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Abandoned Realms

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:07 pm    Post subject: New helpfiles: HELP PK/ROLEPLAY/PK RULES/RP RULES

Some new helpfiles have been written to help make our game a better place
for everyone who spends time here. These are drafts and are subject to
change. If they do, you will be notified. Please make yourself acquainted
with the new helpfiles, especially the helpfile "PK RULES", otherwise you
will find yourself getting acquainted with the new smite.
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 1:00 pm    Post subject:


Playerkilling is encouraged here at the Abandoned Realms.  Your character
will be in "PK" when it reaches the 10th rank or attains 30,000 experience
points, whichever comes LAST.  You will be able to see who is able to hunt
you with the command "WHO PK", and "WHERE PK" to check the area you are in.

Exp-cost based "PK ranges" have been created and tested for fairness.  In
general, the greater your exp cost (see HELP RACE, HELP CLASS) the more
often you'll face players with levels on you.  This disadvantage ends for
good when the character reaches level 50.

The most powerful items in the game are limited in quantity (see HELP RARE),
so that you will need to beg, borrow, or steal them from other players.

These helpfiles detail some of the aspects of playerkilling that affect
fight outcomes (in relative order of importance):
RESOURCES       - utilized by all
HITROLL/DAMROLL - utilized by meleers
MAGIC           - utilized by casters
COMBAT STYLES   - utilized by fighter guilds
WEAPON TYPES    - utilized by rogue guilds

Abandoned Realms is a vast world with many dangers, often in the form of
other real players like yourself.  You will undoubtedly make great allies
and vicious enemies as you work your way towards the pinnacle.
Several cabals have been created to unite players into groups with a common
purpose and distinct philosophy.  See help on CABAL.

For some basic staying alive tipes, read: TIPS
Before engaging in playerkilling, read: PK RULES

Playerkilling is encouraged on Abandoned Realms.  A lot of effort has been
spent in making the MUD balanced, so that this is both a fun and rewarding
aspect of gameplay.  The most powerful objects in the game (rare and unique
items) have a finite number, so you'll have to trade with, steal from, or
maybe even kill other players for them.

All attacks on other players must be backed by a good roleplaying reason.
You should be looking for targets of interest, not targets of opportunity.
So do not kill randomly, and do not kill in silence.  The only character allowed
to engage in such rampages is an evil that has managed to get to level 50,
as a reward for managing to claw his way to power.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
Here are some examples of GOOD causes for attacks:
* The victim insulted you.
* The victim tried to steal from you.
* The victim attacked you.
* The victim defended somebody you were attacking.
* The victim has/is obtaining a rare item that is significantly useful/harmful to you.
* The victim killed you.
* The victim contributed to your death somehow.
* All of the above, applied to your in-game allies.
Here are some "Open season" characters (your "cause" is readily apparent)
* The victim is undead.
* The victim holds a cabal item.
* The victim is affiliated with a cabal which is opposed to you.

NOTE: Being "open season" does not infer others are "open season" back.
Here are some examples of INSUFFICIENT reasons to begin fights:
* The victim is the opposite alignment, and you are not level 50 evil.
* The victim is easy to kill, and you are not level 50 evil.
Remember, just because you have a roleplaying reason, does not mean you
have to kill them, only that you have been given the choice.  There are
alternatives to killing.  Inventive roleplaying is encouraged - inventive
excuses for silent kills are not.  Picking on newbies is a sure way to
get kicked off our server.

Roleplaying is required here at Abandoned Realms. Your character should
speak or act as he or she would in the fantasy setting we have prepared
for you.
Roleplaying is allowed to exist in many forms but must remain PG-13. Do
not say or emote something that may offend another player. Roleplay
should be something that increases everyone's enjoyment of your character.
Even if your character is not very popular, it will be respected if you
RP consistently and thoroughly.
As you travel and gain accolades or notoriety, you may be asked to create
and tell of your character's HISTORY. These written accounts are taken
by the Heralds and stored in Thera's archives for all to read and enjoy.
Look to the helpfiles on these topics to familiarize yourself with the
RP commands available:
SOCIAL - pre-made actions
EMOTE - convey your point with a unique action
ESAY - form a unique way of talking
DESCRIPTION - create the look of your character
HISTORY - browse the backgrounds of noteworthy characters
There are even organizations that require an even higher level of Roleplay.
These are called Cabals and Subordinates. Read HELP CABAL for more info.
This game has enforced standards.  Read - ROLEPLAY RULES

Abandoned Realms is a roleplaying intensive MUD, and you are expected to
cast off all trace of any unworldly personas and immerse yourself in its
gameplay.  Though we do not expect everyone to excel at this aspect, there
are some basic requirements that everyone MUST follow.
* names must satisfy the requirements in HELP NAME
* players are attacking others and/or above 15 must have a valid DESCRIPTION

Language restraints:
* d00d-speek or modern languages are not allowed, this is a medieval setting
* abbreviations or popular modern slang (e.g. WTB, AFK, or Wazza) is illegal
* spell words out (e.g. write out "you" instead of "u" and "thanks" not "ty")
* no profanity or vulgarity on people you don't know will care to hear it
* no discriminatory language (racist, homophobic, sexist, etc)
Knowledge restraints:
A character's knowledge of the world and everybody (especially players) in the
game is restricted to the contents of the helpfiles, and the lay of the
lands including equipment spawn and quest locations.  You do NOT know
everything your other characters or your friends characters might know,
such as, for example, their cabal status.  You must discover these things
through your own play to be able to take advantage of knowing them.
Don't recall history that you learned on other characters.

Behaviour restraints:
* stay IN CHARACTER at all times.  The people that meet you in game should
meet and know your character, not the player behind it.
* use channels appropriately (e.g. auction is for buying/selling, not chatting)
* uphold your ALIGNMENT/ETHOS where applicable (see help good/neutral/evil)

In addition, all groups must make reasonable interactions in game to
indicate that their business is taking place that way.  For example, if
players are seen handing each other equipment as it is needed, or following
each other and grouping up, without a single word exchange in game, they
will be suspected of multi-charactering.  The responsibility is on you to
take reasonable measures to avoid our suspicions, and our tests.
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