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1.Illyiza vs Dogran 21Vanisse
2.Illyiza vs Ilhariina 0
3.Trareli Vs Dogran 3hamsandwich
4.Aos vs Thaf 1Kornhole
5.Illyiza vs. Llloyied 1kento
6.Aha! I've got you now! Wait...What just happened? 5Arunore
7.A wee shite talkin Sevak gets his arse killed - Hirendan 12Davairus
8.Always make sure your boat is readily available kids! 9Bladefury
9.Shite day fer Hirendan 12Teesha
10.Trovo vs Glorbag and Nelrask (LONG READ) 42kento
11.Damn, son. 4Bladefury
12.Dakrog v Rithgjar 10Thoom
13.Fream gets flattened 4Rithgjar
14.Oh, how the turns have tabled. 9Ceridwel
15.How to prove you're an idiot Dogran VS Yngfre 5Dogran
16.Mini Mayhem 6BlackWidow
17.Sevak with chest puffed out, swelling with pride, slays n00bs. 12Flinnegan
18.Rithgjar: Sevak pants down 3Davairus
19.Rhoa v Rithgjar 4Rithgjar
20.Mayhem 1-Zersh Akzylar Hiretsuna Ilromie v Zexzel Dogran Rithgjar Heinrildt 1Davairus
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