The Serin Mystique, Volume 14, Issue 1

Whew! After a lot of effort, the Mystique is finally here! Enjoy!

1) The Poetry Corner (see Harmony)
2) Whispers On The Wind (see Djinn)
3) Ferocious Battles! (see Slippery Quasit )
4) How About Those Cabals? (see Keepers, Warlords, Legion, Justice, Knights)
5) Can't forget Those Coteries! (see Heralds, Mystics)
6) We Will Miss Them... (see Wiri, Tigrul, Gairn, Phahrdrah, Grugel)
7) Those Claimed by Death (see )

- Duchess Trelanya of Valour, on behalf of the Heralds.

PS. We could use more members.

1) The Poetry Corner


'Harmony of Neutrality'

The Sea, Peaceful. Quiet. Beneath, thrashing an undertow unseen. Dragging
victims to the depths.

There is me, silent. Just a man. Gnomish is my shell I am a wolf in
sheep's clothing. A caged bird, with a broken tune.

None are safe in this world from, true nature. Be it the storms that crash
against us. Harsh and unforgiven...

-Written by Corzu

2) Whispers On The Wind


Greetings fair citizens of Serin!

In my travels I have heard many things, but none as odd as what I have heard
recently! I was adventuring with a band of merry adventures, when they
began to talk of a mysterious Djinn living within a well deep in Drkshtyre
Wood. They said when the well was examined the Djinn appeared out of no
where! I squeaked in suprise, for I am always one for hearing of mysterious
beings and where to find them.

So I began to search for said well, when I was warned that the Djinn is
nothing but a fraud! I was told he would grant a wish if he was given
something valuable, but none of their wishes were granted no matter what was

So be wary if you come across this Djinn, my friends. For he is nothing but
a fraud, and shall give you nothing! But then again, this just may be the
misfourtunes of adventures gone wrong.

But you never know, maybe if you come across him you will get what your
heart desires!

May the Winds keep you all well and safe,
Pym the Pixie, Lore Keeper of Heralds

3) Ferocious Battles!

Slippery Quasit

It was a day like any other in Thera, Adherent of the Order of Law and a
Quasit were fighting for death in Darkhaven. Cedowyl's flaming bite mangled
Rakkin as the quasit awkwardly parried with a loud clang. A sense of dread
permeated the room as the battle continues. The earth ripped open, then
snaps closed around Rakkin... The Quasit vanishes! Cedowyl and his mighty
lion started to track down Rakkin. The Quasit managed to escapse this


4) How About Those Cabals?


The Keepers appear to be entirely absent from Serin at this time. Why
they are absent is a mystery, but their membership is unknown at this time.

- The Lucky Lass


There is one Warlord of note these days: Chaut the Adept of Davairus,
Grand Master of Skulls. Lorne still watches over the cabal from the
heavens. Chaut seems content to duel the other inhabitants of Serin. As
for other members, none have been seen.

- The Lucky Lass


As always, Legion is secretive about their membership. However,
Phahrdrah is a confirmed member of the Legion of Darkness. Legion has been
capturing items of other cabals consistently... Also, Vashiik has joined
the Legion recently.

- The Lucky Lass


The halls of Justice have recruited several new officers. Their members
are Cedowyl as Commander, Auhror as a senior member of unknown rank, and
Kirynoth and Zsai as freshly recruited junior Officers. Kedalaem oversees
them from the heavens.

- The Lucky Lass


The Knights of Valour are continuing to keep the darkness at bay. Their
members include Gairn, Lolath, Jhinn, Kianna, and Adrierra. According to
Adrierra, Valour is always looking for more people to serve Valour, whether
they are Nobles or Knights.

- The Lucky Lass

5) Can't forget Those Coteries!


The Heralds were in limbo, but we're back! Our current roster includes
Pym, Trelanya, and Breg. Lady Vanisse has returned to guide us all. We
plan to put out more Mystiques. We are looking for more members as well, to
not only create Mystiques, but also to plan fun events!

- The Lucky Lass


The Mystics have not often been seen these days. Their members include
Virasen representing the necromancers guild, Iori representing the druids
guild, Waliwyn representing the invokers guild, and Sirid representing the
healers guild.

6) We Will Miss Them...


Dame Wiri the Sage of Arcane Power and Knight of Valour, left Serin in a
great ball of fire. The reasons for her departure are unknown... She was
sweet and she will be missed.


Tigrul the Wrath of Nature, Footman of Valour, took his life apparently
in shame. He was a boastful fellow with tons of bravado, but apparently he
could not handle abuse at the hands of Phahrdrah.

- The Lucky Lass


Sir Gairn the Archon of the Knights took his life under mysterious
circumstances. His death was a quiet one, but his loss was mourned by the
Castle and the Nobility.

- Valour's Visionary


Phahrdrah, a terror within Legion, is now gone. His soul was claimed by
the demons he had previously tortured. May he rest in peace.

- Valour's Visionary


Grugel the Battlemaster, stalwart follower of Zafrin, slit his throat
with a dagger. He was a troublemaker for sure, but to this day it was not
his fault he became a criminal initially.

- Valour's Visionary

7) Those Claimed by Death