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So warlords can see hidden now?

posted on 2022-01-13 04:17:37
<766/766hp 611/779m 519/519mv no opponent no opponent calm> (light) [----------] 12pm (noon)
You yell 'Help! I am being attacked by Szrevan!'
Szrevan's wild sting DISEMBOWELS you!
Szrevan's beating MASSACRES you!
Szrevan's sting MASSACRES you!
Szrevan's sting MANGLES you!
You fade into existence.
You step out of the shadows. <==================
Szrevan deflects your poisonous bite aside in an ungraceful parry.
Szrevan blocks your attack and attempts to strike at the brief opening.
Szrevan's riposte MASSACRES you!
Szrevan's sting MANGLES you!
Szrevan is in excellent condition.
[Mentions]: None.
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  1. In certain circumstances i think?
    1. broadly speaking, seeing the opponent requires deathmarked (so you pulled something to deserve one) + challenged (so youve been spotted online) + being in the same room as the warlord + cognizance awareness up (hence the radius of 1 room) + not wearing a disguise currently (thief ability) ... it isnt detect hidden, it just works generally against stealth. they dont get detect hidden to go get blood candles and whatever other shit that does.
    2. So being a cabal applicant and not wanting to speak to a warlord about being an applicant to a cabal is grounds for deathmark?
    3. words that are disrespectful is grounds for a deathmark.
    4. Look at me funny and I'ma deathmark you, disrespectin'-havin' motherfucker. *stretches, wipes sweat off brow* Roleplaying is hard.
    5. Well I see the insinuation is generally that some Warlord is a hothead and going to deathmark you for any reason just to gank. That is what literally every other player already seems to do (Knight, Legion or Justice) so I can understand that. However when I looked into it, I found it was the other player just being deliberately rude and hostile to the Warlord, got ass kicked, got butthurt, began crying and whining. These complaints have read like hostile temper tantrums. So I would have to ask who the hothead really is here. Its simple - talk shit get hit. You do have to be willing to take your lumps after talking a bunch of trash. You cant write a bunch of insulting shit then throw your hands in the air and say youre a pacifist or something. Feel free to quote me on that.
    6. in this post you just made are you referring to me. I have been in game numerous times and you have yet to discuss this incident with me in game. I would appreciate that when you say you investigate these situations that you infact actually investigate what happened rather than disparage a player outside of the game without having the facts.
    7. " You do have to be willing to take your lumps after talking a bunch of trash. You cant write a bunch of insulting shit then throw your hands in the air and say youre a pacifist or something." - Davairus

      You can, You can also post a log on the board with just the the lump taking and whine about the overpowered Warlord. Doesn't seem to serve a productive purpose though.
    8. OP I don't have the facts because you didn't provide them.

      Another thing is this. You can just ask for a handicap if you think the duel isn't going to be fair. A Warlord can handicap themselves down to 1 hp (though I doubt they'll agree to this). This has been available for a while and listed in HELP CHALLENGE. So there is really no so-called Warlord record padding of late. Its just a matter of ignorance. This is what you are griping about when you are getting chased around by an angry player for cowardice or saying fighting sucks.

      Obviously there is a traditionally generous line for harassment via ganking and stealing, or you wouldn't still be playing here. MANY of us would not be here. Either because we couldnt stand the harassment, or because we were banned for it. So, OP, consider just stop complaining. The game's combat (and rare items) needs death to be truly enticing. I know a PK can be very appalling at the same time. We all know it. Gank logs are disappointing. But at the same time we crave a log with REAL PVP to read. Don't tell me you aren't tired of reading fucking duels
    [reply to Resatimm]
  2. Careful, people can watch you on the stream too. Might want to turn that off (but you have to quit and log back in for the change to take effect).
    1. How does the stream work? Is there any notification in game if you are being streamed?
      The stream is cool. It's a bummer if people feel they need to turn it off because it helps people hunt you or could reveal to others where your lair is
    2. It's a real double-edged sword type of scenario.

      If you have stream enabled, when you first log in there will be a message like "Your configuration allows others to watch you on the stream" or something like that.

      The stream is not in real-time - there is a bit of a delay. It's fantastic for duels in arena/RP and things like that. The trouble is when you are fighting someone throughout the whole world - even though there is a delay they could still use it to see what area you ran to (if you stay still for a little bit) or they could analyze it to see if you have certain places you always run to.

      I'm not saying Szrevan uses the stream for that purpose but he could. The only way to make sure the person you're fighting can't do that is to turn the stream off. To make the change go through you have to quit and log back in again (i.e. if you login and you can be streamed, even if you type nostream you will still be streamed until your next login).
    3. Thanks for the info! It's a shame you can't disable it from in-game so if you see yourself on the stream and feel like you are being found via it you could just turn it off
    4. I actually reported this as a bug. Necromancers don’t really have the option of quickly logging off and back on again to refresh their stream setting.
    [reply to Heinrildt]
  3. requires a cabal power setup - see the deathmark helpfile
    1. Deathmark helpfile not available.
    2. ...that explains my encounter.
    3. OK i did not know about that being invisible. It is accessible now.
    [reply to Davairus]
  4. That’s dumb.
      [reply to jugahbu]
    1. You should post the relevant parts that led to the spanking. Lots of boohooing about Warlords with just the spankings being shown. Being a disrespectful cowardly little shit will get you in painsville obviously. Warlords battle for supremacy as a way of life. If you got deathmarked you most likely did something to earn it. Waiting for all the boohooers to band together like they obviously need to.
        [reply to Ashlyn]
      1. I feel like the extent of dialogue I have with Warlords is "fight me now or die." Not much more to it.
        1. At least you’re given the option and plenty of warning
        2. Sure, I'll give you that.

          It seems like it's all about that winning %, regardless of how the win comes. Meaning eager to challenge a newly pinnacled char, often helping said char reach 50, in exchange for the duel. I struggle to see where the "glory" is in someone decked out in titanium tenor beating the shit out of someone with red dragon and a fiery dagger. Honestly, RP/dominance over Serin aside, where is the fun in that? Both for the Warlord and for the newly pinnacled char?

          There is no mention of "honor" in the helpfiles so maybe that's just the old man in me saying Pepperidge Farm remembers when Warlords didn't try to pad records with wins they could achieve AFK. Warlords definitely has more of a "Legion" vibe going on. And oddly it's been comprised of neutrals lately.
        3. I'm quite new to playing again (I played casually like 25 years ago) but from what I've seen / heard since being back Warlords does seem very Legion-y to me. I don't see much difference between Legion extortion and Warlord challenges. It's a matter of who is dictating the action. Both scenarios say "do this or die" with no regard for what the character is doing right now or what they are role-playing. Even the suggestions on how to respond dictate dropping what you are doing an fighting. Stop what you are doing and take a quick to the stun beating to avoid future to the death beatings. Stop what you are doing, band together with others, and try to win a fight.

          Warlords force every player to engage in their preferred part of the game within 3 challenge requests. It's an inversion of the starting rules. Rather than PK encouraged, RP mandatory it is PK mandatory, RP encouraged with Wardlords RP largely dictated by the cabal since it sets their goal.

          I've got no real skin the game here I have no 50 and this could all very well be functioning as intended to stir up conflict. But you might as well call it what it is.
        4. It is my completely unbiased opinion that the game needs a strong Justice cabal to help to provide people with a place where they can be safe from marauding warlords/legion.

          It’s better for new/returning/PK averse players to have somewhere they can run than to allow the PKers to run rampant, slaughtering them wherever and whenever they like.
        5. Not a bad opinion Linisan, but you have justices out there Marauding too.
        6. What tickles me about it, is didn't we just receive two logs of players literally ganking lower-ranked guys who are levelling ? we've got complaining about warlords waiting at 50 to... duel you? and you're comparing Warlords to Legion? Is this serious or is this just trying to piss me off. Incase you guys don't remember, one of the reasons he is the Warmaster is because several of you guys spam-ganked the previous warmaster. We HAD about as rp-focused a warmaster as we will ever get, and you guys all gave your feedback. Szrevan is a product of the times his character has been through
        [reply to Mogu]
      2. I feel like my reply would be wasted on people who's opinions are already set in stone, but here goes an attempt at dispersing some ignorance:

        1. Szrevan's main focus has been getting into PK whether it is by duels in the arena or starting shit with those who think it's fit to bark back at someone asking politely if they would be interested in a duel to test their might.

        2. Szrevan's secondary focus has always been to provide good experience to all the parties involved. Whether it is patiently waiting for enemy to become ready, helping them getting ready (even if they are Deathmarked and in an unofficial war, wink Linisan) or simply providing tips and tricks on how to beat me before and after the fight, if the enemy is clearly less experienced in PK (not patronizing, i just want people to feel that this is a learning experience, not some random spanking).

        The exaggerated claims that people get deathmarked and dunked simply by refusing duels is far-fetched, I believe any immortal who can see my chat history can confirm that. I have no problem with people declining duels, but then I usually attempt to engage into conversation about it via RP. When the person acts rude and disrespectful because they think their self-righteous position offers them a right to be condescending then they eventually get forced into a challenge.

        This _DOES NOT_ happen within 1 session usually. There has always been a build-up that takes several meetings and discussions prior to that.

        I even try to keep challenging the same people to a minimum, because I prefer quality over quantity. UNLESS they think they have come back stronger than before.

        The people who dodge duels and are rude only get forced into a fight once, unless they keep talking shit afterwards.

        It is so damn easy to judge and jump to conclusions without understanding nothing about the Warlord creed and it absolutely disgusts me that all the in-game RP has to be dragged into OOC constantly. This is not what I signed up for either. I am a Warlord with a mentality of "come at me, whoever dares to!" but wise enough to know that the meaningless victories are nothing if they do not help to progress the PK scene and school more aspiring PKers to learn and take up arms.

        But honestly, all this whining and namecalling is making me less and less eager to even log into this game. Not to mention a few handful of players blatantly dodging my presence via OOC and insta-quitting when I log on because they can't go on bottomfeeding.

        I honestly do not recognize this game anymore. PK has become an awful thing, but being an asshole evil Justice is praised as long as you don't kill too many people I suppose.

        Several people who are complaining are used to dunking newbies themselves and now feel threatened, i do recognize some of the names and characters that I can put together. Tell me how many newbies have you helped recently or how many hours you have sat there giving out PK lessons to those willing to learn? How many people have you helped to pinnacle just so that the PK scene at 50 could flourish?

        Call me a marauder all you want, I am just playing the game, abiding by my personal and Warlord RP and doing what I can to ensure PK does not die off completely and people can still have fun waging wars and have a HGOD target. I do not come to complain and whine OOC when things could be dealt in-game via RP either before or after.

        The hypocrisy is blatant and you can boo my post all you want, I do me. If you don't like it, gank me.
        1. Also, literally every single point in this post is false and a sad attempt at trying to discredit any effort made by char/player targeted by this slander:

          "It seems like it's all about that winning %, regardless of how the win comes. Meaning eager to challenge a newly pinnacled char, often helping said char reach 50, in exchange for the duel. I struggle to see where the "glory" is in someone decked out in titanium tenor beating the shit out of someone with red dragon and a fiery dagger. Honestly, RP/dominance over Serin aside, where is the fun in that? Both for the Warlord and for the newly pinnacled char?

          There is no mention of "honor" in the helpfiles so maybe that's just the old man in me saying Pepperidge Farm remembers when Warlords didn't try to pad records with wins they could achieve AFK. Warlords definitely has more of a "Legion" vibe going on. And oddly it's been comprised of neutrals lately."

          1. Szrevan never forces or even asks duels from people who feel they are not ready, whether it is gear or consumables. I've not fought a single red dragon and fiery dagger character, so what the fuck? Almost everyone has had chance to get optimal gear, many I've even helped with that to ensure a better fight. If someone has sub-optimal gear, I remove all of my titanium to even the battle.

          2. If I cared about my win % i would just keep challenging the same people, but I do not. I feel I am _RUINING_ my record if I am going like 10-0 vs someone who does not even offer a close fight. I literally try to do the opposite of what you are accusing me of.

          And the fact that this post gets 5 cheers only proves to me that I should spend my time elsewhere doing things that actually matter. Because I feel like all the effort I've spent is wasted here. Probably makes a bunch of people happy so they can go on doing their shit and farming newbies in silent PK.

          I'm out. Peace.
        2. I cheered your post.

          I can confirm he is telling the truth when he says he will help the enemy get ready.

          I don't really have a comment about the deathmarking for refusing duels or dodging you - neither apply to me.

          I'm glad you wrote this post - I agree that it's unfortunate when RP things get dragged into OOC but this was a good read.
        3. PS! About the Deathmark thing that was mentioned, this is also wrong. If Shaghroth dies to someone in a proper fight, I have no business "avenging" nor he has any business deathmarking.

          Yet if people abuse a less experienced player by multi-killing him with the most lame and assholish style, obviously and blatantly going against everything that Warlords stand for they get Deathmarked and then I try to beat some respect into them. That's all. That's how it works. I have even sent a missive to now half-dead/empty Warlords cabal explaining that Deathmarks should be used and hunted only when they are truly warranted.

          If I Deathmark you, then you either fuck up my fight with a grave enemy by being a piece of shit or kill Katarina.

          Fuck this has been a lot of text, we should not have a need for it. In-game RP has all the answers, let's try that. Please?
        4. Not sure who all you're talking about but continuing my new guy perspective (if anybody cares), I do also think Sz is a great foil. Makes me think of Quazark back in my day. Different characters / approach / motivations clearly but same level of fear and center-of-the-dangerous-world vibe. There is always somebody like that to stir the drink, right?

          Warlords feeling like Legion is based on 20 year old info about what the cabals mean, at least for me and a handful of other old recently returned folk. And Legion comes with the evil tag and less oppressive abilities (or it did back then).

          I do think y'all would have very different opinions on what constitutes being rude or self-righteous though.
        5. @Scrynor, long story short, the opinions we have IRL should not be intertwined with our decisions and opinions in-game. Obviously I don't think someone is self-righteous, rude or an aspiring tyrant IRL but my _CHARACTER_ has a huge hatred towards anyone trying to oppress his freedom (chaotic, previously enslaved half of his life by magic) such as Justice or Keepers or even if Legion or Knight would try to force their shit on him.

          Also, he is a damn stubborn lizard-brain, for him rudeness and self-righteousness are a bit different than it would be for me IRL. When Szrevan feels like people are talking down to him and he is a prideful Warlord, he deals with it the only way his lizard-brain and Warlord creed allows him to: FITE ME!

          Honestly, it is already hard to keep myself within my RP boundaries often, because sometimes my RL brain finds some things counter-intuitive, because I'm not a damn Serpent King Warlord irl, am I? So yes, please interact with me, read my story, be a good sport! Don't judge someone OOC, it fucks up the whole immersion and game.

          Each time I feel I am obliged to post I feel like a huge part of RP opportunity, immersion and mystique just vanishes and all the hard work goes to shit.

          NOT trying to patronize myself, but it truly saddens me as RL person, while Szrevan the lizard-brain would not and will not give a flying fuck.
        6. Yeah, I mean that all reads great. I'm not sure if there is a way for somebody who flies to 50 to figure that out about Sz before getting themselves killed by him though unless they are going slow and really hanging out in the tavern and reading the interviews. But I mean that's part of it too. I guess I'd just add don't be too flummoxed about people taking digs on the internet. It's part of being the big bad. At least the people I know spend way more time talking about Sz and how to interact him in game than they do complaining about him out of game on the forum (and we can also do both things at the same time). So I wouldn't say your work is going to waste.
        7. In my case, I'll grant that I have been a thorn in the side of the Warlords for a long time... I don't recall when it all started for sure, but there was a monk who was fighting one of the four enemies in Braem Wood behind the locked doors and I set a tripwire in the central chamber then failed to blackjack them and they marked me somehow. I think this happened when vendettas existed... And there were probably many other incidents after that. So it was inevitable that something would happen eventually, and I just failed by a fraction of a second to hit Enter after typing in "qua recall" when the final round of combat occurred.

          I'm not going to complain about my death, anyway. Well done for finally giving me my comeuppance.
        [reply to Szrevanooc]
      3. Lol I just cheered my own post thinking it would let me see who cheered it. And you can't change it! Is that a bug? Bug report. -1 cheer
        1. I wanted to leave this anonymous and just post about the whole fact that warlords can see hidden because that seems to be super cheese even with a deathmark.

          But since the former warlord leader is talking about people only get deathmarked because they deserve it and Szrevan is saying he only rps deathmarks and these sessions go on and on before a deathmark is assigned, I will tell you exactly what happened.

          Szrevan says to me oh you are a new applicant to the justice cabal to invoke tyranny?
          My response No.
          He says You are not an applicant that is not what I heard. Not sure how he knows or why me being a justice applicant is important to a warlord.

          My response I am an applicant, but I am not trying to invoke any tyranny

          His response so you are a liar

          My response I am not going to get into a conversation about this.

          Boom deathmarked

          So I just hide in town and he attacks me after the countdown while I am hidden and that is why you have the log before you.
        2. For what it’s worth I have no idea how he knew either. I don’t recall talking to anybody in game about internal Justice affairs and I don’t talk to anybody out of game about in game things.
        3. OK look. I'm not sure what you are trying to get at. Even if you are a Justice applicant, I sure as hell don't know or care about it. Nobodys going around announcing Justice applications that I know of. Its probably your own fault. We would all love it if every new character that was created began with a blank slate, and I'm sure nobody means to goes out of their way looking. but don't act so surprised when your obvious character is obvious.
        4. When somebody worships a lawful god, more often than not they either (a) are a Justice or (b) plan on becoming a Justice. This is even more likely with evil characters. I've sometimes deduced that somebody was planning on becoming a Justice by who was taking their sacrifices during ordinary interaction while ranking.
        [reply to Scrynor]
      4. @Szrevan you bring up valid points and it's right to call me out not making more of an effort to RP this out in game.

        I get you're playing out your RP and don't like these OOC-immersion-breaking conversations but I'd just ask that you consider whether you might be breaking another player's immersion. As jugahbu noted eloquently in the dead monk thread, players feel compelled to just say yes to the duel with the king, let him have his win, and carry on with their business. Otherwise they'll get deathmarked and die. I don't know if that's what you're trying to project with Szrevan but that's how it can come across. Just trying to offer some perspective.

        I suppose the monk had it coming for ignoring your duel or whatever else he did leading up to that but to just waltz in and kill him while playing a poker game seems over the top.

        That being said when I have agreed to duel you, you have always offered advice on how I could do better (this goes for every Warlord) and that is appreciated.
          [reply to Mogu]
        1. This is definitely how I have handled all challenge requests against my filthy casual characters. Accept, relax my butthole, and ask they spit a bit first to help ease it in. Afterwards, I can just go on with my day and walk it off.
            [reply to Phostan]

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