The Serin Mystique, Volume 11, Issue 2

Read this and weep for joy! News for the masses!

1) News (see Murder, Return, Loyal)
2) Cabal affairs (see Knight, Legion, Warlord, Keeper, Justice)
3) Coterie affairs (see Herald, Mystic)
4) Gossip (see Clouds, Strife, Revenge, Breathe, Negligence, Blunt)
5) The Buzz (see Aid, Feedback)
6) Victory or Death (see Easy, Cleanse)
7) Stories (see Boy1, Boy2)
8) Obituaries (see Kyrsztak, Gretya, Ibaot, Arunore, Murciel, Adaus, Crisbin, Balan)
9) Obituaries cont. (see Tarn, Eldroc, Morgolta)

Brought to you by the very best Herald,
Libera, the Bombilating Bee

1) News


Well there I was, thinking it was going to be a quiet patrol... I had
set about fishing and I was having a real heart to heart with Zytota. Side
note, he steals cause he likes it, not for any underlying cause we could
solve. Anyway, we was all fishing, Sylos was there too, and I reeled in
something you wouldn't never guess in twenty years.

We pulled in a body. A battered body of a guardian of Exile.

Well we couldn't find no clues on the body, so we went to Exile. No one
there would even talk to us or claim that they knew who he was. Then Vahn
figured that he was some sort of sacrifice. We all went to the altar, but
that didn't feel right neither, and why would he have been all beat up
anyway? Whatever clues have been left are long gone by now.

We took it back to town and we said some words for this nameless guard. I'm
hoping Odoacer's got it in him to accept him in the afterlife. If anyone's
got any clues as to who this man was, or how he ended up in the Pond, I got
a reward scaling for the usefulness of the information.

-Kewlin, Captain of Justice


The Warlords have returned. The long dead cabal has been revived thanks
to the aid of Sylos Greenwood the Scarecrow and Ugordek the First of the
Barbarians along with the guidance of the merciless yet at times benevolent
Lord Davairus have brought it back to life. All former members of Strife
are now a part of the Warlords. This came about with Sylos and Ugordek
attempting to change the fact that Strife seemed to be ignored, not really
something many thought of when they were thinking of a career path. Sylos
was trying his best, getting the word out, working with other organizations,
trying to get Strife to be a place of honor and glory.

Long before Ugordek met Sylos, he had a dream to bring the Warlords back
into the realms. He worked on becoming a member of Strife and when he
joined them, he found that Strife was an empty shell of what the Warlords
once were. Ugordek gave out a plea for the Warlords to return, and was told
that Strife was the new Warlords, but Strife was filled with any member who
retired or sought to join it. Ugordek claims that Strife was a mockery of
what the Warlords once were; those powerful warriors who fought and died for
the cause of pure martial skill.

Sylos kept trying to find a purpose for Strife, his thoughts turned to the
elder ways of the Warlords, fighting with pure skill, no magic involved. He
found honor in that way of fighting, and others did as well. Which provoked
the thought, why not bring back what was once lost? Sylos then started to
read the scrolls of history found within the Mystic's towers and found some
like-minded people to join the cause. Sylos and those who were with him
asked the heavens to bring the Warlords back, and the heavens heard their
plea. The powers that be settled the Warlord's fortress in their old spot,
along with their item, making the coterie Strife into the cabal of the

The Warlords had fought for the grandest of honors, and while Strife had
honor, the honor of a Warlord was far grander than that of Strife members.
Sylos and Ugordek spoke about the Warlords after a duel. They worked
together to find the Warlord's halls. They found them together and it was
broken down and hardly what they once were. Deep within the halls, there
was the book of the Warlords. And now Ugordek and Sylos work together to
return it to the former glory as it should have never been left to ruin. It
should never be emptied again.

Sylos and Ugordek are confident that the Warlords will return to their once
former glory, all of the fame and combat that once was will return. Sylos,
the current spokesperson of the Warlords as they have no officially declared
leader, is enthusiastic with the response the people of Serin have given the
Warlord's return. Let us hope that they will prosper and the ways of
martial prowess will forever be remembered. Ugordek has this last thing to
say, that "if someone would not of taken a stand like myself or Sylos then
this would never of been."

The Busy Bee


I was about and asked Tyden, someone I knew to be with the Keepers due to
experience and found out that due to some choices, he no longer was.
Apparently, it was something about proper conduct and seeking one's own
path, but it was quite odd. That it may have been him disregarding the
Keepermaster's orders, or him violating the conduct of battle held to all.
He wished to not speak of it further, seeking no libel upon his former
commander who he still sees in good light. A true testament to one's
loyalty to their leader, past or present.

Who knows what will be Tyden's future, hopefully one filled with glory and

During his final days of leadership, Crisbin reinstated Tyden into the
Keepers, knowing that the mistake was his fault. Tyden was redeemed and
fights against the various threats to the Balance within Serin.

The Bombilating Bee

2) Cabal affairs


The Knights have been about slowly working towards the goal of fighting
off the encroaching darkness. Even with Morgolta being ousted due to
unfortunate circumstance, they are ever present. And with Queen Victoria's
crown being spirited away by the Legion many times, the Knights lost no
heart and fought to retrieve it with each attempt. The Knights have even
recruited a new member, a warrior by the name Filstaf. Even the Executor
has hopes for him.

Current members: Balan, Euriah, Kjarton, Filstaft, Gesther, Grunnah and


Despite any lack of presence, it is quite obvious that the Legion is
strong and fighting at the light. Stealing the Knight's crown time after
time with the skull safely tucked away, not being taking out from its
resting place in the Lacramose Temple. The Legion are powerful, they have
pruned much and only those fit to bear the mark are still within. One thing
to be sure is if you cross a member of Legion, best know there is a debt
that will be paid in your blood.

Known Members: Gaelyn, Darzavius

Rumored Members: Lucidique


A main concern of some of the Warlords is the need for a leader. Some
favor others more than some, but they are dueling with their sheer might.
Some Warlords have shown their strength more than others, constantly
battling and proving their worth. They are always eager to seek out fresh
battles, or more for past combatants. One thing for certain, there return
has marked a new dawn to battle in Serin despite their clear lack of

Current members: Ugordek, Sylos, Aaroll, Crithax, Denyek, ELdroc, Ilith,
Alexxia, Habbidas and Gretya


The Keepers have been tightlipped. Every vigilant on their endless
watch, keeping the threats of Serin at bay and balancing out the warring
factions. Their tactics may not be what most declare as proper, but they
are doing their job, regardless of what needs to be done. The Keepers do
not fear what could come back at them, as it is their job to lay waste to
any threat that rises.

With the lost of the Keepermaster Crisbin, brings sad tiding to many. May
the Keepers go forward undeterred with the loss of their leader and pursue
their duty.

Known members: Amiendre


The Justice is around, though not in strong force as they used to. They
are feared by many, and those who were their thorns are being pruned by
nature or by force. Their members are lax now, the major threats to the
cities at bay as their patrols are infrequent. One thing is for certain,
Fynth is still the strongest commander to have been seen in a long while.
Many fear his might, seeking refuge inside the cities. His Captain and
Lieutenants are no push overs either; each pulling their own weight to keep
the peace.

Known members: Fynth, Kewlin, and Issith

3) Coterie affairs


The Heralds have been vacationing, much to Vanisse's ire but some have
returned to continue on the works that they are to be doing. With some
events planned up and more in the works, the Heralds are slowly working to
more fun things happening around. The Heralds are still seeking those who
wish to join their cause; any of those who wish to join them should consider
sending in an application.

Current members: Wreitha, Irion, Libera, Hilduin and Prost.


As of right now, The Mystics of Serin are rather silent an doing works as
always quietly in the backgrounds of the major cabals an such. We are
Recruiting of course as always, we look for those that seek to help young
ones, or help with religion. We also look for those that seek adventure
into all manner of areas throughout the realms.

That is all from the Mystics, me willing to share and that is all we like to
be published.
Varliv Hider from Vikka

4) Gossip


Something not many might know, but probably will in just a short time.
There is a fantastic place, Cloud Castle that was discovered. It is an
amazing sight to be sure, but one must tread carefully and quickly, lest
they end up finding themselves falling through the clouds. Amidst the
clouds, are many interesting things. There is a Queen who is crying over
her hurt Knight, as the Knight needs some help. There is a corrupt bishop
who has a naughty Curse. And there is a tale to be told of a long forgotten
lord who seeks to prevent the horror that had ruined his life to come to
light again. The clouds can be dangerous, and there is much to explore, as
well as some interesting secrets about a dreaded past.

Duke Libera, the Busy Bee


It seems that when the Warlords were brought back from the dusts, and
took all members of Strife into its fold, that some people were left
wandering about. One such person found it quite annoying that they were
dragged into the new cabal, being unable to use any spells they had. Would
this upset more members of the former group known as Strife, or would they
just get over themselves?

The Busy Bee


I was about one day and the infamous Forsaken of the Legion saw me, and
due to our frictioned past, he decided it would be a good move to try and
take my head. I of course moved to hide, in a place that some would think
rather odd, but if it caught someone unprepared was a rather devious trap.
When he attempted to summon me to him and start his assault, I then quickly
used my magicks to flee from him, which he thought laughable. He then
decided to make attempts to rouse me, but I stood strong. His foul words
sliding off my back like the rain off a well crafted poncho. He wasn't able
to find me, which leads me to think he can't pursue ones who have the
advantage of magicks and plenty of forethought.

It is a wonder that he is even able to currently lead that mess of an army
that dares to call itself a Legion.

The Busy Bee


I was swimming around in River Wood, looking at various of the stronger
tritons when I noticed something I never have before. I was slowly running
out of air. My lungs were set for a raging fire as I knew I couldn't
breath. But alas, my savior was but a humble bubble that was just large
enough for me to sit in. I felt that sweet sir feel me as I gasped and
panted for air, buying myself a moment of time before I ventured out, not
wishing to be caught in such a position again.

The Bombilating Bee


The streets of Seringale, Timaran and even Solace are littered with blood
and grime as workers have been lax in without the constant presence of those
within the Justice. Who knows if the streets will return to their once
clean state? Not regarding the constant cleaning of the North Square due to
the constant executions that took place at that spot. A few worried
citizens are seeking to take precautions to prevent any ransacking that
could happen due to the Justice's lack in their patrol. Perhaps something
might be happening soon, or they just might have gotten lazy in doing their

The Bombilating Bee


GNOMES BEWARE! Well those gnomes who are follow the elemental school of
magic. Gnome Invokers seem to have a misgiving in their ability to hold up
their barrier. It seems that their frail bodies still take damage of blunt
strikes even through the protective spell. I myself couldn't believe this,
but when I investigated it with a gnome invoker, it was proved true. What
does this say for races that have vulnerabilities to other things? Will
their barriers hold up or will it fail them?

The Bombilating Bee

5) The Buzz


Welcome to 'The Buzz.' This is a section where I will speak on things I
see throughout the realm that trouble me, Duke Libera Procella the
Bombilating Bee. I do hope that you will find this to be thought provoking.
I do not wish to stir up major revolts, but at least stimulate you and
hopefully reason with you to see things from a perspective that is different
than yours. There may be more than one article per Mystique; in fact I can
almost guarantee it.

In this article, I wish to speak about the few who don't know a whole lot,
mainly the newer adventurers who require guidance. Now, we all know that
they are often very easily led on many things, and that it is the job of the
Mystics to provide the brunt of the aid for the greenhorns, but I can't but
help be surprised to their lack of presence. The Mystics who are supposed
to be the guiding shepherds for the young and fresh folk are rather rare in
sight. It is as if people don't wish to be a Mystic.

I know I've been told that in elder times, it was one of the jobs of the
Heralds to make sure those younglings that needed the guiding hand received
it. And I strive to keep on doing so now, as even though there is no Mystic
about, we can all be mentors for them. Vanisse herself has said that even
though it isn't a Herald duty, a friendly, helpful person can make one's
day. I have attempted to be such, always helping when I am allowed to.
Even to those who are not the fresh ones, but still young. I often do find
it conflicting a lot with my duties and work as a Herald, but it is worth it
for the time I spend and invest.

I urge and hope that you all will be ones to assist and guide the future
generations, much like how the Abecedarian has, always offering a willing
hand to everyone, regardless of their life choices. Sometimes these
conflict far more than others, but an outreached hand should never be
forsaken by those who need help.

The Bombilating Bee


Greetings again, to all the Serins who seek to read this Mystique. In
this article of 'The Buzz', I wish to speak about something that has been on
my mind. And that is the lack of things to do. I know, there is a lot to
do in our fair realm of Serin, but a lot of the fun stuff comes from us
Heralds. I know that while I am a Herald, I can't do everything alone.

I know what you're probably expecting now, me asking you something. Well,
you'd be right if that was your thought, but what I am going to ask you
isn't something like 'Will you join the Heralds and help us out?" No,
although it may be preferred, it is not what I wish to ask. I want to ask
you for your thoughts of possible events for us Heralds to host. I know, it
sounds so simple, but mind you, we are trying to be creative and original.
While we have some things that we are bringing up like the Poker Tourneys
and various other fun things, we do like to hear input to broaden our

We are even willing to work with other groups and organizations to come to a
further goal for a pleasant time for those joining in. All I am asking is
that you, the readers of the Mystique, those who support the Heralds through
coin, information, ideas or even companionship, to speak up and tell us what
you think of our current ideas or even some ideas of your own for possible
events. The Heralds always appreciate a good idea, the more the merrier.
Don't hesitate, if you have an idea; let us know any way possible.

The Bombilating Bee

6) Victory or Death


Whether out of sheer boredom due there not being much, or I was feeling
an itch for a fight, not sure really, I decided to challenge Sylos the
Scarecrow to a duel in the arena. Now Sylos is a member of Strife and I, a
Herald, so the fight would obviously be in his favor due to his experience.
But when we started, he seemed to take it easy on me, not using any
defensive measures other than his riposte. I called for a storm of fire,
then one of lightning and thunder, and finally started to stream the might
of hell against the scarecrow all with him not putting up much of a fight.
I finally downed him, after his several attempts at fleeing with a mighty
hellstream that sent him flying upwards only to crash back down with a thud.
He was stunned and soon recovered where he refused to say whether or not he
was taking it easy on me.

Duke Libera, the Busy Bee


Balan was about, speaking with myself and soon enough, Ophalina, a shaman
who has caused many issues with for the Knights was seen near. Balan
initiated combat after reading some potions and sought out the shaman. He
chased her around Seringale and into the Ford. It was then that soon,
Darzavius a known member of Legion and Anathema came about that Balan
redirected his focus for the necromancer. Balan sat and prepared himself
for the fight against the Legion, knowing that he would come for the skull
sooner rather than later.

Balan found Darzavius within the slith's village, gaining himself some
zombies to combat the Executor, the battle started with Balan leading a
great charge against the Necromancer. Darzavius thought he had him, but
soon enough he fell and he was cleansed of his sins. A victory to for the
Knights, but Balan was not finished there.

He went back after Ophalina as she was attacking a noble, which caused Balan
to seek her head with fervor beyond anything I've seen in my existence. It
was then that Malaton, another anathema appeared and Balan when to hunt the
human necromancer, causing him to flee in fear of his life, his sins still
weighing his shoulders.

The Busy Bee

7) Stories


The Boy - by the Busy Bee

I'd like to share a story with you. This is a story about a boy, who
grew up alone in big world. He was orphaned at birth, with an air about
him, as if he was to be destined for something great. Whether it is
benevolent or malevolent there was going to come a time when greatness would
meet him. The boy grew up in a seemingly normal way; he had a name, had
friends, and was watched for despite having no one to call family. He was
always unpredictable though, sometimes he would pick on others, and then the
next day defends them from another bully.

When the boy showed to have a proficiency in the field of magic, it was
fostered in good manner. He was taught how to control his abilities, for
control is one of the most important aspects for magic. Lose control of a
spell and it could cost you the life of yourself or those close to you.
Control is something that most of the magic arts try their best to keep.
Whether dominion over the dead, the fickle magic of illusions, or the raw
power of the elements.

At any matter, the boy was progressing and was soon shown to be right for
the ability to harness the elements and use them at his disposal. He then
specialized further into the element of lightning, it being much like him,
unpredictable and difficult to control. It was possibly due to his attitude
and mental state that he was one with lightning, able to control and direct
it due to his natural affinity for its similar nature.

One time, during a storm, the boy was practicing, redirecting the lightning,
a simple exercise to one of his skill and ability with the element. When he
was calling forth a bolt, its power lingered and seemed to awaken something
within him. Something that was seen as a dark and ancient terror to some,
but it was not for long. The boy had passed out, something possessing him
and causing a massacre in his town. He awoke, not even the slightest bit
mortified. He decimated the population, cutting it roughly in half.

As the boy travelled, he was looking over the stray corpses, an odd
fascination, as he never really bothered to learn much of death, or how it
was like. He never lost anyone as he had no one to lose. That was when the
village's elder magus appeared speaking an incantation in some forgotten
language and rid that world of the boy, but he survived waking up on a piece
of driftwood in waters he did not know.


The Boy - by the Busy Bee, continued

He climbed up a dock that he wasn't too far from, and started to explore
a place that would be known to as his new home. At first it seemed fun, and
he heard of a group of people that sounded like would be ideal to him, but
he had much to learn. He decided to try it, and soon enough he was let into
the fold. At first, he thought of them as a family. A few members guiding
him, but then out of nowhere, he was alone.

He was lost, adrift in a sea of doubt, and no lingering guidance. He found
himself lost. Doing what he could to combat those who were his enemies, but
ultimately it did not seem entirely fit for him. The thing that had caused
him to lose control of himself was no longer apart of him. It was not there
to drive him to glory. He lost his path, and was offered a hand for
redemption, from the most unlikely of people: one of his enemies.

The boy, now a young man, was progressing through life difficultly and slow.
Learning to acclimate to his new environment was lost in many regards. He
did not know how to proceed with life; he didn't know how to go about trying
to break himself from his self-imposed doubt. He eventually found out a
way: one that allowed him to be friends with many, and allowed him a
generous growth in many aspects of his being, but also at the cost of some
of his freedoms.

He pursued his career with earnest, hoping that he would be of some
remembrance to the generations to come. There are times when thoughts of
those who would still fight against him, in any manner they sought to. It
caused the boy to feel a lot of doubt about his life and his choices, but as
such happens. It was then, that the boy realized that there is always a
guiding hand to help him in the right direction or if needed push him where
he needed to be.

8) Obituaries


The halls of Justice lament the fall of one of their Lieutenants.
Kyrsztak the former master of illusions for the Justice took his own life.
Kyrsztak was a rather vigilant avian who sought to bring those who broke the
laws to justice. He used his might over the mind fight for a glorious cause
of keeping the laws in check. He brought many infidels of Justice to
execution or service in the yard, forced to do work just to pay off their
crime. The halls of Justice have lost a fine officer.

At 8 o'clock pm, Day of the Dragon Wars, 19th Renewal of the Celestial of
Piety, Kyrsztak the Shapeshifter, Lieutenant of Justice died for the final


The life of Gretya, a member of the Warlords was a glorious one. Her
record wasn't the best, but it was far beyond others. She sought out fights
with any who would fight her. Proving her worth and painstakingly climbing
up within the Warlords. She made a difference within many without knowing
it. It is a great loss for the Warlords to lose such a skilled combatant.
May those who knew of her skill raise a mug in her name, for remembrance in
all of her past deeds.

At 7 o'clock pm, Day of the Great War, 24th Renewal of the Celestial of
Malice, Gretya the Wrath of Nature died for the final time.


Ibaot, a Knight and defender of Valour, a Grand Master of Assassins fell
while doing his duty. It is unclear on why such a thing has happened. Only
that he was found dead. It may have been the endless hours of him defending
the might of Valour. Or something came and took him while he was out
adventuring, but one thing is known, he was loyal follower of the Light. He
adhered to the virtues of Knighthood. He was not outstanding, but his
determination against adversary was astonishing. The Knights will certainly
feel the loss of a worthy comrade.

At 6 o'clock pm Day of the Alliances, 24th Renewal of the Celestial of
Malice, Ibaot the Grand Master of Assassins, Knight of Valour died for the
final time.


She was known by many things, but the most renowned title was the
Shadowslayer. She lurked in the shadows, her wings not making a single
sound as she stalked her prey. She often made her point to cause chaos and
annoy the Justice. She never was fond of the rules, and often felt like
taking things into her own hands. She had an odd sense of right and wrong,
often disliking people using numbers against their foes. In the end, all
are laid to rest. Let the guild of thieves mourn the passing of a grand
rogue who revolted against the iron grip of Justice.

At 2 o'clock am, Day of the Alliances, 26th Renewal of the Celestial of
Malice, Arunore the Shadowslayer died for the final time.


It is with a heavy heart and trembling hand that I write this piece. A
fellow Herald has met their unfortunate end. Murciel was a fellow Herald
who held contempt for any who disrespected the Heralds, their guest, or
their property. She often took up the job of being the bartender within
Mocker's Tavern; giving the patrons of the inn their drinks with a smile
while she cleaned the bar as well as picked up the trash. She was sadly
sent back from her place of vacation, inside a coffin, no word of how her
passing came to past. She was arranged to be buried posthaste. Let those
who know her as a friend remember her, and those who felt her wrath rest
with an uneasy ease.

At 4 o'clock am, Day of the Dark Ages, 26th Renewal of the Celestial of
Malice, Murciel the Unholy Lady died for the final time.


Adaus, a Champion of the Light. Long has he been a Knight and one who
was always trying to be kind and courteous. He was what one could call
"good" in all aspects. He hardly sought harm to another unless it was his
duty as a Knight to. He was a friend to many and was loyal above all else.
He will be missed by all of Valour.

At 10 o'clock pm, Day of the Dragon Wars, 28th Renewal of the Celestial of
Malice, Adaus the Wrath of Nature, Champion of Valour died for the final


When one thinks of Crisbin, there are many things that could possibly
come to mind. Keepermaster, Bard, gambler, fighter, old. He was a leader
to many Keepers that came and went. He was kind, always trying to do his
duty, no matter if he would lose or win. He never gave up because that was
his style. He treated all people as if they had the potential to be
threats, but never to them. He also held himself to a high sense of honor.
When I had an issue after my duel with a Warlord, I was marked for death.
Crisbin himself aided in the process to see it removed. One thing he said
that stuck with me is that the Keepers are the guardians of Heralds, not
their executioners.

I heard that was true long ago, and it seems Crisbin was trying to keep it
so. He was a great leader, despite his many of his faults. I think most
Keepers under him would agree with me in such a manner. He would never shy
away, taking the blame when it was his, seeing that even Tyden was brought
back into the Keepers after the incident there. It is with a sad heart that
we see him go in passing.

Farewell Crisbin, may the afterlife see you to a chance to rest for all

At 1 o'clock pm, Day of the Fall of Thalos, 29th Renewal of the Celestial of
Malice, Crisbin the Road Caption of Keepers died for the final time.

Scribed by Libera of the Heralds


Balan was a warrior who detested violence. He always wished there could
be a more peaceful way, but knew that often times, battle was a required
thing. He wished for nothing more than peace between Valour and Darkhaven,
despite the Legion's numerous offenses to the Knights. Balan always put his
duty above his own wishes, often saddened when those who he did not
considered his enemies sought him out. Balan was made an Executor due to
the Legion's war efforts, after Tuston, may he rest in peace, life ended.
Balan grew into his role quickly and effectively, despite his lack of wits.
He relied on his Generals and Champions as much as they relied on him, but
he still managed to invoke a great amount of loyalty in his followers. He
cared for them greatly and was saddened with each and every one of their

Balan was a great giant, often always giving time he couldn't spare to those
who asked for it. He saw it fit to save me from my darker ways with the
guidance of Lord Olyn. It is because of them, that I am where I am at
today. I do not look back with sadness, but look forward with a smile in
life. All due to the efforts of Balan, which I am sure I am not the only
one who was changed in life due to his kindness. May the Knights remember
him as a great man, and it is my hope that Valour will memorialize him as
they have many before.

At 8 o'clock am, Day of the Dragon Wars, 7th Renewal of the Celestial of
Death, Balan the hand of Olyn, Executor of Valour died for the final time.

Written by Libera Procella the Bombilating Bee of Heralds, Herald of Valour

9) Obituaries cont.


The halls of Justice lose another member of their eternal watch. Tarn
the Arcane Piper rests his head in the ground, going with him the blessings
of Davairus. The Justice has not given up. Tarn will be remembered for his
might and deeds, as he felled many enemies of the Law. We allow him to go
in peace, his vigil ending so he may take a peaceful sleep. May the Justice
know him for his duty and prowess in combat.

At 10 o'clock am, Day of the Fall of Thalos, 7th Renewal of the Celestial of
Death, Tarn the Arcane Piper, Lieutenant of Justice died for the final time.


The mighty stone giant, Eldroc, once a member of Strife and now of the
newly revitalized Warlords, rests in peace. He was a mighty combatant, and
was able to teach and help many when he wasn't busy dueling and fighting
others. Eldroc will be known for his prowess in combat, fending off foe and
giving worthy duels. May the the Warlords life their mugs in his name.

At 9 o'clock am, Day of the Dark Ages, 8th Renewal of the Celestial of
Death, Eldroc the Battlemaster died for the final time.


Morgolta, the former General of Valour before her disgrace, served Valour
well. She was an outcast to her kin. Forsaking their darker ways to stand
as one with the Light, she was a shining example to the Knights under her
command, even when she was ousted her fellow Knights learned a lesson. She
climbed through the ranks with steadfast dedication. Even after she was
placed at Exile, Balan sought her out, granting her a second chance and
naming her a Duchess of Valour. She rests now, her soul seeking the peace
it did not get the chance to enjoy in life.

At 2 o'clock pm, Day of the Dark Ages, 11th Renewal of the Celestial of
Death, Morgolta the Sage of Arcane Power died for the final time.