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1.SHITE KNIGHTS! 82Davairus
2.How to burn 20 hours a month to keep a Set. 28Grayden
3.Mini Mayhem 6BlackWidow
4.Sevak with chest puffed out, swelling with pride, slays n00bs. 12Flinnegan
5.Flinnegan Challenges "Big Pharma" (Trovo) 29Vhrael
6.Weawin vs Sslvn 5Sslvn
7.Storm vs Drow 68Kornhole
8.Drexl vs Gueth 0
9.Lucith on a Rampage 51yNgFrE
10.Drexl vs Thaymar 17Thaymar
11.Jidalisia kicking ass and taking names (stream pull) 21Davairus
12.Adjudicator is a filthy corgi killer 10Phostan
13.Hit and Run - Flinnegan vs. Eurayel 5Faelon
14.meh 26Bladefury
15.We need more interactions like this 18Vanisse
16.Phinax v Cantravi (Stream Pull) 6Cantravi
17.Something's brewing! 0
18.This shit never changes, that's why you are losing players 26Nycticora
19.Sometimes ye jus' git bored! 0
20.Cedowyl vs Chaut 38Davairus
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