Cera the Grand Hierophant of the Forest
Cera created on 13th of April 2022, and is currently 28 years old (163 hours played).

Title: the Grand Hierophant of the Forest
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: werebeast druid

Background history:

  1. Visions - posted at 2022-05-05 18:14:51
In the depths of the valleys beyond the western forest lines of the Arcane City dwelled a small clan of refugees. A fairly plain and bland group of people who fled the many wars that affected the lands around them, they decided to find a home that would only be of interest to the remote wildlife and flora. Cera was among the few who called this place home. A quiet, reserved girl who kept to herself, shaken and traumatized by death and decay. Most of Ceras life was spent witnessing the atrocities of civilization, yet she somehow managed to keep a perspective that was centered around love and grace. In the forestlands she lived, she harnessed her curiosity to learn of the many blessings that the Goddess Myria had given to her and her people, a land full of bounty and harvest. She learned to live off the land and found comfort in the healing energy that the world around flawlessly generated. Over time she grew attuned with its lifecycles, the seasons, the elements and the ebb and flow of natural selection. On a given calm night just like any other, a vast and explosive storm formed over the clearing in which Cera routinely took solace in to chant offerings to Myria. Cera stood quickly in a panic and raised her staff to defend against whatever dark forces conjured this treacherous surge only to realize she was completely surrounded by a swirling wall of water that flashed constantly with streaks of lightning. Each strike of lightning brought to sight large chunks of ice shards in the wall that cooled the air around her, chilling her bones. As she span around endlessly trying to make sense of her reality, a flash of heat hit her face, knocking her unconscious. There were birds chirping and beautiful treetops that soared far beyond the eye, giving way to flickering rays of sun. She felt serenity. In an instant there was infernal fires and cities burning, collapsing under the siege of demons that attacked from above. The oceans froze, the mountains crumbled and the lands were filled with a stench and darkness that stole and light, hope and happiness. Cera struggled to understand, was she alive or dead, what was she witnessing? What type of magic was this? Who could do such a thing? Her head swirled with questions only to be instantly disrupted by a overwhelming burst of light that forced her to her knees. All she could do was stare at the ground and tremble with fear of death, however a gentle voice echoed from the source of light and whispered six words that would forever change Ceras life: Go, my child. Save this world. Cera woke in a windswept meadow, a magnificent gate in the eastern distance. She approached the gate, pushing it open only to find that the Cross of Valour etched on the gate glowed softly as her hand lay on it. L She looked behind her only to see the horrific visions from before. With a soft smile and a heavy sigh she took her first step into destiny.


A woman with sharp, poised eyes study her surroundings with a resolve and demeanor that exudes confidence and peace. Long, beautiful brown hair flows down her back, flickering hints of blonde revealing silky feathers which are intertwined into braids. Almond-shaped eyes house swirling blue-gray orbs whose pupils contract and expand to capture every movement around her. Deep shades of green and purple powders are meticulously smeared on her eyelids, highlighting her alabaster complexion. Calm, her skin ever youthful even among the obvious age lines that could tell of a lifetime of adventure. Full rose colored lips sit pursed near a thin jaw that kisses her chin with perfect symmetry. Tangled vines and thorns are tattooed down her long neck which are meet with a lean body, Her frame easily matching the strength and beauty of her face, her long legs striding softly as if she were floating on air. About her radiates a golden aura of safety and serenity.