The Serin Mystique, Volume 1, Issue 4

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Events and Rumors (see Events)
2) Cabal Affairs (see Cabals)
3) History (see History1, History2)
4) Battles (see Battles)
5) Ask Keeb (see Keeb1, Keeb2, Keeb3, Keeb4)
6) Arts and Entertainment (see Arts)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Events and Rumors


You've probably all seen the various Traitors by now, no doubt, or have
at least read the note by Burzuk about such things. What you probably don't
know yourself, though, are the reasons for their treachery. Well I've gone
and asked them myself why they chose to turn against Serin and here are a
few of those reasons. Of course those that are Mystics have no choice as
their leaders led them into this fight and are thus branded Traitors, as
Nakisher told me "It is not a path I directly choose." This I believe, but
I am sure they stand by it nonetheless to do less would make them Traitors
against the Tower too and like the old saying goes Twice a Traitor always a
fool. Others have lost sight of hope and believe it the only way to
survive, like Grimus says "Serin will not win this war, and I am not a
loser." I would not be a loser myself that's why I choose to fight for
Serin. If we all turn Traitor then there will be no hope, for who will
fight? Sunerros cited his religion for why he is turning against Serin. He
says that he hasn't ever liked anyone who didn't share his feelings for
Lloth and he likes the teachings of the Fell. He feels that by following
them he may not be with Lloth but at least he serves a cause that follows
similar guidelines. Makai states "Before I turned to Zaikkra, Serins
treated me very badly. They would taunt, chase, and hunt me." Well Zaikkra
we all go through that, not every Serin is nice, but that doesn't mean you
should go and kill them all, does it? We must all stand strong even if it
means saving those who hurt us in the past: isn't it better to slay those
that threaten our world itself than to stand and turn on it merely because
it is not always hospitable? The choice is yours, but as for me I stand by
Serin. How will you choose?

Sleorm and Djanu apparently took a vote, declaring Seringale to belong to
them now. They have renamed our fair town to "Sleorm and Djanu land, very
creative. And apparently I, Turir, am their official Herald.

Today in a mighty struggle many of the citizens of Seringale came up against
a mighty foe one who till today I had never heard of. His name? Mosbanden
the Knave. He began wandering around town trying to slaughter all well not
all really those who seemed to have quite a few ranks probably about forty
titles and up. Many of the more prominent Citizens participated in this
battle which was ultimately finished by Lyph in a stunning charge attack.
Many were responsible for helping out including Lyph of course, Gwendolen,
Keeb being myself, Naydra, Corgath, Elyrd, Dunthbar Mezamox, Vexeporizenx,
Nauglamir, and in all likely hood many others who I did not notice. Before
Mosbanden died I asked him who he was and he said he came from the dwarven
day care... Which raises the question what do they do to those young
dwarves. I think its abuse that one would grow up so horribly or perhaps
there is more to the daycare than we know who knows. In any case it worries
me that something like that came from a place like a Daycare. All in all
the citizens of Serin fought well and we triumphed.

You have probably noticed Aeyorn is no longer a Knight and also Outcast and
a Traitor. I have delved into the root of this story and here it is for you
now. It seems it all began when Tara with a few friends slew Zertaith,
Aeyorn did not seem to like the idea of such a battle happening and grew
offended and thus slew Tara. When Aeyorn was asked why he was Outcast he
simply said 'I slain Tara. ' Tara said that after he slew her he said, that
now she knew what Zertaith felt like, and that actions spoke louder than
words. Upon hearing of Aeyorn's actions, Soluminus promptly Outcast him.
Aeyorn can also be quoted as saying 'I grew tired of the Light's weakness.
' He is also a Traitor when asked what were his traitorous actions he simply
said 'Spoke my words. ' So there is the story from Knight to Traitor in a
few simple steps.

2) Cabal Affairs



After successful campaigns against the rest of Serin, the Mystics found the
destruction of Lazrin and his army to be a sore blow. Their presence in
Serin, once strong, has now dwindled. The Mystics who do dare show their
faces appear discouraged and not at all willing participants in this war.
What remains in store for the Ivory Tower has yet to be seen but the wrath
of the Immortals will surely fall upon it. Their ranks now consist of
Fizen, Kristee, Nakisher, and Nauglamir.


The Justice cabal has recruited several new members and is in a period of
prosperity. Crime rates are still high in Seringale, as was witnessed by a
period of five criminals to one Justice. The most active of their likes is
the Matriarch of healing, Celunia. Many thanks to her and her likes for
protecting our fair cities. The new inductees are sure to prevent such
uneven odds in the future. However, Detheur was removed from the cabal for
reasons unknown. The current members include Talasia, Addreodyn, Regnak,
Celunia, Odhran, Gasire, Tiernen, Verikoz, and Jaru.


Tyrausk, one of the greatest Warmasters in recent history, has left and
leaves a void yet to be filled in that position. The Fortress has few
members and those few appear to be disorganized because of the lack of a
leader However, there are many new hopefuls are around, of all races. Be
sure to look around for them, and give them a nice duel in your spare time.
They are formidable fighters indeed. Current members include Corgath,
Elyrd, Serostin, Tergore and Manroug.


It seems as though the Assassins cabal is padding its coffers well. Recent
transactions have accounted for some five million coins for its members.
Fifteen members are listed on its board in Seringale and more are being
welcomed. One can only hope that the roster has outdated members. The
assassin whose nom de guerre is "Obfuscate" still leads the way on the
matter of most money garnered.


With the departure of Nadoshi as Forsaken leader, Zados has taken up the
position but finds his cabal ranks depleted. Several members are nowhere to
be seen and few can be considered truly a strong presence in Serin. At the
highest guild ranks, those of the Light outnumber those of Darkness greatly,
and this is sure to affect the Legion keenly. The Legion is recruiting
actively and is offering leadership positions for news recruits.


The Herald cabal is strong as ever, with several new members to enliven the
halls of the Conservatory. Kalerin has taken the long-empty position of
High Herald, and there have been several promotions for outstanding work and
dedication. The Heralds would like to request any and all information
regarding history and historical events, battles concerning the various
cabals, or gossip be sent to them via parchment. Present members include
Kalerin, Shruian, Keeb, Ravarin, Teanna, Gytru, Turir, Mothar, Eritius and


The Knights are indubitably among the strongest cabals at present, and they
are positively glowing from their triumphant victory over the Fell and the
Mystics in the first wave of battles for Serin's control. Naydra has proven
to be a strong Executor and a galvanizing force for the Castle. The
Knights' complement includes Lourn, a Guardian, Aeldan and Jijit, Archons,
Derius and Loregnard, Knights and Ceariya, a Lady, and Aodhan and Deusrey,


These citizens are highly vicious, and it is warned that you take precaution
when handling with them. If one is suspected of being a traitor, please
make note of it, and inform myself or one of the Heralds of such. It'd be
most appreciated. Currently, those whom have revealed their treachery to
Serin are as follows: Fizen, Aeyorn, Kristee, Nauglamir, Phaerus, Aeva,
Nakisher, Sunerros, Tusumi, Nyrobie, and all the fell.

3) History


The History of Kalerin Krymar

Born of a quiet encampment, known to many as Shayavil, the fated birth of
Kalerin Krymar was soon expected. Son of the infamous Aldera, daughter of
Karmak and Eridon, son of Lakenan, the birth of a soon to be Scribe of the
Heavens was at hand. During his youth, Kalerin, was seldom exposed to the
influence of those outside of his encampment. Strangers were rarely seen,
and not at all welcomed in Hamlet. The elders of their village found it
very fitting to pass on the knowledge held by the great elves of past, and
due to such, it was quite common for elders to pass on their knowledge of
spellcraft and lore to their young. However, Kalerin's mother Aldera was
nothing particularly special when it came to magery but competent in the
arts she was. His father on the other hand, found himself to be quite
competent in various arts and used his skills in the crafts of almost all
things. Because of this lack of immense mastery in their arts, very little
of these lores and spellcraft has been taught to Kalerin. Undoubtedly, this
group of elves bared ties to the elves of Greginsham, but due to the Great
War that had raged on for the many centuries past and centuries to come,
they found it more suiting to travel far off to a land peaceful and
sanctified from the wicked Orcish hoardes. During his youth, Kalerin was
brought under the tutelage of a magus who went by the name Imalka. Imalka
instructed our young Kalerin in the basics of spell craft as well as
history, lore, and some knowledge of Arcana. However, as intrigued as he
was with Imalka's teachings, he found the time spent with his grandfather,
Karmak, far more thrilling. Karmak, grandfather to Kalerin, had an
insatiable lust for travel. He yearned to see far more of what Serin had to
offer, and soon found himself bewildered before a realm of humans and many
other races. Soon after, he was brought into the guild of paladins, and
found a dislike for sword play and thus he hung up his sword and returned
home to raise a family. Together, Kalerin and Karmak spent nights together,
where Kalerin played the role of listener and his father the fable teller.
As each night passed, Kalerin's interest in the world outside of his
peaceful village of Shayavil grew, and with the passing of each night, his
curiosity began to grow on him. As Kaler grew, he found himself becoming
quite passionate over dusty tomes and musty libraries. He grew into a very
potent scholar and with such a decision had to be made. Slowly his
curiosity began to overwhelm his adventurer's spirit, and a thirst for the
world grew within. He longed to trace the paths his grandfather took, and
become a noble and virtuous warrior of light, but on the other hand he had
the desire to become a great historian, and thus he sought out both. After
long, tedious discussion with his family, it was later decided that it was
best for Kalerin to travel. He traveled south in search of his dreams and
goals and found himself easily recruited into the guild of paladins, while
on the other hand he began making discussions with the great Lady of
Heralds, Lydana. One fated morn, after many months of talk with her, he
found himself in her cottage and inducted as a member of the Conservatory
upon his twentieth rank. During his quest to gain to his pinnacle, Kalerin
fell deeply in love with a soon to be Lady of Valour who went by the name of
Candra Aldergaard. It took no time before Kalerin was deeply in love with
her, and eventually told her of his feelings. Unfortunately, Candra was
involved in one of the most fearsome and grueling wars Serin had ever seen,
against the Fell. Forced to take a stand of neutrality in this fight,
Kalerin could only stand and watch as Candra battled valiantly to her own
death. Before her final battle, and before Kalerin could propose to this
fair maiden, Candra bestowed Kalerin with a chalice which had a "C" engraved
into it. And valorously she road off and never again was she heard of.
Thereafter, Kalerin stood with the Heralds with great passion, loyalty and
desire and became one of the greatest High Heralds the Conservatory had to


The Fell

The coming of the Fell signaled a turning point in Serin's history. The
cabals save the Mystics were united against a common foe. Thus events
stood.. Serin was on the brink of war rivaling those of days past.

Several of the Fell achieved the pinnacle of their guilds, and the true
fighting began. The Knights rushed into combat, and after heavy losses on
both sides, the battle seemed to be at an impasse. Before long, Candra,
Stinosat and Metronas of the Knights had fallen in the great battles that
followed. Lazrin of the Fell emerged as the leader of his people, a
self-styled general and the leader of a major faction. Along with his
cronies, Lazrin slew many of the Knights and led several to despair. The
armies of the Fell seemed unstoppable as they ravaged the land.

And then, the tide of battle turned suddenly and without warning as the
Knights of Valour found themselves again the victors. Lazrin, the sole
galvanizing force for the Fell himself was vanquished, and with him the rest
of his army crumbled. And yet, at the same time, a band of Serins sought
to aid the invaders and became known as the traitors along with their Mystic
allies. These traitors' protection from the Law was as swiftly stripped as
was that of the Fell and the Mystics. Common Serins began to band together
to fight the collaborators many of whom were destroyed altogether. Few Fell
remained having been discouraged by the failure of the first wave of the

Thus events stand, and it seems there is a lull in the War. The Knights of
Valour being the prime victors of the first series of battles build up
strength and proclaim themselves the defenders of Serin. Once more, Serin
waits and watches to see what the abyssal demons have in store.

On Hobbits

Well met, Citizens of Serins. The following is my researches base on
Halflings, or hobbits. The hobbits, are one of most fascinating creatures
to be studied upon. Their character may appear soft and lazy, and
generalized to hoard gold and riches, however they can steel themselves, and
be a tough foe to be reckon with. For hobbits are immune all of types of
fear, they are quick on their arms and feet, and gods had bestowed them
amazingly tough resistance against magical attacks.

To note off, hobbits are akin to Human in many ways, except that they are
much shorter, like about three and a half inch high (imagine a kid).
Hobbits usually have hair with curly locks and its cluttered around the
whole lump of the head. Hobbits also have hair grown around whole leg and
feet, enable to walk the realms without the aid of shoes. Note + note edit
Hobbits are peaceful citizens and most of the hobbits reside in their own
community, Shire. Hobbits are not known to enjoy adventures, or to seek
either power or knowledge. In fact, they prefer the small comforts of their
home, to other exciting adventure in the realms. On top of that, they are
quick in response, observant and adapt changes quickly, though they might
not match in strength to giants. Hence, most Hobbits resort to a class they
are familiar and grown a liking with: the arts of thieving.

To summarize these halflings, or hobbits up:
- Hobbits are immune to all fear.
- Hobbits have quick arms and legs.
- Hobbits prefer home to anything else.
- Adventure seems to take a liking upon hobbits.
- Most Hobbits prefer to take on and master the arts of rogues.

4) Battles


[KNIGHT] Ceariya vs [WARLORD] Elyrd

Thrice they battled, and thrice Ceariya was the winner. Elyrd supposedly
thinks that Ceariya is egotistical and naive.


[KNIGHT] Ceariya vs [WARLORD] Corgath


[KNIGHT] Ceariya vs [MYSTIC] Nakisher


Terathull vs [KNIGHT] Candra


Terathull vs [KNIGHT] Jijit


(TRAITOR) Lazrin vs Jehuty


(TRAITOR) Lazrin vs [KNIGHT]'s Derius, Candra, Naydra, and Aeldan

All were victims to Lazrin save Aeldan who gated to safety.


(TRAITOR)'s Lazrin, Jeryn, and Vasheroth vs [KNIGHT]'s Aeldan, Derius, Candra and Naydra

Naydra and Derius both died in this encounter.


[JUSTICE] Ceariya and [HERALD] Kalerin vs [MYSTIC] Fizen and (TRAITOR) Aeyorn


And in the name of all Gnome Loyalists everywhere...

The battles of Gytru, gnome thief Herald:

Gytru vs (individually) Baslgard, Theudisclus, Tzarian, Kedirap, Nyrobie, Sunneros, Cnidmnar, and Zrakkna


5) Ask Keeb


Here is a question given to me by my fellow Herald Mothar...

I am a busy man always looking for the best armor and weapons. I love to
buy things on auction and tend to keep a steady stock of beef and potions.
My question is how can a merchant such as myself make the coinage that will
satisfy my needs?

Ah, money problems. I've never had them and here is how you can get rid of
yours. If you were a thief like me I'd give you the obvious answer but you
aren't so I'm going to get creative. Here goes, first of all you should
find a cheaper source of food and potions. It may make you walk a bit more
but if your serious then it's worth it. Most potions that you buy can be
found other places for free or just a bit of battle. Food is even easier to
come by. There are cheap little towns that sell their food at low yes low
prices, and there is an upside the food is usually fresher no shipping to
the city you see. Now to part two 'Making de Mula. ' There are several
ways to do this the problem is that not one gives you a permanent supply of
money without any work. I think the best way to get money is to acquire,
however you will, rare items that are useless to you then sell them for high
prices, and if they are really needed by somebody you usually won't even
have to start the bidding high. You might also use the underhanded tactic
of setting up a few people to get the price a bit higher then share the
profits. Of course it's not always easy to find rare items after all they
are rare so what else to do? If you're not adverse to killing innocent
creatures like imps and such there are a few out there that tend to horde
quite a bit of gold. That's not the fastest way but its steady and you can
get a few skills up now and then. One of the easiest ways I know is selling
goblin equipment to shop keepers in Seringale though it is the least
dignified, or at least I think so then again what would I know about
dignity? Then there is always killing people and taking their hard earned
gold, but that doesn't really help with public relations so you might want
to stay away from that one if you want people to like you. All in all there
is no perfect way to earn coins that is always consistent.

I wish ye the best of luck Merchant Mothar,
Keeb Miedo the Master of Silence


Here is a mildly insulting scroll from Ilsyra...

Dear Vagabond Keeb,

I have noticed in your recent writings that you have a bit of an obsession
with liquor and other various corrupting alcoholic beverages. You speak
highly of the results of drinking these putrid beverages, such as stumbling
into walls, losing your memory, and being woefully overconfident in your
drunkenness. However, you also seem to have a great allegiance to the
Heralds that you are a part of. I cannot possibly see what drinking and
the Heralds have in common. In fact, I would think that a Cabal with the
high standings of the Heralds would discourage such disgusting habits. So,
my question to you is this: Where do your allegiances lie, with your
Alcohol, or with the Heralds?

-Ilsyra the CLEANLY Paladin

PS. When was the last time you bathed? I can smell you as I scribe this

Of course it's only mildly insulting because I'm not very easily insulted.
In any case I will answer your question you very cleanly dwarf paladin. My
loyalties are always firstly to the Conservatory. Here let me give you a
list from most important to me to least, First The Conservatory I have laid
up my life for it and I stand by it all the way, Second my life if the
Conservatory is not in trouble and I'm losing I'll flee like a pansy,
thirdly my friends because they are my friends after all, and lastly any
other bad habits or ideas I have. Ok now it's my turn to rant. I find it
very funny that a dwarf calls drinking disgusting. From what I have read in
various scrolls tomes and other writings in the library of the Conservatory
dwarves use strong drink not only in their daily lives but also in many of
the religious rituals. Which raises the question did you disavow your
forefathers or something? Oh, by the way I suppose you have never been to a
party held by the Heralds eh? It's quite amusing. I'll leave it at that and
answer your question about bathing in another answer from another question
similar to it.

Hopefully you'll see the Light Ilsyra,
Keeb Miedo


Now here is where I will address Ilsyra's comment about my bathing and of
course answer Wothyrd's problem here is what he wrote... What is all this
blather about baths! This wee Dwarvish lass I know keeps nagging me to take
a bath. Bath! Bath! That's all the lass can talk about! Well what's so
important about em, I say. Why do ya need a bath? Besides, what happens to
all the wee critters who depend on ya, so to speak. My fleas would drown!
I just don't understand. Can ya explain it?

I myself bathe about let's see probably once maybe twice a year. Anymore and
you risk catching cold and dying. Ok now to answer Wothyrd's question.
Believe it or not there are some people that bathe every day. I myself
don't put any stock in such things I mean it's not that easy to find a bath
in Serin I mean sure there is one in Thalos across the void but that is such
a long walk and that's the only one I know of. The only reasons I see for
taking a bath Worthyrd is so you can get to know some of those bathing types
better or maybe if your covered in mud or some other disgusting substance or
if your fleas get too bad and are itching too much. Other than that I don't
see the point myself. Once or up to twice a year suits me just fine
personally. I don't know if I can explain this issue very well myself as
I'm not one of those people who bathe a lot but perhaps they do so because
they are mutated and have a heightened sense of smell and think everyone
stinks? Aye, I think that must be it.

Say Hello to Your Fleas for Me Wothyrd,
Keeb Miedo


Well here is a rather unique problem from Mr. Anonymous,

Keeb, I was wondering if you know anything of pest control? I know this
will sound odd but I have been having a serious problem with a gnomish
infestation. Now I know most people think that gnomes are generally good,
honorable creatures but in all honesty they are very tricky and evil! The
gnomes that I have been dealing with seem to delve in the darker arts of
necromancy! YES NECROMANCY! I know this sounds odd but its true. The
obvious answer would seem to be giants, because it is common knowledge that
Giants love to beat on gnomes, but the problem is that the cheaper giants
tend to destroy my garden, or crush my fences which is just as bad as these
gnomes. The more expensive giants that I have tried aren't much better
because they are always playing some gnome ball game instead of catching the
gnomes! And the worst part is that they tend to kick gnomes through my
windows, and onto my roof which makes my friends afraid to visit me! This
is why I have come to you for aide... Do you know if there is an anti-gnome
spray... Or spell, even a song that I could use to get rid of these
vicious, thieving, garden destroying gnomes?


Hmm... An interesting problem indeed, indeed! Here is what I would do. I
would try not to get rid of the gnomes at all. I would try to get them to
join me and start an army of gnomish necromancers. Then I would take over
the world. However that is just me. I don't know if there is any repellent
persay. I think the first issue is to get the current gnomes out then put
up some sort of preventive measure, can you say magical swinging maces that
chase down gnomes with an evil aura on sight. In fact I think that is what
you need. You need to higher and enchanter to enchant for you a bunch of
maces of course specify that you want it only to attack evil gnomes wouldn't
want a gnome friend trying to come to visit and getting bashed to death. I
think this problem you have is quite rare but my solution should work you
know how bad gnomes hate maces, or maybe you could use enchanted staffs or
something else. It's up to you.

Good Luck with the Gnomes,
Keeb Miedo

6) Arts and Entertainment


A Game of the Shire

Frankly speaking, I did some snooping around in Shire and picked up few
common games begin played by the offsprings of hobbits. This game(a short
game, I must add) is called Meridoc's Choice.

To play this, you must have at least two players, six players maximum, no
more no less. Then each player will be assigned to a number from one to
six(according to the arrangement of dice). After that, choose one player to
be a 'vimtim'. Then the 'vimtim' have to throw a dice. If the dice shows
up six, then that player holding the number six, will answer any riddle the
'vimtim' choose to give. If that player cannot answer that riddle, he/she
will forfeit and he/she will be the next vimtim!! (Easy, huh?)

There are the some easy riddles to test your mind with:

1. Through marble walls as white as milk, through a skin as soft as silk a
golden treasure lies inside.

2. I have a mouth but cannot speak, lay on a bed but never sleep.

3. When it appears it seems mysterious but when explained it's nothing

4. A goblin walked twenty miles into the woods to find me, stopped to look
for me when he got me, then threw me away when he found me.

I've more heads than any hydra and more tales than the longest book.

6. Dawn's away, The day's turned grey, And I must travel far away. But
I'll be back, And then we'll track, The light of yet another day.

7. Two legs sat upon three legs with one leg in his lap. In comes four
legs, grabs one leg, and runs off with him. Up jumps two legs, grabs up
three legs, throws it after four legs, Makes him bring back one leg.

8. No eyes have I, No tongue to be seen. I know where you're going. I can
tell where you've been.

9. He rides inside to arrive refreshed, he rides on my back I steal his

10. When I am born I cast aside fear, when I lie I bring many a tear, when
I die the end is near.

A Poem by Mothar

I go outside to hug the stars.
I sit in silence......
The energy flows around me,
the wind blows cold, yet the stars keep me warm.
I hear the trees smile as I tell them a joke.
I sit in the snow and find answers to my questions.
I found myself in the trees and happiness in the wind.
Friendship from the stars and wisdom in the silence.
My pain and sadness slips away and then I become whole.