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1.Heinrildt the Outlaw vs Llloyied the Lawman 8Heinrildt
2.Bumbles 0
3.Myrina VS Zanward 2- Not as close 1hamsandwich
4.Myrina VS Zanward- Close call 0
5.The Curse of the Stone of Wrath, part 3 10Davairus
6.The Curse of the Stone of Wrath, part 2 0
7.Zanward vs Abellyith - Duel 7hamsandwich
8.Alkas vs Chul - a short one 2hamsandwich
9.Legion Vs Justice and Kali? 9Zanward
10.Kali vs Chul - worse than abduction 22Ashlyn
11.Dogran vs wait what? 45Ashlyn
12.Another Boring Roleplay Log(This time with Parity) 2hamsandwich
13.Chul and Zanward vs Kali 2Kali
14.Chul and Zanward vs Ilromie and Kali 5Zanward
15.Monkey Zanward 7Ilromie
16.Chul lands strangle and Kali raises an eyebrow 7Noliperus
17.Chul vs Lumubella 8Rhoa
18.A Tale of Two Crusades (stream pull) 2Ashlyn
19.Chul vs Rhilas 13Kalist19
20.Chul vs Ilromie 12Chul
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