Flynderia the Lady Captain of Assault
Flynderia created on 26th of April 2020, and is currently 24 years old (116 hours played).

Title: the Lady Captain of Assault
Gender: Female
Level: 36
Class: avian warrior

Background history:


Floating in mid-air, a few feet above the ground before you, is an agile-looking avian female. What strikes you most at first glance are her duo pair of opal-black wings, spanning almost ten feet wide. In their idle states, the lower pair of wings wraps carefully around to the front of her body, while the other beats the air effortlesssly to keep her afloat. Her hair is also of the same colour tone as her wings, stretching long to the waist and elegantly sways to the wind generated from beating of her wings. Her body frame is sleek and toned, with muscles that are seemingly bursting with energy. She matches your gaze carefully and with intent...