mystique! In this issue we have covered many things such as the affairs of
Serin's major Cabals, as well as rumors we have heard along Serin streets!
Our sections include:

1) Gossip (see Gnomes, Darkhan, Necromancers)
2) Bloody Battles (see Battles1, Battles2, Battles3)
3) Poetry (see Sorrow, Muffins)
4) News (see Executor, Appointment1, Appointment2)
5) Interviews (see Rondak, Gravvax, Zilvintra1, Zilvintra2, Zillon)
6) Obituaries (see Zolis, Gravvaxobit, Jaux)
7) Events (see Smashing)
8) Cabal Affairs (see Keepers, Mystics, Justice, Knights, Heralds, Legion)

Thank you for reading our latest volume of the Serin Mystique! We hope
you have enjoyed it. We will continue to bring you all of Serin's latest
developments in the future!

Love, your friendly neighborhood Heralds:
Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Zaka

1) Gossip


So far as I can tell, gnomes come in two kinds. There's the little kind,
and then there's the taller, fat gnomes. Justice has one of each and
Knights only has one of the fat kind. Well, I saw today that when they were
all wandering about that there was a bit of a height disparity. I asked
both the Knights and the Justices about how many of the Justices it would
take to add up to one knight...

The only answer I got was from the Justice: "I'm a dwarf, you doof"

So how many Justices does it take to make one Knight? We may never know.

Per order of the Sweet Rimera


Greetings my fellow Heralds, It was brought to my attention today that a
particular Noble of Valour was told by the Wrath of Darkhan himself, that
they would not be asked again to buy protection nor be bothered by the
Legion of Darkness.

Now as we all know Nobles are not to buy protection due to guidelines within
Valour. However to be told by Mkatos that they will not be hunted says
something else.

Is this purely a rumor by a time stricken Noble, or is there actual truth to
this? I am not sure at this point but I will continue to see if there is
truth within this. Has the Forsaken grown soft as age has progressed or is
there some type of more sinister plan within this, such as their promises to
Zolis. If there is truth to this I am sure the Knights along with Lords'
Ceridwel and Olyn's wrath may be much more swift!

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess


So I've been looking around lately and I realize something - There are a
whole lot of girls who have hoards of undead following after them. These
zombies will do whatever the ladies tell them to, with not even ever a
question. Is it some new perfume that they're using? Could you too have a
massive zombie harem? Why are there no men in a similar position?

I'd find out more, but getting that close to something dead is WAY above my

Keep reading for more information about this phenomenon.

-Kewlin, Herald Hopeful

2) Bloody Battles


Kassiim vs Troven

Outside of the city of Seringale, A foul-tempered Minotaur and a Beast by
nature fought against eachother at the Plains of the North. Troven the
Minotaur cleaved the Ranger while Kassiim tryed to dodge the attacks. After
a round or two fighting, Kassiim fleed from the combat to change weaponry,
swithing his arsenal to dagger and a shield. Troven approached the Beast
again, cleaving furiously. Kassiim kicked dirt into his opponents eyes when
Troven's eyes suddenly burned like hot coals as he was gripped by insanity!

The aura surrounding the Minotaur faded and Kassiim's damage started to
increase. Troven lost his balance several times while Kassiim tryed to
disarm him. After a few rounds of fighting Kassiim screamed out in
agonizing pain as his body started to deform. He became covered with fur
and his claws sharpened as his body formed into shape of a tiger! Kassiim
fleed from combat to find herbs from nearby to heal a bit. They engaged
again into a battle and after several rounds of smashing eachother Troven
suddenly clutched his wounds and slumped to the ground, unconscious..

- Reptile Journalist


Cadoc v Zedylbea

At first, I though this was going to be the most boring fight ever. Cadoc,
a Paladin and Zedylbea, a warrior, traded a few blows then sat around for a
bit, ate something, chatted. I was concerned that they weren't even going
to fight. Being my friend, I asked Cadoc what it was all about and he
promised me that he was going to get exciting and he is no liar.

Then they engaged and the blows did fly, hoo boy! That was when Zedybea
really began to shine, he was hitting just about every strike and Cadoc, try
as he might could barely get a hit in. There wasn't much more to it than
that, Cadoc ran away and yielded.

Not that it's relevant, but I did lose 1000 gold on that fight...

Winner - Zedylbea


Now, I didn't see very much of this battle, but it was between Ruch and
Lucidique, who is a member of Legion. Both of them are necromancers. From
what I could see, Lucidique took down Ruch's zombies and golems one by one
before attacking the woman herself. She didn't even get to have the final
hit since Ruch teleported away and hit some other person, who got the last
hit in.

I tried to contact Lucidique to shed some more light on the matter, but all
she had to say was "I collected her contract. Nothing more."

Winner - Lucidique

3) Poetry


A lover's sorrow knows no bounds.
Its torment can put you within the ground.
As you watch her smile and say hi.
Inside you feel like you are going to die.
For sadly her heart does not belong to you.
And there is nothing you can do.
Your heart would willing give.
Without her there is no reason to live.
Without her in my arms, I say.
I refuse to live another day.


Muffins are so wonderfully tasty in my tummy!
I have no idea how they are so yummy.
Banana nut, blueberry or even bran.
I never knew I was such a fan!
The best ones come from a shop in Timiran.
I needed one so bad I even ran!
Cookies as tasty as they can be.
I do believe it is muffins for me!
Mama Vevier makes ones with no meat.
I do believe that is quite a feat!
But I hear it is harder to make muffins than cookies.
So do not leave the baking to the rookies!

4) News


Sir Rondak is the newly appointed Executor of Valour. He has vanquished
those who defile the light and the city of Valour, overcoming odds when he
is strongly outnumbered. It is believed that his bravery and courageousness
will play a strong role in lifting the morale of his Knights. Having lost
a battle, sir Rondak will continue to rise and challenge his oppressors. As
a senior Knight, sir Rondak had assisted the once younger Knights in hunting
to help progress them to the pinnacled rank of their guilds. Because of the
rise of Knights the activity of the Legion cabal has begun to dwell within
silence, but sir Rondak and his Knights are forever on their crusade to help
protect and purify our world. Through his great deeds and life as a Knight,
sir Rondak has earned himself the valiant reputation.


Greetings fellow Serins! I come before you this day to tell you that I
Rimera, have been appointed to take the position of Herald of the Keepers of
Balance. This means that if you have any questions regarding the Keepers or
would like to relay information to them in their absence, you may relay such
to me! This also means that I will be tracking and keeping up with all
updates from their wonderful halls! So any information they allow me to
pass along, rest assured all of Serin shall know!

Also ladies and gentlemen different Heralds like myself will be appointed to
different Cabals as well. So keep a look out and make sure to read your
latest editon of the Serin Mystique to find out who is appointed to each


A blessed day everyone,

I would like to formerly announce that I, Ona Lightveil, have been appointed
Herald of the Knights of Valour. Any information that might be needed from
them feel free to work through myself, and I will do my best to present what
is needed from our brave defenders of light. I plan to lift the spirits of all
the Knights if they ever get low, and provide frequent poems and other forms
of entertainment. I am currently doing some recommended brainstorming for some
ideas of events for the Knight cabal. I am ever grateful to be a part of this,
thank you all so much and have a blessed night!

-Ona, Herald of Valour

5) Interviews


I spoke at length today with Sir Rondak of the glorious Knights of
Valour. We spoke of hopes and dreams and high ambitions. First I wanted to
get to know the loyal Knight on a bit of a personal level to see what made
him the dwarf with the huge heart he is today. Sir Rondak grew as a boy
within the mines of Grimforge with not a care in the world like most Dwarven
kind. Until one faithful day his parents were slain right before his very
eyes. His words to me upon this sad matter were and I quote him saying
"everything just went into a blur". According to his testimony, he came
from his blur within the city of Valour, as if it had called out to him. I
asked him if this is why he wished to become a Knight, and his answer to me
was no. That his reason for becoming a Knight is because he wants peace.
Not peace between just the Knights and Legion, but peace for Serin as a
whole. He spoke to me as such, " I wish nothing for nothing but peace, for
there are always going to be ones whom want more than their share and will
plunder." I also asked him what are his plans for himself and his wonderful
Knights, and such with a gentle smile upon his face he spoke, " I cannot
tell you my plans dear Rimera for a plan told is a plan known."

Ladies and gentleman it seems that our gentle Dwarf of fury has a few plans
up his sleeves to keep Serins at peace. I assure you I will as I gather
more about him will keep Serin updated. I am sure we have not seen all we
will see out of this fine Knight.

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess


I spoke with Gravvax at length today about his goals and ambitions. Once
you get him to open up, he spills his brain quite well. We spoke of his use
of the Dark Army for his own personal ambitions. I quote him as saying
"serving them is a means to an end". Also we spoke at length of what he
called the "Brain Trust". It seems to be an entity formed of all the
knowledge his kind now and before him have gathered throughout their
existence. It seems that he and this "Brain Trust" have seperated a bit
from each other so he may obtain his goals. I believe I would have gained
more information, but sadly Dotel interupted our interview and he has told
he that this use of his time was to congradulate me on becoming a Herald.
He also told me that he is not as nice as the wrath of Darkhan. So in
conclusion Gravvax seeks power, and domnination. But the question is, with
no ties to bind him, how soon will he accomplish it? And how long will the
Wrath of Darkhan lead the Dark Army with one such as Gravvax plotting
against him?
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess


The following interview was recorded at the North Square of Seringale.

Ona: Might I ask where you hail from, and why you became a Justice?

Zilvintra: I hail from all over Serin, moving around a lot. I settled in the Gnome
Zilvintra: Village to view the workings of the cities in peace. The gnomes don't
Zilvintra: bother you much, just don't get them to talking.

Ona: Are you designated to a specific city or do you protect all of them?

Zilvintra: I call Timaran my hometown, outside of that, I cannot say.

Ona: Any personal goals or ambitions you seek outside of Justice?

Zilvintra: Who me? Oh, I seek to reinforce the structure. The structure has been
Zilvintra: my focus, I should think on the hobby thing. I should get one.

Ona: What is your favorite weapon to use in combat?

Zilvintra: The one that kills.

Ona: What is your favorite colour?

Zilvintra: Perhaps my favorite colour is the one of gnomish pancakes.

Ona: If you warned a ranger to remove his chaotic looking weapon, and he ran
Ona: into the forested park to camouflage, what would you do?

Zilvintra: I would figure it out.

-Ona Lightveil


As we all know, the halls of Justice closed down for quite a while, and
when they reopened just recently, Zilvintra was the first one to be
inducted. Being of similar age, she and I, we spent a lot of time ranking
together and during the recent storm, she earned the pinnacle rank. After,
she and I spent some time playing poker and she answered a few questions I

I asked her about how the Justices were doing since their doors reopened and
she mentioned herself and another promising applicant. Concerning the
splitting of the cities, she thinks that it will only benefit each town,
allow it to feel the safety of a city and of the Iron Fist of the Law. She
thinks that Seringale will be the busiest city since it is a crossroad, but
when I implied that the relative quiet might be a reason to be an officer of
Timaran, she corrected me. She is an officer there because it is closer to
her home.

I think that with such a strong and willing officer in their ranks and a
wise leader like Eloret, the Justice are soon going to become very powerful.
The cities will soon be a safe place for anyone.

-Kewlin, the Herald Hopeful


The storm giant and I walked among the Vallenwoods after a light meal, Laudwin
had been creating some beautiful music that dwelled within the forest.

Ona: How are your adventures going thus far?

Zillon: Ok so fur.
Zillon: Me try an learn des lands.

Ona: Had any trouble with anything so far?

Zillon: These yellow guys come from wrong guy her in Timaran.

Ona: You have to return those to Zepherleanic!

Zillon: What town he in?

Ona: Seringale. He is at the Nexus on South Road.

Zillon: Me members now.

Ona: Haven't seen you about much, where are you from giant?

Zillon: Me mother.
Zillon: And hills?

Ona: Do you have any plans for the future?

Zillon: Me wants to swing weapon harder.

Ona: What is your favorite thing to do?

Zillon: Adventure an learn.
Zillon: Me not so smart so I msut ry hard at it.

I left out some elaborations on some quests he had trouble with, but this aspiring
giant I bet will grow quite strong one day. I escorted him back into the city of
Timaran and we parted ways.

-Ona Lightveil

6) Obituaries


Zolis - Zolis was a halfling born of a wealthy merchant within Valour. He had
practiced his thievery at an early age and learned how to not get caught. Zolis
became a Knight of Valour for a while, but soon lost sight of the virtues and he
turned to the darkness. He roamed Serin and made friends, then unreluctantly he
would take whatever he could from them. The evil halfling became notorious in his
ways, and will remain forever as a thorn in many peoples sides.


Gravvax - An Illithid Illusionist who became widely feared after achieving rank
of pinnacled after joining the Dark Army. He was banished long ago from Enthema,
by the true Kurganinth along with the rest of the living elders. Out in the world
he became a master of trickery and terror, though many believe his reign was very
short lived. He served his rank underneath Mkatos without flaw, until he decided
to part ways with Legion and cause trouble in his own ways. This led to the final
banishment of Gravvax the Illusionist, where it is rumored his own illusion had
disposed of him.


Jaux - It was a sad day when Jaux Wildfire took his last breath. He was a great
werebeast, and loving husband of Beljia Wildfire. Jaux was the Keepermaster of the
Keepers for centuries, and would only draw his bow against those who may have become
too powerful, or those who tried burning the forests. He had struggled with keeping
members within the Keeper halls, but many of them left where he stayed and strived
forth. After many years, the halls of Keepers finally found some strong footing as
a couple of newer faces had joined. Jaux saw this as an opportunity to return to
the forests, and vacate the title of Keepermaster. You will be missed, Jaux!

7) Events


Not too many moons ago those of the forever moving quill held a contest about
ways to smash a goblin. There was quite a bit of response from the people of
Serin. Many rushed in their works in hopes of taking the gold medal of it all
and be dubbed the winner of the Goblin Smashing Contest. It was incredible to
see how many got so creative with their writings, and a little disturbing how
in-depth and vengeful a few got with it. Nonetheless, there simply was not a
bad piece. Rimera the shuriken tosser and Ona of the white cloth both chose a
a winner. First, the Knight Rinzy's piece:

How I would smash a goblin sounds quite simple to me in fact. It requires
some rope, a piano and someone with some skill. What I would do is torment
the goblin with songs. I'll make them paranoid, break their spirit and then
weaken their mind and body. Afterwards, I'd lure him to a spot where I have
the piano set up by some strong rope and let the piano fall and smash the

Rinzy Stahring, Footwoman of Valour

Our next winner has provided for us a bit of a tongue twister, a stone giant
named Gundder: == Hao to smashuum goblin == Byes Gunnder Smashuum:

Me lykes smashuums an goblinss get smashuumed reel guud! Furst, finds a
fats plump goblin. Dey pop guud when smashed. Skinny goblins no pop, dey
juss fall down. Boar-ring! Goblin cheef is guud and fat, so get him for
smashuums. Den, makes shur yoo eat guud brekfist furst. Cano smashuum wif
no brekfist furst! When tummy happies and goblin cheef reddy, it nice to
tells him he abut get smashuumed. So noes surprise. Me say "Cheef! You
gunna get smashuumed by Gunnder Smashuums!" . Mees put weapons dun, mees put
sheeld dun, den me makes big rock fist. Wif big fist me smashuum cheef rite
in tummy. POP! Cheefy go pop, smashuumed guud!

== Dee ends.

Though these were our final winners, it was not an easy decision to make among
the several pieces sent in by the masses. Who ever thought smashing a goblin
could be so fun!? The Heralds would like to personally thank all of those who
submitted their works to us, you are all creative. Yet, have nay fear, you can
have a second chance at winning the gold prizes on the next writing contest!

8) Cabal Affairs


The balance is doing well these days with our strength growing each day.
Adrieradune is the next senior member behind myself and holds the rank of
Sentinel. We welcome the first stone giant Keeper, Thodun which has reached
the rank of Adherent and shows a great deal of promise. We are always look
for members that are of strong will and mind that can join the Keepers.


The Ivory Towers are very quiet these days, with only rare sightings from
the three current members. Taleroth has also been quite scarce. Rumor has
it he is locked away in his secret study, laboring to harness the powers of
a magical force that once was foretold would threaten the very fibers of

Members of the Mystic Halls are: Kazoreck, Luranita, Maerlyn.


Not alot is going on within the Halls of Justice these days according to
Commander Eloret. He has told me the great halls of the Iron Fist are still
closed. Even though they have been moved to a new loaction, none have been
seen lately execept the Commander. He says to look forward for great things to come from their halls.
The current Justices of Serin are as follows: Eloret, Wilbrym, Dremil, Anisa


Lord Ceridwel has been speaking very highly of his beloved Knights of
Valour as of late. However there is mourning in the Castle as well, with
the loss of Sir Kassiim. His words to me were "We have lost a Champion but
gained a Footman." This Footman he speaks of is Sir Veridon. The Knights
once again seem to be gaining advantage over the Legion of Darkness more and
more these days, as the Knights numbers seem to grow and the Legion's
dwindle. Expect to see more to come from the Knights of Valour, for they
seem to have a few surprises up their sleeves.

The Knights are as follows: Rondak, Hinther, Veridon, Hiragald, Raphthal,


The Heralds are once again back in full swing! We are buzzing around
Serin with fresh blood and freshly inked quills! New articles and reports
are flowing fresh daily, along with a new Mystique on the horizion. With
the guidance of Mama Vevier and Lady Vanisse we shall once again keep
Serins up to date with all of Serin's happenings and wonderful events!

Our current members include: Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Zaka, and our wonderful
bouncer Gundder


The Legion of Darkness has fallen quite low in appearance as of late.
With the loss of many of its members and the Knights once again taking the
high ground. The Forsaken himself has been quite absent as of late. Along
with rumors of his diplomacy with the Nobles of Valour. It may seem that
the Legion of Darkness may very well fade within memory.

The Legion halls currently include: Mkatos, Lucidique, Graxas