The Serin Mystique, Volume 10, Issue 7

Greetings dear reader!

This issue brings you the incidents of the recent Fizzly War of Legion,
stories from all the cabals, and lots of writings from our very
talented bard Irion!

We are half-sad, half-happy to report that the war did not in fact
set Serin on fire as all the Legions seemed to vanish once inducted
into the Army, and as of this publishing they reside at the very nadir
of the Pendulum of Powers. HOWEVER. Recent reports of a new war waged
between Justice and Keeper are coming to light! We will cover this in
the next issue. Stay tuned!

1) Declarations (see Justice, Legion1, Legion2, Knight)
2) Cabal affairs (see Duty, Fist, Balance, NewBlood, War, War2, War3, Valour)
3) Coterie affairs (see Heralds, Mystics)
4) Poems (see Fallen)
5) Battles (see Skirmish, Blood, Assault)
6) Stories (see Conflict)
7) Bardic Musings (see Ruins, Warcry, Winter, Forest)
8) Obituaries (see Tuston, Summary)

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Mystique!

Your favorite Heralds

**Editor's note: This version of the Mystique contains a printer's
correction. We apologize for missing Morgolta on the Knight roster.
This omission has been fixed.

1) Declarations


The gods of Law have spoken. From this day forward, the Horde of the
Betrayer, also known as the Legion of Darkness, will find no safety within
the lawful cities of Serin. The Legion and their bloody corpses are now
outlaws and utterly unprotected by the law. Band together, Serin, and crush
this chaos. Those who cannot or will not battle can rest assured that the
Law remains strong and ever vigilant in the three cities.

Fynth the Chosen of Rodyn, Damned Commander of Justice


Long has the 'Iron Fist' claimed to keep the hubs of civilization safe.
Yet whose influence is felt strongest, through all the lands? I propose
that, in fact, the Fist is as dust, and we shall brush its influence away as
such. They have no influence, now, and so we shall take their cities for
the Eternal Army. Know that those that stand by my banner will know
glory... And those that stand before it crushing defeat, as all my foes do.

Gaelyn the Tenebrous Cavalier, Betrayer of Valour


In the name of the Eternal Army, both Seringale and Timaran are
officially annexed as our territory. Henceforth, Legion shall enforce Order
throughout all of Serin. Long have the cities known no true control, and it
shall be restored to them.

The edicts shall be as follows, and will be enforced throughout ALL Serin:
1. Each of the Three Cities shall have an Overseer, who will be responsible
for the territory immediately surrounding their City.

2. No attacks shall be made, except with express permission from the
Overseer of that territory, or the Forsaken, who is Lord of all Three.

3. All requests or orders from an Overseer or the Forsaken must be complied
with immediately.

4. Lawful armorment and weaponry is permitted, but desecration or
disrespect of our Territory is not.

5. Aiding one who is marked by the Army is expressly forbidden, and this is
at the discretion of the Overseer who witnesses it.

Know that these edicts shall be enforced by all Soldiers within my Army, and
that they shall also be accountable for their actions. Know, also, that the
only penalty for failing to abide by these edicts is Death, and that our
rule stretches beyond the Three Cities into the outlying territories.


In times of war, it is necessary to rise. Many have seen the words of
the Betrayer. He claims lands that are not his and says his band of dark
thugs shall wander about threatening lives and killing as required. Valour
will not stand for these aggressive actions. None should. The peace of
your homes is at stake. The lives of your husbands, your wives and your
children is at stake. Rise up, strike at the darkness that threatens your
homes and your lives. Valour seeks all of the Light who would join us,
whether as Nobles or as Knights. You may be of any hometown, a follower of
Law or of Chaos. We only ask that you dedicate yourself to Valour and to
the Light in these trying times.

By my hand and seal,

Tuston the High Priest of Aberdour, Executor of Valour

2) Cabal affairs


The Knights of Valour are striving hard at holding back the hordes of the
Legion. With the Legion taking over certain areas of Serin, the Knights now
must fight harder than ever to make sure the Light continues to shine. With
Sir Tuston taking over as Executor and gaining new Knights and Squires on a
regular basis, the Light will continue to shine as long as they draw breath.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sir Tuston today about what his plans
are for the Knights of Valour and I quote him, "The Knights of Valour will
stand strong in the dark times, so worry not for even in the darkest night,
Light shines."

Let us all hope his words ring true.

The current Knights of Valour are as follows: Tuston, Balan, Euriah, Adaus,
Bellen, Vyrus, Gerrot, Gesthar, Kjarton and Morgolta


As if reloading an empty quiver of arrows the Justice cabal is reloading
its membership with a plethora of fine individuals. Master Fynth has his
troops in order and they promise to pose a threat to the demands and
threats that Legion has made. Even the newest members of Justice
have reached the pinnacle of their guilds and are now starting to set
their sights on fighting the aggressors who have invaded their lands.

The blood is sure to flow like wine when the Justices clash with those
have essentially spit in the face of the law and all that the Justice hold

The current members of Justice are: Fynth, Rheloth, Cevril, Kyrsztak, and



The Keepers, ever the warriors of Serin's Balance, have taken up arms.
As stated by a devout Keeper, the Knights have let their pride and wrath
guide them. It is now that the Keepers seek to dispatch the Knights at
every turn, in response. The balance has been tipped in this war, forcing
even neutrality into the fray. When the Keepers take arms against a
faction, it is after great consideration. Whatever this war brings next,
the warriors of Balance will no doubt be waiting. More shall be told of
these events in upcoming chapters.

Irion, the Silver-Tongued


The Legion grows as more rally to the cause, seeking to expand in the
realms. Under the leadership of Gaelyn, the Tenebrous Cavalier, the army
flourishes. As time progresses, the war between Light and Darkness of Serin
continues. The new blood work to elevate their reputation with spoils of
bloodshed. Only through the thickness of plentiful death will the outcome
unfoil. In the passing days and eves, the raging turmoil only shelters a
moment. It is the only pause of silence given before more conflict ensues.

Irion, the Silver-Tongued
Herald of Legion


Darkness is on the rise and the smell of blood dwells thick over the
horizon. Several have fallen to the hands of Legion, bled dry for their
misguided ways. Some were offered a means to prevent further assault,
others killed on principle. While the war continues to rage on, the
blackened ones refuse to allow failure. Cut after cut, those under the
banner of Legion progress their efforts daily. Though the light may prove
tenacious, darkness continues its unwavering pursuit. There is no end in
sight for the bloodshed.

Irion, the Silver-Tongued
Herald of Legion


The relentless hand of Justice continues to dutifully oversee the lands,
ever watchful of crime. Of late, they have been heavily on guard due to the
constant assault upon Solace from the lingering war. While the tides of war
continue to shift, Justice remains unwavering in their pursuit to uphold law
and order. The criminal activity is on the rise, more assaults within
citizenships, but that does not stop them. Where there is outlaw activity,
those within Justice move to cleanse the disorder and bring peace. None are
above the law and the defenders of that law are vigilant in their pursuit.

Recently Fynth, the Commander of Justice, announced that Legion had been
pushed out of civilization. It is unknown at this time if the war is
officially at a close but tension is thick enough to cut. Either way, the
peacekeepers and lawbringers of the land are carefully awaiting the next

Irion, the Silver-Tongued


The battle drums came to a conclusion as war drew an end, the aftermath
provoking an aura of uncertainty across Serin. Many skirmishes clashed
through civilization, the war bands of Legion and the unified force of
each citizenship taking arms. During the rising aggressions, Justice
allied with the Knights to protect order within the cities which Legion
proclaimed theirs. Crushing blow after devastating plunge, these trials of
blood continued relentlessly through day and night for months.

There were times when Justice and the Knights were overpowered and thrown
back, reeling from losses. Other times, the Legion was forced to withdraw
their conquest when the unified force brought forth the odds. In this, many
bled and crumbled as the melancholy resonated through fields far and within
the walls of assaulted townships. When the clamor of war finally silenced,
both sides had ample loss and undeniably felt the burdens of battle.

The consortium of Justice and the Valourian Knights reigned victorious,
holding true in defense and pushing back invasion. The Legion was forced to
tactically retreat and re-establish themselves, recovering from fighting two
fronts of battle. It is unknown what will come of this end, but it is
certainly not the end of all violence in the realms. Darkness still lurks,
patiently waiting for the opportunistic time to strike out.

May Serin know but an inch of peace in this pause between causes colliding.

Irion, the Silver-Tongued


All is quiet with Valour as they enjoy a mild pause from widespread
conflict, the previous war's conclusion making it so. With this bit of
relief, they take time to fortify their borders and train new recruits in
warfare. Recently, the Knights were involved in war with Legion, aiding
Justice and repelling the forces of darkness for now. The Knights still
pursue those who have become anathema and wronged Valour, but peace has
remained steady. No further news is pressing within the organization, the
Knight's Executor said.

Irion, the Silver-Tongued

3) Coterie affairs


The Heralds are steadfast on making sure all of Serin gets only the best
coverage of all events and happenings of the great war. They also work hard
on continuing to bring great events and stories to all of Serin to bring joy
and light hearts for these pressing times. Also, with the release of the
latest Mystique, they are working feverishly upon another already! So make
sure to catch your friendly, neighborhood Herald and ask about the
happenings going on within Serin. They will be more than happy to give you
whatever you would like to hear!

The current Heralds of Serin are: Rimera, Wreitha, Prost, Hilduin, and Irion


While there has been little news from the Mystics of late, it is assumed
they are quite busy with their works. An odd strand of news came to our
attention as Taleroth mentioned the tower was full of butterflies. This
brings about the question if Thorgoth perhaps chased them into the tower
where they may hide and float about peacefully. It is also possible that
Taleroth stole the butterflies, being a butterfly lover himself, and wished
to elude Thorgoth of their whereabouts. More of this curious event shall be
expanded as we investigate.

Irion, the Silver-Tongued

4) Poems


So this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an
unmovable object

The stars make way as to not detract from the importance of the night.

The ground stands still as if to ensure not to trip up the competitors mid

The birds cease their songs, and the tides all stay calm, in preparation
for this sight.

It's not every day that that the landscape shifts but today is a day when
we turn off the lights

Legion stands ready, and Justice prepared, the Heralds are shaking the
Knights are not scared.

Like flashes of lighting they light up the sky, the hacking and slashing
and no souls spared tonight.

The conflict eternal shall never be solved, but each generation fights on,
till their gone.

Another cold body, to throw on the flame, another dead child for a
mother's pain.

The end of this war, will never be found. The light will stay lit, and the
origin of darkness will never be drowned.

Take up your swords, and answer the call. I'll speak at your deaths and
remember you all.

So this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an
unmovable object


5) Battles


Since the grand declaration of war I have seen some presence of Legion in
the field, but an even greater presence of Legion sympathizers. The Knights
are hard at work attempting to eradicate the ones tempted to darkness. Not
an easy task!

This eve I watched a short battle of Knights Balan and Morgolta against
Ryul, a former Duke turned Earl, and the dark-knight Havazura. The two
evils struck down the Knights quite easily once Morgolta had been sent
packing with a number of hefty initiating attacks, and Balan falling due to
an unfortunate face full of dirt.

Victors: Havazura, Ryul


So there I was. . .

Minding my own business when all of a sudden a battle royal erupted
at the entrance of the berserker guild in Seringale. I quickly raced over
not expecting much to occur but boy was I proven wrong. The time for
blood to flow had finally come and I was there to witness it firsthand!

Dergan, Trizz, and Gnefelum had been running around gaining
equipment for a while when both Aleavial and Balan showed up. The
group of Legionnaires quickly spotted the group at the Berserker Guild
Guard and then the fireworks erupted. Then the corpses fell. . .

Trizz, Balan, Dergan, Gnefelum, and Reggan all died on the spot leaving
Aleavial the lone survivor of the battle. It looks like things are starting
to heat up in this war that has been slowly simmering.

Let the blood flow like the tides of the Dragon Sea!

Wreitha, On Location


A battle was once again in favor of the Knights of Valour. Sir Balan
lead a fierce attack against not only the Legion but the Keepers as well.
The Legionaare Gahnim sought Sir Balan's head but was unable to complete his
task for his blades proved too much. Soon after this battle another emerged
with Crisbin joining the Drow in the attempt of lowering the numbers of
Knights that weigh down upon them. As his battle waged on, Morgolta and
Kjarton managed to enter the fray. With the battle gaining momentum,
Crisbin quickly took his leave. As soon a Crisbin took his leave, Sir Balan
was able to gain the legendary skull of the Legion and gain a huge Victory
for the Light! As the wheels of time continue to turn in this mighty war,
one can only ask themselves who will be the victor.

Continue reading for more great battles and information of the war,
Rimera Galanodel, the Alabaster Matriarch of Heralds

6) Stories


The clash of steel erupts the land as the present unfolds bloodshed at
hand. A binding grip consumes the realm, the time now come to don blade and
helm. Iron clad soldiers united to kill, some claim for duty and others the
thrill. As history unfolds a new crease, the sound of death knells shall
not cease. The Knights strike and the Legion replies as the sound of battle
fills the skies. What is to win, the dark or the light? It has come to sow
a world-shattering fight. Only the passing blood shall tell, but I bid you
brace - for war is hell.

Irion, the Silver Tongued
Herald of Legion

- Inspired by the ongoing war

7) Bardic Musings


The Treasure of Torment

Many days ago in ruins far away
Past heated sands and a distant bay
There laid a relic of incredible renown
With archaic symbols and tinted brown

Many sought this powerful piece
Unknowing the dread it would unleash
Bands of adventurers ventured there
The quest beckoning all who dare

For the power found would be prime
Some said the greatest of all time
But little did they know within
Would set a curse, upon them and kin

One greedy soul found it in the deep
Commended by all, but the price was steep
Once returned home he was stricken ill
A powerful curse, a task to fulfill

He and his kin were consumed by plague
All of them, their outlook vague
A lesson was learned all the same
Be careful of what you so quickly claim

Irion, the Silver-Tongued
Herald of Legion


A Cry of Dismay

Through the barren fields they clashed
Thunder rang as lightning crashed
A deathly cry called out to all
With that, the clouds sent forth a squall

The land is angered, a wise man said
Grass has died as the trees are bled
Crimson skies, howling with dismay
All of reality turned a hue of gray

Blackened hearts, corrupted minds
Always tampering, no matter the binds
As the realms cry out, all will know
The time is upon them, to woe, to woe

Let no man feel the grace of light
Darkness falls, the land is blight
Conquering sorrow fills the lands
A gloom lingers, haunting all that stands

Will the brightness return again?
For now, the seeping gloom shall remain

Irion, the Silver-Tongued
Herald of Legion


- Inspired by travels in Winter

Into the fray they went,
Through thick frost and brave descent,
The biting cold the mournful cries,
Where dreadful fang and terror arise,
Corridors of black with walls of stone,
As myths and fables are truly sown,
The violent wind churned the air,
A bloodthirsty gaze from the mist stare,
The band of adventurers struck down all foe,
For as danger came their momentum grows,
They traversed the deadly tomb of old,
In search of valiant quest and gold,
Another splendid tale to tell,
As the band continued where denizens dwell.

Irion, the Silver-Tongued
Herald of Legion


Darkened Forests

Through the thick forest they fled,
As if the darkness about them bled,
Once light was now consumed,
Each knew that they were doomed,

This deathly valley of endless night,
Corrupted by terror, strengthened by blight,
Where creatures of nightmare dwell,
And fate, even mystics cannot foretell,

Those brave that travel within,
Many found their paths hold grim,
A true manifestation of evil,
Where clamors of melancholy cause upheavel,

Thick is the stench of rotting death,
As damp and cold as wintry breath,
The shadows that linger here insist danger,
All that lurk, an uninviting stranger,

The band of three were all but lost,
Every light struck dark, their travels cost,
They would not make it from this place,
These forests of Creeping Darkness, without grace.

Irion, the Silver-Tongued
Herald of Legion

8) Obituaries


The death knells rang as a memorable man met his demise, departing into
the threads of time. Tuston was known as a capable leader, a valiant Knight
and an adept philosopher who saw great purpose in his duty. Many considered
him a friend while others would know him as their enemy, yet the man was
entirely devoted to his cause. All those that mourn for his departure shall
find comfort in the notion that his deeds will forever

Irion, the Silver-Tongued


The threads of time continue to welcome plentiful new souls into the
depths of the void. Those who have passed on, they shall be in the minds
and hearts of the mournful. May their deeds be remembered as the cycle that
is life continues to repeat its rotation in the lives of all. Those who
have fallen are scribed here, in memoriam.


- Liach the Holy Shaman, of Legion
- Varak the King of Devils, of Legion
- Anivae the Sage of Arcane Power, of the Mystics
- Earl Trizz the Master of the Miyama Ryu, of Darkhaven's Nobility
- Gahnim the Shapeshifter, of Legion
- Aecha the Shapeshifter, of Legion
- Wessiple the Battlemaster, Officer of Timaran, of Justice

Carry on through time,
Irion, the Silver-Tongued