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Bastan created on 11th of July 2021, and is dead and gone (24 years old, 46 hours, 11 months lifetime)

Title: the Holy Knight
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: dwarf paladin

Background history:


Before you appears a stout creature just over half the size of a normal human in height. He appears to be fit in physique and his frame is made up of dense muscle. His torso is broad as is the rest of his stature and stance. A warm and calming presence radiates from him and suggests of a inner caring nature. His face is stoic and clear of any imperfections. His head is full of thick black hair and his chin sprouts a matching patch of it as well. His eyes are light brown in colour and his gaze is calm as he assesses his surroundings.

PK stats:

Kills: 1, Deaths: 4 (Ratio: 0.3, Efficiency: 20%)
Pinnacle Kills: 1, Pinnacle Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 0.3, Efficiency: 25%)

Kills by class:
berserker: 1,
Killed by class:

Logs mentioning Bastan:


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