Dogran the Sinister Minister
Dogran created on 06th of August 2020, and is currently 31 years old (222 hours played).

Title: the Sinister Minister
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: duergar shaman

Background history:

  1. An Ordinary Life? - posted at 2020-08-07 20:31:39
An Ordinary Life?
The story of Dogran is a rather boring story. His mother and father were both very ordinary, a shamaness, and a warrior. Growing up, he got into the same kind of mischief that kids the world over were expected to. The cruelty of kids could outdo the worst of evil. Regardless that wasn't his story, ordinary parents, ordinary childhood there was nothing that stood out about this young gray dwarf. When finally he left home, his parents were still alive, no crazy misfortune had befallen this figure. There was no real explanation why he was leaving or where he was going. Just one day he packed up to leave no one the wiser. Those who saw him leaving could only speak of a strange dark aura that seemed to surround the figure.


His pasty pale-gray bald head seems dull and lifeless. Deep set eyes over a wide forehead no eyebrows visible giving him an almost skeletal look. A hooked nose, which has clearly been broken many times followed by only slightly grayer thin lips. Stylized twisted runes are etched in his visible skin covering his arms in their entirety, and the longer you look at them the more unsettled you become. Finally, this figure a little thinner than most of his brethren, accented only by the fact that his arms seem overly long for his frame, while his legs are short and stubby.

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