Amalia the Expert of Reflex
Amalia created on 05th of January 2021, and is currently 17 years old (13 hours played).

Title: the Expert of Reflex
Gender: Female
Level: 36
Class: drow shadow

Background history:


You see a tall slender silhouette standing before you. Limpid blue eyes, devoid of emotion or expression peer out at the world from within a pale face that is mostly obscured by a scarf elaborately tied to cover the bottom half of it. A headband holds back a wealth of burnished raven tresses that is tied into a long ponytail that falls down the entire length of her back. Unblemished pale skin peeks out where is is not covered by form fitting black leather, clinging to her body as a second skin, revealing an alluring feminine form. On the revealed skin is etched a series of tattoos; on her right shoulder she bears a dagger wrapped by a venomous snake whose fangs are dripping blood; on her left shoulder she bears a beady eyed scorpion whose tail stinger is dripping venom; on her left thigh she bears a multi-hued butterfly all the colors of the rainbow; and on her right thigh she bears a single stemmed black rose, the stem riddled with sharp thorns. She moves silently, lithe muscles tightening almost imperceptibly with each light step.