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1.Durgan (46) vs Pteroh (49 39BlackWidow
2.Aethon vs Vrol Twice 2Aethon
3.Let the bad blood continue!! 25Dogran
4.Vulture Knights 67Phostan
5.Dorakkan VS Jjingo (Deathmatch) 19Davairus
6.Afales vs Zyron 2Vertas
7.Soxta Vs Zyron 4Dogran
8.Kryton vs Luluna 31ivindel
9.Soxta Vs Thelrin 1Afales
10.Make sure you aren't in combat when you serenity, kids 0
11.Oogruk and the Priest of Shadow 3Scrynor
12.Dark Figures and the Returned Emissary 0
13.Kryton vs Eodo 7Afales
14.Afales vs Oogruk 9Kornhole
15.Ogunstad v Oogruk - Stream pull 20Kornhole
16.Kryton and Thelrin VS Ragnvald and Roamas 2Roamas
17.Kryton v Trilane- Stream pull 12Scrynor
18.Trilane and Ragnvald vs Kryton and Caetrenn 41BlackWidow
19.Trilane VS Zyron 18turningpoint
20.Suicide by Legion, Mistakes were made 1Amanthi
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