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Third Poetry Contest

posted on 2021-06-05 03:13:28
I thought I'd post this here to clarify some things...

Name: Third Serin Poetry Contest
Type: 0

Posted by: Ilromie
Location: Mocker's Tavern
Invite: all
Beginning at: Sat Jun 19 02:00:00 2021
Ending at: Sat Jun 26 02:00:00 2021
Duration: 168h:0m:0s (604800 seconds)
Third Serin Poetry Contest
The time has come again
For you to pick up your pen.
Lay down a moment your swords
Fight the good fight with your words.

I am proud to announce the start of the Third Serin Poetry contest. You may
provide your submissions by note to Scholar. For inspiration, I would like to
share the submission from the late Sir Alkas:

Not for Lack of Trying
Hovering resolutely in the air
intentions well and good but directed nowhere
Ink dripping off the wavering point
Frozen in fear, not wanting to disappoint
Furrowed brow and beginning to perspire
Hoping to make something to admire
At long last a first stroke has been inspired
Knowing full well it will leave much to be desired
A simple idea to express
Could be done in a poem, I guess
'The only point worth stressing
Is that not trying at all is most depressing.'

As before, the start of this event is the deadline for submission and a
recitation of submissions shall occur at Mocker's Tavern.

First place shall earn 50,000 gold, second 25,000, and third 10,000.

I look forward to reading your wonderful rhymes.

Duchess Ilromie Illistarre, Sage of Arcane Power and Polymath of History

The time for submitting poems ENDS at the event start time, which is when we'll hold the recitation like we did before. The week-long event is for voting. The deadline is an hour before surge on June 18.
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