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Mahkto 2 rounds Savanti while requesting

posted on 2022-06-23 04:08:18
[Exits: (south)]
An elven companion is here with a grim look on his face.
An elven companion is here with a grim look on his face.
(Invis) (White Aura) An elf lord dressed in regal clothes is here.

<424/722Hp /335/394mv *none*><no opponent/no opponent standing/><><inside (indoors)> l com
A traveling guard, he is the lord's personal bodyguard. About him he
wears a cloak which has been worn from travel. His facial features are hard
and chiselled. He looks like the type of man who can handle himself in a
fight, and has various weapons within easy reach if one does.
An elven companion is in excellent condition.

an elven companion is using:
<wielded> (Glowing) (Humming) a deadly whip of bluish fire

<424/722Hp /335/394mv *none*><no opponent/no opponent standing/><><inside (indoors)> request whip comp
An elven companion looks at the skull of Krynst the Ancient approvingly.
An elven companion places a deadly whip of bluish fire on the ground.
You thank an elven companion for the kindness he has shown and meditate
for a while upon the goodness you have seen.
You rest.

<349/722Hp /235/394mv *none*><no opponent/no opponent resting/><><inside (indoors)>
Mahkto walks in.

<434/722Hp /271/394mv *none*><no opponent/no opponent resting/><><inside (indoors)>
You yell 'Help! I am being attacked by Mahkto!'
A deadly whip of bluish fire becomes part of the ground.
You snap out of your meditation.
You aim a shot at Mahkto as he closes in on you.
Your snap shot *** DEMOLISHES *** Mahkto!
Mahkto's thrust MASSACRES you!
Mahkto's beating DISMEMBERS you!
Mahkto's thrust DISMEMBERS you!
Mahkto's thrust MASSACRES you!
Your holy fire *** DEMOLISHES *** Mahkto!
Your holy fire *** DEMOLISHES *** Mahkto!
Mahkto has quite a few wounds.

<165/722Hp /271/394mv *Mahkto*><shaft/offensive fighting/ground><><inside (indoors)> flee
You couldn't escape!
Mahkto has quite a few wounds.

<173/722Hp /279/394mv *Mahkto*><shaft/offensive fighting/ground><><inside (indoors)>
You stab at Mahkto with an arrow at point blank range.
Mahkto parries your arrow.
Your holy fire *** DEMOLISHES *** Mahkto!
Your holy fire MANGLES Mahkto!
Mahkto's thrust MASSACRES you!
Mahkto's thrust MASSACRES you!
Mahkto's beating MASSACRES you!
You have been KILLED!!


  1. Savanti I just want to point out that the yawns and #trash are not aimed at you. Personally I’m a huge fan!
      [reply to Kalist19]
    1. I am confused first by the Legion tag since I am not legion, but secondly you have two logs where he attacks me without warning where I am in my guild minding my own business. Honor, Courage, Respect? What happened to the crusade? No offer of the oath, just simple silent pk. Maybe make an effort in game with your opponent and you won't be treated like trash when you act like it.
      1. This is nonsense, I crusaded against you (All that is required,) and screwed up on my end, and got full looted. Savanti hasn't come anywhere close to successfully killing you, but he does not have to crusade against an obviously aggressive evil.
      2. Some evil is beyond redemption. Have you read the Raknos helpfile? Would you expect a knight to talk to a vampire or alhoon about the oath? Hell no. You smite that shit. Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy!
      3. With Davs changes nerfing bows he actually got very close in killing me, even landed a wounding shot. I won't get into game mechanics on the log board, but its a horrible change. What does this log have to do with you Krask? You crusaded attacked my guild and got smacked, I didn't come looking for you.
      4. the game mechanics were literally posted on the logboard and everyone can make their own opinions about the hitroll but you can definitely keep your mouth shut about that point blank bugfix which you would have to be an idiot to not realize your point blanks never miss
      5. keep the point blank, ill take the weapon switching advantage for skill
      6. You stab at a master torturer with an arrow at point blank range.
        A master torturer nimbly dodges your arrow with a practiced maneuver.

        never miss? joke
      7. Mahkto, Dav means before the bugfix, presumably. I didn't think anything of the fact that the first attack of someone wielding a bow with arrows quivered was always a point blank stab, or more specifically that it never missed...
      8. Yes, before the bugfix the point blank skill was unblockable, so if you lost any fights with a ranger before the bugfix, I wouldn't expect to be doing well for a while.
      [reply to Mahkto]
    2. That is a lot of damage back and forth, ignore the yawns, I like to see the logs.

      Also, I have seen a few Knights offer oath lately, so I know they are still doing that.
      1. I was offered an oath.
      [reply to Grayden]
    3. You're still a big bully. Time for a dwarf healer knight and frustrate you with endless battle
        [reply to Ashlyn]
      1. Use to be able to lock the door to prevent that.
        1. You can now pass through that door is the problem. But unless you have the skull from Krynst, the elves won't give you anything you request from them afaik.
        [reply to Terrath]
      2. killing a knight while requesting is a special kinda guilt.. its really its own punishment
          [reply to Davairus]
        1. Mahkto do good. None opinion matter
            [reply to Gugunnu]
          1. At some point in their lives, every new Lightwalker/Knight needs to learn the hard lesson of not requesting when you have enemies about. This was Savanti's turn. It is like a rite of passage. You have hair on your chest now dude!
              [reply to Ceridwel]

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