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Adjudicator is a filthy corgi killer

posted on 2020-05-18 22:27:17
The Adjudicator of Tyr Unguld knees a small fluffy puppy in the groin.
The Adjudicator's knee DISEMBOWELS a small fluffy puppy!
A rat darts in front of you then scurries away into the shadows.
A small fluffy puppy is DEAD!!
The heavens frown upon your actions.
The Gods have forsaken you.
A small fluffy puppy hits the ground ... DEAD.
A small fluffy puppy stops following you.

pet list
You have the following pets in your bag:
[ 1] (Level 30) a gruff old goat
[ 2] (Level 22) a large, adolescent dragon

The corgi was my prize from buying the 50k Mystique. I shouldn't have had it with me while fighting the Adjudicator. BUT, how was I supposed to know that I'd get a 200 hour damnation effect AND lose the pet forever!!?
Pretty bogus
[Mentions]: None.
Tags: #trash


  1. This looks like a bug. Do you have a full log?
    1. Yes I do. But what are you looking for exactly? This is basically the only thing that happened. The pet was level 1, I had killed something previously and noticed it didn't seem to gain exp. As in the "group" command didn't even show a tnl for it. I figured maybe I just needed to kill more stuff and then didn't think about it and ended up in the log above. I think the puppy was fighting but it wasn't doing anything obviously way outranked lol. Then it got kneed to death. I got hit with damnation, and when I went to resurrect it I realized it wasn't my pet any longer.

      If you say what you're looking for I can give it. Want me to just post it as a new log?
    2. I ask because the 'full' log, from when I summon the pet until I try to resurrect it, is 142 pages long.
    3. Well it's enough to at least look into the Damnation part. Please confirm if pet resurrection isn't working on it. Worst case scenario I'll give you another corgi, but these are supposed to work the same as any pet, and should be able to resurrect it at your temple.
    4. hahaha that happened in AR. that is dope. Guess it'll be a real drag taking him for a walk now.
    5. I see what you did there Dav.
    [reply to Phostan]
  2. The pet didn't have a pet flag on it. fixed. (anyone who has one of these pets, dismissing and resummoning it should fix it)
    1. please give him a new puppy!
    2. Thank you!
    3. Done
    [reply to Vanisse]

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