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Que Serra Sera, Sera 2

posted on 2021-05-06 00:20:51
exam paper
My love,

I feel the life within me beginning to dim. I have led a long and fruitful
life, filled with great emotions and discoveries. And there is yet so much
of Serin I do not know... Too much for a simple giant's lifetime. As the
Gods write, my kind were not born to live such long and peaceful lives.
Even though I know not where I came from, and I suppose now I never shall.

You have brought so much happiness into my little quiet pond, and allowed me
to glimpse a life full of fire. I cannot thank you enough for that, and for
inspiring us of the Light, and for guiding me. Most of all I must thank you
for trusting your heart to me. I never thought I could feel this way about
another, nor did I think I would ever feel at home in Serin. But I have
done so - for I am always at home when I am by your side.

When I go, do not despair. Alkas has taught us that life is always
cyclical, and our spirits linger and are reborn in this world endlessly.
Somehow, someday, we will find each other again, and I will keep you safe.

Ever yours,
It is a parchment made of paper and weighs 1 lbs.


  1. Oi, the waterworks
    2. Hey Alexa, play "with arms wide open" by Creed.
    [reply to Lumubella]
  2. I just want you to know that my cat's life is tied to Serra's life. Your move.
      [reply to Mikoos]

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