Asara the Holy Matriarch of Healing
Asara created on 26th of November 2021, and is currently 36 years old (309 hours played).

Title: the Holy Matriarch of Healing
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: halfling healer

Background history:


Quite the eye-catcher of a halfling welcomes you forward. An arrogant stance is further justified by the radiating wealth in her looks. Strawberry blonde bangs perfectly compliment an angelic face covered in freckles. A thick evergrowing brow dances across her forehead in a striking fashion. Ocean-blue orbs emit a soft white glow that illuminates her pale complexion. Slightly curved ears are hidden behind the same blonde locks of hair that cascades over a set of petite shoulders. Chubby cheeks squeeze together a small, thin nose.

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