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When you teach an old Dogran a new trick

posted on 2021-04-10 20:47:01
Dogran logs on, we fight a bit on the eastern road. I invade, fight him at the occultist. Run a bit, fight him in Dal Kadar, run back to fight him at the Occultist. He snatches the skull and uses my own trick against me.

By the Smooth Wall
z-z-f-f| You enter a small area between the ominous obelisk to
| | || the east and the towering mountains to the west. Weak
z-f-o| vegetation and small shrubs attempt to make this area
| || their home, failing miserably. Your gaze is drawn helplessly
@ o| towards the vile stone. It takes an effort to take your
| || gaze away from its vile surface, and you notice that
z-o-o| a large portion of the mountain wall to the west is strangely
| || smooth, and it shoots up hundreds of metres into the
o-F| sky. You see the path around the rim of the valley continue
---------+ north. The aura of the godforsaken obelisk can be felt
to the east.

[Exits: north east south (slab west)]
A blood worm tunnels into the ground here.
A jotun Paladin stands here while resting his warhorse.

[OVERSEE] <845/875h 505/1129m 360/402v> <[##########]> <evasive:6 1pm (day)> <24584>
open w
It's locked.

[OVERSEE] <845/875h 505/1129m 360/402v> <[##########]> <evasive:5 1pm (day)> <24584>
yell Knock knock
You yell 'Knock knock.'

[OVERSEE] <866/875h 547/1129m 402/402v> <[##########]> <evasive:2 2pm (day)> <24584>
Players near you in Tainted Valley:
<PK> Dogran On the Sharp Curve
<PK> Lumubella By the Smooth Wall


  1. You didn't think I was going to let you take it? It's hilarious that you can tank me, and the occultist with basically no issues. Cleric in super saves vs Shaman sucks haha.
      [reply to Dogran]
    1. This is like the oldest trick in the book, actually, believe it or not, it was actually me who was one of the first, most heavy abusers of this door and skull. Perfect for getaways, even more perfect to trap unsuspecting word spamming, 24/7 pass door healers ;)
      1. I forgot about you doing that. This is a time honored thing for sure.
      [reply to maeve]
    2. you know, when someone locks themselves in like that you can just spam the door closed and hold them hostage.
      1. There are ways around that.
      2. The recovery time from opening a door is shorter than the time required to close one, so that's not true.
      [reply to Ashlyn]
    3. There IS somebody who holds the statue in the area you know...
        [reply to BlackWidow]

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