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The Path of Water 1

posted on 2021-10-11 17:49:10
>>> There is a point to all of these logs, I promise...
>>> How Serra becomes Kali's teacher. Precedes the Trial of Kali Windbreeze.

[ 8]: <SCHOLAR> Serra: A humble missive
Mon Sep 6 19:44:26 2021
To: Kedaleam
My Lord,

I write, hesitantly, hoping I may be worthy of seeking your guidance once

It has been many moons since I passed into the ice, believing I would never
return. All my research taught me that this body of mine was not meant to
exist any longer. And yet.... I am here. Someone, or something, woke me.
Was it you?

Upon my waking I had forgotten everything - who I was, what I had ever
learned. I could not even remember your face, or your name... I can only
beg forgiveness for that! But when I was attacked, my body responded
reflexively, and you still answered my prayers. It has been many weeks
since that first, horrible awakening, and through it I have been
re-discovering the lost parts of myself. I have found my faith in our
element of Water still coursing beneath the surface. This effort would not
have been possible without the Duchess Ilromie, who gave me the materials
and time needed to find myself.

I have seen the new form of Solmundi, and he has recounted how he broke his
vow to you. He, and others, attempt to pull me in different directions. I
I believe they see me as a pawn of some kind. But I am not theirs to
command, but yours...

Please, sir, I should like to seek your counsel. The sight of the fallen
Commander fills me with mourning and, dare I say it... Fear. For I have
now learned of so many who have fallen from the Light, and there seems to be
no recourse to returning... Is there anything that can be done? Should I
venture to study the Darkness, the last facet of Serin I have not dared to
explore, in hopes of seeking a remedy?

I may not be worthy now of bearing the title you bestowed upon me, but I
hope perhaps someday I will be.

Your devoted servant,

>>> Serra is traveling with a young elven adventurer named Anja, when she hears a familiar voice.

Kali tells you 'Oh Serra, it is good to see you.'

[ Elf ] <PK> (OUTCAST) Kali Windbreeze the Rebuked Chimera
[ Undea ] Dregvant the Knight of Legion
[ Human ] <PK> [WARLORD] Tearea the Red Lotus, Standard Bearer of Warlords
[ H-Elf ] Leitha Dondeleon the Paladin Lady
[ Fire ] <PK> <STRIFE> Grogdan the Volcano of Infinite Rage
[ Duerg ] <PK> [JUSTICE] Regdar the Battlemaster
[ Slith ] <PK> (KING) [WARLORD] Szrevan Sra'Tak the Serpent King, Blademaster of Warlords
[ Elf ] Anja the Magswoman
[20 Storm Hea] <PK> <SCHOLAR> (Doyenne) Serra the Paradigm of Water, Doyenne of Physical
[ Fire ] Bouerghita the Mighty
Players found: 10
[WARLORD] The clamour of War prevails.
There are 10 characters on; the most on this past month was 15.

You tell Kali 'Kali!'
You tell Kali 'Ah sir.. what has happened to you?'

Kali tells you 'I'd be happy to tell you everything.'
Kali tells you 'Should I come to you?'

You tell Kali 'I am all ears. Although I am currently aiding Anja with a short hunt. Would you care to join us?'

Kali tells you 'I'd be happy to help, however I can.'
Kali tells you 'The mansion?'

You tell Kali 'We are currently in the Forest hunting ogres.'
You say 'Kali has offered to come help us.'
You smile happily.

Anja scans all around.

A marionette walks in.

Kali bows deeply.

Anja smiles at Kali.
You dazzle Kali with your smile.

Kali must like you a great deal to beam at you so broadly!

The elf before you is tall and lean, yet well-muscled. His fair skin is
smooth and perfectly unblemished. His handsome face is perfectly
symmetrical with a thin jaw line and a delicate nose. His lips are neither
thin, nor lush, and are set in a slight frown. His face is completely
hairless, other than his delicate eyebrows that are slightly angled in
concentration. Long, smooth, blonde hair runs majestically past his neck
and shoulder blades. His clear blue eyes have a mischievous sparkle to
them. He has a troubled look upon his face, as if he carries a great weight
upon his strong shoulders.
He has unlocked many secrets of the world.
Kali is in excellent condition.

Kali says 'Great to see you Serra!'
Kali says 'Nice to meet you Anja.'

Anja says 'Nice to meet you!'

Kali says 'Please do not be put off by my.....situation.'
Kali says 'I have been helping those of the light in any manner that I can.'

Anja says 'Much appreciated!'

Kali says 'And have taken a vow to avoid duplicating wicked creatures or wearing tainted gear.'
Kali says 'I am happy to aid you.'

Anja nods.

You invite Kali to join your group.
Kali joins the group.

Anja's group. Overlord: Rockwort the Ogre King [---- ]
[12 Thi] Anja 100% hp 100% mana 100% mv 49954 xp Kills: 36
[20 Hea] Serra 100% hp 98% mana 100% mv 556140 xp Kills: 14
[20 Ill] Kali 100% hp 100% mana 100% mv 564571 xp Kills: 0

You smile happily.
You tell your group 'We ought to be able to manage the mansion now.'

>>> They head to the mansion and Kali recounts his story as they hunt.

Kali tells the group 'So Serra you must be wondering what befell....'

You tell your group 'I do... I heard a small rumor from Ilromie but she did not manage to share the whole story yet.'

You tell your group 'Solmundi said another story, but nothing he says is straightforward it seems.'

Kali tells the group 'Ilromie and Wylsin and I had slain the five dragons. We were in Timaran and had just forged some armor, using their heads. We were identifying the gear and suddenly Solmundi walked in and sacrificed everything.'

You tell your group 'That is quite rude of him.'

Kali tells the group 'We all had words and Ilromie wound up duelling him in the Arena. The terms were to battle to stun - not death.'
Kali tells the group 'Solmundi was victorious but Ilromie's firestorm hit his stallion. He stood idly by and watched his stallion kick Ilromie repeatedly, killing her while she was helpless.'
Kali tells the group 'He did not bat an eye. He did not apologize. He did not display even an ounce of remorse.'
Kali tells the group 'He almost seemed to take pleasure in her death.'
Kali tells the group 'She has died so many times at his hands...'
Kali tells the group 'Well you know me, Serra.'

You wince in agony.
You tell your group 'I do.'

Kali tells the group 'I could not stand idly by.'

You nod.

Kali tells the group 'I was overcome with grief and anger.'
Kali tells the group 'I knew it was impossible for me to kill him but I had to show him that what he did was not to be forgiven.'
Kali tells the group 'Solmundi cried to the Gods.'

You frown disapprovingly.

Kali tells the group 'When he attacked Ilromie and I when neither of us were criminals, we chose to send a scroll to the Knights and Justices - to inform Rhoa, Lumubella, Alkas, and the Justices of his actions.'
Kali tells the group 'We did not raise our heads and cry to the Gods for intervention.'
Kali tells the group 'Though he surely did, and he was heard by Davairus.'
Kali tells the group 'Who promptly cast me out from the light.'
Kali tells the group 'The very moment I was outcast, I took my vow to continue to live in the light, help lightwalkers, and forsake wicked creatures and tainted gear.'
Someone tells the group 'My power was extremely diminished as a result.'
Kali tells the group 'So I have essentially become a pacifist.'
Kali tells the group 'And I have walked this road a very, very long time.'

You tell your group 'It is not right. Solmundi is... fallen.'

Kali tells the group 'Together with Ilromie and Wylsin, we recovered the stones of virtue and forged the circlet.'
Kali tells the group 'It did little good, I fear.'

You tell your group 'Are there more steps needed to be taken?'

Kali tells the group 'I have sought help from Lord Ceridwel in my plight, though he has not the power to assist me.'
Kali tells the group 'Nay, there is only one path that has been conveyed to me.'

You tell your group 'But... he is the Sun God.'

Kali tells the group 'Admit my Sins to Davairus - the Great Tormentor.'

You tell your group 'What does he claim are your sins?'

Kali tells the group 'Yes, Solmundi's true nature was revealed to all very shortly after I was cast out from the light.'
Kali tells the group 'He charged me with the Sins of betrayal and vengeance, and asserted that I believed I could do anything I wanted.'
Someone tells the group 'Ilromie provided a very well written argument in my defence.'

You tell your group 'Whom does he think you betrayed?'

Kali tells the group 'Davairus asserted that I did anything I wanted, with no consequences.'
Kali tells the group 'He asserted that I betrayed all of my friends by putting my needs before theirs.'

You tell your group 'I have not seen you do such a thing with me.'

Kali tells the group 'He also asserted that I sought vengeance with malice in my heart to try to spread pain and suffering.'
Kali tells the group 'And yet confessing to all of these charges is the only path to redemption that exists.'

Anja tells the group 'That does not seem right.'

>>> While Kali is telling his tale, Serra is simultaneously speaking with Lord Kedaleam.

Kedaleam tells you 'Hello again.'
You tell Kedaleam 'Oh good gracious, my Lord.'
You tell Kedaleam 'Did you receive my note?'
You tell Kedaleam 'I am so sorry I have been gone.'
Kedaleam tells you 'I did, and unfortunately I haven't been around myself.'
Kedaleam tells you 'Catching up on things myself.'
You tell Kedaleam 'Ah, indeed. I feel blessed to hear you again.'
Kedaleam tells you 'I'm surprised his [Solmundi's] oathbreak didn't remove him from the god he follows.'
You tell Kedaleam 'It was strange indeed, to see him thus.'
Kedaleam tells you 'That may be an issue on it's own. I'll have to see to it soon.'
Kedaleam tells you 'I suppose another issue might be members of the darkness can follow me, if they follow the Law in itself.'
You tell Kedaleam 'Ah, I see.'
Kedaleam tells you 'The real question for him will have to be where his stance is on quite a few things.'
Kedaleam tells you 'I do feel it's likely not in line with myself.'
You tell Kedaleam 'I agree. He says things... scary things.'
Kedaleam tells you 'I've heard this. Although it's from Ilromie, so I can't take it too hard.'
Kedaleam tells you 'She has always had distaste for him.'
You tell Kedaleam 'Indeed sir.'
You tell Kedaleam 'What do you think happened to him? How did he fall in such a way?'
Kedaleam tells you 'I cannot assume so much. Perhaps it was a seed in his early years that was triggered into growth.'
Kedaleam tells you 'Perhaps the line of the Law had him torn between his duties and his friends on too many occasions.'
You tell Kedaleam 'He said the God of Blood tempted him.'
Kedaleam tells you 'Ahh.'
Kedaleam tells you 'Then perhaps that is who he should be looking to devote himself.'
You tell Kedaleam 'Somehow, he said, Blood would allow him to become Law. I did not understand what he meant.'
An Immortal tells you 'Well, I must go and figure some of this out. Things will change for him soon, I believe.'
You tell an Immortal 'Please let me know if there is anything I may do.'
You tell an Immortal 'Should I seek to study what tempted him?'
An Immortal tells you 'If you wish, just don't be tempted by it yourself.'
You tell an Immortal 'I will be careful, my lord.'
An Immortal tells you 'Did you have any other concerns?'
You tell an Immortal 'That is the forefront, for now.'
An Immortal tells you 'Well then, it's great to see you again, take care!'
You tell an Immortal 'Be well, sir!'

>>> Kali continues his story.

Kali tells the group 'And so I have continued to live my life in the light - upholding my vow, adventuring with my friends, and helping countless lightwalkers gain within their guilds.'
Kali tells the group 'All the while seeking redemption, yet being denied.'
Kali tells the group 'I am truly at a loss, my friend.'

You tell your group 'It seems that many who hear your story support you.'
You tell your group 'You are not alone, my friend.'

Kali tells the group 'I had a moment of hope, once.'
Kali tells the group 'After telling Cunnadd, the paladin, my story, he offered his support.'

You nod.

Kali tells the group 'I informed the Immortals and said that I would seek the support of other lightwalkers.'
Kali tells the group 'Davairus made it perfectly clear that no amount of mortal support would help me.'

You tell your group 'I believe there may be another way.'

Kali tells the group 'Time and time again he makes it clear that my fate lays delicately within his hand.'
Kali tells the group 'And at any moment, he can crush it on a whim.'

You frown disapprovingly.
You tell your group 'No. He has stolen Solmundi from my Lord.'
You tell your group 'I will not let him destroy you too.'

Kali looks at you and his sad expression momentarily brightens before a frown once again settles on his face.
Kali tells the group 'What can we do Serra? We mere mortals, in the face of the Great Tormentor.'

You tell your group 'I believe... if you would seek it... and beseech my Lord's support... I can offer you the path of Water.'

Kali tells the group 'Oh Serra.'
Kali's face brightens.

Serra looks seriously at Kali for a moment.

Kali tells the group 'I would embrace that path with my whole heart.'

You tell your group 'The path is very different from the one you walked before. The way of Water is not force, but flow.'

Kali taps his chin in thought.

You tell your group 'Vengeance is the domain of Fire.'
You tell your group 'Our way is that of forgiveness.'

Kali tells the group 'I have learned much in my time as an outcast.'
Kali tells the group 'I learned many lessons seeking the stones of virtue.'

You nod.

Kali tells the group 'I will always be me....but I feel more mature...'
Kali tells the group 'Perhaps a bit less.....reckless...'

You chuckle politely.

Kali tells the group 'Although I cannot promise to never act rashly...'
Kali tells the group 'My Grandfather says that it is in my nature.'
Kali tells the group 'Just like my father, he says.'
Kali tells the group 'I can give you an example.'

You tell your group 'He also advised you to be careful knowing it, did he not?'

Kali nods in enthusiastic agreement with you.
Kali tells the group 'Tearea recently killed Ilromie. Rather than become overwhelmed with anger and seek vengeance, I showed restraint and consideration.'

You tell your group 'How did that feel?'

Kali says 'I had mixed feelings.'
Kali says 'To be honest, I heard the news at the same time I received a scroll from my grandfather.'
Kali says 'He knew that I would not take the news well.'

You nod.

Kali says 'And he knew too that if I would lash out at Tearea I would fail in my self-imposed impotence.'

You chuckle politely.
You nod.

Kali says 'He feared that such failure would lead me toward a dark path.'
Kali says 'A path seeking the power to defeat my foes.'

You say 'He is wise.'
You say 'The Dark always waits, tempting.'

Anja tells the group 'Thank you both for your help.'
Anja tells the group 'I am listening to you talk and try to learn about this world.'

Kali says 'He cautioned that seeking the power to defeat my foes would only lead me into the darkness.'

You tell your group 'It is our pleasure.'

Kali says 'He said that by gaining the power to avenge Ilromie I may lose her forever.'
Kali tells the group 'It is an absolute pleasure Anja!'
Kali says 'So in response to your question...'
Kali says 'First I heard of her death at Tearea's hands.'
Kali says 'I felt angry.'
Kali says 'I felt very, very angry.'
Kali says 'I love Ilromie. Hearing of another killing her drives me into sudden grief and anger - every time.'

You nod.

Kali says 'Were Tearea standing before me, I likely would have struck her.'
Kali says 'But then I received my grandfather's scroll.'
Kali says 'And anger was replaced with consideration.'

You nod.

Kali says 'I realize that he is right.'
Kali says 'I have always appreciated his counsel, but these were the most important words he has ever shared with me.'

You say 'You are fortunate to have him watching over you.'

Kali says 'I fear that attacking Tearea would have set in motion a tragic spiral.'

You say 'Indeed...'
You say 'I, too, have felt such grief and anger.'

Kali says 'Oh Serra.'
Kali says 'I have been talking so much about myself.'

You say 'My loss occurred when I was not here to bear it.'
You say 'But I spoke with Solmundi, who taunted me for it.'

Kali says 'I am so, so very sorry about Lumubella.'

You nod at Kali.

Kali says 'That monster.'

You say 'He spit in the face of my Lord, and laughed at my love. I nearly stood to strike him, as I have never struck anyone in my life.'
You say 'But the next words from his mouth were a complete lie, and so obvious I had no need to act any longer.'

Kali says 'He is a vile creature and has ever had a wicked heart.'

You say 'From this I learn to cherish patience. The initial instinct may not be necessary.'

Kali nods.
Kali says 'I have heard that patience is a virtue.'

You say 'He uses words as weapons, but is not as deft with them as his sword.'
You say 'And he is hollow.'

Kali says 'He cannot appreciate what it is to love.'

You say 'I do not believe he was always like this. Perhaps, as he lost his way, something emptied within him.'

Kali says 'Few know love like we do, and have known love, my friend.'

You say 'It is unfortunate that this is so.'

Kali nods.

You say 'Then. For the love of our own and for the love of the Light, I ask you to seek counsel from my Lord.'
You say 'I will support you upon this journey with his blessing.'

Kali says 'Do you truly think Kedaleam will help? Do you think even Lords Ceridwel and Kedaleam together, have any chance in influencing my path when the Great Tormentor is so set against any steps towards redemption?'

You say 'The Light will always stand against the Darkness.'

Kali's face brightens.
Kali says 'Then I thank you greatly, my friend.'
Kali says 'I shall beseech help from Lord Kedaleam.'

You nod.

Kali says 'And shall learn the path of water.'

You say 'Let me give you a book to begin.'

Printing Works
| The hall that was originally the location of the Herald archives
| has been replaced by new shiny machines, printing Mystiques
* | like mad.
| |
* * @ |
| | | |
*-*-*-* |
| |
* |

[Exits: north south]
A spotted owl flies in.

You create a leather-bound book titled 'The Book of Water'.
You drop a leather-bound book titled 'The Book of Water'.

Kali utters the words, 'unsorabraoz'.
Kali looks relieved as he begins to manage his belongings.
Kali dwarfs everything around him as he grows.
Kali gets a leather-bound book titled 'The Book of Water'.
Kali runs a hand over the cover of the book.
Kali says 'Thank you for the book.'
Kali says 'And thank you for listening to me, and helping me, my friend.'

You nod.
You say 'May the waters keep you safe.'
You smile at him.

[ 10]: <SCHOLAR> Serra: An epiphany
Mon Sep 6 22:37:26 2021
To: Kedaleam
My dear Lord Kedaleam,

As we spoke, and on after you departed, I was traveling with Kali, now known
as the "Rebuked Chimera". He told me of his story, and how he came to fall
from grace. All of the knowledge I have gathered point to him being
punished and abandoned for the sin, not of betrayal, but of rashness. Thus,
the path to redemption that the God of Blood offers him is inaccessible to
him, for he did not betray those he loved. For him to say he did would be
to lie, and therefore be meaningless.

Kali has changed since I last saw him. The punishment he now bears weighs
heavy upon him, and he has persevered on a kind and goodwilled path without
succumbing to any temptations of the darkness. He has also finally learned
to begin tempering his anger. I see in this, in his pleas and struggles, a
dedication to the path of Light stronger than many I have known. He
believes his only hope of redemption is in Davairus's persecuting hands,
having tried all things, even beseeching Lord Ceridwel, who could do nothing
for him.

But with your grace, my Lord, I suggest another way.

I believe we may offer him the path of Water.

Such an act would require him to renounce his fiery rashness. He has
already begun to learn the truth of patience, through the punishment he
continues to endure. He would need to learn to let go of his prejudices,
and make effort to understand those who walk different paths. He has
already begun to learn that not all those who walk dark paths truly wish
evil upon others, for he walks the same path as they.

And, lastly, his devotion to the path of Water will tether him from the
wayward acts that Davairus punishes him for.

I offer myself to be his guide in this, if you are willing. Where we lose a
soul, we may redeem another.

Humbly yours,

[ 11]: <SCHOLAR> Serra: Guidance
Mon Sep 6 23:04:24 2021
To: Phostan
Dear Headmaster Phostan,

I apologize for my long, unintended absence. In my re-awakening, I have
come to realize my path is now necessarily drawn away from the Physical
realm to the Mystical one. I must therefore humbly request my
re-assignation of the Physical pillar for that of Religion. I will retain
the Arcane and History dedications. With your approval, I will ask Ilromie
to assist me.

Secondly, I would like to seek your counsel in a matter that has come before
me. It relates to research I wish to pursue in the Consortium, along with
other things. Namely, the punishment of Kali, and how I may come to better
understand the complexity of Religion.

The omnipotent God of Blood, Davairus, is the one who cast him from the
Light. Yet Kali's actions since his fall have not wavered from the Light.
Even today he walked with me to aid a young Elf. I see in him the potential
for redemption. Particularly, if he accepts the path of Water. It is my
belief that my Lord Kedaleam and I can guide him safely to an existence that
is fulfilled, at peace, and no longer bloodthirsty.

However before I pursue this path, I must ask you for your counsel first.
For you are the God of Storms, and Kali has been ever pledged to Aberdour,
who also oversees it. I will not proceed if your will is against it. Would
you be willing to relinquish a fallen follower of the Storm, for the calmer
path of Water? If so, if you have any tasks for him to fulfill, I will
ensure that he completes them.

Humbly yours,

>>> Having sought forgiveness from her love (see Witching Ways), Serra lets go of her last ties to the Physical and commits fully to the path of Religion.

The Infirmary
| This room is quite obviously where the sick and needy
| are brought for the attention of the Healers, since the
| walls are lined with beds and cots and are filled with
| the injured and diseased. Soft cries and moans are sometimes
@-G | punctuated by a shrill shriek of joy, as a patient discovers
| | they have been fully restored, often brought back from
+ | the brink of death by the skilled practitioners that
| | wander the room tending them. The entire infirmary is
+-+-+-+-+| sheathed in polished white marble, and the normal sickly
---------+ smell and aura that is associated with a place where
the sick are gathered is strangely absent here, and instead is replaced by
a supreme aura of peace and tranquility. The guild hall can be reached to the

[Exits: east]
(White Aura) Korvoduin the healer guildmaster is here teaching the young priests.

Your description is:
An extremely tall, broad-shouldered woman stands before you. Her face is
rather plain and square, with a wide, crooked nose which has been previously
broken, and pale white scars from what appear to be claw slashes on her left
cheek. Her large, oddly colored eyes are framed with long black lashes.
The irises are dark blue with large specks of glowing crimson which appear
and disappear with every blink. Her snow-white hair is bound in tiny plaits
ending in small white and cerulean beads that swing and clack as she moves.
A beautiful pink ribbon is woven into one of the plaits and terminated with
a crimson bead. The plaits are kept back from her forehead with a simple,
plain leather band. Her skin is the color of rainclouds, with a smattering
of dark blue freckles across the bridge of her nose, and darker purplish
shadows beneath her sunken eyes. Worry lines are deeply etched on her
forehead and at the set corners of her mouth. She is emaciated, almost
skeletal in appearance, yet her enormous frame belies her Giant heritage.
Old stretch marks are visible on her bared upper arms belying her former
weight. When she is quiet, she has a pensive air about her. You notice
that her stride is somewhat pigeon-toed, though she moves with a
determination that belies the strength within her. Fading calluses and
scars on her hands show evidence of past hard labor. Streaks of blood are
smeared on the simple robes wrapping her gaunt body.

A magical spring flows from the ground.

Serra kneels before the spring and carefully, slowly, slices her braids from her scalp with a small sharp knife.

You bow your head in worship of your god.
Kedaleam grants you a little favor.
Reputation with Kedaleam increased by 1.
You receive 1 relic of <MYSTIC>.

You don't feel any different.
You did not lose your faith to begin with.
A warm feeling fills your body.

Serra rinses the small blade in the water and scrapes the remaining stubble away.

You say 'With this, I devote myself fully to the cause of Water.'

Serra kneels before the magical spring, and bows deeply so that her forehead dips below its burbling surface.

Serra's scalp flashes with a bluish light as a pattern forms upon it, traveling up from where she touches the water.

Serra whispers something indistinguishable, her eyes closed.

Serra rises to her feet again and opens her eyes.

Your description is:
An extremely tall, broad-shouldered woman stands before you. Her face is
rather plain and square, with a wide, crooked nose which has been previously
broken, and pale white scars from what appear to be claw slashes on her left
cheek. Her large, oddly colored eyes are framed with long black lashes.
The irises are dark blue with minuscule specks of glowing crimson which
appear and disappear with every blink. Her head is shaven clean. Across
the bared skin on her cranium swirl blue patterns in the style of ancient
runes, which glow softly with her every breath. Her skin is the color of
rainclouds, with a smattering of dark blue freckles across the bridge of her
nose, and darker purplish shadows beneath her sunken eyes. Worry lines are
deeply etched on her forehead and at the set corners of her mouth. She is
emaciated, almost skeletal in appearance, yet her enormous frame belies her
Giant heritage. Old stretch marks are visible on her bared upper arms
belying her former weight. When she is quiet, she has a pensive air about
her. You notice that her stride is somewhat pigeon-toed, though she moves
with a determination that belies the strength within her. Fading calluses
and scars on her gnarled hands show evidence of past hard labor.


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