The Serin Mystique, Volume 10, Issue 2

You have in your hands the latest and greatest issue of the Serin
Mystique. It may just be the thickest collection of works we have ever
published. We have crawled all across Serin to bring you the most accurate,
up to date information possible and have compiled it all here for your
viewing pleasure!

Sections you can 'look' at in this issue are:

1) Battle Reports (see BloodAndGuts1, BloodAndGuts2, BloodAndGuts3, BloodAndGuts4, BloodAndGuts5, BloodAndGuts6, BloodAndGuts7)
2) Cabal Affairs (see Knights1, Knights2, Legion1, Legion2, Justice1, Justice2, Keeper1, Keepers2)
3) Coterie Affairs (see Mystics1, Mystics2, Strife1, Strife2, Nobles1, Nobles2, Heralds1, Heralds2)
4) Events (see LostMystique, Trivia)
5) News (see News1, News2, News3, News4, News5)
6) Gossip (see Gossip1, Gossip2, Gossip3, Gossip4, Gossip5)
7) Obituaries (see Heznali, Wilbrym, Benno, Robhyn, Hinther, Adrieradune, Iyra)
8) Luranita's Lessons (see Fishing)
9) Poetry (see Ninja, Winter, Legacy)
10) Stories (see GoldenWolf, Discovery, Discovery2, PisicaNeagra, EveygreySeas)

This edition of the Serin Mystique is brought to you by: Rimera, Ona,
Kewlin, Lauranne, and Aaroll.

Publishing and Editorial work: Lady Vanisse and Mama Vevier.

Special thanks to: All our readers for making our efforts worthwhile.

1) Battle Reports


Linckon Vs Nyde:

A massive battle ensued within Seringale this day. Linckon and Nyde clashed
swords up and down the streets for what seemed to be an eternity! As
Linckon stopped for what seemed to be just a brief moment to rest, Nyde
slipped in and attacked once more! It seemed Linckon had him on the ropes,
but Nyde's bodyslams seemed to put Linckon in his place! For what seemed to
be careful planning and cunning, Nyde came from this battle the Victor. But
I am not sure Linckon will not take this defeat lying down. I am sure this
battle will continously wage throughout the day!

Victory this day is won by Nyde.

More to come,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Lore Keeper of Heralds


During the Day of the Great War, 13th Renewal of the Celestial of Tolerance,
Sir Rondak the Executor of Valour was having a ride on his horse through a
forest, whence he came upon a void. As a pair of glowing eyes blinked, he
felt a draft of air as a sneaking ninja lunged forth at him, throwing dust
everywhere. Sir Rondak resorted to raging, and for the first hour the two
fought back and forth, with the ninja executing deadly skills in advantage.
The second hour approached, and Rondak's rage began to wilt suddenly as the
ninja continued to attempt assassination. After the Executor snapped from
his rage, he was too vulnerable to continue in the fight and payed with his
very own life. The ninja Justice Zilvintra then took all of his armors and
auctioned them off to the public market within Seringale. This one Zilvintra
has assassinated the Executor of Valour! The other Knights will certainly
seek revenge for their ruler's death, or perhaps the Executor himself will
get lucky to get his hands on the ninja before they do.

-Ona the Water Sprite, Herald of Valour


I caught the ranger Knight Hinther skirmishing with an evil ninja Justice
named Zilvintra just outside the West Gate of Seringale. They seemed to be
evenly matched for they are both the strongest in their respective guilds.
Sir Hinther charged forth with some animals that joined his side, and on the
other path through the forest Zilvintra wisped through the trees at
lightning speed. The two clashed with both their weapons drawn and directly
after Hinther switched to his bow, a mass of dirt flew into his eyes. It
couldn't have been better timing for the ninja because the ranger had
forgotten to prepare arrows. Sir Hinther's bow thudded, and Zilvintra's
dual wielded weapons clanked. I watched the ranger retreat into the park of
Seringale, where he rested and came to the Western Gate where some citizens
gathered at the suspense. A gleam caught from the darkness revealed the
weapons of the ninja Justice, and Hinther had asked the Justice, "Why did
you slay the Executor, Justice?"

A nightmare stallion rode in, then another one. Two dark-knights came
from what was believed to be all the commotion, but they had entirely
different purposes. Talab a human dark-knight uttered an incantation that
sent a fireball hitting everything in the room! The Justice leaped from the
shadows to act quickly and warrant the aggressor, and while he was on the
flee another dark-knight named Unox, Talab's prey, decided to break the law
as well by attacking the reckless Talab. Unox was also warranted, and fled
off into the distance while Talab became apprehended and literally dragged
to jail. After a few hours, a terrible thing happened. Talab was sentenced
to execution by a breaking wheel. This wheel began to turn, and Talab's
agonizing screams were heard all over Seringale, until finally, Talab lost
his limbs. The duel between the Knight and Justice did not meet an end
after this, but there is certainty that they scuffled some more.

-Ona the Water Sprite, Herald of Valour


Greetings, Serins! This day I bring to you a battle of epic scale!
Within the arena this day a battle of the divine might of Surrit took place
against the Balance's Sorcerer Adrieradune. Prayers and spells were so
powerful within the arena the walls shook and trembled! The battle waged on
for what seemed to be forever, but with spells failing, and a dispel here
and a dispel there, they both began to take heavy blows. After many hours
of back and forth battling, the sorcerer yielded. Surrit being ever
prideful of his victory said to me that this duel was supposed to be to the
death. However, Adrieradune has told me otherwise. So we can expect to see
many more duels between these two I am sure.

More to come,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess


Fynth vs Rondak
These two gnomes really started to go at it! Weapons flew and wounds
were suffered, then the knight gnome landed some lucky strikes on the
Justice gnome's shield and the thing fell right off. Well the Knight gnome
sent the shield up to Olyn, leaving the Justice with few ways to defend
himself. Well that wasn't going to stop that big old gnome! He returned
even more angry than before and put that Knight gnome in his place! It was
super close but...

Victor - Fynth


Rondak and Kjarton vs Eloret and Fynth

After that last fight, Kjarton tried to kill Fynth while he was still
weak from the fight with the Executor. Well of course the Commander rushed
to mark him as a criminal, but he fled back to his hometown. Fynth made it
away and healed up a bit. While he was sleeping off his wounds, Eloret went
to Valour and engaged Kjarton. Fynth quickly returned to help and they
began to chase down the knight and the noble. Fynth began to use the weapon
he had taken from the Executor himself in the previous fight against its
former owner and the fight started to get really intense. I tell you, I
wasn't even fighting and I was starting to sweat! So the Justices split up.
There was some yelling that I didn't see and then all of a sudden, I heard
the noble yell that his own commander was attacking him. Then he was dead!
Rondak denied it, as a matter of course. But still, what kind of commander
kills his own nobility? I will address that in a different article, you can
be sure, but back to the fight! In the end, with his noble lying all bloody
and messy on the ground, Rondak had no choice but to retreat and he ran back
to Seringale where he mocked the Justices on their own turf.

The win goes to the Justices.


Pertinax vs Zilvintra

The lovely Zilvintra challenged Pertinax to a duel in the area. She
engaged with a strong assassination attempt and really hurt Pertinax who
tried to run, but the Justice soon caught him. It was over very quickly.

With barely a scratch, Zilvintra claims the victory.

2) Cabal Affairs


The Knights of Valour have been fighting many shadowspawn across the land
during the Celestial of Piety, and as such comes close to the beginning of
of a new Celestial, Valour mourns the loss of a daughter and son. Robhyn,
a Noble rogue, and sir Hinther, a Knight among the great castle, both have
tragically left us. A few seats at the castle table have become empty, yet
those remaining still show incredible resilience against evil.

One footman of Valour in particular has reached his pinnacle rank within
his guild of bards. His name is Snufkin, a lyricist, musician, and singer
who really knows how to do all three. Sir Tulanor has reached the status
of footman recently after becoming knighted by the table. He was known as
a true fisherman before his induction ceremony, and many believe he still
has what it takes to reel in the Catch of the Day for Undulav. The current
Knight roster is:


-Ona the Student of the Quill


They have won some, and they have lost some, however, the Knights of Valour
continue to impress the masses with their resilience. All that sit at the
castle table have endured their share of difficult times. It is rumored
that the table has special seats covered in moss, booby traps, and magic
of all schools, designated for special newcomers.

An undistinguished shadow was recently dubbed a squire, and her, aye, it is
a she, ambitions have spoken loudly through her reports. There are also a
few rumors of some young citizens dampening their urges to join nobility,
and instead, seeking the castle table. The children of Valour are getting
brighter, and the darker it gets in the world the brighter the children of
Valour will shine.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


The Legion is doing well. Their members may seem to have dwindled, but
they merely culled the weak. The Legion is as strong as it ever has been.
With Lucidique being the face we saw the most in recent times, Mkatos has
made a grand return and is back in business. And it seems that the Legion
gained a new member in the form of a drow bard. One thing is for sure, the
Legion is something to watch out for.

Current Members: Mkatos, Lucidique, Graxas and Iyra


With the death of Irya, the Legion lost their songmaster. But their
strength has grown. They have gained two warriors and a necromancer upon
their ranks. The Legion has found the strong and their strength is ever
growing. With its new members, the Legion now holds a powerful foothold in
the fight for power in Serin. The Legion has captured the items of other
cabals in their march for dominion over the realm. As always, one should
keep an eye to the east, or the darkness of Darkhaven is sure to spread
across the lands.

Current Members: Mkatos, Lucidique, Tulgran, Graxas, Ravinah, Lojunis


Justice has been out and about making the average citizen feel even safer
than carrying the biggest sword he can find! Criminals are shivering in
their boots even though they've lost Wilbrym and kicked out Dremil. They
have some new up and coming applicants. I can't remember the last time
there were so many officers on the streets!

Members include - Eloret, Fynth, Zilvintra, and Rheloth


Well there was a little bit of ups and downs for the Justices. Some
criminals managed to escape apprehension, but for the most part, citizens
are obeying the law. Commander Eloret is still in charge, but relying more
and more on his right-hand gnome, Fynth.

Current members are - Eloret, Fynth, Zilvintra, Anisa, and Rheloth.


I had the chance to speak to Thodun this day about how his Keepers of
Balance where doing as of late and this is what he said to me. As far as
what we Keepers are trying to do is keep the ever changing and very
turbulent Serin within the Balance. With the Aid of the other Keepers we
strive to and keep the Balance of Serin, I believe if it were not for us,
Knights and Legion would always have the other person's cabal power's at
bay. We Keeper's are the force that makes them double check and re-think
what they do. At least that is my humble opinion of how it goes. The ever
humble giant assured me that the Balance of Serin will always be maintained
as long as he is about. Time shall see if the Balance holds.

The current Keepers of Balance are: Adrieradune, Thodun, Kushtok, and Xiemia


The Keepers of Balance are working hard as ever now to maintain the
Balance within Serin. With Adrieradune's passing and the Knights and Legion
gaining more members it will be quite a struggle for the remaining members
of this fair hall. I am sure they will continue to do their best to ensure
Serin's Balance remains intact. However only time can tell...

The current Keepers of Balance are: Thodun, Kushtok, Xiemia

3) Coterie Affairs


Though the Ivory Towers are still relatively quiet, one sorceress in particular
has been buzzing about busily in hopes to resurrect the once dormant coterie.
She goes by the name of Luranita the Queen of Devils, Advisor of Justice. She
studies Necromancy, a widely known evil and foul practice which most dark mages
often fancy. Luranita appears to be the only active and official Mystic that
is around, but she has grown quite lonely within the Ivory Towers. There were a
few applicants who sought to become Mystics, but one got lost at sea and the
other took his own life! Interesting enough, the Mystics have taken on a more
religious role while still guiding the youth of Serin in the right direction.
The current members of the Ivory Towers are:

Luranita the Queen of Devils, Advisor of Justice


The Tower of Mystics remains within the beautiful city of Timaran. There
the council studies in private and perfects the schools of magic. In
training these Mystics have learned of religious ways, the many different
paths to life which are available. Mystics have been granted the insight to
judge who is worthy as an initiate to a deity. While they still study
magical properties, Mystics are now more driven to educate the youth of
Serin than ever before. Luranita is the name that stands out from the
council, as she has been with the Tower for a couple of years now and
remains the eldest mortal of the council. Another Mystic who has shown the
wisdom of the Tower is named Ardalt. He is a promising illusionist in which
possesses the qualities of a wise mage.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


Well these halls have been kind of empty for a while. Every so often
someone will show up and challenge a few people, but there sure aren't a
whole lot of them. Keep an eye out though, some of them have perfect
records and I bet people would pay a whole lot of gold to see those kinds of
streaks get broken.


The coterie of Strife has been a bit quiet as of late. No fierce battles
have waged to go upon thier record in some time. Not even a single member
of them has been witnessed within Serin as of late. Where have they all
gone? What are they all up to? Perhaps fighting battles in a far away
land, or maybe they have secretly disbanded without Serin's knowledge?
Perhaps soon we shall see their rise once more and epic battles will wage
across the land. Only time will tell...


The Nobles of Valour were thought to be extinct for a couple of Celestials,
but due to the huge demand they have remained in tact. There are not many
Nobles roaming the lands, save one storm giant named Kjarton. The truth of
the matter is that Valour is in need of dedicated Nobles to keep the palace
clean and raise pets that hatch eggs, also to boost the morale of Knights.
With the passing of the late Robhyn Svendler, the palace has grown quiet.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


The Nobles of Valour have known silence for quite some time. The echoing
of footsteps within the palace has left a Noble in captivation too many of
times. There are still a few who never frequent the lands, but they are
gradually missed by those who do frequent often. For some unknown reason
the palace continues to remain clean. Sources claim they are not sure if
the Knights are taking over chore duties or if there is a secret Noble who
cleans the entire place during the graveyard shift.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


The Heralds of Serin are as busy as ever! With Lady Vanisse and other
Heralds being on leave they are a bit short handed, however with the
guidance of Mama Vevier they remain ever busy bringing Serin the best events
and news they can! You can rest assured that the Heralds will always be
willing to give the most up to date history, gossip, and news that Serin has
to offer! New events and a new Serin Mystique are just on the horizon, so
keep your eyes open for the Heralds. They always have a good story in mind
and a contest up their sleeve!

The Current Heralds of Serin are: Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Lauranne, Aaroll


The Heralds are once again back in full swing! All of their tiny family
has returned but Lady Vanisse. However, Mama Vevier has made sure that
there will be no stopping the wonderful news the Heralds have to bring
Serin! With a new edition of the Serin Mystique on the horizon, the
Heralds are working very hard to make sure it is nothing less than top
notch! News articles, events, and even a good bit of gossip is never far
off when you find one of these wonderful individuals. So make sure you try
to catch one of them about so you can be up to date with all of Serin's

The Current Heralds of Serin are: Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Lauranne, Aaroll

4) Events


Not long ago we Heralds lost a very valuable copy of the Mystique and
sent wonderful Serins off to find it for us! The search was long and hard
and went on for many, many moons. We thought all hope was lost in finding
our precious book until Malaton by luck found it hidden within the mountains
to the north! By his good graces and his spells of wizardy he was able to
return it to us with no harm done to it! So for his efforts he was granted
a wonderful Herald quest and was paid a handsome amount of coin in the
amount of ten thousand pieces. We thank him dearly for his service and
extend our humble invitations for all of you to partake in Herald events
such as this one!

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Lore Keeper of Heralds


A fantastic game of Herald Trivia was played with the Eastern Common Room
of Seringale's Mocker's Tavern recently! Many Serins came to test their
knowledge of the land. They consisted of Eloret, Hinther, Robhyn, Rondak,
and Mizralk. The game was hosted by myself and the wonderful Mama Vevier!
The game was fierce with knowledge flowing back and forth between Eloret and
Rondak! When it came to the end, a tie breaker was needed between Eloret
and Rondak for they both had five points a piece. In the end Eloret was the
victor using his fantastic Gnome wisdom to answer a two part question tie
breaker! For his prizes in this victory, he was granted an item renamed to
his liking by Mama Vevier, a peck on the cheek from me, ten thousand gold
coins, and a Herald Quest! Everyone whom played also receieved a Herald
Quest for being such great sports! We Heralds would like to thank everyone
whom played and also invite all of Serin to take part in future events we
plan to carry out!

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Lore Keeper of Heralds

5) News


Odd things have been happening in Serin as of late. The Heralds,
normally a peaceful coterie seem to have become targets more and more. The
Legion who normally seem to leave the Heralds be have attacked numerous
times. In addition, former Heralds seem to also be attacking the very ones
they shared blood and quill along side of. Have the Heralds become targets
for personal gain? Or is this an attempt to get a rise from its peaceful
members to stand up and take arms? With the Heralds gaining support and
numbers only time will tell if they will be allowed to continue bringing
Serin their wonderful events and writings. Or will they be forced to
continuously defend themselves against those who seek their heads? One
thing is certain, the Heralds have a few tricks up their sleeves.

More to come,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess


The unpredictability of Lucidique has known no boundaries. Many years now has
she fought against the Knights as a senior member of the Dark Army, the first
of many dark-knights who have been successful in ages. The Unholy Lady rides
upon her nightmare stallion throughout the lands in hopes of finding bloodshed
wherever it may be found. She has risen from defeat only to show more ferocity
the next time she battles. A common response upon recognizing Lucidique about
the lands is buying protection, or fleeing from sight entirely. It is rumored
that the fear she instills within others gives her the drive for more bloodlust.
Her mannerisms seem high classed within drow hierarchy, her personality seeming
much like that of a disciplined murderer, these observations of Lucidique have
clarified that the reputation of Infamous represents her.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


As you might have seen, Rondak the Executor of Valour recently killed a
noble in a fit of rage. He claims that he was upset with Eloret and the
fact that he couldn't actually manage to kill either of the Justices and
that Kjarton walked right in front of him. He told me that he didn't even
see who he was attacking, but how do you mistake a storm giant for a gnome?
It seems a little hard to believe. Then, after the fight, I tried to ask
them a few questions and then Veridon, Kjarton, Rondakm, and Xiemia all came
into the tavern and they were putting a lot of pressure on me to stop asking

All I saw was that Rondak killed Kjarton, but if the Knights are that
concerned about someone asking questions, then we need to ask what else they
might be hiding. What other secrets are they keeping?

Stay tuned!

-Kewlin, The Hopeful Herald


Today, I am reborn a Herald. Hello. But, other events took place. This
is Aaroll with todays Battle Report.

Fynth said, amidst a torrent of spittle, 'I mutht overthee the exthecuthun.

Someone was escorted in by a group of guards. The guards placed someone in
the breaking wheel.

Fynth yelled 'Come watch the criminal be executed! '

And people did arrive.

Bone tears from flesh as the breaking wheel rotated. Someone yelled
'AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! ' Ilthaph faded into existence. Bone tears from flesh
as the breaking wheel rotated. Ilthaph yelled 'AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! '
Ilthaph was DEAD!!

Fynth yelled 'Juthtithe ith therved! '

Therved a number of times too. Ilthaph brazenly attacked a ninja named
Mendos in front of a large gathering of minds. The diligent Duerger, Fynth,
assigned flags and brandished weapons of peacekeeping. The execution I
describe was just the tip of things. Mendos earned a Wanted flag for later
retaliation. My sources informed me that Mendos was apprehended, but not in
the same manner as the Illusionist. Ginhodari, an Invoker, was also gifted
a Wanted flag. Their crime unknown to I. But, I can only assume it was
dastardly. Ginhodari, to my knowledge, is a fugitive. I fear the Justice
halls will be in great need of paper after said events. Reports galore.

Ah ruckus made, and ah ruckus reported. First day jitters have no place here.

A.B. the Quick-Tongued Quillmaster.


Marcatis Dunamis. A curious fellow. Foul of breathe. The manners of a
drunk. Assaulted Istina! Kill'd them too.

No amount of eye rolling. Deserves such a fate. Be weary. Be observant of
this name. Dunamis. Marcatis.

There is more then one Dunamis. And both... Are sons of Darkhaven.
Unpleasant. Creatures.

I had a run-in with Tivris as I left the Rest. Unbeknownst to me, he drinks
blood. The legends are quite true about Vampires. I put in a few blows and
a couple bashes before my blood loss caused me to leave my corporeal self.
It filled him up quite nicely. Claimed it tasted sweet. I think it's
sedentary nature of quillmastery. Or lethargy. Perhaps lethargy churns the
blood sweet?

My dialogue with Mkatos is nearing a casual manner. He even used the term
ally? If this is a proverbial foot in the metaphorical door, I welcome it.
One of us should be reporting the going-ons of our neighbors to the Far

Spent time with Eldroc and others, Amanta and Brilrak to be exact. It
always pleases me to go out and help those ranking. Even if it means a
little blood on my boots. Eldroc is an impressive beast. A master of
Warrior ways. Beyond the skill of myself.

Ahayweh is a very paranoid Duergar. I did my best to confused and provoke
his deranged mind. Whispered claims of persons hunting him. Quite fun,
fun, fun. I recommend any of you do the same same same.

No offense to the Lightveils, but I started a rumor with a Mystic that
Surrit cries over Ona's popularity in the realm. Oops.

A.B. Quill-Tongued Quickmaster. Err... wait.

6) Gossip


Today while I was getting ready to write all my notes, Xiemia mentioned
to me that Mkatos had been Deathmarked for quite a long time. Then she
looked at me with really angry eyes and told me that I shouldn't tell
anyone. Well of course I started to write this scroll right away! Keepers
are threatening peaceful Heralds and they can't even manage their own
Deathmarks. What is the cabal coming to?

Stay tuned.

-Kewlin the Hopeful Herald


Greetings, Serin. A rumor is going around that certain members of the
halls of Justice are scamming law following citizens out of their hard
earned gold by placing hefty fines on them for small offenses. I myself
have seen this first hand, for I too was fined ten thousand gold for merely
wearing a spider blade within Seringale! Now being one of chaos, I am not
much for the law but I do try to behave myself out of respect. But these
Justices, whom I shall not name, are supposed to be fair and just. Also I
have spoken with Eloret of this situation and he gladly offered to repay me
the misplaced gold and named said Justice. However I have spoken to other
Serins whom also shall not be named and they have said the same. That they
too have been unjustly fined for things that they should not have been fined
for or should have been the minimum amount. A resource of mine has also
told me these coins are not going into the Justice coffers. So that begs
the question, where are these coins going? Is this said Justice pocketing
these coins for personal gain? I am not sure, but I will be finding out!

More to come,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Lore Keeper of Heralds


While speaking to some of people about some recent Herald attacks, I was
surprised that a number of people seem to think that Heralds are hoarders of
powerful armor and weapons. Said people who think this come after us with
the intent of slaying us for the equipment that is hard work to gain. Who
would have thought that we Heralds were a simple brute or sophisticated
assassin's payday for better items? I certainly didn't think it would
happen until it happened to me. I was shocked. I now decide to wear, for
the most part, wear armor from creatures that are certain to have it. I do
hope that some of you do not view the Heralds as hoarders, as we are not.
What items we have, we have them because we have worked hard to gain them.

Lauranne, the Lightning Literate


Knights sure aren't as trustworthy as they used to be. What with the
attack on the nobility and now this display of rage and cowardice... I
wouldn't trust them. Snufkin the bard was around when the lovely Zilvintra
arrived. She and I chatted for a bit and then she went in search of him.
Well like a girl run away from home, the bard came running back to town.
What's really funny is that he was protected by someone Anathema to his own

I went to ask him what it was that made him run like his pants were on fire
and the little bard struck me! Put his hand to my face! He's not the first
Knight to react violently when asked simple questions. I'd look out for
them if I were you!

Eventually, he left the city and got what was coming to him. Zilvintra is a
great protecter of the city.

-Kewlin the Hopeful Herald


As I was sitting in Mocker's Tavern a few eves ago, I could not help but
overhear a couple of fellow adventures talking about the wonderful Heralds
of Serin. Being of said Heralds, I leaned in to get a better ear for the
conversation. It seems that two of the Heralds have been overheard planning
a wedding. Now being the noisy, little, princess that I am, I just had to
ask whom it was they were speaking of. But to no surprise, they would not
tell me their names! I was shocked! How could they deny me such juicy
information? I begged, and pleaded with them and even bought them round
upon round of drinks! But sadly, they just would not give it up! So ladies
and gentlemen of Serin, I have made it my mission to discover whom these two
Heralds are! So keep your ears open to the winds, and if you gain any
information on this let me know!

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Lore Keeper of Heralds

7) Obituaries


Heznali was a stone giant of the highest caliber of kindess. On the day
of the Sun within the thirteenth month of long shadows, he drew his final
breath. Heznali was not only a friend to the Heralds, but also to everyone
he came into contact with. Always willing to lend his sword arm to those in
need of it. He was a kind, gentle soul with a smile always upon his face.
And his sword arm always ached for adventure even though he always seemed to
have the odds stacked against him. He was a dear friend and will be missed
by many. May his soul find that great arena within the heavens so he may
have the battle paradise he always wished for...

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Lore Keeper of Heralds


On the day of Freedom, eleventh of the Month of the Grand Struggle,
Justice Wilbrym, halfing of the north, child of the Shire, now sails upon
the evergrey seas. While lacking in the way of height, he was never short
on courage. After the Mudfall took his parents, it was a strength of will
that kept him moving. When he found Seringale, it was his physical strength
that brought him to the halls of War. Not letting any limitations define
him, he became a Justice. A choice that we all can be thankful for. When
asked for a comment, Seringale's Captain Tir said this, Who?. We know who
you were Wilbrym, and we thank you for your service. Be at rest now.

Aaroll Brendoli Junior, the Battlemaster.


The Reviled Reptile of Irresolution, Benno, has left for the land of
Walking Shadows. While it was the Day of Thunder, 31st of the Month of the
Sun. There is no light shining upon him any longer. Formerly a Master
Scribe, the Heralds would like the thank him for his past services.
Unfortunately, he wished to continue down a different path. One outside the
pages of the Mystique. But, by the time he had regained the dexterity in
his spear-hand again. He's body was quite tired from it's many travels. As
a young Slith, Benno learned the harsh teachings of battle. Spears were
traded for quills when he ventured too far from the swamps. He was looking
for a bit of wealth to bring home. We can only hope now, that he found at
least happiness during his times as a adventurer in the great Serin.
Cheers, Benno!

Aaroll Brendoli, Jr. Quick-Tongued Quillmaster


During the morning of the Day of the Bull, Month of Great Evil, Robhyn Svendler
took her last breath. Miss Svendler was a known and respected rogue within the
guild of thieves. Many of the oppositely aligned respected Robhyn for her strong
code of honor amongst thieves, and treated her as one of their own. She was known
for her kindness to her friends and allies, but to those who dared oppose her
might have found themselves waking up with a headache.

Robhyn Svendler was also a Noble of Valour in her mid to late life. Her huge
contributions to Valour will keep the demand of nobility afloat for ages to come.
She enjoyed Serin trivia and even participated in the Herald Trivia Event. She
had a friendly cobra named Candycane for a pet. It had red and white stripes
from it's head to it's tail, and always followed Robhyn. These are mournful
times, as Valour has lost a beloved daughter.

*you will be missed Robhyn*

-Ona the Student of the Quill


Yet another tragedy befalls the city of Valour, Hinther the Wrath of Nature,
Knight of Valour, took his final breath upon the Day of Deception during the
Month of the Ancient Darkness. The half-elf ranger served as a Knight of
Valour most of his life. He hailed from a small village on the outskirts of
Storm Hill, and it was there that he learned of the evil ways of the world.
Hinther enjoyed crafting materials from nature's dominion, especially bows.
An unapproved rumor claims Hinther ate only greens, to keep himself more fit
for the grueling task of chasing evildoers. He had a trusty dalmatian which
he never ended up naming, but the precious puppy would always come to a sharp
whistle out onto the wind, this made it very difficult for Hinther to remain
undetected. Many of the ranger guild claim Hinther's death was due to natural
causes, and a myth even tells of his ghost lurking the Emerald Forest.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


On the day of Freedom, within the month of Nature, Adrieradune the
Sorcerer of Balance took his final breath. Adrieradune was an honorable man
whom served the Keepers of Balance with just cause and a loyal heart. His
only goal in life was to preserve the Balance that Serin struggles so hard
to hold on to. Not much was known about our sorcerer friend, for most times
he was within the Ether until the Balance was in need of his stern mind and
powerul magic. For those of us that did know him, he was a great friend and
had a fantastic sense of humor! His presence within our fair land will be
greatly missed and the Balance he worked so hard to protect cries onto the
wind from his loss. May he forever watch upon the land he loved so much
from above and help the Balance however he can from the heavens.

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Lore Keeper of Heralds


On the day of Deception of the month of the Grand Struggle, Iyra the
Mistress Bard of the Legion passed on from the mortal realm. Iyra sort of
sprang out of no where, quickly gained her ranks and joined the Legion. She
was an excellent singer and often used her tunes for the benefit of the Dark
Army. She was a powerful being, befitting of those who are part of the
Legion. Her death is some sort of mystery. For no one knows how it came
over her in those final moment. One thing is for sure, her voice and her
prowess will be remembered for ages on.

Lauranne, the Lightning Literate

8) Luranita's Lessons


Fishing can be more than just a pastime, or a way to catch a meal. You
can catch all kinds of things while fishing, including a bunch of junk of
varying value, or special types of fish in certain pools. The key to
catching something is to wait for the tug after you FISH, and count to
twenty-five after the signs before REELing in.

If you want to learn more about some of the special fish found in pools, I
have caught a fair number of them. You can also ask me to identify your
catch for you. As for the junk... Fynth knows more about that than I do.
Maybe you can ask him what he's caught!

9) Poetry


Wind howls through the trees.
Embracing the shadow no one sees.
Her eyes, they never stray.
Forever locked upon her pray.
Movement is ever so still.
Awaiting the perfect time to kill.
Silent, forever in black.
The dagger kisses your back.
Death is now your only friend.
The Ninja has given you the final end!

As written by,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess


Winter's plight ever pleading,
look at all the bleeding.

Pure white ridden with red,
like a beast to be fed.

Never to be known or seen,
who ever would be so mean?

Desecration by bruin,
a mass sight of ruin.

Shattered hope,
left to mope.

A weeping widow in a meadow,
Mourining the lost of love,
Ever sad by the lost of her dove.

written by Lauranne, the Anima Libera


By what name do you wish to be remembered?
you have our attention now
Be you our early death?
our brightest star
whose warm light heals
us from the blight

perhaps... you are neither
you are neither wild

Are you swaying with the
of Equilibrium?

(if so, leave my things alone)

Are you aspiring to
be the realm's
greatest fisher
or thief?

your purpose
do no hide it!

What is your dream
when you are still awake

How will you be remembered?

Take your name
deep into your lungs
and shout it out loud
stand on the tallest mountain
let it echo

change the realm

tomorrow may be too late
tomorrow Darkhan my return
strike down all
that oppose him
raze the land
and just be all

it could happen
these are strange times

10) Stories


The Golden Wolf

This tale is about a wolf. Now as many of you know some wolves tend to
be a bit evil. The store bought ones are and a few other I've seen are
quite ferocious. This particular wolf, wanted to change his life. He was
tired of being cast as an evil thing. He wanted to be seen as a helper to
others. So he started small, he defended rabbits, deer and other things
from other wolves. He quickly gained confidence in what he was doing. And
started for bigger things. He tried to protect adventures from other
wolves. But the wolves were too much, and he could only protect a few. But
he continued to try. He sought out other things. While being an animal, he
did come from a forest where the land was magical, and could at least
understand the common tongue. He heard word from the adventurers he
protected of a grand town, white, glowing in sorts, with a castle and a
palace. And a beautiful temple for all. So the wolf wandered into the
temple, and one of the priest saw the beast and smiled at it, calling it
forward to him. The priest took the wolf out to a small pool, and clean it
off, years of dirt, excess fur, everything. After the cleaning, it was
shown that the wolf had fur as golden as the sun. The beast had a
disposition to match as well. The wolf was then allowed free roam to
wonder, the priest gave the wolf a medallion, that bared the insignia of the
light. The wolf roamed the grand streets of Valour, doing many good deeds,
much of them simple things. Almost all citizens of Valour know that without
the little things, the bigger ones can't be handled. So the citizens of
Valour took the wolf in, and treated it with care. It roamed through the
woods, but also the streets of Valour, defending all in the name of the

retold and scribed by Lauranne, the Anima Libera


The tale you are about to read is not one that is meant for the faint of
heart. It is a is a slightly tragic tale that carries with it a certain
legacy. A legacy that ruins the life of those that stumbled upon it. I
happened to stumble upon the fabled place before my coming into this realm.
This is a story of true in my life.

When I had finished my training in the arcane arts, my master set me upon
the world to discover its secrets. I actually stumbled upon a place that
was build where a lot of potent energy was build up. A nexus of sorts, it
was a point were the ley lines of the realm connected. It was a very unique
place. I felt as if I was energized all the time. The latent energy in the
air sustained me from having to eat or drink. It was in this place that I
discovered a rather odd cave. It was covered and bound with a spell that
was rather easy to break through due to spell having faded through time.

When I set foot in, I knew immediately that I should tread carefully. But
when I found out what I walked into was a temple I was sort of excited. At
the foot of the stairs into the temple was a grand sculpture of a dragon
made purely out of sapphire. The statue was magnificent in creating as it
was sculpted perfectly. As if it had been alive once. I was carefully
walking about, my hands ready to cast whatever I may need to keep myself
alive. I looked around and saw no one in the halls. I was about to leave
when I heard something beckon me closer.

I was spooked to be sure, as I had seen no living being and yet there was a
voice. But it has been known that one's spirit could be trapped in a place
of heavy arcane energies. And spirits can communicate with the living if
they attempt to hard enough. The voice beckoned me on with soft whispers as
I was heading to where it wanted me to go, I found something far more
interesting. I saw through an open door a pile of books. I've always had a
fondness for learning and well, books are often great at sharing knowledge.
I decided to make my way to that room.

As I entered the room, the at first soft voice calling me in deeper yelled
at me. Telling me there is no time to read. I scoffed and decided to walk
in and shut the door and found out I was in a library. I was amazed at all
of the books that were in the room I could have sworn the library almost hit
back to the surface and went on for a long time. I decided that I would be
able to spend a lot of time here. I at first started to read about where I
was, scrying out any book about the subject of this temple. I was intrigued
about finding this place was the holy grounds for what was the blue dragons,
the original masters of the arcane. The ones to gift magic to the folk of
the earth.

I was reading with glee for days upon days. I never had to rest due to the
energies that kept me in a permanent state of consciousness. It wasn't
until I stumbled upon a book that was detailing an artifact that was known
to draw in those with high potency to the arcane ways that I got suspicious.
I kept on reading, and found out that the book left off with a warning that
the artifact consumes all that touch it. But in the space around the pages,
I saw scribblings. Warnings to be careful, for the artifact will try to get
what it wants. I decided that the voice I heard was the artifact. It has
been calling me every since I started to read, but with my mind being
focused on reading and learning, it blocked the voice out. But now, I
wasn't so sure. My mind felt the same yet different.


I can't say what really changed in me but I went to where the voice was
calling me and saw a simple glowing sphere. The voice was yelling at me
with glee in its voice, 'TOUCH IT! TOUCH IT AND BE FREE! YOU WILL KNOW
EVERYTHING THERE IS TO LEARN! ' it yelled at me. I snorted as I started to
incant a spell that would cause the earth to split open and the heavens to
rain upon this place. After I finished chanting the spell I fled the place,
fearing for my life. In one of my readings I found out a way to open rifts
between the different realms and decided that if I could leave this one, it
would be for the better. As I was running out of the temple the statue
moved and started to roar as it looked at me and muttered a simple 'Thank

I was flabbergasted before I saw the temple start to crumble and the fall.
I ran out of the cavern as if the hounds of hell were at my feet. I made it
out of the place and then started on another spell. One that would cover
the entire area around this nexus of energy. And it would be far stronger,
as it would feed off the infinite energy of the nexus. As I finished my
spell, which took a while to cast due its intended use, it had to be
perfect. When I finished the spell, a dome appeared over the area. It was
then that I felt it. The first time in what I later found out to be two
years since I was tired. I yearned for the fullness of food in my stomach
and to sate the thirst of water in my throat. I collapsed and felt as if I
were to die.

It was then that I decided I have one last thing to do. I chanted a few
words and slashed my hand in front of me. Making a rift in the realms as I
fell in. I felt an falling sensation in a deep black place. And then, I
was waking, a being putting a new life in me as I walked out of the light
and well, into the Academy of Learning. But sadly as I found out, the new
life did not undo the warping of my mind.

The artifact has left me scarred, for somehow the artifact managed to place
horrors in my mind. Breaking through the barriers I had to protect my mind.
Now I'm able to keep sane by only doing a task that requires my full
attention. Things like reading and writing focus my mind to the point that
I almost neglect my body. The scarring has made me into something that
should be feared, but I keep it reined in rather well. I do not let myself
lash out, and attack anyone who I dislike. And I treat those I do like in
manners that I shouldn't. And those that know me the best know how I show
my affections to others. As Ona has said, I certainly am crazy, but she
wouldn't have me any other way and she still loves me because I am me.


The Tale of the Pisica Neagra

The Pisia Neagra is a fabled beast. It hails from a land not of this one,
but the one I was a part before.

The Pisica Neagra is a being of pure chaos. It has no distinct form or
shape. But it has been known to favor the form of a simple black cat. Now
a black cat tends to herald bad fortune to those that cross its path, and
that's somewhat how the Pisica Neagra works. It twists the realities and
actually causes the one it haunts bad luck. Now, as it is a being of pure
chaos and chaos isn't always just granting ill favor to those. It can't
just take luck away, the luck must be transferred to some other person.

The person who has the bad luck actually tends to have a direct link to the
one having good luck. Like for example, siblings, spouses, et cetera. It
is also the fact that the one having the misfortune speaking to the one
having all the luck is what often drives them to the brink to do something
bad. Sometimes, taking their life, the life of the lucky one or what have
you. And it is often that driving force behind the scales of luck that
causes the Pisica Neagra to get it's 'job' done.

The Pisica Neagra is a being that is one of a kind. It is timeless and it
has been recorded to appear randomly through out history, normally in an
empire or kingdom that seems to be doing quite well. It seems to cause just
enough bad luck about to tip the scales and cause the region to falter.
Sometimes certain crops don't make it, dignitaries on the verge of making a
treaty die. Various things that could make or break the country.

The beast is a fickle one as well. Its true form, if it has one besides
that of a black alley cat, is unknown, but many theorize that it is not that
different than a man. But not exactly a man, something less, something far
more primal much like the energy the beast carries around. The beast is one
of the many things that is a mystery yet a natural balancing act that the
realm I hail from has. It along with various other creatures are primal in
their doing, that they work as the natural balance of the realm.

penned by Lauranne, the Lightning Literate


What I know of the Life After I have gathered before my coming to
Seringale. I would not say that my previous teachings are incorrect. In
fact, my core beliefs are relatively intact. The amount of culture that I
have come into contact with is wondrous. Simply wondrous.

Mother Brendoli told us that there are three fundamental types of people.
Those who are sailing towards the shore. Those who are trying to leave the
dark forest. And those are sitting by the fire's side. There was a catch.
You could never go from one position to another. It is when you have to
make your first great decision, that your path is chosen for you. When I
was a child, I dreaded what this meant. How would I know when my choices
were before me? Could I take my choice back? Personally, I know where my
fate lies and I think I am in agreement. So, the first part of my story
will be also where my final story begins.

The Eveygrey Seas

A cold breeze swoops in, filling the sails of the barge. The ship rocks
from side to side, waking you from your slumber. Your bedroll is missing
and your body is stiff from the hard, uneven slats of wood. You see shapes
moving towards a narrow stair well, and out into the dim light of the day.
You rise, driven by curiosity. Your legs buckle with the sway of the
vessel. As you reach the main deck, your body is shocked by the cool wind.
Ahead you can see a darkened landmass. Beside you are other passengers.
But their gaze is fixed upon the shore. There are persons of different
races on the main deck. There are giants of Stone, village gnomes, mudfall
survivors and common humans. You hear no conversations. Only the sound of
a groaning grey, sea crashing against the belly of the ship. Someone points
to the shore, but you've looked out across the water. There are unending
numbers of vessels moving at the shore. Is this some sort of invasion? To
the beach, you look. This is when you see the campfires. You find yourself
growing colder by the minute. This wind! The warmth of a good campfire
would do wonders to your tired bones. As your vessel draws nearer, you can
see people on the shore, basking in the fire's warmth. And in that

The ship rocks from side to side, waking you...