The Serin Mystique, Volume 11, Issue 1

Welcome, dear reader, to another exciting issue of the Serin Mystique!

In this issue we gathered news from all over Serin, including a few juicy
stories about Nobles, glorious battles, memorials of the fallen,
and the creative works of our Chronicler Libera. We even have
a couple of guest articles from our Justice friends!

You can peruse the following sections:

1) News (see Thieves, Murder, Poker, Tourney)
2) Cabal affairs (see Knight, Keeper, Legion, Justice)
3) Coterie affairs (see Herald, Mystic)
4) Gossip (see Naps, Crazy, Romance, Nobility, Exile, Faith, Courage?)
5) Blood and Honor (see Challenge, Death)
6) Stories (see Pixie1, Pixie2, Hunger)
7) Obituaries (see Rheloth, Ona, Memoriam)

We hope you enjoy the read!

Your favorite Heralds

1) News


The Thieves' guild has become rather popular of late. As many know,
thieves have been a nuisance that the Justice hasn't been able to snuff out.
The thieves are known to have smuggling routes above and below the streets
of Seringale, and often have much better access to them any the Justice do.
And with the Justice without an officer who can see those who hide in the
shadows, it leaves them in a state of perpetual vigilance.

Many members of the Justice have dealt with thieves, most if not all of
Justice disapprove the guild's actions. Kyrsztak, a Lieutenant of Justice,
claims that thieves bring disorder and law-breaking. He says that "Thieves
that break the law will come to Justice eventually." Showing his zeal
against the annoyance they have proven to be. He personally despises
thieves and said "That those who are thieves should not be surprised if they
are attacked by me."

A common thought from prominent citizens of Valour is that thieves are not
to be trusted. One of the Knights, Dame Morgolta, had this to say on the
topic of thieves. "They never fight you directly and they often knock you
out then do nasty things with drugs." Balan, the Executor, believes that
thieves are trouble too. Goron, a Noble of Valour, believes that there is
one thief who stands above the rest in recent days, Arunore. He says she
should not be trusted due to her past crimes against Valour's citizens.

Now we come to her, Arunore, this simple avian thief that has a bounty
placed upon her head by the Justice. Word on the street is that there is a
collective of thieves who has a mysterious entity behind it; current rumor
is that Arunore is the ringleader of this collective. Its primary goal is
to wreak havoc for the Justice. And she is doing a good job at making that
goal come forth.

Arunore is not alone in the realm though, another thief, Zytota, says that
thieves stick together. He believes in honor among thieves, but doesn't
have many thoughts otherwise. Another member of society, a Mystic, Varliv
the Encyclopedia of Ancients, Abecedarian and the current political advisor
to Legion says that Arunore is his 'battle sister'. He also claims that he
had aided her in gaining many of her guild's titles and went on adventures
with her as well. He does warn others to be wary of her, as she has proven
herself to be a very skilled thief.

Arunore still has a bounty upon her head by the Halls of Justice. One can
hope that she is brought to Justice soon, but if she has her way, the realm
would be hers for the picking.

Duke Libera, Herald of Valour


Vella, being the ever wishful trickster she thinks she is, attempted to
annoy and pester Rimera, former High Herald and now a simple member of
nobility. The Shade of Supplication was beginning to probe for rather
sensitive information on Rimera's decisions. After the Duchess told the
Countess enough is enough, Vella decided to make it very personal. Vella
spoke to Rimera and this is a direct quote, "Just looks like another washed
up Herald looking for a new home to get fat in." Rimera always tending to
be the epitome of lady like behavior, she lost it at the comment to her
previous profession. Rimera told Vella that her and her brothers, Gaelyn,
are both worthless traitors and that she is now but a noble over thieves and
whores. Not even a few hours after the argument, Gaelyn graces the realm
with his 'presence', and seeks Rimera without a second thought. Without any
decent armor or supplies, the duchess put up one good fight against the
Tenebrous Cavalier. But the moment she stepped into the Quire of the Temple
of Light, Gaelyn murdered Rimera in cold blood. Despite his normal snide
remarks, Gaelyn said only one thing to Rimera, "That is what you get for
offending my sister."

Scribed by Libera, telling given by Rimera


POKER! The pastime of many gamblers seems to have gotten a new twist,
staying in long enough to finish a round awards the players Herald Chips
which can be used to purchase fanciful things within The Herald's Hop, it is
located at the same place as Noldo's old shop. Once must merely have the
chips saved up to purchase. So, join in on the fun, play a few rounds of
poker at Jaloro's table in Mocker's Tavern, get drunk, eat some burgers and
nuts, have fun and get some fantastical prizes out of it through sheer
perseverance. One other way to gain some chips, pester your Heralds for
events, for they are often the prize for participating in such.

Scribed with a losing hand at Jaloro's poker table, by Libera


The Mocker's Tavern Poker Tourney was a rather decent hit. All slots
were sold out, but two participants were unable to attend due to unknown
circumstances. The game was between Duke Argos Greenwood, Wulfe of the
Mystics and Asgrel, a Dwarf Warrior. The game started out rough for Asgrel,
as he was losing hand after hand, he managed a lucky win, earning a place
back in the game, but it didn't last. He was the first to run out of funds.
It then came down between Argos and Wulfe. They went back and forth, but
soon the Duke gained the upper hand and managed to come out the winner of
the tourney. The Heralds may hold another tourney, due to the expressed
interest of individuals.

Duke Libera, Herald of Valour

2) Cabal affairs


The Knights are ever vigilant in guarding Valour from the forces that
seek it in ruin. Morgolta, a Champion is one who has done much in the name
of Valour, so much that the Lord Executor Balan saw it befitting that she be
promoted to General. She shows unparalleled courage when facing unknown
opponents. Always respecting those she meets and the laws of the realm.
And she is honorable in all of her doings, her word being her bond.
Fighting with Legion when they show their face, as well as others who seek
the destruction of Valour, the Knights are growing in strength with new
potential recruits. It is sure enough that the cavalry shows no care for
those who break their oaths, threaten Valour, or align themselves with the
Legion and their treacherous minions.

The current Knights are:

Balan, Adaus, Euriah, Gerrot, Gesthar, Grunnah, Ibaot, Kjarton, Morgolta,
Sidshirr and Vyrus

Scribed by Libera, Herald of Valour


The Keepers, ever an elusive bunch, seem to be warring with Justice yet
again. Crisbin seems to be outlawed for capturing Justice's item. It seems
that it is just Crisbin these days, but rumor has it that Fexis is now a
Keeper. One can never know, as the identity of Keepers seems to be
restricted from those of normal citizens.

Known Members:

Rumoured Members:


The Legion seem to have been stalking the shadows, keeping from the realm
except for few precious moments to strike and gain power. Most of their
members are unknown to many except for the most infamous ones, such as
Gaelyn and Lucidique. The Legion seems to be ever supported by the Earls
and Countesses of Darkhaven, who seemed be just as reclusive and sticking to
the shadows as the Legion. Darzavius seems to have shown himself from the
shadows, collecting a contract that had been on the head of a Herald.

Known members:

Gaelyn, Lucidique, Darzavius


The officers of Justice are doing an outstanding job upholding the peace.
They face their threats with all their might. They face the threats that
disturb the peace, namely the troublesome rogues who cling to the shadows.
They have not fallen in the loss of Captain Rheloth, as Kewlin has taken all
that he has learned to become a Captain, something that Fynth, the Commander
of Justice, is proud of. Together they keep the streets of the cities safe.
Fynth has stated that the Law is in good hands. And that those who would be
chaos into the cities will suffer.

Known members:

Fynth, Kewlin, Kyrsztak, Tarn, Issith

3) Coterie affairs


The Heralds have been idle for a while since the last Mystique was
release. They enjoyed their well-earned break and now they are back to
business. The Heralds have recruited some fresh quills and have been busy
at work. They gathered news and gossip from all towns and taverns through
their network of agents or over bars. The Heralds have also convened to
plan out a few events, but those things will be kept in the dark until such
a time let them be known. The Heralds have also worked with Noldo,
purchasing and renovating his shop into the Herald's Hop. The Heralds have
also started to take a more active approach in being social, with that, the
Heralds are now the bartenders of Mocker's Tavern, serving a variety of
drinks to all who frequent the tavern.

Known members:

Hilduin, Irion, Libera, Murciel, Prost, and Wreitha


The Mystics of Arcana are being a bit sparse, but are around. They are
willing to offer a helping hand to any who ask. They are often busy with
their mysterious works that goes by without many knowing what it is they do.
But rumors of moths, butterflies and cobwebs floating around the Ivory
Towers are circulating. It seems the Mystics are having issues getting some
'fresh meat' into their group. Particularly, they are lacking on female
presence. Any young women mages are highly recommended to precede their
application by chasing down Varliv and peppering him with hugs and kisses.

Known members:

Varliv, Wulfe, Eluzian, and Raphthal

4) Gossip


Nappy Knights

Everyone knows Balan. He's the big giant in charge of Knights, talks a
little funny... Well, even if you don't, that's really all you got to know.
He's the Knight's leader too. It's been a tough back and forth, but it
seems like the Knights have had it worst of all. They was fighting Legion
and always, then for a while Keepers thought they was too strong. And they
kept breaking the law, too, so they'd have to report for Justice, too.
Ain't been easy. I heard it from an anonymous source within the nobility
that Balan's been working so hard he keeps falling asleep on his horse.
Now, I ain't sure if Balan's tired, old, or going mad, but I wouldn't want
to stand too close if I was traveling with him.

- Kewlin, Captain of Justice, Former Herald


Well seems the Mystics are gaining in numbers, but you got to ask if you
want quality or quantity. Their newest recruit, Brelil, seems to be a bit
off his rocker if you ask me. I came about and all he could do was babble
about goats and such, saying he was promised some special staff if he could
get an army of goats... He died trying to accomplish this crazy scheme.
Have the Mystics fallen so low? Don't they screen their applicants more
than checking if they know how to create food?

You'll have to keep reading to find out!

- Kewlin, Captain of Justice, Former Herald


Word around the Palace is that there is a certain new Justice attempting
to woo Duchess Ysette Flecker. It is scandalous as she has not had an
attempt since her late husband's passing. She feels that the Justice, Tarn,
is coming on rather bluntly, but hasn't made much more than passing comments
it seems. Who knows what or when the young Justice will attempt his next
move. This information was dug out listening to many hushed conversations
between Ysette and a fellow Duchess, so it is from the mouth of one
involved, how false or true could it be?

Brought from the Parlor of the Palace, by Libera


In a daring display of drunken prowess, Duchess Rimera Galanodel, former
member of the Heralds stripped down to nothing, and then proceeded to run
through Seringale. It was quite the sight, and despite the streaking. It
seemed that a few members Valourian royalty had some issues behaving their
age with the influence of absinthe running through their systems, as they
broke down and started to act as children in the public eye. It took all of
Vanisse's might to calm the nobles down. Who knows if such an occurrence
will happen again?

Written by one of the whiny nobles, Libera


Leocatus Summerton, once a citizen of Valour is now a member of Exile.
Having been a squire to Balan, the Executor himself, the Jotun Paladin
thought he knew better how a Knight should act. Despite the numerous
warnings given to the squire by his Lord and Commander, the boy persisted.
Leocatus soon found himself banished from Valour. Now lost and adrift, it
is unknown the fate of the boy who would be a Knight.

Scribed by Libera, told to by Balan


Word of an old document was brought to the attention of the Heralds; it
showed some interesting insight to Gaelyn, the current Forsaken. As all
know, faith in their deity is paramount for a Paladin. And in this
document, it says that as long as Gaelyn has faith in Myria, he would
succumb to the horrors he had witnessed. It seems that his faith was not as
strong as Gaelyn was tempted by power to prevent 'things' that could happen
to his dearest sister. But there is rumor that his faith in his chosen
deity isn't as strong. And the favor is returned that the one he follows is
losing belief in their subject. One can never know if such things are true.

Written by Libera, brought to the attention of the Heralds by a citizen of


I was about, working on some things while inside the palace when Arunore
asked for my assistance. I told her of my reluctance to assist due to her
past issues with Valour, when she told me something rather interesting.

She told me that she has no quarrels with the Nobles of Valour anymore, and
only seeks to fight Balan in one to one combat. She said that due to him
and Morgolta fighting her in a two on one fight it was 'unfair'. I was
suspicious of this, and she told me her side. Now as a noble and a friend
to many of the Knights and nobles, Balan included, I found it odd.

She has told me that she does not seek the blood of the nobles, but does
think that a noble should not be assisting a Justice who is fighting Legion.
I would have to agree with that one. Nobles should not in any way put
themself in harms why by assisting those outside of the Knights, regardless
of how well they can take care of themself.

People become Nobles because they choose to live life guarded by the
Knights, not cause issues for them.

And finally, Arunore told me that she wants to fight Balan, alone without
any aid from a fellow Knight. She called Balan a coward for not being
courageous enough to face her on his own. And since he is the Executor, he
is suppose to be the example for all other Knights.

The real question here is if Balan will accept her challenge a fight

Duke Libera, Herald of Valour

5) Blood and Honor


Keival, the Dark Knight started at Morgolta, Valour's General, issuing a
challenge to her. Morgolta answered with her weapon and incantations,
seeking Keival for being a follower of darkness. The battle started with
Keival chasing after Morgolta, she found him and initiated upon the
Dark-Knight, surprising him with her barrier causing his strikes to be
ineffective while he tried to find a way to harm her. He fled while
injured, but the General of Valour pursued with a righteous zeal, chasing
him and landing blows, preventing him from gaining useful supplies to fight
back with.

Keival was forced to resort to underhanded tricks, compelling things to
attack Morgolta to prevent her assault, and that trick stalled the invoker,
but she managed around it, continuing her hunt. It was soon though, that
she had to retreat and gather her wits, preparing for her next
confrontation. She found it soon, surprising Keival with a rather
destructive Hellstream. She continued her barrage of arcane might, forcing
the coward to flee from her spells. Sadly, the battle did not end with a
death, but a stalemate.

Duke Libera, Herald of Valour


Today I came across the corpse of Sair on the road to the city of
dwarves, by the bank of a swift stream. Her eyes gazed off into
nothingness, dull and glassy and dead. This surprised me. I'd
traveled with her for a brief time when, in her innocence, she'd
slain a creature and nearly wept for its loss. I'd postpone the
decision of whether or not to take her life myself until later,
I thought, and for it was granted this scene of butchery and

The only one likely to have done the deed was a ranger I'd seen
nearby. A far different sort than Sair, he cares little for the
lives of others. He goes by the name of Duarte.

Interestingly, just as I began stalking him he contacted me with
a request to enspell creatures to help him train, in so exposing
his location to me. I did as he asked, then promptly slew him in
cold blood the moment he turned his back.

His body lies in the elemental canyon, meticulously arranged to
rest in the same position as Sair, whom I have since granted a
proper burial.


6) Stories


"The Lost Pixie" - by Duke Libera, Herald of Valour

Once upon a time, there was a forest pixie that lived in a large forest.
Now this pixie may have lived in the forest his entire life, but there were
still parts of it that he has never been to. Since such is the decree of
the elders of his tribe. They stayed in their boundaries and nowhere else
as there was a possibility for danger of the one who left the area. One
day, the pixie was out adventuring in the area when he heard what sounding
like a river. He had never seen one before, only hearing tales of their

The pixie started to fly out towards river when he saw a mark on a tree, the
mark posting the boundary of his village. He was unsure what to do, he
wanted to go and see the river, and more of the world beyond, but wasn't
sure what to do. At first, he went home, but every day, he was called to
that same border, wanting to go further on. It wasn't until one day, he
heard something else, something that drove his curiosity to no end as he
crossed the border and flew to the where he heard the sound coming from.

The pixie came to the stream, and saw two wildcat kittens playing by the
stream. At first the pixie was on a branch watching as the two felines
played. They soon were pouncing on each other and pushing around. As what
one might expect, soon the playing caused some misfortune. One of the
kittens fell into the river. The soaked kitty was crying for help, holding
onto the roots of a tree with his claws as it was trying to not get swept
downstream. The kitten on the land wasn't sure how to help, as it cried
back trying to reach for it.

At this moment, the pixie stood up, about to go help them, but not knowing
what could happen stayed his actions. As he watched the kitten bob in the
water, begging for something to help it a larger cat come into view. It
heard the cries of its young and sought to help, at first the pixie was
relieved he wouldn't have to interfere, but soon realized that the mother
could not save its young. It was at this moment the pixie heard a voice
calling to him.

"Go, help it, you know you want to." The voice urged him.

"I do, but what would happen to me afterwards? I might get killed." The
pixie responded.

The voice was quiet for a bit before it responded, "Do not worry if you die.
For you were the more noble and just. You will have your place further on.
Are you going to let fear rule your life? You adventured past the boundary.
Why not go further and help those who need it. You can ask the tree to help
the kitten and its family will never know."


The pixie stood for a few moments more before he made his mind. "I'll
help it, because, it is what should be done." He said as he went to fly
down to the tree. His wings making little sounds that caught the attention
of the mother as he landed on the tree. He started to speak to it.

"Please tree, help the kitten. Please." The pixie asked.

The tree whispered back, "Why should I help it? It is hurting me and my

The pixie looked at the tree, "It is hurting you not intentionally. It only
wants to live, like you and me. Please help it and I'll make sure your
roots are tended to."

The tree made a sound as its leaves rustled and a groaning sound was heard
as the root that the kitten was attached to starts to move. The tree
carried the kitten to the side of the riverbank where its mother got it and
pulled it to safety. The pixie went down to the feline, seeing the kitten
was safe.

"Thank you, little one." The mother said as she lowered her head to the

"It came with a price; your young hurt this tree. It saved your young even
though it was hurting it. For that, something must come for it. The tree
wants a guardian; will you and your family guard it?" He asked.

The mother seemed uncertain at first; she wasn't sure what could happen as
the feline shook her head. "I can't. I can't risk my kittens' life to
guard this tree." She said. The tree grumbled as a root snaked out and
grabbed the kitten it saved.

The pixie flew up and spoke to the tree "Please don't how about this, you
both work together to help each other? The tree could grow some roots, and
maybe you could guard the other trees around and ask if they would help make
a barrier for your kittens to play safely." The tree stopped and it rustled
as a few others in the area did as well.

The mother nodded. "If the trees help protect my young then I and my young
will protect them as well." The trees rustled some more and then it

A few trees started to move their roots making a fence that blocked off the
river bank as the tree set the kitten down. The pixie thanked the tree for
saving the kitten and went to the mother. "Please be kind to them. They
will help you protect your young as they will grow to protect them."

The pixie flew off, happy that the voice urged him to be stronger than his
fears. The pixie did not return to his village, as he set about, helping
more who needed it and soon making plenty of friends to be with.


How I almotht ate the Flailmathter, by Fynth, recorded verbatim by

There we were, Flailmathter and I... Thtanding at the bottom of Mount
Omedan. There were thome other people there, but they were the kind of
people who don't have nameth.

Wait, they were named he and thhe. That'th right.

Anyway, he thaid, let'th climb to the top of that mountain. I think I left
my laundry up there. Flailmathter, being a nithe guy and more than a little
gullible, thaid thure. Tho we thtarted walking up the mountain.

Wouldn't you know there were thtone giantth and crazy druidth and weird
monkth up there trying to kill uth while we climbed. I would've jutht
killed a criminal and took hith thhirt, but thith guy wath thtubborn. Tho
we climbed and climbed...

Turnth out thome big ranger baron with pet bearth and pantherth found hith
thhirt and put it on. Tho of courthe that led to fighting and people'th
feelingth got hurt.

Well, people have feelingth in their heart, right?

I remember ripping out hith heart, but 'he' ripped off hith thleeveth to get
the thhirt back. Anyway, 'he' and 'thhe' ran into thome athhathhinth on the
mountain. They were acting like ninjath and trying to kill all of uth. Me
and Flailmathter were fighting like rabid hyenath fueled by firebreather.
'He' and 'thhe' uthed thome kind of magic to flee the mountain and go to
their templeth. I think they wanted to wathh the thhirt after that thtinky
guy had it on.

Tho there we were, thtranded on the thide of a mountain thircled by
athhathhinth and thothe crazy druidth. It wath alright at firtht. We
killed a couple that wandered too clothe, but then we got hungry.

We thtarted eating our bootth, but they don't thit well in my belly. Dirt
didn't help either. That wath when we realized we were dying.

We were doing a real good job of pretending we were jutht out camping and we
thlept a lot. We were getting real irritable. I'd go berzerk over the
thlightetht thing. Then we realized the hunger didn't hurt tho bad when we
were mad. Tho we'd throw rockth at each other and thtay mad, until we were
tied of being mad, then we'd be tired tho we thlept. It wath mitherable.
We were drinking Defender pothunth and purple pothunth to make the hunger
painth hurt a little lethh.

You don't REALLY know a man until you nibble on hith ear. Turnth out the
Flailmathter tathted pretty good. After I bit him, we looked at each other
and both knew what wath gonna happen. One of uth had to thurvive to get our
Juthtithe paperwork back to Iluvim, tho the other had to be food.

(Fynth paused the story to eat bacon: Flailmathter wath good, but not
crunchy like thith.)

I wath gonna eat the partth of him that he didn't really need firtht.
Earlobeth, little toeth, and tho on. We were jutht about finithhed with our
litht of leatht important body partth when more crazieth approached.

Thethe were the kind that climb mountainth for fun. They gave uth food and
water. Then they uthed magic on uth to take uth home.

And that'th the thtory of the time I helped thomeone with laundry and
almotht ate the Flailmathter.

If you need to know, thothe people that rethcued uth were called 'them.'
Keep an eye out for them if you're on a mountain.

7) Obituaries


Many are at a loss of words when it came to the death of Rheloth the Dark
Sentinal, Captain of Justice. He served well under two commanders, the
first being Eloret and the second Fynth. He was known as a fierce warrior,
always seeking combat but always upholding his duty as a lawman first. He
always fought those who broke the law with a fervent passion. He was strong
in his own right and held himself with a large amount of honor. He always
gave his oppenents a warning before initiating combat with them, unless they
were a law breaking denizen. One thing that seems to be a common thought,
is that Rheloth will be missed.

At 5 o'clock am, Day of the Dragon Wars, 3rd Renewal of the Celestial of
Tolerance, Rheloth the Dark Sentinel, Captain of Justice died for the final

May halls of Justice ring with praise at his death.


Ona was a kind, compassionate, person who has had some trouble in her
life. She is missed, as many had close connections to her. She seemed to
have lost herself after she betrayed the teachings of Sedgwick. She brought
the best out of some of her closest friends, sharing joy and a willing hand
to whoever asked. It is often said to not speak ill of the dead, and to
only remember the good they have done. As such, I seek to keep her obituary
short. Ona was one of the eldest adventurers within society, and was dear
to many of high standing. One thing for certain is she would be missed.

At 6 o'clock pm, Day of the Taekir War, 9th Renewal of the Celestial of
Tolerance, Ona the Lost Sprite gave her last breath.


Below are the names of the recently departed that may have been in the
lives of some. May the gods speed them on to the path of eternal glory and
they be remembered for times to come. If their souls were shattered and
torn asunder by the might of the gods, may they know peace and rest in the
great beyond.

On the day of the Horizon, 31st Renewal of the Celestial of Prudence, Zarak
the Grand Master of Assassins gave his last breath.

On the day of Horizon, 6th Renewal of the Celestial of Tolerance, Velaco the
Battlemaster gave his last breath.

On the day of the Great War, 8th Renewal of the Celestial of Tolerance,
Gnefelum the Grand Master of Thieves gave his last breath.

On the day of the Great War, 14th Renewal of the Celestial of Tolerance,
Brelil the King of Devils gave his last breath.

On the day of the Great War, 14th Renewal of the Celestial of Tolerance,
Gurgl the Grandmaster of Assassins gave his last breath.

On the day of the Fall of Thalos, 15th Renewal of the Celestial of
Tolerance, Perpinax the Battlemaster gave his last breath.

On the day of the Fall of Thalos, 17th Renewal of the Celestial of
Tolerance, Liach the Holy Shaman gave his last breath.

On the Day of the Fall of Thalos, 18th Renewal of the Celestial of
Tolerance, Karum the Holy Knight gave his last breath.

On the day of the Great War, 21st Renewal of the Celestial of Tolerance,
Sirac the Holy Shaman gave his last breath.

On the Day of the Dark Ages, 26th Renewal of the Celestial of Tolerance,
Khonorhik the Master Bard, Footman of Valour gave his last breath.