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Dogran Tries to Recruit Thoom

posted on 2021-04-25 05:27:39
You tell Thoom 'Greetings.'
You tell Thoom 'Your warlord Kaenu is interesting.'
Thoom tells you 'He is a good Warlord. I don't know about interesting.'
You tell Thoom 'Har.'
You tell Thoom 'He wanted to talk to me about something, but I never did find out what.'
You tell Thoom 'Are you satisfied with your lot?'
Thoom tells you 'My lot? You speak of the Warlords?'
You tell Thoom 'I do.'
You tell Thoom 'I speak specifically of you leading Warlords.'
Thoom tells you 'I stand as Warmaster, yes. I do what I can to bring honor and glory to them, and not just myself.'
You tell Thoom 'And it is fulfilling?'
You tell Thoom 'What legacy will Thoom leave behind when his life is over?'
Thoom tells you 'The question all Warlords ask.'
You tell Thoom 'And what answer have you found?'
You tell Thoom 'Serin is a big place.'
Thoom tells you 'I cannot say what will be said of me, once I am gone. I will only do now what I see to be right.'
You tell Thoom 'Might makes right.'
You tell Thoom 'Are you mighty?'
Thoom tells you 'Not a question many would ask me.'
You tell Thoom 'I rest, I will continue my questions shortly, ponder the answer while I sleep.'
You tell Thoom 'I am awake now.'
You tell Thoom 'So I will repeat myself.'
You tell Thoom 'Might makes right, are you mighty?'
Thoom tells you 'Your question pushes near disrespectful. As I said, not many would ask me that. I have shown my might.'
You tell Thoom 'You misread my question.'
You tell Thoom 'Obviously I am going somewhere with this.'
You tell Thoom 'We have crossed blades, I know your mettle.'
You tell Thoom 'Let me put this in different terms.'
You tell Thoom 'Do people fear your strength?'
You tell Thoom 'What whispers are said about Thoom?'
Thoom tells you 'I have spoken with Tayina of a similar question. I do not seek to instill fear, rather respect. They are similar, but also very different.'
You tell Thoom 'What does respect mean to you?'
You tell Thoom 'So much is seen from the shadow that others are unaware.'
Thoom tells you 'It is many things. But it is that they know my might and do not question it. Any who face me, may not fear death, but respect that defeat is likely.'
You tell Thoom 'A knight stands by his conviction, while an elf paladin succumbs to his fears.'
You tell Thoom 'And defeating your foes, that is enough for you?'
Thoom tells you 'I can think of little else, beyond that.'
You tell Thoom 'I look around, and I see weakness all around me.'
You tell Thoom 'So many live in fear.'
You tell Thoom 'The Knights fight for their own agenda, they do not want peace.'
You tell Thoom 'Justice has corrupted their laws and use them for their own ends.'
You tell Thoom 'Keeper fights those they believe to be the strongest.'
You tell Thoom 'Where does that leave the Warlords?'
Thoom tells you 'We fight only for honor and glory. The rest can do as they will.'
You tell Thoom 'And when they bring the fight to your doorstep?'
You tell Thoom 'You allow all within your cabal.'
You tell Thoom 'The Knights will make war on Tayina.'
Thoom tells you 'Tayina is capable of fighting her battles. But whatever war is brought to the Fortress will be beaten back. We are not easy prey.'
You tell Thoom 'You haven't ever wished for more? '
You tell Thoom 'You can test yourself, and prove yourself stronger in many ways.'
Thoom tells you 'What ways are these?'
You tell Thoom 'Do you know why I fight?'
Thoom tells you 'No.'
You tell Thoom 'Because I want to fight, but I found a purpose for it.'
You tell Thoom 'Legion will rule these lands.'
You tell Thoom 'We will stamp out these petty rivalries '
You tell Thoom 'When the Knights, Justices, and Keepers are gone this world will be a different place.'
You tell Thoom 'Right now Warlords do not fit into the picture.'
You tell Thoom 'It will be a hard peace, but it will be peace.'
Thoom tells you 'A peace between Legion and Warlord? When all else are gone?'
You tell Thoom 'You mistake my words.'
Thoom tells you 'You speak of a future I cannot imagine. But Warlords will always remain. We will continue to fight for Glory.'
You tell Thoom 'Warlord has no place in the equation as they are.'
You tell Thoom 'You do not fight for anything but the sake of battle.'
You tell Thoom 'Everyone else has a wider reason for battling.'
You tell Thoom 'They all believe their reason is best.'
You tell Thoom 'Yet none consider the broader impact.'
You tell Thoom 'Their fight simply begets more death and destruction.'
Thoom tells you 'By that reasoning then, the Warlord way is best.'
You tell Thoom 'With your ambition?'
You tell Thoom 'The warlords are not interested in doing anything about it.'
You tell Thoom 'That is why I said what I did.'
Thoom tells you 'We are not looking to stop the destruction you speak of?'
You tell Thoom 'Exactly.'
You tell Thoom 'I have no problem with Gladiators fighting it out. It is fun.'
Thoom tells you 'Yes, you are right.'
You tell Thoom 'I seek fighters with your drive to fight to help end the destruction.'
You tell Thoom 'You lead Warlords now, but you could be so much more in Legion.'
You tell Thoom 'In the army might makes right.'
You tell Thoom 'The mighty make the rules.'
You tell Thoom 'Think about it. You could continue to fight for glory.'
You tell Thoom 'But you could also make a difference.'
Thoom tells you 'I see.'
You tell Thoom 'You know Thorgoth would welcome your service.'
You tell Thoom 'And the rewards would be many.'
Thoom tells you 'You speak well. Many visions in your head.'
You tell Thoom 'I have come far.'
You tell Thoom 'I admit when I joined legion, my goals were much more selfish than they are now.'
You tell Thoom 'But I have seen so much since then.'
(I take a break here, and go murder Yrlssa)

You say 'Think about my words.'
You say 'We will speak again.'
Thoom says 'I will.'
Thoom nods.

((Just a little flavor, There is another part to this, but I have to dig it out. He was less receptive the next time I talked to him.))


  1. Meh. This was hamsandwich trying to be nice and facilitate Dogran's RP, and in so doing I was pushing the limits of Thoom's own RP. I was trying to find a way to develop my RP and be receptive to what possibilities Dogran's stuff could have opened up. I didn't want to just shut down someone's concerted efforts at making the game special.

    In the end I regretted it, because like I said, 'hamsandwich' was being nice to Dogran and making Thoom do things Thoom never would have done. That's why the next interaction that is mentioned went differently. I quit considering the idea of betraying Thoom, and let Thoom make the decisions instead of hamsandwich.

    If any of that makes any sense lol.
    1. It makes perfect sense, figured this would add some depth people didn't see about thoom though. Did enjoy our interactions, but after it failed we were enemies, and then it seriously felt like you were dodging me.
    [reply to hamsandwich]

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