Aelyndir the Leader of the Crusades
Aelyndir created on 03rd of September 2022, and is currently 25 years old (42 hours played).

Title: the Leader of the Crusades
Gender: Male
Level: 41
Class: elf paladin

Background history:

  1. The Summoning - posted at 2022-09-08 04:36:01
The Summoning
Selendriel stood before the bookshelf upon which rested the volumes of the Enclave. She lightly ran one hand along the spines of the books within which the Enclave history was documented in such detail and with such splendor. A moment later, a knock at the door brought her attention back to the present moment. "Come", she stated calmly but with enough volume for the person on the other side of the door to have heard. As the door opened, Selendriel saw the familiar faces of her two closest and most trusted members of the Enclave, Menthalas and Cirluin. They entered the room with purpose and stood before her respectfully without saying a word. "Thank you for coming so soon", Selendriel started. "There is a young elf that has recently come of age and is destined to help the Enclave succeed in our mission. Menthalas replied, "I know... I have sensed his presence twice recently." "As have I," said Cirluin. Selendriel explained, "His name is Aelyndir, and it is important that the two of you seek him out and bring him here to safety, immediately. He has much to learn about his fate." Menthalas and Cirluin looked at each other and nodded briefly in understanding.


A scar across this man's chin frames his face like a picture. His eyes are bold but weary, having seen more evil than most Lightwalkers. They are blue, with a tinge of silver. Dirty-blonde hair is worn washed and neatly in a masculine and utilitarian style. Three moons are tattooed on the inside of his left wrist.

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