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The event "Cracked Skull Tournament - Season 2" is underway, and ends in 16 hours, 14 mins.

Cracked Skull Tournament - Season 2

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 3:55 am    Post subject: Cracked Skull Tournament - Season 2

Cracked Skull Tournament - Season 2 begins on Wed Sep 9 04:00:00 2020.


Citizens of Serin,

It is my honor to welcome you to the Cracked Skull Tournament - Season 2. A
tournament of heroes and challengers. This quarterly tournament will seek
eight pinnacle fighters, the greatest of the land, pitted against each other
to the death. An elimination tournament with three rounds, only one victor
will be crowned the Skullbuster.

Once all eight challengers are selected, the Juggernaut will determine who
each one of you will face. You will discuss the battleground with your
opponent from a subset of areas chosen by the Warlord cabal and agree upon
one for your fight. The Juggernaut will have the list of chosen areas. If
you cannot agree upon a battleground, then the Warlord cabal will choose one
for you.

There will be a maximum unspecified time for each round. If you and your
opponent do not fight in these two days, one will be disqualified at my
discretion. Cowardice will not be tolerated, do not enter the tournament if
you fear of death. Each fight may only last at a maximum of one hour, and
then if no victor emerges, it will go by vote from the Warlord cabal. All
battles are a single elimination fight. I repeat, these fights are to the
DEATH or you forfeit by leaving the battleground.

Registration is now open and will stay open until the final eight are
chosen. Speak with the Juggernaut to TOURNAMENT JOIN. You can always
TOURNAMENT LEAVE if you regret your decision before the tournament begins.
The tournament will last for a maximum of 12 days. Only the worthy will be
selected, I will have discretion to remove those who are unworthy.

War does not determine who is best, only who is left.

-Lorne, God of War
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