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Keepers = The New Legion?

posted on 2017-06-15 04:14:03

I'm a neutral werebeast. I drop my training, to help Keeper Udiorn attain his pinnacle.
I am wearing mid-level rares, with an exception of titanium fullplate and frost burned bracelet, the rest
are not noteworthy.
Kharl joins us, as he is within my range, I ask if I am a threat - the answer is an affirmative NO.
We are grouped with a seemingly new player (Quasit Invoker) who has Enthema rares (obviously junk).

After Keeper Udiorn reaches his pinnacle, he takes off with Kharl, outfits and returns to us without
warning only to attack us while we are fighting a mob in Mudfall - unprepared and unaware, as we expected
no such thing from Keeper. I am then notified by the confused Quasit that he asked Udiorn if he was of any
threat to the Balance just a couple of ticks ago and the answer was also negative. The Quasit is now dead and has
left the realms (most likely pissed off). I run to Emerald only to die to Udiorn and Kharl due to a failed Camouflage.

Then the following conversation proceeds after my corpse being fully cleaned (mind my pissed-off state):

You say 'What a traitor.'

You tell Udiorn 'What did I do to you, ever?'

Udiorn tells you 'It is what you DID to the Mother.'

You tell Udiorn 'Besides aiding you with whatever.'

Udiorn tells you 'And that you use our halls to defend your actions.' (no fucking clue what he is talking about, doubt the same "excuse" would apply to the Quasit too?)

You tell Udiorn 'To whom!?'

You tell Udiorn 'What!?'

You tell Udiorn 'The Gods be my witness!'

You tell Udiorn 'This is outrageous!'

You tell Udiorn 'You stabbed me in the back after helping you.'

Udiorn tells you 'Yes.'

You tell Udiorn 'For absolutely no reason.'

Udiorn tells you 'No, there is a reason.'

You tell Udiorn 'ZERO reason, besides being a bloodthirsty mongrel.'

You tell Udiorn 'Do tell a sufficent reason.'

Udiorn tells you 'You were completely fitted in the stains of Serin.'

Udiorn tells you 'Entirely fitted as you should not.'

You tell Udiorn 'Yet I was not a threat as confirmed by Khral.'

Udiorn tells you 'And as such, you have been cleansed of it.'

You tell Udiorn 'This is a joke.'

You tell Udiorn 'You are nothing but a clan of bloodthirsty mongrels with excuses of most lame.'

You tell Udiorn 'I see now what Keepers have become.'

You tell Udiorn 'Just mindless violence.'

Udiorn tells you 'I await whatever outcome, as the Mother tells decrees.'

You tell Udiorn 'You are nothing but a backtstabber.'

You tell Udiorn 'With no honor or shame.'

Udiorn tells you 'And you are a ghost.'

Udiorn tells you 'Be silent ghost.'

You tell Udiorn 'What words from Keepers.'

You tell Udiorn 'You should try to convert to Legion.'

You tell Udiorn 'Gods will hear of this.'

Udiorn tells you 'In the future, if you outfit yourself as the Mother intended, you will find me a friend.'

Udiorn tells you 'Otherwise, I am your enemy.'

You tell Udiorn 'I was NOT a threat.'

You tell Udiorn 'Save your excuses.'

Udiorn tells you 'Do as you wish.'

You tell Udiorn 'I asked Khral directly, if I was a threat.'

You tell Udiorn 'I was told I am NOT.'

You tell Udiorn 'Keepers are supposed to either warn or persuade the person to leave their wares.'

Udiorn tells you 'We are done speaking, considering the things you are bringing up.'

You tell Udiorn 'These actions have been reported, I shall not watch your kind turn Keepers into a bloodthirsty band of wannabe Legion-tyrants.'

Udiorn tells you 'Be warned, my patience is stretched thin with your actions.'

Udiorn tells you 'Especially considering a name drop.'

Udiorn tells you 'From someone who is barely more than sixteen.'

TL;DR - What the actual fuck I have missed over the years?
[Mentions]: None.


  1. You seemed to have missed the part where you intentionally dropped that you led the cabal on some past character. How odd.
      [reply to Udiorn]
    1. Looking at what they looted from're a bit bias in saying you only got a couple of rares, you look pretty decked out. Was it an actual gangbang? As you haven't actual posted the log of the fight...just a summary from your side of the story.

      I don't think there is anywhere written in their cabal conduct they can only attack threats. Threats are literally the Top guy on the pk list. If all they do is attack threats, they do more sitting than Justices.

      I think this is pretty classic Keeper RP. You got to remember they aren't the "good guys" to most people, and they are always temporary allies at BEST when they have something to gain (ie. leveling up together). They can turn on a dime quick, and that's clearly whats happened.
      1. Also, how is 3 levels lower ranger as a threat that is needed to be lied to and then 2v1'd after helping the same people? How is any of that RP unless you are playing Legion?
      2. In the log you posted it literally just said you are wearing alot of rares....that is basically part of Keeper RP. I don't get the issue here. Why can't he lie to you and stab you in the back? Even in HELP KEEPER it says they are temporary allies at best and will backstab you.
      3. Ok all good, at least now I have something to kill as neutral :P This could actually be a nice thing to pad my record! Just didn't really expect to die, went too casual it seems :(
      4. I get it, it sucks when someone you ranked with ganks you. But when you're in pk range at anytime, you shouldn't be letting your guard down. Especially against active PVP cabal members, as Keepers very much are. They may not be the obvious Legion but they sure aren't Knights who hold hands together.

        I don't see any breach of RP or PK here. Unless perhaps they gangbanged you to begin with, that may be some questionable RP in regards to how much of a "threat" you are, and may need to answer to senior members of the cabal if asked but other than that...
      5. Just someone tell me finally: HOW is a low ranked NEUTRAL character wearing random level 40 rares with an exception of TWO items a THREAT TO THE BALANCE OF SERIN!? Neutral... not good, not evil... how exactly do I tip the scale of balance here?
      6. What does you being with neutral have to do with anything? Keepers aren't Knights here, they don't have to justify killing a neutral or not. I don't get why you keep mentioning neutral.

        Low ranked? You are in PK range, it doesn't matter what rank you are, you are in the range of being murdered, get over that.

        You keep talking about random wears, I see loots of a titanium fullplate, whipping tail of a manticore, spiked light-steel gauntlets, colossal bow, samite gown, frost burned bracelets. Man, those are no random level 40 rares. I'd like to see you kill Imbessar and the Ancient Ranger Lord at Rank 40.

        Stop crying over it, pick yourself up and gank Udiorn back.
      7. You disarm both of them, the Ranger and Imbessar.
      8. Kharl
        1 , 0 , 1 .
        As you can see there is now a price for the cheese...
      [reply to Lorne]
    2. You tell Udiorn 'I have known KEEPERMASTER personally in the past and I do know this is unheard of!'

      Sorry, copy-paste. I have nothing to hide.
        [reply to Raukh]
      1. And really, just asking them "Hey I'm I a threat?" is pretty stupid imo. It's like asking an Assassin if you were bountied.

        I mean, who's to say they weren't lying? They don't have to be honorable, they don't have to play fair, they just sac rares.
          [reply to Lorne]
        1. Nico [reply]
          1 , 1 , 1 .
          I approve of these actions 100%. Raukh was 9 hours old created today with a nice suit of armor and got dunked by some keepers, nothing wrong there at all.
          1. Lowbies are a threat to balance now? Or whatever BS excuse you want to use this time? How about the newbie quasit guy? He had shit rares from Enthema, he didn't even know wtf happened probably. Also, I was way more than 9 hours old, with 90% of rares doable by level 40s, two items being an exception. Are people like these allowed to become Keepermasters nowadays? Completely zero clue about what they are blabbering about. Seems to me the only threat to the "balance" of PK is you, so go kill yourself.

            I'll be hunting for you and your pack of wannabe Legion.
          [reply to Nico]
        2. I remember that back in the day the "overly bloodthirsty" Keeper thing was a thing and perhaps one of the reasons why "THREAT" flag was implemented in the first place.

          Now when people are freely able to enforce silly rules such as "4 rares maximum or get ganked by the only active PKers still left in the game in order to preserve "balance"" I do not see how this is encouraging trash PKers to roll anything else, even Legion, besides Keeper.
          1. The Threat flag is the same as anathema, bounty, wanted, deathmark. It isn't the ONLY thing that Keepers can kill for. That would be shockingly stupid.
          [reply to Vinther]
        3. And how was I not a threat whilst ranking up Udiorn? So it is ok to close your eye to "balance" when it benefits you personally?

          Too many logic flaws with this bullshit. It literally took half a day to get that eq with random people around 40, that's hardly anything noteworthy for whatever "mother" these guys are talking about.

          Uh and I did enjoy the OOC from Udiorn when he said that "he has a feeling" that other Keeper is going to log in shortly while exping.
            [reply to Raukh]
          1. Udiorn walks in.
            A vigorous, spotted dalmatian walks in.

            Udiorn knocks someone senseless with a full on bodyslam.
            Udiorn's bodyslam MANGLES someone!

            Raukh steps out from his cover.
            Raukh's sting wounds Udiorn.
            Udiorn's fury MASSACRES Raukh!

            Raukh's sting decimates Udiorn!
            Raukh's pierce mauls Udiorn.
            Udiorn's fury MANGLES Raukh!

            Udiorn knocks Raukh senseless with a full on bodyslam.
            Udiorn's bodyslam MANGLES Raukh!
            Raukh dies painfully as Udiorn's bodyslam batters him into the ground!
            Raukh is DEAD!!
            Udiorn gasps for air as he snaps out of his insanity.
            You hear Raukh's death cry.

            According to the stream it doesn't appear to be a failed camouflage attempt, so I'm unsure as to how he was able to body slam you while camouflaged unless since he was raged it drew you out and each parried or blocked the attacks and then he body slammed.
            1. nope he opened with bodyslam I was in the forest. heard the yells. kind of feels like a bug to me. he was camouflage to me. I couldn't see him. than even the yells said someone
            2. I was surprised as well, this happened twice by the way. Looking through my scrollback, he revealed me with a murder before. I am not sure how can a serker see through camouflage? Keeper skill probably?
            3. my guess is some overlooked bugs corresponding with the recent berserker changes... I'm sure some bugs slipped through as no one has really tested them at all since the changes... I honestly think you might be one f the first to 50 since.... I can gaurantee keepers can't see camouflage... especially a zerker
            4. As a zerker vet. Not a bug. I highly suggest you do your research.
            5. well that's bs than if they can open with bodyslam. I can understand maybe getting that free murder off with rage and what not going. but to be able to open with a bodyslam on a hidden. target?
            6. I'm not going to enter into a debate against someone who is guessing. Do some research and find the reason why.
            7. you know it's set like this that turns players off our game. this game has so many moving parts and shit that can be openly discussed should be. this isn't a cabal skill. saying oh I know why maybe you should figure t out is a dick move. I go out for my way to try to help people get better at try his game so that they stick around. maybe you should try that once in a while. maybe our numbers will go up instead of down
            8. This is simple, ass hat.

              You throwing a fit isn't going to change it. If something like this came up and a vet said these words "As a zerker vet. Not a bug. I highly suggest you do your research."

              Know what I, and literally any person on the planet who isn't an entitled fuckhead would do? READ THE SKILLS FOR ZERKERS.

              Is that so tough for you? Look at the skills, that you don't know what they do. Once your done doing that, if you still haven't found it. Go back and read them ALL. So that you have an actually fucking understanding, instead of the information that you had to beg and whine to get. Earning it will make it last. Having it handed will make it useless.

              You are acting like you have such altruistic intentions. Bullshit. I know and have met so many newbies and they are the most eager to do the research, so that they can learn. It's level 3 punks like yourself, that seem to think that it should just be handed to them.
            9. lol triggered. go ahead and quote the stages to me. bugs me sooooooo much. I was around when that post was made. such a whiner. I'll be back soon enough to show you how us stage 3 PWN JOO GOOD.
            10. Okay, sunshine. Let me know when you figure it out.
            11. see. this is exactly what I mean. instead of a healthy discussion on class skills. you blow up like a child. good job man... er kid.
            12. [quote]you know it's set like this that turns players off our game. this game has so many moving parts and shit that can be openly discussed should be. this isn't a cabal skill. saying oh I know why maybe you should figure t out is a dick move. I go out for my way to try to help people get better at try his game so that they stick around. maybe you should try that once in a while. maybe our numbers will go up instead of down[/quote]
            13. Are you the pot or the kettle, in this situation? Out of curiosity.
            14. neither?? fuck are you high bro? I don't see any contradiction here
            15. Tayyah, we should stop the back and forth now. You don't like me, or maybe you just don't like how I do things. I don't care. I sure as shit don't like the way you do things. So just leave it at that.
            16. I don't even know you.... I honestly can't think of any of your chars or anything. haven't even put thought into your existence. if I disagree with someone I will voice my opinion that's it. I care very passionately about the game.
            17. alright, well, out of spite, I looked it up, since you are too full of yourself to actually have a meaningful conversation on this. Rampage would be the culprit, except that rampage is used against multiple opponents, he didn't even have pets out. so I lean back towards this is a bug. Only the berserker can really answer this. did you type just bodyslam, or bodyslam target. did you have rampage built up? I am genuinely curious as to how this works and would like to have a conversation about it, if failon can not just come spew vitriol
            18. You started this pissing contest. Lazy bastard. I'm going to withhold just because you are acting like a twat.
            19. Alright failon. please stop responding. trying to have a meaningful conversation. I really could care less what you think.
            20. Lol. Curses! Your lack of caring has defeated me!
            21. Lorne
              1 , 0 , 1 .
              Wtf is this lol. Add each other on snapchat please.

              Who made you the zerker vet? :>
            22. Voglin 1

              Lorne 0

            23. Lorne
              1 , 0 , 1 .
              Lol I guess I can't argue there.
            [reply to Rothak]
          2. Hahaha this is hilarious to me. this was my biggest complaint against my keeper master.... why you killing me, I'm good aligned or I'm neutral. I really think that keepers doesn't have clear cut information on what their purpose actually is. in my interpretation it was kill anyone that had more than half Rares if they aren't in a cabal. if that's the case than relieve them. good. neutral or evil. don't have Rares and expect to be friends with a keeper. that being said. against cabal chars I don't think this should apply as their is coding in the game for at war corresponding with item captures. so my recommendation... get that quasi back with you. automatically take the scales and give it to the acolyte in the sewers. soon as you see a keeper just camp them. they clearly made their choice about numbers so use them back.
            1. Ty
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              Keepers have been doing what they were first intended to do. Amass power so they can keep balance. They're the America of Abandond Realms! Have a cup of Liber-Tea.
            [reply to tayyah]
          3. You looked in the wrong place, it's not rampage. Not a bug either, I will be posting a more in depth reply to this thread when I get off work and have access to a pc, because this is some funny shit. Anyway, we shouldn't call things bugs ri ght away just because we don't understand something. The imms have more important things to do, (like druids!) then wasting their time because you don't understand all the tools a class has. Last thing i want to mention right now is i totally understand faelon not wantiing to share the trick, because if people dont know, they cant defend against it...
            1. and that right there is the "shit" I was referring too. it's things you guys try to keep secret to have an edge on new people.
            2. No, I'm afraid the bullshit is laziness. You see, I don't play seekers. I'm not a series get, I can't stand the class. I did what you should have. I said what what and then I went and looked. Took about two minutes to find on my android... enjoy...

              [Index] [Back] [Random] [Recent Changes] [Search]:
              'GRIM TROPHY'
              Syntax: trophy <bear/puma/wolf/hawk>

              The berserker places a grim trophy of an animal on the ground, using
              one of the many heirlooms of animals they have defeated in combat.
              While near the trophy, the berserker and his group will receive
              enhancements from the primal spirits of the wild.

              Bear: Enhanced regeneration. This trophy improves how quickly one
              gains health on ticks.
              Puma: Enhanced speed. This trophy allows the affected to run at the
              speed of a dash, until out of range of the trophy.
              Wolf: Enhanced hearing. This trophy allows the affected some immunity
              to ambush-like skills, for example steals, backstab attempts.
              Attempts to tame are also blocked.
              Hawk: Enhanced vision. This trophy allows the affected to see through
              nearby camouflage and notice quiet movement.

              The trophy lasts for 5 hours and can be called every 5 as well. However,
              players must remain near the trophy to benefit from it. A trophy effect
              is gained the round immediately after standing near one, and wears off
              two rounds after leaving its vicinity.
            [reply to Nadrin]
          4. Anyway, moving on. I help new people all the time. I always get excited when I see someone asking actually newbie questions when I am playing. I am a mentor on every one of my character. Problem is, none of you are noobs. You tayyah could even be called a vet.(I use the term loosely.) Its not our job to tell you how something works. Do the same thing I did and take matters into your own hands, you know by reading the helpfiles? That is why they are there after all...
            1. you already admitted you were on the same page as failon. you keep secrets to have an edge. it's not against the rules but it makes for a shitty experience for the person you are against. but as you said. moving on
            2. Ty
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              Nadrin literally posted the exact reason you were seen through camouflage. What secrets is he holding to have an edge?
            [reply to Nadrin]
          5. So let's talk about a couple of things. Have you read either udiorn or my own background? Doubtful. So I'll summarize, you have the once slave to a powerful object(me) and you have the giant made by the lands to fight the drain. Both backgrounds illustrate a dislike of powerful artifacts.

            Second, keepers have duty, but then they have their own goals beyond them. See our backgrounds for more info.

            Third, we aren't knights, nothing in our edicts about honor, fair, good or neutral.

            Fourth, when is a 3v2 a tank when you are the three? We aren't going to suddenly say oh, we killed one of them now let's separate and hunt the other alone... but wait that is actually what happened. I didn't hit you a single time after you left must all. I stayed behind to loot xulu, a d make sure from didn't interfere. Then I cut off your escape, which had you of had recalls wouldn't have mattered.

            Lastly, we were going to let you pinnacle and then kill and full loot both of you. Your whining when we left you with my guild reward and a party of three sealed your fate.(we stayed grouped so they didn't lose my guild reward, it was only after the 5th or 6th whiny comment that we decided to attack now rather than later. Anyway, keepers aren't your friend. Everyone hates keepers, and if we weren't allowed our own agenda there would be no keepers. You live and learn, it is after all a game...
            1. Raukh
              1 , 0 , 1 .
              Whiny comment? I asked twice, with 15-20 minute pause if you are returning yet. Let's see how you do when you get spamkilled.
            2. I, for one, appreciate the response of "I'm going to fuck you up for this" instead of "I'm going to get mad and leave forever for this"

              good form, need more of it around here
            [reply to Kharl]
          6. +1 Faelon
            +1 Nadrin
            -1 Tayah
            telling you to read some help files on your own is not withholding information , discussion, etc..
            Read the help files, then bring your thoughts to the table about it.
            Next, a keeper is Neutral. A keeper is also a follower of Virgil, if I recall correctly(not playing hardly at all lately so can't quite remember) and should therefore act accordingly.
            -From reading all these posts, it does sound like whether you were wearing a couple skull rings and tower bracelets, or mid/major'-level rares, you would have been treated the same way.
            -Yes, backgrounds do help make a char as to who is at this moment. But anybody can craft a background to give them an excuse to kill anybody. I'm sure that within a matter of minutes, I could make a Knight background that would "allow", or "give me an excuse RP-wise" to kill anybody that wasn't a Valourian, despite there ethos/race/class. Then when the shit hits the fan from the pbase, I'd just say, Oh, wait now, I have a background to back it up.
            -Would Virgil use people at his disposal like this to help them rank, and them kill them afterwards?
            -I suppose there might need to be sometime of line drawn in the sand when it comes to Keeper duties. We can all make a background that will "give us the RP excuse" to killing a guy with one simple rare such as a mithril vest. So where does the base-line start?
            -In the end, Keepers are neutral, and they are to reduce threats. What is a "threat"? Where does that line get drawn? If there is no line drawn then the one-rare-wearing-guy with a mithril vest can be considered threats to I suppose and should be slaughtered and full looted...that is, if you "have the background" *cough* to back it up.
            1. yep the keepers are like a biker gang. They keep the peace in their neighborhood and believe in what they feel is right. If it doesn't feel right it's going to get some mob justice
            2. Lorne
              1 , 0 , 1 .
              The line is always drawn from the top down, starting with the Immortal Leader to Mortal Leader to Senior Members etc.

              It is like that for every cabal, the senior members and leaders set the tone. When junior members make questionable conducts that are viewed as trashy or shitty rp etc., they will eventually be dealt with by senior members/imms or never be promoted to a position of influence.

              People try extreme rps sometimes, or just want an excuse to pk which should be fine. If they can develop the RP good enough and it is accepted in the cabal then why not? Go ahead and make a crazy Knight background and go around killing goodie Justices. Olyn/Ceridwel might be ok with it if you had some great rp reasons but most likely you'd get booted and outcasted.

              So people with actual GREAT RP and develop it well in the game can really stretch the line. And I mean you actually have a great reason when An Immortals tells you 'Why did you just gangbang a good Justice?' you can't just reply oh read my fucking background. You actually have to use words.
            3. I usually agree with Xenyar on things and this is certainly one of them, might not be vocal about them, sorry about that... But, Lorne as well. The only thing I can say is, you're not in the cabal, you don't know what they are and aren't supposed to do. Whether you knew keepermasters(whatever they're called) or not, they might have a different way to run things between each of them. I can't explain how many different ideas have been thrown around to Justice about how they may or may not want things with every leader/captain and so forth. The best comment in this whole thing is what Nyc said:

              "I, for one, appreciate the response of "I'm going to fuck you up for this" instead of "I'm going to get mad and leave forever for this"

              Hell yeah man. Take it to them. Get your friends, go crazy. *within limits, of course.
            [reply to Xenyar]
          7. I just wanted to say I really like seeing the amount of passion invested into this thread. Obviously things are getting a little heated in here but I see a lot of healthy conversation about the game. This is something we need.
            1. Ty
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              Who doesn't love a good rivalry?
            [reply to Davairus]
          8. Keepers rise again!
            1. We miss you Kat-o!
            [reply to Xaq]

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