The Serin Mystique, Volume 13, Issue 3

SERIN! I release our next issue of volume thirteen! Mystique number fifty-
seven! In this publication, there is a great deal of death. You Legion
folk can dance to that, I imagine; more death than we could cover. Of
ecstatic note, the Penumbral Hand lines a portion of the Obituaries.
Sevaush, as you all know the quasit. In addition, we've a good deal
of different authors: Myself, Blarp and Kozma - featuring Percix
and Dinklebik. Vanisse has also graced a page with her quill about the
Keepers. While relieving yourselves abroad or just idling within
your cabal, tavern or favorite street haunt: we've got quack healers,
word on rare manifestations of ancient deities, observation of Percix
and another round of poetry. We are also a step closer to the end of
the High Tower story. We hope you enjoy the material!

1) Highlights (see Sisters, HighTower2)
2) Cabal Affairs (see Legion, Knights, Keeper, Justice, Warlord)
3) Coterie Affairs (see Herald, Mystic)
4) Gossip (see Percix, LordVirgil, Clinic)
5) Poems (see Study, Sands, Usury)
6) Obituaries (see Xynch, Yiebaen, Sevaush, Kang, Gatha)
7) Classifieds (see Dinklebik)

Sir Scribbles is on a foot-doodling hiatus. He sadly didn't join us
in writing this issue. There are some obituaries we could not draft bec-
ause verification of facts and feelings would transpire a period longer
than is acceptable, jeopardizing the intended timely release of this issue.
These obituaries, once validated, will be in the next mystique. Keep your
eyes peeled for it!

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