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This shit never changes, that's why you are losing players

posted on 2018-05-18 18:13:18
<9hp 706m 387mv> fl
Someone's flame DISEMBOWELS you!
You have been KILLED!!

You turn into an invincible ghost for a few minutes.
As long as you don't attack anything.
You feel less healthy.

(looted myself)

<39hp 67m 394mv> ay so after i help you you just betray and backstab me?
You say 'So after I help you you just betray and backstab me?'

<39hp 67m 394mv> say should have known
saYou say 'Should have known.'

<39hp 67m 394mv> y this is all your kind is good for
sYou say 'This is all your kind is good for.'

<39hp 67m 394mv> pit
You spit in utter disgust.

<39hp 67m 394mv>
Veromos hums a quiet tune as he starts butcher the wings off the corpse.

You say 'Trash.'

<39hp 67m 394mv>
The sun slowly disappears in the west.
The rain stopped.
The white aura around Veromos fades.

<50hp 93m 401mv>
Veromos closes his eyes momentarily.
Veromos is surrounded by a white aura.

<50hp 93m 401mv>
Veromos makes a harsh, grating noise 'Ye too naive, lad.'

<50hp 93m 401mv>
Veromos rasps 'Fer survival ye gitta use ye wits.'

<50hp 93m 401mv>
Veromos rasps 'Trust nayone.'

<50hp 93m 401mv> spit
You spit in utter disgust.
<50hp 93m 401mv> say yeah sure
iYou say 'Yeah sure.'

<50hp 93m 401mv> ay what have i ev
The night has begun.

<63hp 123m 401mv> er done to you ?
wYou say 'What have I ever done to you ?'

<63hp 123m 401mv> ear rob
You unwrap an old, dusty druid's robe from around your body.
You wrap robes of the archmagi about your body.

<63hp 123m 401mv>
Veromos rasps 'Ye git wings dat me wannt.'

<63hp 123m 401mv>
Veromos bows his head in worship of his god.

<63hp 123m 401mv>
Veromos rasps 'Lord accepts ye soul as a worthy sacrifice... fer now.'

<72hp 163say ...
You say '...'

<72hp 163m 401mv>
Veromos closes his eyes momentarily.
Veromos is surrounded by a protective shell of magic.

<72hp 163m 401mv> say so you just kill everyone after they are done helping you?>
You say 'So you just kill everyone after they are done helping you?>'

<72hp 163m 401mv>
Veromos rasps 'Jus' bein' me.'

<72hp 163m 401mv>
Veromos rasps 'Dis rooted deep into me kind.'

Someone tell me what is the point of spamkilling people for no reason? This is not 2004 when trash like this was normal. This guy has killed any of my chars without reason with always some random excuse later.
i guess i should just quit again, some people play this fuckin game all their lives doing shit like this
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  1. I can see you very upset about that. Can you explain more about why? It seems like he is in-character and you got back gear. I would like to know what else is bothering you. Chances are you aren't alone in whatever it is. It seems like you're saying his RP isn't good enough, which could be true, but I'm not seeing it from that log
    1. Munn
      0 , 0 , 1 .
      Im just sick of people randomly attacking and then justifying it on some crap. I don't know who he is or what his RP is, but I spent shittons of time helping him with this fuckin chieftain and then he turns around and kills me afterwards? With no warning or reason? That's just trash rp
    2. I think the annoying part to me is... You just helped him to kill this boss guy. Then when you're hurt he decides to kill you for some random item? So he didn't want the item BEFORE you helped him? That's the part that bothers me. It does seem like a random excuse to kill you while you're hurt... if that's the case. But we don't see what's happening before the death at all. So what I'm saying might be pointless.
    3. yo this is exactly what im talking about he murdered me half naked took all my things i sat there waiting to unghost and delete and he came through and murdered me again i didn't even have a light on im not even rank 50 this dude spam kills people like trash and it's not just munn who is over it.
    4. It's literally just you who try to kill me afk/low hp (betrayal) and then die. You actually do it EXACT same copy/paste method with 2 chars now lol ^^

      Bhali tried to kill Veromos afk in xanthak, Bhali ran and suicided. Veromos logs on today, sees Bhali - kills him.

      I am certain that people who actually don't do "trashy" (as mentioned above) move like you do and then end up getting butthurt know very well how my RP is ;)
    5. Also, THIS is what really makes me frustrated, Bhali.

      You attempt to afk-kill someone as neutral hobbit with zero RP and after dying you post lame shit like this? I can understand Munn, but you seem to think higher of yourself in-game than he does.

      You can throw your lame accusations and spiteful venom around and towards me as much as you want.

      But know that I have put a lot of effort and thought into my character and you are the one who is still unable to do anything else besides randomly attack me when I have to get my crying toddler and leave keyboard for a while.

      And you do it with two chars, same way and then you talk about spamkilling and trash? I would not be surprised if you are Munn too.

      Sorry I am just really mad right now! This is not fair!
      If you dont want me here then fine, I can just delete and leave, but I was trying to create a memorable first impression for others and one for myself!

      THATS ALL! I am done defending myself towards people who throw hateful stuff outside of game which are pure lies when they die in-game.

    6. Actually, I owe you an apology.

      Really got carried away with venting. The thing is that I had the same exact idea - to kill you when you are low hp, but you never went low! And then you got me just as I went to sleep and alt-tabbed.

      After our recent interactions after this and reading up on Veromos story, I have to say I am actually positively impressed.

      Sorry for the outburst, Faelon's post made me realize my mistake.
    7. You definitely did get carried away. Next time, don't drag the muds name through the dirt. That's what made me think there was more to it. I mean I'd rather you get mad on the logboard than just rage delete your character. I don't really have anything else to add.
    8. I have not yet 100% decided that Munn and Veromos are not the same person but I am 100% positive that Munn is cheating and has tried to frame at least one player for multi
    9. player of Bhali btw
    [reply to Davairus]
  2. I'm not really sure if this is a serious thread.

    But I am going to reply in a polite, calm manner because I can see that for someone who doesn't know Veromos may get the wrong idea here.

    Hasn't anyone ever read a helpfile for Duergars? Shamans? Resatimm as deity?

    I've never broken my RP, not even my character's accent. I've died countless times, fought back with chieftain sceptre and small bucker, regained my stuff and went for more, because of Resatimm, Veromos just wants to bring death, to himself or others. He is Sadistic.

    As for Duergar, I am a paranoid little fucker, greedy and eager to show my betrayal.

    As Shaman, I perform rituals and butcher my corpses for body-parts which is described in my desc and background story chapters.

    As Chaotic I backstab even more often than usual Duergar would, so I can just randomly attack you at random times, because I get the urge to beat someone up.

    As Evil...well, just doing evil shit.

    If I am doing something wrong, by all means, constructive criticism is always welcome. This is a learning char for me through and through.
      [reply to Veromos]
    1. Munn, you're playing a quasit and you're complaining about being backstabbed by a duergar? Wtf man. Those are basically the two most despicable races on the game. If you want to buddy up with people, play a good guy. This seems to be a common complaint, but Abandoned Realms is a PK mud. If there were twice as many good guys as bad, don't you think it would be a safer place? By rolling up a quasit, you're essentially part of the problem, not the solution.
        [reply to grant]
      1. I'm going to be constructive here.

        Just rolling to a goody is a bad plan, in my opinion, because it stifles your own playing growth. And this is coming from the king of playing good align.

        When you play evils, the reason for example quest lag is balanced, is because with evils you have to constantly be on patrol for getting roughed in by some other evil, or a neutral and goodies. When I rank, train, barter, ask for help on an evil, I literally never assume I'm safe. Period. It makes sense, in a way. Evils can ruthlessly murder people, all or any of them, with virtually zero rp reason and get away with it. The downfall is, you will in turn get ruthlessly murdered in turn.

        I would keep after it, but maybe let the experience change your character. Maybe he wants the knights to help, conversion chance. Or, maybe he wants to pay off legion for protection. Or, maybe he wants to become a ruthless murderer and start a duergar genocide. It's up to you, but let it enrich your time.
        1. I think that at the very least, there should be a disclaimer at character creation when you choose to be evil.
        [reply to Faelon]
      2. The worst part of this log is using the word "trash" in game. It's borderline OOC, if not fully OOC. It's also poor RP.

        I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep your cool. If you die in PK, don't hate the other player. Don't rage when it happens, silence is always a good option after a death.

        Veromos seems to be doing quite well on the other hand. Keeps to his character from what I have seen, and I can see him having a lot of potential here.
        1. Blackwidow, I could not disagree more with that. Short of a tibetan monk, that approach does not work for someone who just got smashed. If you gotta yell it out in the game, kill some bunnies, sac all your own gear, lose it for a while, I say do it. Blow off the steam. Even go fucking OOC for a bit if you have to do it. So-called temporary insanity is actively encouraged. Any of that is preferred than to rage delete your character, take it out on the logboard readers, quit the game, write horrible reviews and all the other shit Iv'e seen so-called silent after death people doing.
        2. so called insanity is actively encouraged? what in all the fucks in all the lands. lol. i am convinced that nyc has taken over dav's forum account and is just fucking with us now.
        3. i've seen you do a 180 before dav but gotdamn this takes the cake.
        4. ottif, its unhealthy to try to suppress anger. It will come out. If you won't express it in the moment and attempt silence then it will leak out of you in bitterness, neck pain, shoulder pain, irritability, and so on. Even if you do nothing, it insidiously breeds resentment and contempt. I've been on the receiving end of a lot of that to know. I would rather any of you throw some f-bombs in game at m1co than hold it in until finally explode onto everybody at once like munn did here. If you try to stuff feelings, especially one as powerful as rage, whats that going to do ottif? If you succeed, by managing to contain emotions like that, it means you've essentially cut yourself off from emotions, and guess what, you can now no longer experience any of the fun ones either. This game will end up feel boring and not fun. Life will feel like that. Its nothing to do with nycticora, its about me observing a toxic environment for long enough to wise up to what we've been doing. Anger needs to be vented. Do it. Yea, and if you dont believe me, look at this thread, because if you see Munn after he had actually expressed what he needed to, was able to reflect and apologize calmly. When someone walks away silently, they never do that. They just stew in it. Thatts not the way to go.
        5. I am getting used to people going ooc venting here. Some people do it every time they die. Which I understand, if I'd die to myself I'd be pissed too because I honestly suck at pk so most of my kills are due to people underestimating me and that can cause a lot of frustration at the end.

          However, it's fine if you do it once per char or something, there's couple ones who always go on ooc rant after death, which feels a bit excessive especially when I don't even loot anything (just doing my ritual and butchering) and trying to RP with them and talk about conversion and just get told to fuck off lol.
          On one hand it shows your passion for the game but I believe most of these people have played long enough to know better. Deaths happen. I've died 20 plus times this month alone and even when pissed its usually easier to just take a deep breath and reflect on where you fucked up and then plot a revenge.
          Revenge is much more satisfying than ooc and rage delete.
        6. Saying this because I honestly believe that once you break character ingame it's a slippery slope to lose your RP and image of how others see you. And even though frustration is caused by pk, always should remember that it's not just pk game but RP is as or more important always.
        7. Tha'ts actually toxic, right. I hope you realize that. Nobody here made you the judge of people knowing better. That comes over as a scolding parent and infuriates the angry person even more. Its poisonous. That is the slippery slope. The community maybe need someone to witness them venting and no more. Point to help insanity to people at a maximum, and let the Immortals look for patterns of OOC abusive toxic rage. I'll give you a good reason why, its because you have zero tools to offer consequences. We do. And we can look at a history to tell the difference between someone who does this infrequently and someone who is going mental all the f'ing time and game really is better off without them. That's what we need to do. This isn't a black and white issue
        8. Duly noted. Was not aware of "help insanity".

          Something new every day, hehe.
        9. Welllll if its of any consolation at all, I was intoxicated when I said what I did. I tend to target stuff deeply integrated into the game where I could potentially see it as better, like the whole Reputations functionality. I would like to continue playing here, but if I am toxic just tell me and I will dip. I was trying to make a reminder that we're both human, and it went awry and totally come out wrong. I haven't lashed out in game in a very long time, it's just usually on here but I am like extremely blunt and I don't want no bullshit, so I can see how that effects people too.
        [reply to BlackWidow]
      3. When I get mad at the game I tend to log out and cool off. I don't like breaking rp either and I have gotten frustrated before.
          [reply to Nadrin]
        1. I'll say one thing for sure:

          Munn is a cheater 100%
            [reply to Nycticora]

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